Guess what…

Raspberry Pi Store
First Floor
Grand Arcade




For more information, visit the Raspberry Pi Store webpage.


Akis avatar

Great news! Bravo!

Michael Horne avatar

Congratulations! Hope to pop in Saturday!

manuti avatar

mmm new maker pilgrimage place!!!

Richard avatar

Fantastic! Can’t wait to make a visit ?

Ivo Limmen avatar


That POS is running a PI right?

solar3000 avatar

Why do you call it POS?

Gnarlodious avatar

Point of Sale, the system running the cash register.

Simon Long avatar

POS = Point Of Sale terminal. Not what you were thinking it stood for… ;)

Richard Park avatar

The business processing acronym is the one that first came to my mind as well, rather than the other.

Well! It is a difficult time to be PC.

Willliam avatar

Congratulations! Also, those red and white keyboards and mice look gorgeous, will they be available to buy online?

John avatar

Those red and white keyboards are indeed gorgeous. I do hope they go on sale!

Erick Truter avatar

Can’t wait to visit it! Need to find an excuse to take a trip to Cambridge…

Neil avatar

Does each Babbage have a RPi stuffed up it’s ?

Mr Jon Schneider avatar

Isn’t it what we normally call a shop ?

Daniel Radcliffe avatar

So much want … Can i? Please… Pretty please

Tomasz Kotarba avatar

A few weeks ago I was just looking for a store selling Raspberry Pi in Cambridge! Wonderful news!

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Aggelos avatar

That is great news.

NeilJ avatar

This is absolutely brilliant. Well done!

Tom avatar

Nice. But the MPEG keys I’ve ordered and paid online two weeks ago didn’t arrive yet….

Liz Upton avatar

Please check your spam folder. If you email us at the address you’ve been given, we’ll also check that the email address you provided in the first place was the correct one (a surprising number of customers mistype their addresses!)

ameyring avatar

A great substitute for what we used to go to Radio Shack for!

Arman avatar

Wow, excellent even though I’m not living in the UK, but I liked the store.

fucare avatar

Sound Great. Hope to see more Rs.PI stores all around the world

Paul C avatar

This is great news. I hope it’s a huge success and you can open more stores around the country.

Jarjargeek avatar

This is great news – nothing like a ‘hands on ‘ geek shopping experience

Jose avatar

Great, pity very far from where I live. Are you going to have Pi Genius Bar similar to a well known brand’s stores?

On a more serious note, looks great, well done!

Robert Wiltshire avatar

No that is a computer shop I’ll happily walk into. And spend LOADS!

EdwinJ85 avatar

I really hope you start selling those keyboards and mice to the public at large soon, they look great!

Esbeeb avatar


The keyboards look great! Can those “spakkity-clackities” (keyboards) be bought online as well?

Jacques Maxwell avatar

The keyboards with matching mice are on sale now! They are already out of stock at a bunch of resellers, so you might want to get one soon…

Gregory S Spahn avatar

I agree, those keyboards and mice look great, especially for a small class.
I hope they go on sale soon.

adlam avatar

I will be visiting on Sunday. Now, if I can just stay OUT of Ed’s Diner while I am in Grand Arcade I will be proud of myself.

Ben Simmons avatar

Now I want to go to England!

Andy Gale avatar

Having just paid my first visit, I can say that this is a truly fab shop! Lots of nice demo stations to play with – I had a go at using Scratch to blink an LED and then did the same on another station but with Python.

The red and white keyboards are, indeed gorgeous and include a USB hub with three USB ports. They are on sale in the shop (£23, I think).

Plenty of other interesting stuff on sale including a nice “maker” section with soldering irons, stripboard, solderless breadboards, jumper wires etc. And lots of add-ons from Adafruit and Pimoroni plus all the books and magazines you could want.

Great fun – I’m going to have come back with my kids soon!

Andrew Gale avatar

Correction: keyboard is only £18!

Graham avatar

I’m pleased to see this: Since the demise of the ‘Maplin’ high street electronics chain in the UK there hasn’t been anywhere that I can just spontaneously go into to buy a Pi: I do fear for the long term success of the store when it has such a narrow remit – Maplin sold a lot more than just a fair range of Pis and accessories and still weren’t able to keep going. I wish you the best of luck, though, and hopefully we’ll eventually see one of these in every major city.

Nick avatar

Maplins was full of stuff you could buy online loads cheaper. It was staffed by people with very little product knowledge. There really was no reason to go in there unless you were desperate. This is entirely different.

Richard Park avatar

Our favorite programs from British TV are Midsomer Murders, Shetland, and Vera. Now that there is a Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge, we have a reason to book a trip this summer. Can you recommend an agent?

Please let me know if a store might be planned in the Dallas, Texas, USA area!


Graham.leeds avatar

Great shop. Any chance you could open one in Leeds or Bradford.
I have had the pi 3b+ for bit now and looking to do with it games/cctv/etc.
Youtube videos are great but not the same as a face to face chat. With maplin not on high street anymore this would be a big help.

Mark Norwood avatar

I recommend you go to a local ‘Raspberry Jam’ where you will find lots of people eager to chat and give advice. There are a number in your part of the world. Alternatively, seek out a makerspace.

Mikhail Shokhirev avatar

Better than Apple Store!

DanTDM avatar

True Dat!

grace avatar

Woo hoo! Can’t wait to visit – looks good!

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