Bank Holiday kind of blog

The blog today is that there is no blog today. It’s Spring bank holiday here in the UK which means that we are all too busy rolling cheeses down hills, re-enacting obscure battles against baddies and doing stuff like this:


Also, the education team are all en route to York for Picademy North. See you Tuesday!


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And, of course, everybody ‘Up North’ is actually at work today, because we can’t afford another Bank Holiday until Christmas.
But, doesn’t mean to say I’m not wearing a frilly outfit with bells on my tights – that’s a well-kent Scottish Tradition up here (where we roll our cheeses UP hills, and we do it BEFORE they are fully set. We do like a challenge!).

Enjoy your ‘day off’.

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What is with the guy in the pink dress!?!??

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I should like to point out that not all the RasPi staff are having the day off – I’m manning the fort here at Pi Towers (breaking the UI even more), without even the distraction of being able to annoy Gordon every hour or so. It’s unbelievably quiet – judging by the car park, I’m not only the only person in the office; I think I’m the only person in the entire building…

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I think the guy in the dress is a little lost.

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Not lost – but definitely Fool-ish! For those higgerant of tradition, he’s the Fool of a Morris Side, and his get-up is his Motley.

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Why is that Guy wearing a pink dress?
The least he could do is make his leggings or garters or whatever they are match. I don’t live in Europe so i’m not familiar with this holiday or the customs.

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Google – the best education in the world! Search ‘Bank Holiday’ and ‘Morris Dance’. The Wikipedia links are best. Good hunting – Tally-Ho!

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Walmart workers with tubes!

Europe must be an awesome place. ;-)

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It’s true. I was portraying a 15th century knight at Arundel Castle throughout the bank holiday weekend, sleeping in a medieval tent and generally doing painful things with swords.

Highly recommended as a hobby BTW.

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Seconded by a (retired) member of Alf’s Imperial Army – Google that! :)

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There’s a famous expression (not Oscar Wilde, although many think it was) that goes along the lines of “Try everything once, except Morris Dancing and…”

Down here though, we prefer to carry barrels of burning tar on our backs, in a huge crowd and in a confined space. Little sign of elfin safety! (Google Ottery St Mary Tar Barrels).

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I went to Ottery St Mary to watch the burning barrels back in the mid-90s. Was part of the flock who surged and retreated as barrels were carried between us without anyone once tutting and saying “health and safety”. Highly recommended.

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