BBC Click: UK hackspaces and the Pi

We saw a lovely segment today on the BBC’s technology news programme, Click, all about the hackspace movement in the UK, with a big emphasis on Pi.

If you’re in the UK and want to see this on your TV, watch Click on BBC News in the UK (Saturday 0130, 1130, 1530 and 2030; Sunday 0430, 0745, 1130, 1530 and 2030; Monday 0030) or BBC World News (Saturday 0830 and 1630 GMT; Sunday 0430 and 1330 GMT). It’ll also appear on iPlayer soon. (Thanks to Ben on Facebook for the broadcast times!)

Alec Clews in the comments says: If you are outside the UK it’s also at BBC World News – Thanks Alec!


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My two seconds of fame starting at 4m 35sec

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Glad they managed to track you down – we were scurrying around trying to find an email address for you!

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Great to see an article like this on the Beeb though personally I don’t Auntie gives Click the airtime it deserves, limiting it to not much more than a highlights show unless you look for it online :(

Anyway…bravo Beeb and Makers, wherever you may be! :)

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Thanks very much! I really enjoyed making that segment, wish I was allowed to dedicate more time to the makers :)

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I’m sure I recognise those fingers spinning that model A ;)
They could have had an HD version if I’d been in :(

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If you are outside the UK it’s also at BBC World News –

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Are there any places like this in Los Angeles? Would you be willing to start one with me?

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Why is she wearing safety glasses?

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Why she is not using an exhauster? Solder gas is toxic.

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I think you’ll find it’s only a problem if you have regular or continuous exposure to solder/rosin fumes. Random or occasional exposure isn’t classed as an issue (unless you’re asthmatic), therefore an extractor fan isn’t required. Safety glasses are just in case something spits (pretty much essential).

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I guess your right. But i’ve never used them :)

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Just after the clip of the Model A, where Eben is talking, they sell Raspberry wrong :p
Fantastic to see the Pi getting some mainstream coverage again, though!

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Thanks Liz that was a brilliant piece to watch.

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Where’s the share buttons? I wanted to share this on Facebook and had to do it manually!

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