Getting started with your Raspberry Pi

Here on the Raspberry Pi blog, we often share impressive builds made by community members who have advanced making and coding skills. But what about those of you who are just getting started?

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

For you, we’ve been working hard to update and polish our Getting started resources, including a brand-new video to help you get to grips with your new Pi.

Getting started with Raspberry Pi

Whether you’re new to electronics and the Raspberry Pi, or a seasoned pro looking to share your knowledge and skills with others, sit back and watch us walk you through the basics of setting up our powerful little computer.

We’ve tried to make this video as easy to follow as possible, with only the essential explanations and steps.

getting started with raspberry pi

As with everything we produce, we want this video to be accessible to the entire world, so if you can translate its text into another language, please follow this link to submit your translation directly through YouTube. You can also add translations to our other YouTube videos here! As a thank you, we’ll display your username in the video descriptions to acknowledge your contributions.

New setup guides and resources

Alongside our shiny new homepage, we’ve also updated our Help section to reflect our newest tech and demonstrate the easiest way for beginners to start their Raspberry Pi journey. We’re now providing a first-time setup guide, and also a walk-through for using your Raspberry Pi that shows you all sort of things you can do with it. And with guides to our official add-on devices and a troubleshooting section, our updated Help page is your one-stop shop for getting the most out of your Pi.

getting started with raspberry pi

For parents and teachers, we offer guides on introducing Raspberry Pi and digital making to your children and students. And for those of you who are visual learners, we’ve curated a collection of our videos to help you get making.

As with our videos, we’re looking for people whose first language isn’t English to help us translate our resources. If you’re able to donate some of your time to support this cause, please sign up here.

The forums

We’re very proud of our forum community. Since the birth of the Raspberry Pi, our forums have been the place to go for additional support, conversation, and project bragging.

Raspberry Pi forums

If your question isn’t answered on our Help page, there’s no better place to go than the forums. Nine times out of ten, your question will already have been asked and answered there! And if not, then our friendly forum community will be happy to share their wealth of knowledge and help you out.

Events and clubs

Raspberry Pi and digital making enthusiasts come together across the world at various events and clubs, including Raspberry Jams, Code Club and CoderDojo, and Coolest Projects. These events are perfect for learning more about how people use Raspberry Pi and other technologies for digital making — as a hobby and as a tool for education.

getting started with raspberry pi

Keep up to date

To keep track of all the goings-on of the Raspberry Pi Foundation, be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and sign up to our Raspberry Pi Weekly newsletter and the monthly Raspberry Pi LEARN education newsletter.


Andrew Oakley avatar

Excellent to have a printable setup guide, thank-you. Printed as 2xA5 on A4 it takes only 3 sheets of paper.

The “printer friendly” link on has a broken URL (“aspberry” rather than “raspberry”)

Alex Bate avatar

I’ll get the cat o’ nine tails ready for the content makers. Sort that broken link right out.

Andrew Oakley avatar

Cheers Alex. Although even if the content wizards correct it, I think it might link to the wrong document – the “Using” web page probably shouldn’t link to the “Setting Up” printable. If that makes any sense…

So my guess at a correct URL for the “Using” printable is:
…which seems to work.

Martin O'Hanlon avatar

Thanks for letting us know Andrew.


Muhammed avatar

Hi all, i need help from a raspberry guy/girl for my business and development in ai. please reply anyone.

Chris Hultberg avatar

It seems that now both the Setting up and Using “Printable” version links are not working.

They don’t appear to be “dead” – instead they yield a blank, all-white webpage with no text.

Janina Ander avatar
Chris Hultberg avatar

I’m using a very old version of Firefox so I assume that’s likely the culprit but the version of Chrome isn’t that old.

I’m using Chrome v49.0.2623.112 – as this is the last version to work on Windows XP.

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