HackSpace magazine: a new magazine for makers

HackSpace magazine is the new monthly magazine for people who love to make things and those who want to learn. Grab some duct tape, fire up a microcontroller, ready a 3D printer and hack the world around you!

HackSpace magazine

Each month, HackSpace magazine will feature tutorials and projects to help you build and learn. Whether you’re into 3D printing, woodworking, or weird and wonderful IoT projects, HackSpace magazine will help you get more out of hardware hacking by giving you the ideas and skills to take your builds to the next level.

HackSpace magazine is a community title written by makers for makers, and we want your input. So if there’s something you want to see in the magazine, tell us about it. And if you have a great project that you believe deserves a place within a future issue, then show it to us.

The front cover of HackSpace magazine issue 1

Get your free copy

Eager to get your hands on HackSpace magazine? Sign up for a free copy of issue 1 by visiting the website! You have until 17 November to do so. Moreover, if you’re the manager of a hack- and makerspace, you can also sign up for a whole box of free copies for your members to enjoy by filling in the details of your venue here.

We want HackSpace magazine to be available to as many people as possible, so we’ll be releasing a free PDF of every monthly issue alongside the print version. You won’t have to wait for us to release articles online — everything will be available free of charge from day one!

The front cover of HackSpace magazine issue 1

Get your monthly copy

For those who’d rather have the hard copy of HackSpace magazine for their home library, garden shed, or coffee table, subscriptions start at just £4.00 a month for a rolling subscription, and even less than that if you’re already a subscriber to The MagPi magazine.

You will also be able to purchase this new magazine from selected newsagents in the UK from 23 November onward, and in the USA and Australia a few weeks later.


Harsh avatar

You guys are the best!

jonny 789 avatar

I am eager to read it. Where is the link for pdf ?

Andrew Gregory avatar

We don’t have any PDFs yet — we’re still working on putting issue 1 together (we’re just taking names at this point so we know how many to print, which isn’t a problem for digital issues). If you follow us on @HackSpaceMag we’ll let everyone know as soon as the free downloads are available.

Simon avatar

Can’t wait. Signed up for free copy, just looking for the subscription button!

Brian Corteil avatar

I spy with my little eye, Cambridge’s Makespace :-)

Optimus Prime avatar

I tried to order an electronic copy, and it only wants to send me a hard copy. Can we get the PDF version?

Andrew Gregory avatar

You can get the PDF version for free as soon as it’s available! Follow us on Twitter at @HackSpaceMag or on Facebook and we’ll let you know when issue 1 is available.

tzj avatar

I wonder what kind of freebies are in store later down the line…

Russell Barnes avatar

You wont be disappointed! :)

Louis P avatar

Any idea what the reduced subscription would be for Magpi subscribers? This looks awesome! Free copy ordered!

Russell Barnes avatar

Subscribers for The MagPi will be getting a rather tasty offer just as soon as we’re ready to share. It’ll be worth the wait :)

mihai avatar

Do you send in Romania or waiting for pdf ?

Andrew Gregory avatar

Hello Mihai, yes we can send a free issue 1 to Romania. If you’re outside the UK you’ll just have to pay for the postage.

Canon McClune avatar

Wow shipping just a little to high to the States… If you have .pdf I would love it.

ameyring avatar

Is this going to be similar to the US’s MAKE magazine, but produced in UK?

Brad Betts avatar

I’d love to get a subscription, But at 7.50uk for shipping one issue to Canada it’s too much for me!
Brad R. Betts

Russell Barnes avatar

Hi Brad. Yes – it’s very expensive to send the magazine from the UK in a timely fashion. Rest assured we’re continuing to work on delivery costs to make them as affordable as possible!

Innes avatar

Looking forward this! Thank you so much for making the PDF for this (and MagPi) free to download; magazines are very expensive in my part of the world (Western Australia), due to shipping costs. Thanks again.

Alexandre Strube avatar


I already subscribe to the Raspberry Pi mag and I love it. Silly question: will a subscription of this magazine also grant some device, like the pi zero to the Raspberry magazine? :-)

By the way, how do I subscribe?

Ben Everard avatar

Hi Alexandre,

If you’re subscribed to the MagPi already, you’ll get HackSpace magazine issue 1 for free automatically. We’ll be announcing subscription options soon.

Colin avatar

Fre copy ordered a few days ago. Already subscribe to Magpi but still can’t find subscribe button but I guess that will appear in due course? Looking forward to adding another magazine to my monhtly deliveries.

kulwant Singh avatar

int.hackspace copy

Monica avatar

Hi, I ordered a free copy days ago (to Spain). Should I have received any kind of confirmation email?
Thank you

gowthem avatar

ordered free copy from India. i will get any confirmation mail or order status.. eagerly waiting for the hackspace magazine.

Kevin Smith avatar

Hello fellow Hackers,

So I have just read the first magazine and it certainly contains a lot of interesting things to do with technology at home. However I did kinda get distracted by the Articals on Welding and Woodworking. They threw me of the interest path for a short period and while I can sort of see a connection, I did feel it de-tracted from showing people how to grasp the power of technology such as Arduino and Rasp PI . This may put people of and I would even be brace to suggest maybe a Hacker magazine for the Mechnically minded people.

AhmedNouira avatar

It will helps me a lot ^^

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