World Maker Faire and PyConUK

It’s been quiet around Pi Towers lately. Quiet and disquieting, rather like standing in your nan’s best front room when you were a kid and really needing a wee but were too afraid to break the silence. But we have good and exciting reasons for our quietude: we’ve all been busy preparing for two of our biggest events of the year. This weekend the education team is spreading it’s feelers of learning goodness around the world, from the Midlands to East Coast America.


Carrie Anne, Dave and Ben are at PyConUK while Rachel and I, along with James (our Director of Hardware), were beaten with a sock full of oranges until we sobbingly agreed to go to World Maker Faire New York.

The Maker Faire contingent will be joining our friends on the Pimoroni stand, demoing all sorts of goodies both new and old; selling shiny swag; giving out freebies; and talking and talking until we cough our larynxes into our fifteenth cup of Joe (as my American-English dictionary tells me I should call coffee if I want to be street).

2014-09-19 10.31.31

New swag bags! Grab ’em while they’re hot

Our director of hardware engineering James Adams will be there – he’s giving a talk on What’s next at Raspberry Pi? on Saturday at 2.30pm in the NYSCI Auditorium – and Rachel and I will be speaking about digital creativity (details TBA). If you are at Maker Faire do come and visit us. At Maker Faire Bay Area earlier this year it was great to see so many educators and I hope to speak to at least as many in New York. But whatever your interests in Raspberry Pi – from digital creativity to hardware to making stuff (of course!) – we would love to see you.

Update: Clive and Rachel will also be speaking on Sunday at 11.30am in the Maker Shed.

If you can’t make it to New York, here’s a Q&A Make’s Matt Richardson conducted with James:

Meanwhile in Coventry Carrie Anne, Ben, Dave and Alex are running Python workshops, giving talks about Raspberry Pi in education and chatting to teachers, educators and developers in the Python community.



Raspberry Pi team hard at work


Jim Mike avatar

Carrie Anne, Dave and Ben win.
You, Rachel and James lose.

A Yank who would’t go to New York on a dare.

Ton van Overbeek avatar

According to James his talk is on Saturday 2:30 pm.
Hope to see you tomorrow in NY on the faire.

W. H. Heydt avatar

Drat… Checked the Shop…that top bag isn’t there. My duaghter would undoubtedly love one (as would my son-in-law and they’d probably want one for my grandson).

Erik Lundh avatar

Will Raspberry PI foundation be at the European edition of Maker Faire in Rom Oct 3-5.?I am told they had 30 thousand visitors last years. It was the first official Maker Faire in Europe and it seems like they did not exoect such a crowd. They have a much larger venue this year and expect 50 thousand visitors. I am going this year to experience a Maker Faire

Ben Nuttall avatar

I don’t think so. We can’t make it to everything!

winkleink avatar

I thought the Newcastle Maker Faire is the original Maker Faire (not Mini) in Europe.

The Re one does sound amazing though.

Carlos Garcia Ebbens avatar

Me interesa todo lo de Rasberrypi

Matt Hammerton avatar

I took my Son to PyconUK and we had the best day!
Thanks for all the support from everyone (Programmers, Teachers and Demonstrators)
Hope to see you next year!

daniel avatar

I LOVE the new bags, Any Idea when they’ll be avalible in the swag shop?

Joey B avatar

Hi! I enjoy programming on the Raspberry Pi. I learned python on it. However, I live in Oklahoma so none of your road trips come through my area. Do you think you could pass through next time you’re on a tour of the States? Thanks!

Paul Dow avatar

Just got back from Maker Faire. Raspberry Pi sure got a lot more space than three years ago when a piece of plywood had to be scrounged for a display table. Arduino, BeagleBoard, Edison, and Freescale, among others were there, but the Rpi seemed to have the most displays from the tiny computer genre. The large user community here is paying off with a multiplier effect getting more people interested. The bags were funny too.

3D printers aren’t a novelty anymore. They were everywhere.

Sorry I missed the 2 presentations. I got there about 11:30 today, so I didn’t see the schedule until it was too late.

I got a half full bottle of non-fizzy mint flavored Coke Zero from the eppybird guys too!

Rob avatar

Finally got around to blogging about the dancing robots, deadly quadcopters and minecraft coding my kids did at Pyconuk 2014
Pycon UK 2014 kids robots quadcopters minecraft and raspberry pis

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Another blog post about PyconUK – my kids had a great time!

Kids education day at PyconUK

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