Make Games with Python – the latest e-book in The MagPi Essentials range!

Make Games with Python is designed to help you learn the coding skills you need to create amazing games and applications on your Raspberry Pi. The best bit? The price starts at free

While countless millions of us like nothing more than spending hours racking up high scores on our favourite games, too few of us are exposed to an even more gratifying way to spend the evening – making them.


Written by technologist and tinkerer, Sean M. Tracey, Make Games with Python is made up of ten chapters that take you on a whirlwind tour of Pygame’s game-making capabilities. The book helps you learn essentials Python skills like lists, dictionaries, classes and more.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect to learn:

  • Creating shapes and paths
  • Movement and animation
  • Using the keyboard & mouse
  • Adding sound and music
  • Simulating physics and forces
  • Building classes for actors
  • Creating your own shoot-em ‘up

Download the free PDF today (11MB)

Like the look of The Essentials range? You might quite fancy Conquer the Command Line. The terminal window isn’t as scary as you might think!

If you’d like to support the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s charitable aims you can buy both Make Games with Python and Conquer the Command Line on your favourite Apple or Android device for £2.99 / $3.99 each.

The MagPi app itself is entirely free to download and comes complete with the first 30 issues free!

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Lafcadio avatar

Will this book and the others in your (EXCELLENT) Essentials series be available in print? I really loved the command line one, which has been more helpful than I could have imagined.

Russell Barnes avatar

Thanks for reading and glad to hear Conquer the Command Line is helping!

We do have plans to print them, yes. Stay tuned for more details in the New Year…

Lafcadio avatar

Thank you! I love to see that the Foundation is providing free material like this and your other books as well as all the icredible learning resources. It is good to see a charity behaving like one.

ColinD avatar

Great to see books like this being published. Could we some Like / Share on Twitter/FB buttons for posts like this? Thanks.

Andrew Waite avatar


My best game was published as ‘Game of the Month’ in December 1986 Electron User magazine, written when I was 15. The sequel is long overdue.

Justin avatar

wow look at your code! What language is it?

Liz Upton avatar

Looks a lot like BBC BASIC to me!

Andrew avatar

Looks good. I will be buying the dead tree version when it is available :)

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