Americans! Want a visit from Eben at your hackspace next week?

Eben is doing some work on the west coast of the US until Wednesday, then he’s at a loose end before flying out to NYC on Saturday morning. He’s decided he’d like to fill those two days visiting bits of the country we’ve not been to before with Raspberry Pi, so we’re looking for folks at hackspaces who might want him to drop by to give a talk on one of those days.

If you’re a member of a hackspace somewhere we’ve not passed through before – somewhere on the top and bottom edges of the country, or in the middle bits – and you’d like a visit next week, please let us know in the comments below. Internal flights haven’t been booked yet, so let us know where you are and we’ll pick a couple of towns to come and visit.

If you want to see what it’s all about, here’s a bit of video from last year’s hackspace tour of the East Coast, filmed by the Orlando Sentinel.

“Why hackspaces, Liz? What about schools?” We’ve found that every hackspace we’ve visited so far has had several enthusiastic teachers in attendance already, and it’s exactly that sort of person who can best communicate to other teachers what can be done in a classroom with a Pi. We’ve also found that there’s almost always someone from a local university CS, engineering or media department there too – we can reach a much wider audience of educators this way. These are places where parents and kids congregate; exactly the sort of crowd we like to talk to. And we don’t believe education stops at age 18: electronics hacking is for everyone. Get to it in the comments!


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I suggest he stops off in Abishur’s neck of the woods although he’ll need a big hat & boots to be allowed in across the state border

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Hi Liz,

If Eben is interested, available, and in San Francisco, he would be a most honored guest at our event at Code For America on Thursday Feb 21st.

My organization is called Nerds For Nature, and we just got our first RaspberryPi and are very excited about the potential :) Nerds For Nature’s mission is to unite technologists with environmentalists, and provide ongoing skill building workshops to prototype tools and share knowledge about our natural resources. We are very focused on providing a community resource to empower individuals of all backgrounds and ages.

During the launch event, we have three speakers doing lighting talks on citizen science, opensource hardware, and open data initiatives. Anything that Eben would want to share about his work, would most definitely fit with the topics of the evening.

Please let me know if this would be of interest.

You can find out more about the event, and our organization here:

We typically meet at this hackerspace in Oakland:

Hope to cross paths!

— Laci

“Lah-tsi” not “Lay-cee”
Laci Videmsky
twitter: @videmsky

Randall "texrat" Arnold avatar

Thanks for sharing the event! I’m part of developer outreach for Nokia and just let my colleagues in Silicon Valley know about it.

Andrew Morrison avatar

We’d love to have you at Workshop 88, which is right outside of Chicago. Let us know: [email protected]

Paul Kerchen avatar

i3 Detroit would love a visit!

Jonathan avatar

I’ll 2nd Workshop 88. Would like to learn more about the Rasp Pi !

Gui Cavalcanti avatar

Artisan’s Asylum ( in Boston has a ton of members that would want to meet you!

Drew Fustini avatar

We’d love to have you visit Chicago’s hackerspace, Pumping Station: One. We have a large space with multiple rooms so any night of the week should be doable. And we even have a bi-weekly embedded systems and Raspberry Pi meetup:

As, Andrew commented above, Workshop 88 is in the area, too, so you would get 2 hackerspaces visit out of coming through Chicagoland… there’s also Fermilab Nation Accelerator Lab ( too if you have time its cool place to tour.


Jeff M avatar

Seconding a visit to Chicago’s Pumping Station One.

Would love to thank you in person for the pi–we’re working on using one to power a pick and place machine.

Eric Stein avatar

We’d love you to come visit. We have a user group NERP (although it’s not entirely rpi!) and a few installed projects running on Raspberry Pis at our space!

Eric Stein
President, Pumping Station: One
Chicago, IL

Tucker Tomlinson avatar

I’d also love to see you out at PS1. I have a nascent project involving real time display and logging of data using a networked collection of Pi’s for a research lab. It would be really great to have you out to see all the projects we have going and give us a talk.

Brian Munroe avatar

Hi Liz, if Eben wants to come to Las Vegas, we would love to have him come by SYN Shop!

A few members have been actively building a project using the Pi and I’m sure a lot of other members would be love to get some insight in to the device and the foundation.


James Cole avatar

Another vote for visiting the Las Vegas Hackerspace SYN Shop.

There is a civic related hackathon coming up on the 23rd in association with Code for America and I understand they’re interested in some future hardware integration projects as well. A talk about the Raspberry Pi would obviously be a great starting point for people interested in working on those types of projects.


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Liz what is it about West Coasts this week.

First an artical on the west coast of the uk (Wales) now one the West Coast of the states?

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The company Eben works for, Broadcom, is headquartered and has other engineering offices in Silicon Valley, Southern California, other places on the West Coast, elsewhere in the U.S., and around the world (including a little, but very important place called Cambridge) – it’s a huge company!

He wants to visit the more purple and red states in between the blue states on each coast of the U.S. (red states tend to vote Republican/conservative and blue ones tend to vote Democrat/liberal). You can actually see the colors from an airplane … if you imbibe enough refreshing beverages during a flight! :D

David Bryan avatar

Minneapolis Hacker Space President here! The Hack Factory In Minneapolis, MN would love to host a visit, and would gladly host on a couch or spare bed. Send me an email, or contact @_videoman_ on twitter.

Jeremy L avatar

+1 for the Minneapolis Hack Factory.

Chuck Mathews avatar

I give a 3rd for Workshop 88 out near Chicago in the suburbs. Thanks for the opportunity!

Dathan Alley avatar

Wow! I wish someone on here would say Tulsa, Oklahoma! :-) There…I said it. However, I am just one guy, with one Pi, I don’t have a whole hackspace of friends and Raspberry Pi users. I have a whole group of people that I have talked to about the Pi, and the educational value. Comeon! More Oklahomans! :-)

bill paulson avatar

Chicago area should be perfect – we’re in both an upper bit and a middle bit. We’d be thrilled to have you visit Workshop88 and PS1’s a great destination too.

David Bryan avatar

Minneapolis Hacker Space President here! The Hack Factory In Minneapolis, MN would love to host a visit, and would gladly host on a couch or spare bed. Send me an email, or contact @_videoman_ on twitter.

We are also starting to do Raspberry-Pi Classes…

Derek avatar

The St. Louis, MO hackerspace Arch Reactor, , would be a great spot for a class, Jam session, demo or just a city to crash in. You can contact me anytime [email protected] or join the Arch Reactor Facebook group. Thanks, -derek

Randall "texrat" Arnold avatar

He could visit our brand-new and rapidly-growing Fort Worth maker community at our meetup on Feb 21! Or we’ll reschedule to suit his travel!

Chris Ferreira avatar

We at the MakerBar would love to have Eben join us on his way back. We’re in Hoboken, NJ right across the river from NYC.

[email protected]

Nate Bezanson avatar

Seconding i3 Detroit — I think Raspberry Pi cases are the most-frequently-made single item on our laser cutter! Lots of member activity with ’em…

Jeff Bannow avatar

You should come on over to i3 Detroit!

W. Scott Richardson avatar

Another plug for i3Detroit! We would love a visit!

AVIES Tech avatar

Kansas City would love to have you!!

Hammerspace workshop might be appropriate….

Craig martinson avatar

The FIRST FTC Iowa Championship is going on in Iowa city next Friday and Saturday. We would love Eben join us. We have 48 teams of excellent high school Robotics students attending along with about 100 volunteers. Contact Rebecca Whitaker at [email protected]

Mark Miles avatar

Another vote for an i3Detroit visit!

Robert Ristroph avatar

If Eben is interested in visiting Austin, I can try to set things up with Austin Hackerspace where I am a member. There is a San Antonio hackerspace as well, a bit over an hour’s drive away, and I can reach out to those guys to arrange a 2-fer (San Antonio’s airport might also be cheaper for travel). There are hackerspaces in Houston and Dallas also, but they are far enough away that it would be best not to round-trip it, but either land here or there and drive there and take a flight out of the other end. I can help with giving rides. Email [email protected] Texas looks plausible.

Thanks for visiting us here in the US, where ever you go !

liz avatar

Austin (and Fort Worth and San Antonio) are probably out for this visit, but only because we’re planning a longer trip to TX later in the year (Eben used to live in Austin, as it happens). Watch this space – I’ll ping you if we make a date!

Robert Ristroph avatar

Awesome, if I can help with logistics such as rides from the airport or finding someone with a spare bedroom or whatever, let me know !


Robert Savage avatar

Looking forward for your Austin or San Antonio visit!

Brian - OpenLabIdaho avatar

Open Lab Idaho ( would love to have Eben come on by. We have lots of enthusiastic Raspberry Pi users here who would love to meet Eben!

It would seem that Boise Idaho would match up well with your “top edges & middle bits” goal and is more or less on the way from San Francisco to NYC.

Hope we get to say Hi!

Martha Garvey avatar

Another vote for Hoboken MakerBar, where there is much fun to be had, and good food to be eaten, and Raspberry Pis to be marveled at.

Matt Oehrlein avatar

Drop by i3 Detroit. We have a lot of Rasberry Pi users!

Samir Tout avatar

It would be awesome if Eben can drop by our Ann Arbor Raspberry Pi Meetup kick-off event, which is taking place at Eastern Michigan University on 2/19/2013 at 7pm. We’ll be having a couple of (edible) pies and a great discussion. More information at:
It would really work out if he comes to i3Detroit then swing by A2..
I will also be speaking at a TED talk mid March, and I plan to cover some great features of the Pi in my discipline (Information Assurance), so it would be great to get Eben’s thoughts on that and, if he’d like, include that in my talk.

JD90 avatar

“here’s a bit of video from”…

Where? I tried three browsers and nothing shows up. Am I the only one with this problem, or if not, why hadn’t anyone else noticed it?

Andrew Bingham avatar

Mojave Makers in Mojave, CA ( would love to have a visit! Many of our members work at the commercial space companies at the Mojave Air and Spaceport.

Andrew Bingham avatar

And just as an aside, we have an RPi media center in our space, and one of our members has used the RPi as the “brains” of a machine vision project using structured light (

Dan avatar

I’m another person who would be thrilled to come see you if you had a chance to stop in Boise, Idaho. My 6-year-old son has had his first few tastes of programming (in Scratch) thanks to the Pi.

Regardless of where you end up, keep up the amazing work.

Anne avatar

Beautiful Greenville, South Carolina!

And, we’ll be sure to offer food *without* any raspberries in it. :)

John F avatar

MakerBar in Hoboken would be honored with a visit from Eben.
Interested in the use of Raspberry Pi for avionics and data gathering in our high powered rocketry projects.

liz avatar

We’re actually hoping to drop in on you guys in the next week. Watch this space!

liz avatar

(By which I don’t mean *next week*, but the week after Eben’s done wandering the lonely earth.)

Joe K avatar

Please, please get with theprogram and start using web standards and stop using Flash Player… I hate seeing the Update your flash player block instead of a video that would work perfectly well in h.264 (MP4). I have removed Flash player by choice as it is harmful to the Health of my now irreplaceable 17″ MacBook Pro.

Im pretty sure that my RaspberryPi Model B does not support it either…

liz avatar

Unfortunately, that’s the format the video was supplied in; not much we can do about it. Most of what you’ll see here is HTML5 video, which you should be fine with.

Ross Potts avatar

Honestly, I would like him in Quantico, Va to visit the Marine Corps museum. One of the IT guys there has used. Few PIs to build some slideshow generators, in lieu of using full PCs. I think Eben would get a kick out of it.

Matthew Gallagher avatar

The South Arlington Hackerspace has been planning a raspberry pi meetup for a while. A number of us have the devices and would love to you speak. The CS teacher at Arlington Career center, where this hackerspace is located, has done a lot of work with OLPC and bringing technology to the third world, as have some of the other members. I know DC probably is visited more then some of these other places, but it would be an amazing opportunity.

Patrick L. avatar

Plus 1 vote for Mojave Makers in Mojave, CA.

Ryan avatar

We’d love to have you out at Heatsync Labs ( in Phoenix, AZ (Mesa)!

One of the projects we did recently with pi was: we were taking a road trip to Las Vegas to attend Mini Maker Faire there, and set up a wifi network between the cars on the trip. We used a PI as a super-low-power linux machine to host a chat server that we could use to talk to each other during the trip!

Pretty cool :)

This is what our lab looks like:

Elliott H. avatar

Splatspace in Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina would love a visit from Eben! We recently co-hosted a Pi-focused event with our local linux users group that had a great turnout, including many who had never used linux or seen a Pi. Plus, a few of us are actively working on educational materials for schools, hackerspaces, and even local universities Duke and UNC using the Pi.

Samuel T. avatar

I live near Fayetteville and I would have loved to come out for that!

d34dfish avatar

Come out PS1 in Chicago. We have a member who works for element14/newark, another that designed his own breakout board (the picrust), and bi-weekly meetings centered around the pi architecture and other small systems.
We also brew some great beer!

You’ll also be in short distance from a number of other midwest hackerspaces.

Robert avatar

I would fourth…fith…whatever.. a vote for a visit to Workshop88 just outside Chicago. Easy highway access, and very close to O’Hare Airport.

William Borowicz avatar

i3Detroit — would LOVE to have you drop in for a visit!

scott avatar

You should come by HackPittsburgh! We have an enthusiastic group of makers who would love to talk Rasberry Pi, and some of the Raspberry Pi projects we’ve been kicking around.

Steve McAleer Pennington avatar

Another vote for Greenville SC. Help kick start “iT2PIE” (introduction to technology programmers invention expo). Fresh Start SC public charity promoting the Raspberry Pi as an introduction to technology. We have the best beer and chocolate in the South!

Sayan avatar

Please visit us at Hack Pittsburgh

SGarciaV avatar

One more vote for Chicago! Both PS1 and W88 would be happy to have you over. By car they are about an hour apart. Chicago would like to thank you personally for the herculean effort that has gone into the design, manufacture and distribution of the R-Pi. Plus, you can’t leave without tasting Chicago’s world famous Pizza and Hot dogs :-) Regards

Nick avatar

If you come to Pittsburgh, you can visit Hack Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon in the same trip.

Matt Arnold avatar

The hacker space I go to, i3Detroit, is definitely the best one in Michigan and perhaps a lot farther. I would strongly recommend it!

Matt avatar

We would love you at AS220 Labs in Providence, RI!

Robert Leale II avatar

i3 Detroit would love to have you.

Andrew avatar


Hugo avatar

Hahaha, all the i3 votes are from the same IP

Fred Finster avatar

Liz, we would welcome Eben to Visit Portland Oregon at this meeting and speak about the Raspberry PI. Fly in Tuesday Afternoon, speak to use Tuesday evening. Then leave Wednesday morning for other Locations listed above.
Tuesday, February 19, 2013
6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Urban Airship Hacker Space
334 NW 11th Avenue, Portland, OR (map)
This is a group for anyone interested in Internet of Things —…. The group was started as a way to meet others and learn about the different types of projects, tools, and technology and discuss the impact of more connected world.

While the group is technical in nature, all skills levels are welcome. Our target member are hackers, professionals, developers, and hobbyist and not meant as a professional networking group. Group participation is key and if you have a topic you would like to present, don’t be shy.

Just to let you know who we have SPEAKING:

Roberto Tagliabue – Jawbone (formerly Nike+, Motorola, Visere)
– He is the designers designer having worked on some landmark products.

Marcelino Alavrez – Founder, Uncorked Studios (Formerly W+K Digital)
– founder of the awesome project and its first hardware – Currently doing some great work with hardware, electronics and brand experience in Portland.

Surj Patel – GigaOM
Steven Osborn – Urban Airship
Steve and I will give up our slots and be content with a quick hi if we get more speakers :-) Suggestions below please or on

All the best,
My last post did not seem to complete. apologize if a double post. Good luck to all locations vying for a visit from Eben.

Juan Risso avatar

HacDC (Washington, DC)

greg smith avatar

We at i3Detroit located in Southeast Michigan would love a visit, our RPi group is active and searching for new RPi applications.

moof avatar

If you’d like to come by the Twitter office in SF, we’d be happy to have you.

Steven avatar


If you want to cross the Canadian boarder we are having another Raspberry PI workshop at VHS (Vancouver Hacksapce) on Thursday

Ian McAlpine avatar

Two thumbs up to come to Vancouver Eben.

Slava Maslennikov avatar

Cal Poly Pomona’s SWIFT club would love a visit from you guys! We’re located in Walnut, CA, US.

Todd avatar

The hackerspace in Minneapolis would definitely welcome you. The hack factory

Michael P. Flaga avatar

Meet Motor City’s i3Detroit —

Eric avatar

Stop by the Gainesville, FL hackerspace! We’d love to see you, all the info is at

Steph Alarcon avatar

Oof! Looks like your dance card is bursting. But if you find yourself in Philadelphia, The Hacktory would love to have you at our open house any Thursday at 3711 Market Street. Two of our organizers are using a Pi for environmental sensing for a project with a local school, and I’m curious about running OpenWRT and Tor on them.

Happy travels, and I hope we get to see you sometime! (Maybe after the NYC trip?)

Bruce Floyd avatar

We would LOVE a visit to the Gainesville, Florida Hackerspace!

Gwendolyn Thompson avatar is the hacker space in Gainesville, FL. They would be a wonderful choice to visit. They were so open to our group of kids (Hack it Our Selves Scouts) When we were starting out. A visit to their open house really inspired the kids that visited. We would love to bring our HIO scouts to a visit from Eben at Skill House. Several of our scouts are working with their Raspberry PI’s and are learning so much. We have made games, clocks, entertainment centers and platforms to experiment with programing. We share our love for the RPI with every one we meet.

kwixson avatar

If you come to Kalamazoo, Michigan you could get the i3Detriot _and_ PS1 folks from Chicago in one stop! We’re half way in between. We meet at the Kalamazoo Air Zoo.

Check us out at

We’d love to see Eben in our little town. Thanks!

T. Birkenbach avatar

Kalamazoo, Michigan for sure! It’s a great space and excellent location.

C. Michael avatar

Adding my vote for Kalamazoo too. Kwixson’s idea of hitting a hacker space which could catch several others is an excellent idea. Why not catch all three at the same time?

David Brightbill avatar

On your way to Gainesville, you should stop by and visit Making Awesome, Tallahassee’s makerspace. We’re pretty new but having all sorts of fun.

Lance avatar

We’re West Coast but Canadian …

Nick Antonelli avatar

Would like to opine that Gainesville, FL is an excellent choice. We have a great tech community here.

William Graham avatar

We would be honoured to have Eben at the Vancouver Hackspace, in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Ed Bennett avatar

Please come visit the NERP Raspberry Pi meetup at Pumping Station:One in Chicago.

NERP (Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi) provides a place for learning, discussing, and experimenting with the Raspberry Pi. Although our main focus is on using the Pi, other relevant topics include embedded devices, Open Source Hardware and Software, interfacing to the real world, development tools, circuits, and so on.

Pumping Station One is a hackerspace located in Chicago. We seek to foster a collaborative environment wherein people can explore and create intersections between technology, science, art, and culture. NERP and other PS1 interests and activities can be seen at the PS1 blog.


Vincent avatar

I would recommend the hackerspace in Gainsville Florida! There’s really awesome people here.

Alan Robson avatar

Mr. Upton, It looks like your itinerary may not allow you to stop in at Wilson elementary school in Corvallis, Oregon in time for our “Discovery Night” on the Raspberry Pi on March 7th, but perhaps you’d consider joining us via skype or google+ on another occasion. We’d love to hear you speak.



Jessica avatar

Is Eben’s calendar booked NYC on Saturday? I’m an energy startup founder, driving from our staging site in Eastern PA back to RI on Saturday. We are thinking of replacing our communications hub with a raspberry pi combined with a digi XBee; the hub talks to night storage heaters (called Electric Thermal Storage here in the States) and turn them into hidden storage assets for the electric grid. Can’t by DIY here in the states for code reasons – but would love to talk with Eben about if he thinks our technology could take off open source/DIY in the UK.

Jad Cooper avatar

Where is Eben speaking in NYC – is it the Brooklyn Tech meetup?

Alexander Appleton avatar

Artisan’s Asylum!

Steve Brown avatar

It would be awesome if he could swing by Open Lab Idaho. There are a lot of very enthusiastic pi fans here in Boise.

James Shawver avatar

Student here looking to start an IEEE club out at Boise State University on the Raspberry Pi. Would love some help to kick it off! :) Eben is beyond welcome to stop in Boise. We’d love to have him.

Andrew Morrison avatar

Any updates on the travel plans?


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