Hackerspace Charlotte: video from Eben’s visit

Back in October, Eben and I drove down the Eastern seaboard of the United States visiting hackspaces, conferences and universities, telling people about Raspberry Pi. One of our favourite stops was in Charlotte NC, where we had a wonderfully warm welcome, ate some great pie, and met some brilliant people. The (rather gorgeously produced) video of Eben’s talk has just been released, and I highly recommend it if you have wanted to be at one of our talks and missed us – or if you’re just curious about what this whole Raspberry Pi thing is about.

Big thanks to Amelia, Hardik, Red and all our new friends from Charlotte. We hope we can come by and see you all again soon!


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i was there :)

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Are there any plans for visiting Michigan in the foreseeable future?

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Same here. It was nice to meet Eben and Liz in person. And a signed Pi. It took a while for the video to be available, but I must say, the editing is really nice. Didn’t realize there were that many cameras recording this. It raises the bar: got to see if we cant get video for PyHack workshop this weekend at Fablocker.

[url=http://raspberry-python.blogspot.com/2012/12/hackerspace-charlotte-fablocker-amg.html]on hackspaces[/url]

I posted a secondary video link on the blog post above, and on that video (from Orlando), Eben in wearing a Hackerspace Charlotte T…

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He’s very fond of that t-shirt – I’ve got some pictures of him wearing it in Japan somewhere on this computer, too!

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Good presentation, thanks for the video! :)

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Nice to see Wales get a round of applause….

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This video should be front and center, for the About Us section on the RPi website. Along with a TIMELINE of the RPi project.

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