Build a Raspberry Pi Zero W Amazon price tracker

Have you ever missed out on a great deal on Amazon because you were completely unaware it existed? Are you interested in a specific item but waiting for it to go on sale? Here’s help: Devscover’s latest video shows you how to create an Amazon price tracker using Raspberry Pi Zero W and Python.

By following their video tutorial, you can set up a notification system on Raspberry Pi Zero W that emails you every time your chosen item’s price drops. Very nice.

Devscover’s tutorial is so detailed that it seems a waste to try and summarise it here. So instead, why not make yourself a cup of tea and sit down with the video? It’s worth the time investment: if you follow the instructions, you’ll end up with a great piece of tech that’ll save you money!

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Don Isenstadt avatar

Very nice video..I liked the way you developed the program..I am going to try it myself now..thanks very much!

Norman Dunbar avatar

Excellent tutorial. I like his style.



Confused avatar

So, like ?

bob parr avatar

Great… just need to find somewhere selling an rpi zero w. Seriously, I’ve been looking for ages and everywhere is sold out.

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