Charity auction results

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everybody who participated in our charity auctions over Christmas. Some of you have requested a run-down of the results, so Gert put together this little table (thank you Gert!).

Date Final ($) Final (£) Charity
Jan 08, 2013 829.03 514.13 Samaritans
Jan 07, 2013 395.06 245.00 The Humanitarian Centre
Jan 06, 2013 330.56 205.00 Refuge
Jan 05, 2013 669.19 415.00 Open Rights Group
Jan 04, 2013 451.50 280.00 Claire House Children’s Hospice
Jan 03, 2013 501.52 311.02 Engineers Without Borders USA
Jan 02, 2013 398.29 247.00 Mary’s Meals
Jan 01, 2013 366.04 227.00 The Centre for Computing History
Dec 31, 2012 351.53 218.00 Take Heart
Dec 30, 2012 348.30 216.00 Practical Action
Dec 29, 2012 483.75 300.00 NSPCC Cymru
Dec 29, 2012 694.99 431.00 CLIC Sargent
Total 5819.76 3609.15


Tasty_Pi avatar

Absolutely great news and all very worthy causes.

Jim Manley avatar

These results are outstanding!

I was kind of disappointed that their success wasn’t followed up into the new year with sales of a pinup calendar of the Foundation members, along with a charity auction of them of some sort. There would need to be some kind of virtual reality option for those of us overseas ;)

Gert van Loo avatar

The only way to make money out of my pin-up picture would be if people paid to ‘please do NOT bring it out’.

Ravenous avatar

Oh boy, we don’t wanna see pictures of that particular hardware!

Well done all.

Rich Kavanagh avatar


Well done!!!

flo avatar

Add columns with € (Euros). United Kingdom is in Europe ;)

Nick Kowal avatar

Not for long at this rate.

Jim Manley avatar

We in the States welcome all denominations, religious, monetary, and whatever else you may be into. You might want to bring your own tea, but if your brand is already here, the tax on it might be less (if a bit soggy with Boston Harbor water … ewwwwww! ;) ).

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