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As you may have noticed, we’re having a bit of trouble with the comments facility on the website at the moment. (The problem is being caused by our new load balancer.) We’re working on it – we hope to have comments available again by tomorrow!

Move along, nothing to see! We’ve fixed the problem, which was caused by some WordPress plugins not playing nice with the load balancer. Get commenting!


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Well, let’s see if they are working again.

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Looks like they are

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They are for some people, from what we can make out – Pete’s currently ruining his Good Friday looking at it. ;)

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FYI I can see them

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A comment about no comments! ;-)

I would call it and Easter egg!

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no comment ;)

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Freeze dried raspberries with cream

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O noes how did i get here, i no good with computer.

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I was wondering if this is some sort of special easter egg…. well done on fixing it

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Don’t you think it is a little early for April fools jokes?

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that’s the beauty of it

every expects Aprils fools jokes on 1st april

so do it a few days early


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Sadly, it’s not an April Fools. The reason you guys can comment at the moment is partly that we’ve turned the spam filter off – so the mods and I are now drowning under a tsunami of ads for trainers. (We’ll do our best to make sure you guys don’t see any of them!)

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I guess the load balancer need to be up running before releasing the camera module :-)

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It worked!

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I know the feeling I hate load balancers as well

half the time they don’t work

and the other half one small setting incorrect or not precise and it all goes out of kilter

I just keep mine off and use other means of spam blocking and DoSS blocking

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Now we’ve done some tweaking, I’m actually very pleased with it; it’s a nice solid solution to our DoS woes, and we *always* prefer a fix that’s been hacked together by one of us (Pete from Mythic in this instance) to an off-the-shelf answer. Just took a little finessing to get some of the back-end of WordPress to behave well with it, but it’s looking great now.

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That sounds quite balanced to me!!! :)

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Can you hear me now?

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Use “botblocker” – it’s the best anti spam plugin I’ve found!

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Sounds like an alternative to Imodium to me. :)

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I logged on to the site yesterday afternoon and saw that nasty default WordPress theme, and wondered what happened.

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It’s beyond me how this happens, but I’ve noticed that this sort of thing *always* seems to happen over a Bank Holiday, or another time when we’re meant to be taking it (relatively) easy. We’re completely fixed now (fingers crossed) – including the nasty business over in the forums where we realised belatedly that the load balancer meant that banning spammers by IP addresses was randomly banning a quarter of our users (including the mod who implemented the original ban)!

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I was just being a smart arse that’s all. I know you were experiencing real issues when you should have been enjoying a LONG weekend. Something I miss since moving to the USA!

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nested comments don’t work for me :(

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