Eben interviewed by Engadget at Maker Faire

Here’s the first video so far from this weekend’s Maker Faire. When we first watched this, Eben’s only response was: “Wow. I really don’t have a neck, do I?” He talks about the camera board, third-party add-ons, the weather, university teaching, supply issues and a whole lot more.

I’m having trouble embedding the video, which is a viddler (why are there so many video embed formats out there? Why?) – for now, you can go and watch it on Engadget. I’ll see if I can get a working short code for it later on so we can embed it here too.

Success! Thanks to Jeremy in the comments for suggesting iframes.


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You might be experiencing a strange, undocumented WordPress bug, whereby when you paste in the embed code for exotic videos, previews of the blog post show a blank space where the video should. Rest assured, it is displayed when the post is published.

Just pasting the Viddler URL might work more reliably, although I don’t know if it’s allowed in comments:


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Trying it – it doesn’t work. I’m getting a message when it’s published saying that WordPress doesn’t recognise the Viddler shortcode. It’s worked out that it’s Viddler, but won’t get any further than that.

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Do WordPress posts allow raw HTML like Blogger does? Then you could just use iframes (clunky, but works)

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DownloadHelper for Firefox can snag it as a 64MB MP4 file, if that helps…

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I love the first comment he makes. To be honest, the first time I saw a picture of the Raspberry Pi it looked so cool that I thought it was some sort of elaborate Photoshop hoax. :)

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Thanks hard to watch with focus all over the place and hard to listen to with background noise louder than Eben!

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Miss typing… should have read “That’s hard” not “Thanks Hard”!

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WOW Eben looks totally exhausted. I think you need to take him for a lie down Liz *Wink Wink*

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Eben definitely looks a lot more comfortable off stage

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I hope you weren’t feeding biscuits to R2D2 – you know he only eats silicon wafers

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WWWWOOOOOOOOTTTTTTT, Finally got to order my Raspberry Pi today. about 5 minutes ago actually. 3 more weeks till it dispatches!
Excitement. Cannot. Be. Contained!

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Glad to see an update! If only June could hurry up…

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Crikey, Mr Eben looked knackered in the video. It must get tiring being asked the same sorts of questions over and over and over. Having to give the same information out, remembering to say the important facts and stuff.

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Knackered isn’t the half of it. We got back home about half an hour ago, and I’m so tired that things are sort of pulsating. Eben, being Eben, leapt out of the car and got straight on a conference call.

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What do you have against other video hosting websites? First Vimeo, now Viddler. We could ask why are there so many ARM boards out there, but that would be sacrilegious, now wouldn’t it?

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Is your first name Big?

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OT: Response from RS?

Im having a lot of trouble getting a response from emails to RS (RaspberryPi at rswww.com) Is there a long response time for this email address (my first email was several days ago). I also tried putting Jo@RS in the subject (though I also included my order id in the subject).

Anyone had a response from them?


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I just read your bio, because my subconscious read They Might be Giants (two of band members have summer homes in my home town of Canajoharie) and forced my conscious into reading it, and I can’t quite figure out what you said you did with their lyrics???

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There is a good deal of material in LT Scotland about how the Sun is a mass of incandescent gas. And many other TMBG Easter eggs besides.

adrian.oconnor avatar

I hope that whoever is looking after the LT Scotland material now has updated it to say the sun’s a miasma of incandescent plasma…

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Look’s like Eben got a little cooked there. Forgot to tell you folks, summer is in full swing here in california.

liz avatar

He was actually wearing factor 30 sunblock. Problem is, he’s from Wales, where melanin has been evolved out of the population altogether because it’s always raining.

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The california sun is a fierce one. The recommended minimum spf level here is 50 and someone as fair as Eben should consider spf 100. Just so’s you know. :)

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