CNBC visit Pi Towers

At the start of September, a film crew from CNBC came to visit Cambridge. They spent some time with us at Pi Towers, and came to the Cambridge Jam the next day to talk to some of the kids there who use the Raspberry Pi. They produced two short videos, both full of footage from the Jam and our office – see how many familiar faces you can spot!


tzj avatar

I still dont know whats been tested in the second vid.

Gordon avatar

Ah that would be secret project number 7…


kventin avatar

let’s see:
that thumbnail image
– the most interesting must be the flat ribbon cable on the left edge
– the white cable on the bottom edge — micro usb power?
– the footprint and holes in the corners look strangely familiar. no gpio pins or connector though — so it’s probably not a HAT
– if it’s not a HAT, maybe it doesn’t even go on top of rpi

mung avatar

Project number 7?
Does that mean its a 7inch touchscreen dsi display under the copper foil with adapter board?

If not then my guess would be the new model A+ will be a smaller formfactor 2/3 standard rpi board size with lower profile connections but a pcb that would fit in the compute module IO connector(i.e. a compute module that will run standalone), but that sounds very unlikely to me.

tzj avatar

It could be the dsi board come to think of it, but it probably goes under the pi.

The usb could be a pass-through for the power?
And theres a small ribbon connector for the touch panel?

The other headers could be for debugging and maybe even some gpio?

Gordon avatar

Well you’ve certainly got a lot of information about what project 12 is all about…

Oh by the way it just changed we had a couple of new projects jump in the way!


wallarug avatar

So… nobody can decipher the text written on the device under the Pi logo.

My vote goes to the “DSI display”.

Jonathan Morris avatar

Are you still there?

Jonathan Morris avatar

*(cough) Portal

Giles avatar

Let’s see. Model A, Model B, Model B+, Camera, Pi Noir, Compute Module – that’s six projects to date. So my guess is that we’re on the verge of something quite exciting – perhaps an Eben emulator?

What are you doing? (sorry, Portal again)…

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