Fred and Ernest are en route!

A few days ago, Fred and Ernest Lotter dropped into the office to pick up the last boxes of swag and Raspberry Pis they’re taking with them on their epic Raspberry Pi odyssey through Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa. You can read more about their trip in our earlier post. They’ve arranged a lot of stops along the way, but if you’d like them to visit you, you can still email them if you’re not too far off the proposed route, and they’ll see what they can do.

Currently, the Lotter boys are in Minden, Germany, where they’re visiting the local university¬†and spreading the good news about embedded systems, the Pi and ARM. (This article is in German, but Google Translate works a treat if your German isn’t up to much beyond asking the way to the station and expressing a love of cycling.)

Fred and Ernest are using Facebook to keep everyone up to date with what they’re up to. You can also follow their progress via this map, which tracks their Landrover using GPS. If you can find them using that map, they may have a Pi-themed reward of some kind for you (plus, they’re awfully nice to hang out with).

We’ll be keeping you updated with the Lotter brothers’ progress every now and then; good luck if you decide to go out and find them!


TheMainMan avatar

I would love to see what they have done with that truck! Maybe a North American tour could be next? *wink wink*

Jim Manley avatar

It can transit the U.S. only after we’ve corrected the obvious accident damage that has resulted in the steering wheel winding up in the passenger’s lap. It’s nothing that a set of really big prybars and some black enamel paint can’t correct and hide the effects of the “fix”! :D

ikenter avatar

Wow what a great idea, love what you’ve done with the land rover.

AndrewS avatar

Liz, looks like you’ve missed the mailto: off the front on the email link.

Hope your trip goes well guys!

David avatar

For anybody following the tracker, it only registers their position when they turn on the engine (to save on extortionate mobile fees in some countries). Amazingly nice people, now deservedly enjoying the sights of Munich.

Willem avatar

I’ll be waiting in Cape Town, South Africa. I suppose since you’re driving all the way you may as well head over to . Hope all goes well!

Tasty_Pi avatar

Good luck lads , I hope your mechanical too with a Landrover ;)

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1000% GEES!! Ernest & Fred > Top Gear Africa

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