Call for guest posts!

I’m off on my summer holidays next week, so Clive (poor Clive) will be handling all things blog for the week. Clive’s got work of his own to be getting on with, so instead of asking him to write the blog, we’ll be asking you to help out instead, so all he has to do (in theory) is format and post what you write.

Clive, intimidating a hall full of people into their first Pi purchase at Activate 2013. (Thanks to Will Moore for the pic!)

We’d like to feature guest posts from you. Are you using Raspberry Pi in your school? Do you have a project you’ve been working on at home that you’d like to share with other people? Are you using Raspberry Pi at your workplace? We’d love to hear from you. We like pictures: so if you’ve got pictures of your project to go with your post please include them with your email, or send us a link. Video’s great too.

This website gets more than 100,000 visitors every day, so your work will get a wide audience, and we’ll make sure it’s archived forever. You’ve got a week before I head off, and all posts submitted to will be considered. If you’ve already published your post on your own website, that’s fine; just let us know where it is. So get writing: we’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!


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This sounds great, but in the next two weeks I will have final exams.

John avatar

Finals in July? Ouch

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I submitted a little writeup on my guitar effects box that I built with a raspberry pi a while back, but I’m not sure if it was ever received. I’d hate to be annoying by sending it in again, so If you could, let me know if it was received. Thanks!

Chris O avatar

I would love to see the set up for that, if that’s possible? I’m a musician myself and am thoroughly interested in seeing what I can do with the pi, musically speaking.

liz avatar

We did get it, and I am planning on using it (I’ve been holding off because we’ve had a few music posts recently) – thanks for the poke though!

Ben J. avatar

Ok, thanks. I just wanted to make sure you got it! Whether or not you want use it is up to you.

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One last comment, and then I promise I’ll stop ;) If you could use the article I sent to the address (I was confused on where to send atricles), that would be great. It’s just more polished and goes into more detail than the other that I had sent to a different address. Thanks,

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I could write a post! Here is my blog:´╗┐

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I just completed building a wireless battery operated 8 port fireworks launcher using the pi as the brains and my smartphone for controlling it. Let me know if there is any interest from the foundation for posting it, so I don’t waste my time taking pictures and doing a write-up. Thanks.

Ben J. avatar

That sounds awesome! What happens when you get a kernel panic, though? Hopefully all the fireworks don’t go off at once? Haha, just kidding.

pjc123 avatar

Actually you can’t account for every possible failure or change in software/firmware to bite you, but I think I covered most of the bases. My circuitry is active HIGH, I have taken care of the floating GPIO pins at boot, my launch battery and circuitry is separate from the pis battery power and controlled by a different switch that I manually activate only after the GPIOS are set to LOW and as OUTPUTS in my startup script, I have LED’s on each of the outputs as a clear indication of the state each port at all times, there is a lot of error checking in my code to insure proper input values, and my code ensures a clean exit and GPIO state even when the program is aborted abnormally. I didn’t password protect my launch program, so in theory one of my friends could blow me up while I am not looking….I wouldn’t put it past them!

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It sounds pretty safe then. I’d be interested in seeing a writeup, if you end up doing one.

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They are only giving us a week to do this, so if I hear back soon I will go ahead and take pictures and maybe some videos, although all I have is my smartphone to do it with. I would create a website with a hosting company and put it there myself if it didn’t cost so much..

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Please count me and aoshima-san in,we can blog some tips.


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