Does it run Minecraft? Well, since you ask…

There’s a question that we’ve been asked almost every day by someone or other – does the Raspberry Pi run Minecraft?

It does now – and you’ll be able to download and play it yourself very soon.

We sent a bunch of boards out to Notch and the guys at Mojang in Stockholm a little while back, and they’ve produced a port of Minecraft: Pocket Edition which they’re calling  Minecraft: Pi Edition. It’ll carry a revised feature set and support for several programming languages, so you can code direct into Minecraft before you start playing. (Or you can just – you know – play.) Owen and Daniel from Mojang say:

The possibilities are massive. You could organise the cheapest LAN party of all time, or use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a minuscule budget. It’s like hacking your way into Minecraft and modifying the game world with code, a bit like being Notch, Jeb, or Nathan, but arguably more fun and less stressful.


Minecraft: Pi Edition was unveiled officially today at Minecon in Paris. When it’s released, which we hope will be very soon, it’ll be a free download – and I’m sure I’m not alone in saying I TOTALLY CAN’T WAIT.

We’re sending Daniel Bates from the Foundation to Minecon to take pictures and chat to the Mojang guys. We’ll post what he comes up with here later next week.


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Sounds amazing :)

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Will my 256 megabyte Pi be able to run this, or is it only for the 512 mg version?

liz avatar

We don’t know at the moment – I very much hope so though.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition can run on android phones with 256 MB of ram. So I assume that the RPi port of MC would be ok since the OS is much more lightweight than the android.

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512mb? is there a 512mb version? if so, how much is it?

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Its the same price as the B model, just recently there is a ‘free’ upgrade to 512MB. Just oder another B model and its likely you get the 512MB.

John avatar

Yes it is £25 to £30

Zachary Unferth avatar

There needs to be a Pi mod now…A virtual pi that lets you program in python :)

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Great, but Mincraft has been the bane of my life, trying to get my 12 year old to do something else including homework took a long time. If he is going to be interested in programming then I could do without distractions like this.

Morgawr avatar

Make it a challenge for him to install and run minecraft on the raspberry pi, he might learn something out of it… and if he can’t then there’s more homework to do!

Ian MacPhail avatar

I’ll be very sad if getting it to install is a challenge :(

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“or use the Pi to learn the fundamentals of programming on a minuscule budget. It’s like hacking your way into Minecraft and modifying the game world with code”

I can’t think of a single better way to encourage a young gamer / Minecraft fan to get into programming myself. The potential to shape your own world in a game like this is a *massive* motivator.

(I’m going to make a deep-sea diving suit that lets me tramp around the seabed shooting robot squid from my fingers. At weremermen).

Genderous avatar

Nice ideals, but not really practical in real life because it’s a ready made game with much constructiveness within itself and the gameplay itself will deny any fiddling. The only option will be to keep Minecraft for Pi secret for as long as possible.

clive avatar

The Raspberry Pi itself is *built* on ideals and that worked out OK :)

There are countless “distractions” in modern life for young and old alike. It seems rather churlish to bemoan a single piece of software that you are being offered for free — and have the choice whether or not to install it — just because it might prove a distraction.

As for playing too much, my son knows when it’s time to stop playing games and to do his homework — because I tell him. Plus, I have the keys to the fuse box ;)

Greg avatar

“Plus, I have the keys to the fuse box”

I had to laugh at this, as I’ve been forced to become a network admin at my own house (it’s not my profession) for similar issues. Access rules and WAP’s set to disconnect tv’s, iPad’s etc. during school/bed time.

Minecraft for RPi sounds amazing, my 9y/o would never stop playing.

ntinokos99 avatar

That is a very good idea because you can only stay under the water only a few minutes if you are in survival mode !!!

alex avatar

This is going to be very popular with kids and will probably cause them all to want Pis. ;)

MineCrafter avatar

Except they all already use the full version that runs on desktops, and the pocket version is really a bit second rate in comparison.

Phillipe avatar

And yet the second rate version is number four in the Apps chart… horses for courses, innit?

This is just a version the “what’s the point of a Raspberry Pi when *everyone* has an iPad/PC/laptop?” argument. (I’m going to start calling this the “Mummy — why don’t poor people just sell their shares?” fallacy). It misses the point completely. Note: the ability to hack the Pi version is *not* an accident.

Minecrafter avatar

Hey, I can only go by what actually happens in real life.
The app is #4 because it loads on ipods and phones, therefore can be carried around. If it’s a fixed location version then full will win.

alex avatar

It’s the programmable part that’s interesting. I got into computers because I liked playing games on them. I bought a Spectrum because I liked Manic Miner, although I preferred the BBCB for programming. This is going to be the modern equivalent of that. :)
Things have moved on and Minecraft is very hip. This is huge.

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As a studio that gets behind budding devs/artists, and a game that inspires creativity. It’s really hard not to support Mojang :-)

Really looking forward to the Pi edition, thanks.

Luis Outeiro avatar

Can’t wait for it! Is there going to be a server app (compatible with normal minecraft)?

stevepdp avatar

If you read the story at Mojang’s blog, they hint at LAN parties. I wouldn’t take it as a confirmation but it’s certainly sounding likely. Pi server for the Pi edition I mean.

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My lads want MineCraft on their XBox but without HDTV or broadband (we’re in the sticks) it ain’t gonna happen. Now three R-Pis and a mini router is a possibility…

jan avatar

I dont think. The Minecraft Server generates the map a.s.o. and it would take a too long time and it will lag like hell.

reiuyi avatar

Remember they’re talking about the pocket edition here, which has a fixed-size map generated at the start. It’s not a very large map, only a couple of thousands of chunks, but it honestly only takes a couple of seconds for even a slow android machine like an Allwinner.

It’s not really the full minecraft. You can better compare it to the classic edition; the one you can also play in browsers for free

TheAwesome avatar

Wow I am clueless I have no clue what. A raspberry pi is nor any idea how to code or anything with coding I need a tutorial to do this of there is one tell me.

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James avatar

Wow. Thankyou.

gamerb avatar

First off, thank you SOOOO much for this. Second, if we all ready have a minecraft account will we have to pay again? Or will it be free? And will it have all the same things as the full PC version of minecraft has?
Thank you again,

alex avatar

It says on this very page that it will be free :)

dcp avatar

What the hell is Minecraft?

orgest avatar
orgest avatar

Cant wait for it to come out in minecraft! :D

CPslashM avatar

Has anyone built a Raspberry Pi in Minecraft?

Hroth avatar


Its a thingie, an oojamaflip, a whatsis…… You know, its on the tip of my tongue!

Google is probably your friend. :-)
The entry in Wikipedia covers its genesis, what it is, what it does and what to play it on in some depth.

Mac Rutan avatar

dcp, It’s a phenomenal game that one either loves or just doesn’t get. It is based on a world of blocks that can be mined and transformed into various materials. I’ve been watching kids from age 5 to 25 become infatuated with it. I let my boys use it. They build with it more than they play with it. One of the interesting features is “Redstone,” a type of block objects that allow the building of circuits.
The gaming aspect introduces monsters that have to be dealt with in some manner. However there are many modes with which to use the game. Creative mode is a variation in which one can build and not be involved with gameplay. The game architecture is both simple and complex. Many people misinterpret the simplicity of the graphics as being related to a simple game universe. The game is extremely diverse and collaborative, thus the prolonged engagement with kids. Having it on the RP platform is a positive addition.

meltwater avatar

Thanks. I’d heard about minecraft but didn’t know what it was about.

sloth2406 avatar

So we just need a version of Elite : Dangerous to work on the Raspberry Pi as well and I will be set for no work in 2014!!

Ade avatar

That plus a native port of AmigaOS and I’d be a very happy man indeed :)

ps – My son is overjoyed with this MC news btw, nice one Notch and Co (and you guys too of course!)

CPslashM avatar

I did suggest they use their procedural techniques to limit the graphical detail to whatever the hardware can cope with – in effect adjusting the minimum system requirements to suit whatever environment it’s in (even a bog-standard laptop or a Pi) instead of restricting the initial market to top-of-the-range games machines only

but they haven’t replied.

Mac Rutan avatar

The is no realm that the pi will not conquer!
This is great news! We’ll keep an eye on it and are anxious to test it out. My boys were so excited that we produced a video announcement:

Lachlan avatar

cool another minecraft console AWESOME I GOT pe xbox pc and now THIS!!

Henry Brown avatar

We haved used Minecraft to learn Java.
My son read the “Children of the Sky” and “Fire on the Deep” by Vernor Vinge.
Vinge creates a world of Borg like dog culture that really has kids interested in animal behavior.
We have watched wolves in Yellowstone and at home we watch coyotes hunt together.
He created a “Tines World ” Mod for Minecraft.
These dogs act in packs. He is working on pack behavior in Minecraft.
We really want to try this on Pi.

Another approach is used by Simtable creator to superimpose topographic maps on minecraft.
Then you could build accurate recreations of ancient ruins. We would like to see Chaco Canyon recreated in minecraft. A kiva ceremony would be cool in minecraft.

Could we use a 3D display approach to show students Minecraft work in a dome or planetarium?
Has anyone used on Pi?
We are simulating virus infections, asteroids, server room fires in blender.
We want to build a model of Formic space ships from Enders series.
We would love to build a render farm with students using Pis?

We have build a render farm from a Mac lab.
They were such power hogs we tripped a breaker.

The Pi render farm might be inefficient but kids could learn cluster computing skills.

mongrol avatar

Blender requires OpenGL to run at anything usable. PI uses OpenGLES so its a no go.

Newk avatar
Bill avatar

I LOVE MINECRAFT THIS WILL BE AMAZING BUUUUT, i really hope it will eventually be the full computer version, not the pocket edition, because, even though pocket edition is still really fun, computer version really beats it

CPslashM avatar

Sounds like the Pi pocket edition needs hacking to make it more like the full edition…..

Bill avatar

Oh yes, that would be the thing to do

Ingramator avatar

Thats awesome!! Can you play online or what?

Ryan Brown avatar

My son and I are massively excited about this! I’ve compiled a FAQ on my blog, will try and keep it updated:

liz avatar

Thanks for that – I tweeted about your FAQ earlier today: nice work!

Bob avatar

My son just exploded with excitement.

Forrrge avatar

I think the RPi has just found its killer app :)

Don’t underestimate how far reaching Minecraft is, the kids will jump on this, plus the ability to program it in a number of languages will really open the doors. Just take a look around the mod community that currently exists around the game, this is fantastic news.

svenn avatar

I’m more fan of Blocky (; or a not-yet-existing-clone of minetest c55 by celeron. Minecraft is a commercial game, if you wanne play minecraft get a desktop. Pi is for home/industrial projects. But thats just my opinion.

Adam avatar

That’s so cool! So is it a direct port of MCPE? Because if it is you could alos port an inventory editor and a multiplayer and mod patcher!

Duncan avatar

No, it isn’t a direct port.

dmtben avatar

Anyone know of the Tekkit modpack will be available on Raspberry Pi?

Duncan avatar

It won’t, Tekkit is far too resource intensive to be ported so something like a pi.

Andrew Faulds avatar

This is all well and good… but does it run Crysis?

Rich avatar

Now my 12yr old is taking an intrest and wants his own Pi ?????

Rich avatar

A minecraft server is want they all want.

cave avatar

MC-Server, vanilla C++ programmed instead of a Java Server

there is a c++ programmed Minecraft server available for the Raspberry Pi :)

Jake avatar

I’m still holding out for a Dwarf Fortress port, personally…

questioner avatar

ummm what does this do i’m mixed up?

splash avatar

I’ve learnt a lot by meddling with a minetest server on my pi.
Playing minecraft on the pi could be even more fruitful

splash avatar

If you’re interesed in building on my minetest server, browse to for info and links, (webpage also running on my pi)

Herman avatar

It’ll attract more kids (and adults) to the RP community. Great stuff!

Kevin Phair avatar

Even better, it ties in nicely with this, which I spotted earlier – A news article about a project to use Minecraft in Uganda to help people visualise and participate in the regeneration of their villages. I imagine getting a few Pis will help raise the local visibility of their project.

Mike avatar

Thanks for all your dedication, Liz. Its definitely appreciated!

Calinou avatar

This is meme-worthy.


There, you have a new meme.
/me is now famous

clive avatar

It’s only a meme if it spreads/replicates. What you have there is commonly known as a “comment” ;)

Jools avatar

Do we know yet which languages will be supported?
Wonder if they’ll provide a Modding API?
It’s the perfect game to pick up coding with, as it’s so easily extended, and is a good example of an Object Oriented implementation. It’s relatively quick and simple to get dramatic effects in the game, such as arrows that place torches on impact, or better still, arrows that explode on impact! It only takes a handful of lines of code to add such awesomeness!

This will be good!

amazed viewer avatar

im w/ u, i cant wait i already have a pi

MisterAlex avatar

Today, Minecraft… tomorrow StarCraft! :3

bobbytsia avatar

anybody know which distribution it will run under ? what libs / drivers will it require. just recieved my 4 pis and will start setting them up for kids to teach programming and do projects. this would be a great way to teach a little programming (build a house or tower). want to tweek interest. i think this will do !!! my kids already have a hard time staying off my phone playing MC.

liz avatar

Raspbian. Depending in the licensing (which I’ve not seen yet), it may be possible to get it on other distros, but it’s been developed under Raspbian.

bobbytsia avatar

Thank you. Was worried that they used Android. Still not stable enough to use as a platform for teaching kids stuff. Anybody know if it requires JVM ? The standard Raspbian distro doesn’t have JVM right ? If it does need JVM then I guess i just use ‘Soft-float Debian “wheezy”’.

Garry avatar

So what does the programmability of Minecraft for pi ‘picraft’ entail exactly?
Do you get a complete listing of the code? If so in what, assembly, C, what?
Or is this some sort of pre-programmed – ‘add your patch here’ thing?

kyle avatar

this game has to be out soon
its been ages

liz avatar

I hear Half Life 3’s coming out one day.

ralph raven o mendoza avatar

i want to play minecraft

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