Iain and Seb from Creative Coding interview Eben

What were you doing for the Bank Holiday on Friday? Eben cycled 15 miles to have a meeting, then cycled home to do a Google Hangout interview with the guys from Creative Coding, all before I’d even got out of my pyjamas. Here it is: lots of interesting stuff here, including a low-bandwidth and somewhat pixellated Mooncake at around 33 minutes in, who causes Eben to scream girlishly as she extends all her claws and proceeds to climb his…leg.


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Just for the record, “Elvis” wasn’t me, though I applaud his question :-)

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This is very cool. I think the Raspberry pi Foundation should come up with a theme song played from a device like this!

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Thanks for posting this! Interesting stuff.

(And, for a good laugh try turning on automatic captions on the video (the icon to the left of the gear icon). Some of the translations are completely hilarious! Does the “Arouse Pre-party Foundation” sound familiar? LOL)

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We do need to get a better headset for this stuff; and the bandwidth out here is so bad that…well, you can see what happened for the latter part of the video.

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I love how eben has a skyrim map on the wall its amazing haha

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Actually, it’s mine. (He’s more an FPS sort of guy!) If you look carefully, you’ll see my Baldur’s Gate 2 map pinned over it with magnets.

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Another completely fascinating interview with Mooncake … and whomever that other fuzzy one was :D

I love the phrase “inconsequential coding” – that pretty much describes my productivity on any given day! It was actually in reference to the Pi enabling kids to mess around without having to worry about bricking their device, much less toasting the family computer.

The side note about the retrospective report on 1980s computing, including the influence of the BBC Computer, where unemployed adult retraining was one of the primary thrusts of the project, was also very informative. This is especially insightful considering how history is somewhat being repeated today with respect to the need to improve all workers’ computing literacy.

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Hi, I just wrote the Feb Wheezy Raspbian image, ran midori, came here and the first thing I noticed is the Flash player saying it needs the latest player or an html5 compliant browser in order to see this item.
I think it would be a better first time experience if I’d been auto-redirected to a page compatible with my standard Raspbian image.
This purely in the interest of a good customer experience, not meant as a whine (and is on-topic because it relates directly to my inability to view this, the first page I’ve brought my pi (ordered on day zero and played with occasionally) to on the recommended distro: http://raspberrypi.org)
Thanks for, and keep up, the great work.

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Drop by the forums – you’ll find solutions to your problems there!

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I don’t think he’s looking for a solution to HIS problem.

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Interesting. And I now know that Eben is half my age…

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