HackSpace magazine #1 is out now!

HackSpace magazine is finally here! Grab your copy of the new magazine for makers today, and try your hand at some new, exciting skills.

HackSpace magazine issue 1 cover

What is HackSpace magazine?

HackSpace magazine is the newest publication from the team behind The MagPi. Chock-full of amazing projects, tutorials, features, and maker interviews, HackSpace magazine brings together the makers of the world every month, with you — the community — providing the content.

Inside issue 1

Fancy smoking bacon with your very own cold smoker? How about protecting your home with a mini trebuchet for your front lawn? Or maybe you’d like to learn from awesome creator Becky Stern how to get paid for making the things you love? No matter whether it’s handheld consoles, robot prosthetics, Christmas projects, or, er, duct tape — whatever your maker passion, issue 1 is guaranteed to tick your boxes!

HackSpace magazine is packed with content from every corner of the maker world: from welding to digital making, and from woodwork to wearables. And whatever you enjoy making, we want to see it! So as you read through this first issue, imagine your favourite homemade projects on our pages, then make that a reality by emailing us the details via hackspace@raspberrypi.org.

Get your copy

You can grab issue 1 of HackSpace magazine right now from WHSmith, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and independent newsagents. If you live in the US, check out your local Barnes & Noble, Fry’s, or Micro Center next week. We’re also shipping to stores in Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, Singapore, Belgium and Brazil — ask your local newsagent whether they’ll be getting HackSpace magazine. Alternatively, you can get the new issue online from our store, or digitally via our Android or iOS apps. And don’t forget, as with all our publications, a free PDF of HackSpace magazine is available from release day.

We’re also offering money-saving subscriptions — find details on the the magazine website. And if you’re a subscriber of The MagPi, your free copy of HackSpace magazine is on its way, with details of a super 50% discount on subscriptions! Could this be the Christmas gift you didn’t know you wanted?

Share your makes and thoughts

Make sure to follow HackSpace magazine on Facebook and Twitter, or email the team at hackspace@raspberrypi.org to tell us about your projects and share your thoughts about issue 1. We’ve loved creating this new magazine for the maker community, and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



I love it! There is a lot of very interesting articles and tutorials. Great realisation of good idea for magazine.

Helen Lynn

I wouldn’t necessarily have expected to find myself saying this, but Goli Mohammadi’s duct tape article is genuinely the most enjoyable thing I’ve read this week.


Well done all absolutely excellent read.


Brilliant read for a first issue with a good balanced content. I wish you the best of success for the future.
The ad for the forthcoming issue of The MagPi was interesting, a Google AIY Vision Project in the offing, now that would be a great freebie on the front of The MagPi :-)


Mine arrived this morning – a great read and ideal for folk looking to get going in hackspaces! I particularly liked the fact that it is not just focused on electronics – there’s also short intros to welding and woodwork for example.


It’s different and just interesting!

You can’t say that about much print magazines nowadays.

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