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We’ve been looking forward to the publication of this interview. Nick Heath, a journalist we really enjoy talking to (largely because he’s not shy about asking awkward questions, which keeps us on our toes) spent a couple of hours with Eben at the factory last year. Figures here are a bit out of date because it’s about two months since the interview took place, and things move fast at Pi Towers. But it’s a great read, and even if you’re steeped in the Raspberry Pi project, it’s worth a look; you might learn something you didn’t know! Read more at ZDNet.


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Eben should start that kick starter and see what happens…. would be interesting :)

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I think that every single person who used the word “vapourware” (with or without a “u”) last year should be mandated to put £3.14 in the hat.

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i’d make the ones who spelt it without the U should put in more so they’ll learn how to spell proper :)

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Ethnocentricity at it’s finest.

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nah it’s “taking the p*** out of our colonial cousins” at it’s best and maybe a bit of jingoism just for the hell of it. :)

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AKA humour, that thing that has been killed by overzealous PC monsters.

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The article makes for a very interesting read, but I ragefaced that ZDNet not only did that stupid thing where websites inflate their view count by artificially breaking articles into multiple “pages”, but did so IN THE MIDDLE OF SENTENCES! D:

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I think I found one of the mistakes….
The 34-year-old chip architect is genuinely taken aback that demand for the Raspberry Pi proved to be orders of magnitude larger than a small pool of aspiring UK computer engineers.

No way he’s 34!! I haven’t designed squat and I’m not too far behind him in terms of age.

Congrats on all your achevements, Raspberry Pi folks!

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