More video from Liam: Arch Linux, Quake 3, getting audio working and more

You’ll need a spare 20 minutes to watch this (and I have to admit, a spare 20 minutes is not something I expect to have any time soon, so I kind of skipped through; but I liked the bits I saw). Liam’s been very busy since his Raspberry Pi arrived yesterday. Arch is a great option for the Raspberry Pi; it’s a nice light install, and Liam’s having great success with it. Enjoy!


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When you guys get a bit of spare time, we should have a Raspberry Pi deathmatch!

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The videos and photos is very good ..
But we also need to know the actual size of the RPI
Can you take a ruler and measure the RPI to see full size?

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The thread linked to above is about the beta boards only, and it has now been found (by someone who received one today) that the information contained therein does do NOT is not necessarily correct for the final production boards, and should not be used (for example) as a basis for manufacturing a case.

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Looking good! Cant wait for the sound driver to be improved – I’m assuming the likes of XBMC will be useless until its ready?

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I’ve got Fedora + Apache, MySQL and PHP running on mine. Here’s a little video of it running PHPMyAdmin and WordPress:

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Ouch, ~53 seconds to post.

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I’m going to try the same thing under Arch Linux when I get a moment.

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Please….I know of a lot of people who are interested in the performance of such a combination.

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Here you go –

Seems a lot quicker.

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Yeah, that was nearly 3x quicker at ~20 seconds. Still not great, but gives some hope for bespoke setups having a decent chance of being snappy.

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Why did you go with Hiawatha instead of Apache with Arch?

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Purely down to time, everything was pre-installed in the ‘PimpMyPi’ image. I’ll give Apache a whirl on the stock Arch release when I get a moment.

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I overheard someone at work today saying that they got one of the first ones and are thinking about selling it on Ebay because one sold on Ebay for £200+ last night.

Was quite upset given that I too get up at 5:45 am and got nowt.

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Yeah, waiting sucks and it doesn’t seem fair, does it? The Pi team and the vendors were shocked at the response but I cannot say they were not warned. Unfortunately we cannot change time and go back to do things differently.

My advice to everyone is to ignore this website until you get one for yourself. That way you won’t be disappointed by others having it before you. I know this advice doesn’t help the Pi Foundation, but it saves them from reading hate mail, too. The intent of this project (as far as I know) is to get a bunch of old cobbers to make a programmable system to entice a whole new generation of cobbers. My first programmable computer was the Vic-20. (The Atari 2600 does not count as the programming module didn’t do anything.) I’ve bought one (do not know when it’s supposed to get here; don’t really care now) for experiments in decentralized household computing.

Since Day 1 of the snafu, I realized that it’ll probably take months for me to get one. So I moved on to other things. In preparation of having one though, I decided to look again at XBMC. They were in the midst of releasing a new version and it was different than the last version I tested. Now, I am relearning python, programming my own add-ons to XBMC, and testing others’ add-ons.

I could sit and stew and get pissy about how the execution of meeting demand was not well thought out but that does no one good. Instead, go out and do something else, learn something new. And when it does finally come to your doorstep, have fun with it.

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The problem that you haven’t mentioned in your post, was how to meet the expected demand (100k which was still considerably exceeded) when the money wasn’t available to make more than 10k. There is very little that could have been done differently to get the number of boards required made and distributed.
My advice to everyone, is NOT to ignore this website. You will still be able to get a lot of information here, even if you havent got a Raspi.

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I agree with JamesH.

A few times a week I come here, read the news, check out more forums, or new videos on Youtube and am come out of it totally thrilled.
Look, Im not a gamer even though Ive been known to play games but I couldnt stop smiling when I read the title that said Quake 3.
I havent been this excited about tech since my friend Jamie explained GPL and Linux to me somewhere in the mid-90’s.
Come back, learn, participate, share ideas: THATS how you make a community stronger. Seeing all these people help on servers, forums, video tutorials, Gert’s work and all the rest are just as thrilling to me as getting myself a new toy. Because its not about me or the fact that I want a cheap computer in my garage when I work on my car: its about what it can do to get kids involved hands on and about making the computing affordable for kids of all socio=economic backgrounds.

Of course if R-Pi has a tendency to make me babble on too much, its because I realize its not about me but what it can achieve.
Its really a great high ;-)

Sidebar: how does the community feel about sites like I had heard a few negative things on an IRC chat recently but I think we need a larger ecosystem outside of just the foundation.

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My issue is the profiteering. I’d gotten over the rest of the frustration. I wanted one quick to to give to my daughter (she’s 11) because I thought she might have gotten into it because of the hype. Momentum seems a bit lost now. Never mind.

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As far as I know, you said, you dont want preorders, because you dont need any money from community in advance, because you have enough money. Yet you tell us now, you didnt have money to manufacture more than 10k units in first batch? Imagine all 100k people would pay you in advance, you probably would be able to manufacture more than 10k units.

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You are not allowed to take money in advance in the UK.

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This sort of problem (money related), always has a solution. When I was an undergrad student in the Cambridge Computer Lab in the ’70s, one of the professors (I can’t remember which; it may have been Roger Needham or it may have been David Wheeler, it might have been both), told us that it was amazing how many problems could be solved by an extra level of indirection. After 30 years in the City I found that the same was true in finance.

Next time you do this try something like the following: If you are going to make a board costing around $25 with strong demand, set up a development company and issue shares for $50, which will give you a big cushion in the event of extra costs. Every “member” is promised a board, but if costs overrun they may have to pay a little extra.

If things go really badly, the investors lose their money, you get a bad reputation, but that’s life.

If things go well, everybody gets a board and the profits are donated to the Foundation.

You don’t have to worry about consumer protection because the “buyers” are equity investors taking a real risk not consumers.

JamesH avatar

Not so easy if you are a charity intent of cheap product. In fact, investors did contribute about £100k to the Foundation. However, to build the initial demand of 250k would have needed >$5M. Try getting that from investors when you are making so little profit per board. The main problem though has been predicting the demand. No-one in their wildest dreams expected this level of demand so quickly.
Not saying your idea wouldn’t work though.

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INB4 hacker and DIY scene takes over

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The issue with the sound drivers, would any of that be resolved by using pass-thru rather than having the r-pi decode the audio?

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Not 100% sure, buy I’m afraid it wont work. As far as I know, audio pass-thru is usually achieved by usind SPDIF or coaxial outputs (connected to an external audio decoder), wich the RPi lacks. HDMI 1.4 (RPi implements HDMI 1.3) is capable of a new feature called Audio Return Channel, but even in that case dunno if it could work.

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I wonder if Warsow would work well on the Pi? That’s an open source Quake style FPS for linux and other operating systems.

James Collier avatar

Love Awesome, uses Lua as well which is such a fantastic language.

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Any chance of sharing the link to the source code for Quake 3. openarena is in the debian repository, but I couldn’t find a copy of quake that compiles cleanly on ARM.

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Installed libsdl1.2-dev and began to compile but it didn’t get through because of some missing function that, judging from its name (bcm_something), had something to do with the Broadcom chip.

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I don’t know if it was due to my previous grumbling, but, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for keeping the camera still _and_ using VNC to your Windows desktop so that you could record the screen video directly. BRAVO ZULU, as we say in the naval (as in not-bellybutton) vernacular!

I can’t wait to have 3-D graphics in Pi-finity! as responsive as Quake 3 Arena … if I only had a Pi … dee-dee, dee-deedle-dee-deeeeee! :)

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Thanks, Liam – Great job! :-)

Charles avatar

Quake 3 being run at the Gadget show:-

with commentary from the computer history museum

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