Adafruit’s new Raspberry Pi breakout kit: the Pi T-Cobbler

I have a recurring dream where I am ensconced in the Adafruit warehouse, rocking gently to and fro in the semi-darkness and occasionally reaching out to stroke some random electronics. And mewling. Is this normal? Why yes; yes, I think it is.

Adafruit keep on making great stuff for the Raspberry Pi and their latest product is a funky little breakout board called the Pi T-Cobbler.

Pi-T cobbler

The Pi T-Cobbler. T-shaped for clarity of labelling and overall friendliness

It’s based on the original Cobbler but is less compact and, well, T-shaped to make it easier to read the labels. It will break out GPIO, I2C and SPI pins from the Raspberry Pi header onto a solderless breadboard and looks the business if you fancy connecting your Raspberry Pi to the outside world.


Matt Hawkins avatar

It’s good, but would be so much better with proper GPIO labels. Those labels are not much use when programming against GPIO signals.

alex avatar

There’s just about room for both. One label on either side of the pin, for those ports with alternative functions.

Mike avatar

If someone wanted alternate pin labels, this version would allow for nice stickers for the pins applied doen the center. I can see someone making such easily – Adafruit came up with an Arduino 328 label for the top of their chips, they could make something most likely if enough interest were registered.

johnpowel avatar

Thay are the best I use there usb hubs and power supply.The usb hub will run a pi no problem.

Gabriel avatar

Is this for the original pi or the slightly reworked one? Or does it make no difference?

clive avatar

It works with both Rev 1 and Rev 2 boards:

The Adafruit Pi T-Cobbler is compatible with both versions 1 and 2 of the Raspberry Pi Computer – for version 2 computers, note that the GPIO #21 has been replaced with GPIO #27 and that the I2C pins are now I2C port #1 instead of #0. All other pins are the same.

Richard Kimber avatar

Any word on UK distributors? I’ve had a devil of a time purchasing the original.

clive avatar

There are Adafruit distributors in the UK but this is brand new so not stocked over here yet :(

Hans Harder avatar

Also take a look at the olimex version, same idea, but they added a UEXT connector to it, which lets you connect to many cheap expansion boards..
The board itself costs only 3,95 Euro

peter Wood avatar

How do I get it

Null Void avatar

You probably get that dream because:
1.You see a lot of adafruit electronics.
2.You hear a lot of Mooncake.

Just a thought :)

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