Win some Raspberry Pi stickers #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

To celebrate the launch of Raspberry Pi 4, and because it’s almost the weekend, we’re giving away some sticker packs!

For your chance to win a pack, all you have to do is leave a comment below, or comment on the Facebook post about this give-away, or tweet us with the hashtag #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers — all before midnight (BST) Monday 8 July.

Each sticker pack will contain the following stickers, plus any others I find between now and Monday, and we have 10 packs to give away.

Winners will be picked at random, and I’ll tweet who these lucky ten are on Tuesday, so keep your eyes peeled.

Good luck!

Oh, if you don’t see your comment on this post, it’s because you’re new to the blog and we haven’t approved it yet. Don’t worry, it’s there, and we’ll see it before the contest ends.


Guillermo Sampallo avatar

Cool stickers!

Thomas Rodriguez avatar

That Razz Life!

everest avatar

thing better
are these stickers velcro or DIY Gecko Tape and how many pi4 can stick to it
The Thought Emporium
Published on May 18, 2019

Elise avatar

I scream, you scream, we all scream because Raspberry Pi stickers are being given away

Eladio Caritos avatar

Love me some stickers to put on my notebook

Greg Parr avatar

Love a sticker!

Umar avatar

Nice stickers

Conor Porteous avatar

Fingers crossed I get lucky! Will be nice to have for decorating my laptop for my Computer Science degree course! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Teun avatar

Yes please!

Gerrit Fries avatar

Would love to put one of those “my other computer…” stickers on my iMac <3

Michael DeForge avatar

Dude winning these stickers would make me so happy. Yes please. ;)

Kathryn Preston avatar

Please please please GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Thank you.

Steve Vanderleest avatar

Excellent… Congratulations !

Justin Hart avatar

Gah! That pi sticker would’ve saved me a bunch of time with the logo on this!

(P.s. great stickers!)

Anatol avatar

Lovely set!

Tony avatar


Robin Stacey avatar

Brilliant stickers! I wants! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Alessio avatar

well i wish that the 35$ would be true worldwide..
here a pi can be up to 50-60$…

Anatol avatar

Yes! Please! Lovely set btw ;) #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Luis Acuña-Santaella avatar

I love Raspberry Pi and stickers also.

John Fisherman avatar

StickerPi !

Duong Nguyen avatar

I love these stickers.

Phil avatar

Need some stickers please #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Nicolas ELIE avatar

Love Pi stickers.

Iman avatar

Omg yes please!

Stephen Cassidy avatar

Awesome :) Fingers crossed..

Ernest Hough avatar

I’d love to have those stickers! So cool!

Emils avatar

Would love to have the stickers #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Lars la Cour Nielsen avatar

Yes please ?

Gabin avatar

Yes! Beautiful!

David Dhannoo avatar

Have a few tech stickers on my Mac, a Raspberry Pi one would look the real deal. ;D

Ernest Hough avatar

I’d love some stickers! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Matthew avatar


ALX avatar

Need to build a new Laptop with my Raspberry Pi 4, because no space left for stickers on my actual Laptop :)

Peter Jones avatar

Yes please!

Jan Mosk avatar

Some of them would be nice to put alongside my “Be a creative Rebel” sticker from “Bits of Freedom”.

Darren Cassidy avatar

Yes please!!

Tim avatar

Those stickers would make a really nice addition on my laptop! Also excited to try out the new Pi once I’m able to get one.

Edvard avatar

Great stickers! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Carlos Carvalho avatar

I want it all! :)

Diego Morales avatar

Awesome giveaway!

Karl Robert Mägi avatar

When people see my laptop they need to know that I’m a Pi person ??

Kartavya D. Barodiya avatar

Awesome! and Great! Raspberry pi Foundation #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Robbie avatar

Tasty treats!

Brandon Dewater avatar

I’d love to have these stickers. I’d put the “My other computers costs $35” on my work laptop. Haha

Moithil avatar

Gimme gimme gimme #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Richard Krueger avatar

I have so many uses for these!

AleP avatar

– Egg and swag
– Egg, bacon and swag
– Egg, bacon, sausage and swag
– Swag, bacon, sausage and swag
– Swag, egg, swag, swag, bacon and swag
– Swag, swag, swag, egg and swag
– Swag, sausage, swag, swag, swag, bacon, swag, tomato and swag
– Swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, swag, baked beans, swag, swag, swag and swag
– Lobster Thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce, garnished with truffle pâté, brandy and a fried egg on top, and swag


Craig Marston avatar

Ha ha haa!! ?

Colin Wellard avatar

If I had some eggs I would have eggs and bacon if I had some bacon.

Alex Murphy avatar

Would love to win some stickers!

Chuck avatar


Aless avatar

awesome stickers

Cris Avati avatar


Nimrod avatar

Cheap stickers… But as we know, cheap ain’t always bad :)

Andy J avatar

I’d find places to stick those

Z3k avatar

Will use the sticker to wrap my rpi2!

El Boletaire avatar

I want some of these!

Rohit avatar

Love love them

Pradeep avatar

Cool stickers, I want them :)

Isaiah Stephens avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers to put on everything.

Alitux avatar

I Need that Stickers! :)

Alex avatar

Yes please! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Sahil Dholpuria avatar

Love from India I afford this computer
And I use in my college projects.
Thank you Raspberry for made a affordable computer chip.

Nuno avatar

I’d love to have some dope stickers!!

Niels Ringelmann avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers to put on my Arduino casings!

BW avatar

Where’s the Swag store nowadays?

Maarten avatar

Sticker all things!!!

Amaan Bin Rasheed avatar

I want a pack

Luiz Querino avatar

Stick me please!

Clementile Kudzai Mbauya avatar

Wow I love raspberrypi single board computer, it helped me a lot in my Internet of things projects. I would be happier to get a sticker too and my friends will be motivated to start using raspberrypi. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Justin Credible avatar

Love em

Simon avatar

Yes please!!

Maxim avatar

I want this pack

Luke avatar

I’d love myself some cool swag!

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Luke! Please send your address to [email protected] and we’ll get some stickers out to you.

Giannhs avatar

I want this stickers

Brandon Lopez avatar

?? it’s so cool. PI Power ✊?

Gabriel avatar

Sick stickers!

Maxim avatar

Can I had these?

Grant avatar

Ah those look so cool! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Manfred Rosenboom avatar

Would love to have some of them :-)

S A Gale avatar

Ideal for code club giveaways

Massimo avatar

Those stickers rock!

Ilja avatar

Spread the world! #stickIt

Danny avatar

Those stickers would make me look a proud owner of these super tiny machines. Fingers crossed!

Gerry avatar

Stickers = Happiness

Saiyam Pathak avatar

Raspberry has always been cool and now this guveaya makes it even cooler …. winning or not I still vote up for raspberrypi and will i tegeate it wirh my fav kubernetes .
Do I need the swag … hell yeah who dosent want the RASPBERRY PI swag …. would love that … cheees and luck to all other folks ??

Simon Dick avatar

Nice stickers :)

djojo avatar

Will be so great ;)

Quentin Bbsa avatar

I can still see the metal of my computer case under the stickers.

I definitely need more stickers.

Alex Bate avatar

Haha. Please send your address to [email protected] and we’ll get some stickers out to you.

Gavin avatar

Great stickers. Fingers crossed now.

Kenny Mitchell avatar

Is it bad I’ve already planned where each one of those sweet stickers will go?

Alex Bate avatar

Haha, not at all. Please send your address to [email protected] and we’ll get some stickers out to you.

Govind avatar

Those would look cool on my other computer.

Ben avatar

I Love my Raspberry Pi and all the cool Projects.

Digar avatar

Good Luck!

Arda Kilicdagi avatar

Great stickers #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Daniel Y. Dimitrov avatar


They look cool and will make my new laptop even spiffier. ;)

Jp avatar

I’m loving then!

Michelle Nunalee avatar

I’d love some stickers!!

Ross Potts avatar

Boy, I would LOVE a pack.

Juan P. avatar

They are beautiful!

Shridhar avatar

This stickers would be a great collection and would motivate to use raspberry pi??

Jouni Sarjanoja avatar

Awesome stickers :)

Will Stone avatar

Sticky McStickerson

Adrian Stone avatar

I have at least of each “model b” Pis, so will undoubedly be getting a Pi 4 when they’re back in stock @Pimoroni


Love a sticker for the laptop lid!

Adrian Stone avatar

*edit* I have at least ONE of each….
D’oh sloppy typing ;-(

Kai avatar

No stickers on my notebook so far. Let’s team up to end this sticker virginity! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Will9183 avatar

Why should I write a comment, just #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers!

Arsalan avatar


Ordering Raspberry Pi 4 soon. :)

Iván Ruiz Lopez avatar

Just whishing to win one of those packs. They are just WONDERFUL! :D

Antonio Mendoza Mendoza avatar

I want Raspberry Pi stickers, they are awesome!!! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Jorge Guajardo avatar

Yes please!!! Great stickers!!!!

Miguel Alcalá avatar

Hi guys, #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please

Mauricio avatar

Stickers please!

Ahmad maulana avatar

Woahhh raspberry pi4 congratulation…

Moonraker avatar


My laptop needs some art!

Luis Morales avatar

Nice stickers, it’s pi pride day and I want to show off!!

Daniela avatar

I want Raspberry Pi Stickers :D

Johann avatar

Very cool !

Flavio avatar

My son and I recently started playing with the Pi and we could sure use some stickers!

David Vasquez avatar

I would love some stickers! My little boy just got his 3B+ and been loving it

Federico Martini avatar

Please, would like the stickers.

Tung Dam avatar

I’d love some

Ka avatar

Here for the rainbow sticker *pride

Jess caggiano avatar

I like stickers!
#gimmieraspberrypistickers please

TEW avatar

Very nice. Can’t wait to put ’em on my Pi4 case when it arrives. My 7 year old has been asking for a computer. I’m going to start her on the Pi4.

Evan avatar

Sticker sticker sticker!

Dave Watson avatar

I am pretty excited for the new Pi 4. It’d be great to have some stickers too.

Darren avatar

Wow loving those stickers

Henry avatar

Cool stickers

SK avatar

Lovely stickers, awesome to add to my existing collection!

Ahmad maulana avatar

Nice cool

mihaiz avatar

give me pi or give me stickers!

Bipul Gupta avatar

Congratulations Team Raspberry Pi for #Pi4 I love to work on a raspberry pi, #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers I will put on my laptop and in my workspace.

Daniel Jess avatar

These would look great on my laptop / tablet / car

Gerard Spierin avatar

Nice stickers – if you’re not in you can’t win !

Granville (Yuguang) Xiong avatar

I want all of them!

Michael avatar

Hope I win one of these

MonkeyWrench32 avatar

I love these stickers and all of my Pi projects!

Jacob avatar

Want to get these stickers….. Eagerly waiting to buy a 4Gb version odthe raspberry pi

Lukáš Ketner avatar

I would love those! Wish me luck!

Kellan Roberts avatar

Those stickers are Amazing!!!

Douard avatar

Ils sont grave stylé

Juan Carlos alvarado avatar

My other computer for only 35dlls, yeah!

Yasser OUAFTOUH avatar

Awesome, Good luck to everyone here :)
Some cool stickers out there ;)

Petri avatar

Great stickers!

Alvaro Valdebenito avatar

I would love some stickers

Paweł avatar

Gimme da sticka! I love them :D

Dave Conlan avatar

I’ll be happy to receive some Raspberry Pi stickers. Pretty please with a raspberry on top.

Paul Archer avatar

can i have a piece of the sticker pi pretty plz :)

Gabriel Gonzalez avatar

Nice stickers!! Want somen for the notebook

Grayson avatar

Always wanted raspberry pi stickers, I want my other computer $35 one! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Rajan Joshi avatar

Stickers are like trophies for devs to showcase on their machines.

Celso Velarde avatar

I need to show to the world how much I love the Raspberry Pi and those stickers are just what I need! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Luke avatar

Cool ones they are

Andrew W avatar

I haven’t added a sticker to my laptop in yonks. I’d love to win! I’ll even pop ’round the corner to pick them up!

Boone avatar

I would love to see these next to the other stickers on my bench! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Spunkel avatar

This dude here loves pi + sticker.
So pi stickers would make him a happy dude.

Logesh Palani avatar

Cool :-)

Colin Tinker avatar

Gimme gimme gimme

David Saul avatar

Great stickers, fingers crossed

John Crounse avatar


Steve Browne avatar

Cool stickers!

Andrew avatar

Please don’t send me any stickers!

Bhumik Nayak avatar


Juho Holmi avatar


Alex avatar

Yes please!

Peppe Malara avatar

It would be nice to decorate my office with that. Our PiHole works great! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Ed avatar

Very nice!

Alex Gorzen avatar

Hooray! Sweet stickers!

Stefan Pop avatar

Really cool stickers!!

Christian avatar

Ooooh stickers ?

Simon avatar

… loading comment. Press here to refresh.

Brett avatar

Awesome stickers. Sign me up for some Pi swag!

Tom Stone avatar

I need some of these so badly

Quentin avatar


Ben R. avatar

Would be great for STEM group.

Ivana avatar


Fernando avatar

I would like some stickers so I can decorrate my current raspberry Pi. ?‍??️?️?

Sam avatar

I need stickers!!! Love RPI! Can’t wait to get my filthy paws on one!

Frank Lesniak avatar

I’d gladly take some stickers!

XinYang avatar

Yes, please.
Going to need some cool stickers for my pi 4!

Jac avatar

I love pie, raspberries and especially raspberry pi inc stickers! Thanks for getting me into Linux

Biswajeet Das avatar

The laptop sits completely blank, let’s add some color to it.

Pat Senn avatar

I want Stickers.
Please Send Stickers

Thomas avatar

Yes! I’d love to decorate my thinkpad with the ‘my other computer’ sticker!

Atharva avatar

I would like to decorate my laptop with those stickers….!

Richard Osterloh avatar

Yay for stickers!

Chinmay avatar

Love to get sticker pack……

James avatar

Wow great contest to win some fantastic stickers!

Kulbhushan avatar

Would love to get these stickers!!;

Joonas avatar

Sticky stickers, please!

Kul avatar

Lovely stickers

Mahmudul Hasan avatar

Cool stickers, I need those :)

Nick avatar

Would love some sweet stickers!

Ben avatar

Please can I have stickers. Sadly I lost stickers when my laptop was given a bath by a colleague :(

Gareth Whittal avatar

Cool stickers. Can I get some please?

Ward avatar

Do want!

Jose febrian avatar

I want that sticker

Adi avatar

The Raspberry Pi is the sweetest and cutest computer ever. Which other computer has a cute drawing on its logic board?

Andy avatar

Stick, stick, stick, stick, sticky, sticky, stick, stick!

Chris avatar


Ronald Yeager avatar

Awesome stickers! They look great!

mark axon avatar

Always need more stickers

Lee A Hanna avatar

Stickers would be the tattoos my projects need.

Marco avatar

Cool! Please send me some stickers

Mr.Butram avatar

I’d like to win some stickers!

Channa Samynathan avatar

My laptop would love additional stickers… #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

mournerjack avatar

This. This is excatly what we needed. Bravo, Foundation, bravo.

SirNeo avatar

Congrats to the lucky bastards that will win the stickers. (Maybe to me too :))

Mick avatar

I want one!

Taylor S avatar


Tom Archer avatar

Love the big version of the “My other computer…” sticker!

jeff avatar


KrystianRLA avatar

Awesome stickers ,I love stickers !

David Munton avatar

Those stickers would look fantastic on my boring looking laptop!!!

Ross Meyer avatar

I Love Stickers!

Mark Scott avatar

These would be awesome to put on my government computer. It would confuse everyone. Pi Powered!!!

Daniel Dennis avatar

Stickers, please! That Hackspace sticker is nice.

Pat Burke avatar

These stickers would look great in Canada

Robert avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please!

Antonio avatar

Stickers are life

gilles bellavance avatar

I would love one, many, all of those stickers but I am willing to sacrifice myself and let someone else win it if you promise to publish the artwork so that I can print one (many) for myself and put it somewhere well situated…

Edgar Morales Ruiz avatar

Thanks for the giveaway! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Mike W avatar

I’m the biggest unpaid Pi salesman on the planet :)

Emmanuel Avalos avatar

I need these in my life. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please.

Michael Bryenton avatar

Those stickers look sweet!! As Pie !!

Craig avatar

Can I have some, pretty please?! ?


Lance avatar

You should definitely consider someone such as myself for this giveaway. If I had these stickers your company would witness a spike in sales.

Samuel avatar

Love these!

Kelby Criswell avatar

I would rock these stickers with pride! I love my Raspberry Pi 3b+ and look forward to getting a 4.

Matthew Kelly avatar

Can’t wait to get my newly purchased Raspbery Pi 4 running my home NAS with Open Media Vault.
Really excited to be replacing my existing Pi 3B and to see the gains in speed with USB-C AND dedicated fast Ethernet, notwithstanding faster processing speed and oodles of RAM.
[An SSD wouldn’t have hurt, guys? ;-)]

Ryan Spurney avatar


Jason avatar

I bet NASA would love some rpi swag. If not I’ll take them. :o)

Raneesh avatar

Welcome Raspberry pi 4 to the world of computers

Love from India ????????

Hope I win

Jesse O'Connell avatar

I’d love some stickers please!

AK avatar

Cool stickers!

Natanael Prado avatar

I need these stickers S2!!! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Pavlin Grutsov avatar

These stickers are great! I`ll love them on my laptop :D

Keran Govender avatar

Cool stickers!

maydaythejetplane avatar

Neat. Thanks guys n gals

Christian avatar

Next giveaway should be a Pi 4.

Andrew avatar

Raspberry Pi computers are an awesome revolution in DIY electronics hacking! Keep being awesome!

Sebastian Leonties avatar

RPi 4 is the best yet! Well done you guys :)!

Andi avatar

Awesome stickers!

Mark Sutcliffe avatar

Yass! All the stickers please

Tom Austin avatar

Pi me!

Carrie avatar

Can I please have a sticker?

~Bob~ avatar

Ah, I need some stickers Please.

Silvio avatar


Greetings from Italy ;)

cody philpot avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers I can’t wait to get my Pi4

Sean Raser avatar

Cant wait for my Raspberry Pi 4(s) to arrive in the mail! These stickers would sure go well with them :)

John H avatar

Thanks for all of the hard work on Pi4! Enjoying it so far!

Luke avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers. Or just a rPi 4 ;)

P BELL avatar


Gonzalo Muñoz Fernández avatar

One of these stickers just worths it, all of them are an amazing prize!

Alison Heal avatar

Gotta love a sticker! Especially from Raspberry Pi ?

Onur avatar

I would love some stickers!

Stephen Waddles avatar

I love my 4 raspberry pi’s! I’m always looking for new projects or new add-ons! These stickers would make some great decorations for my pi cases!

Oscar Oliveira avatar

Stickers please….

Philip Wright- Christie avatar

Yes please!

David Johnson avatar

I would really like to have some Raspberry Pi stickers.

Matt avatar

Raspberry Pi and stickers oh my!

Hazzim Anaya avatar


ameyring avatar

I’ve used the Pi in so many projects, so stickers to let my friends know will be great. Thanks!

Benjamin Straw avatar

Would love some stickers

David Lowe avatar

Awesome stickers! I need that swag ?

yehuda appelbaum avatar

And I will share them with my friends.

Loxmyth avatar

Love the “my other computer” design. Still trying to make time to set up my Pi3 as an X10/SmartThings bridge.. but the Pi4 looks like exactly what I would need for a combined home NAS and mediabox.

Michael avatar

I’ll throw my name in the hat.

Paul avatar

Awesome! These stickers will be a great way to advertise the Raspberry Pi.

Zack avatar

The “Other Computer” sticker is the best one there ?
I’d love some stickers

Jay avatar

Yes please!

Chris Wright avatar

I can’t wait to get my hands on several of these 4GB Pi 4’s. So many projects to build.

Sascha avatar

Weee… Rainbow Raspberry Sticker. :D

I’d really love to get one of those.

Greetings from Germany.
(Still working on my PI1 Model B :p)

Zachary Roemer avatar

I love the raspberry pi and the community. I was wondering if you could set them up with something similar to active directory and a domain. This would be perfect for schools who want computers on a budget. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers
It would be awesome if someone had the answer to this idea.

Debbie Owens avatar

Where can I buy those stickers? I need the one that says ‘My other computer costs $35.’

Joshua avatar

Love all the amazing work you guys have been doing and the new pi looks great i’ve got almost every Pi releesed since i found RPi on the release of the Raspberry Pi 1 model B and cant wait to get my hands on a Pi 4


Mark Routledge avatar

Amazeballs. Made me chuckle. Have a few places to stick them. Can be international friends with Timmy the Monkey!

Edward avatar

Love me some stickers!

Michael Lance M. Domagas avatar

Wonderful! I really need those stickers here in the Philippines.

Elad avatar

I want em!!

Sebas avatar

I’m going to stick around waiting for my stickers :)

Jeff avatar

“My other computer costs $35” Love it!

Varun avatar

You say whaaat

Edouard Kachelmann avatar

These stickers are going to help customers being aware of the other computer. So many cool things we will build together on premises or at the edge.

David avatar

I want some!!

Erik Thomsen avatar

Those stickers would go great within the 4GB Pi 4 I have shipping out on July 17!

Nathan Edwards avatar

I’d love a sticker pack

Robert Horton avatar


Jamie avatar

Would also love to get some stickers.

Felix avatar

Would love some stickers ?

Colin avatar

This will make a fine addition to my collection !

Zi Ler avatar

Pretty Please. I want some.

Michael Hunt avatar

“My other computer costs $35” would be perfect on my expensive laptop.

Tim Droz avatar

Would PInE for some stickers :0)

Colin Deady avatar

Yes please. :)

Romain Villeneuve avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers i will celebrate with building an retropie pi4 console with an custom case

Shannon K Spurling avatar

Is there any chance? I would like a nice sticker. :-) Please? Thank you.

Alex Bate avatar

Hi Shannon. Please send your address to [email protected] and we’ll get some stickers out to you.

Nomis avatar

They are really nice ! Thanks

Pablo avatar

Can I has some stickers?

Steve avatar

My students would love these.

Erhan Zeynel avatar

Raspberry pi iş all över the world, so need some stickers in Turkey.


Leonan avatar

Yes please

Bruce Allgire avatar

These are awesome. If I can’t win them, are they available for purchase? I especially like the “My other computer costs $35”


Mindstormer avatar


Tikane avatar

#gimmeraspberrypisticker but I think I can get those stickers using python ?

Deepak Bist avatar

Really wanted to get hands on experience on Raspberry Pi 4.
And really cool stickers. Those will look great on my system.

Tanmay Vadhera avatar

√-1 8 + π ( I ate some pi ! )
Gimme Da stickasss

lucio avatar

i really need those stickers, pleaseee

Joel Eldho avatar

Great stickers!!
THe Pi4 is Super!

Jason Huebel avatar

I love stickers and I love Raspberry Pi! I’ve owned every non-Compute version since the original.

Peter Merikan avatar

Cool stickers

Dane Peterson avatar

Love the Pride sticker, especially.

Robert avatar

Great Stuff for our schools Tech Class !!!!

Domino avatar


Sudo Reboot avatar

What do you call a person without any Raspberry Pi stickers?

suneel nulu avatar

Gimme Gimme Gimme

Steve Goodenough avatar

Love me a sticker pack

Ryan Fitton avatar

These look great

Gilbert Detillieux avatar

I’m part of a local UNIX/Linux user group, and I’d love these are give-away items for a future meeting!

Andrei avatar

Omg I am a raspberry fan for 5 years.
I have 2 raspberry one that is 2 model B and 3 and I like that these little computers are letting you make cool projets .
I would be happy to win this price .
And i will be considering buying a raspberry 4 with maybe 3 Gb or 4Gb RAM.

Joachim Zellner avatar

O Captain! My Captain!

Harold Bower avatar

Just had lunch with a couple of former co-workers that went ga-ga when I told them about the Pi-4. I had given them Pi 1Bs years ago and they have been waiting…until NOW. I’d love to share some of the stickers with them!

Mike Inman avatar

Would be cool for the office.

Mitra Sai Pampana avatar

I am lucky to have a stickers like this fingers crossed waiting for the movement I want the pack please ??

Richard avatar

Just waiting till the weekend to collect my pi4 from the post office, missed the postie. These stickers will help.

Mitra Sai Pampana avatar

I want the pack of stickers please finger crossed

Ryan James avatar

Love the stickers!

Jan Seewald avatar

I need them!

Robbie avatar

Raspberry Pi stickers!!!!

Dav avatar

That would be so cool to have the stickers!

Victor Marin avatar

Please, please, please I want a sticker. Nice stickers!

David avatar

Stickers !!!!

Judson Carver avatar

Stickers please!!!

Athan G avatar


Leonard avatar

Sweet Stickers!!!

Massimo B. avatar


Ricardo Tohme avatar

Would love to get these! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Adam avatar

Those are pretty sweet!

Aditya Narayan avatar

Really will appreciate if I got the sticker pack

Martin Spencer avatar

Cool stickers. My son has been asking for more stickers for our monitor. We’re just learning to code and he like to decorate everything pi related in stickers.

AJ avatar


Eri avatar

Cool stickers

Tim S. avatar

All your stickers are belong to us

Jeremy Karpenske avatar

Who doesn’t love stickers? :)

Steve Kennedy avatar

I would to gove the kids that attend the pijam at the maker space some stickers

Dan Pollack avatar

Yay Stickers!

nick adams avatar

Stickers! I need stickers!

LuQu avatar

So, now I’ve put a chair near my postbox waiting for my stickers

Mike avatar

RPi is simply SPECIAL ;)

Harmen avatar

Please, want some decent stickers!

Dan Benton avatar

I have a new laptop and need new stickers, #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers, thank you

Elliot Lewis avatar

Stickers pleasee!!!!

Alvaro avatar

I want my stickers!!

Bart avatar

Thanks all for the opportunities to learn by making Raspberry Pi so accessible!

Markus Wanjura avatar


Michael avatar

I love stickers!

Jorge avatar

Pretty please with a raspberry on top
Give me stickers

Joseph Stone avatar

Gimmie them stickers

Frank Rodolf avatar

Some nice stickers there… I wouldn’t mind a set. :)

Roger Costandi avatar

Wow! Great set of stickers!

Dan Ringer avatar

My daughter needs some stickers for her laptop! Pick us!

Magne Ertresvåg avatar

I’ll love to have some stickers.

Chris Goodwill avatar

Amazing stickers! Me want stickers.

jason partrick avatar


Kids will love them… to rebuild retropi.

Mark Richardson avatar

Yay, more for my collection.

I like the one “my other computer cost $35”

R. C. Smith avatar

My sticker from the first Pi from Noise bridge wrinkled. I could with a new one.Bob Smith

NeilW_ avatar

Stickers are cool, Raspberry Pi’s are cooler, especially a Pi4 with the new updated firmware.

Elliot Choi avatar

My laptop has a spot for it!

Sridhar Raman avatar

Awesome cool Stickers

Sridhar raman avatar

Awesome cool stickers… My son will enjoy the stickers

Krzysztof Jankowski avatar

With love from Poland!

Paul rutter avatar

I’d love some stickers!! ??

David Burston avatar

Not sure what I’d actually do with those stickers, but I’m sure I would find a use!

Good luck to everyone else :)

Goekhan avatar

Give me some stickers :D

Goekhan avatar

Give me some Stickers :D

Ben McElhaney avatar

Woohoo – Stickers!

Gwil avatar

I want me some stickers

Norman Dunbar avatar

I’m sure Bill Stickers was innocent! But the signs say “Bill Stickers will be proscecuted”. ;-)


Konstantinos Karvouniaris avatar

Nice! These will look goooood!

Jan Laursen avatar

Denmark here! Nice stickers for my PC!

Mark Tennant avatar

You can never have enough Pi stickers :-)

Kent Rasmussen avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please!

Alex avatar

Yay stickers!

❤️pi stickers avatar

Yes it please! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Jesús Gamero Méndez avatar

Stickers are cool

Aalok Jain avatar

I worked with the previous pi’s , bring on the pi4. Swag it with Pi.

Pranav avatar


Blagoj Nenovski avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers :)

tony avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please

Vladimir avatar

Gib stickers pls ;)

Joe Goble avatar

I would like love, love, love, love, love, to get stickers!!


Gonçalo Calvinho avatar

Because #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Thomas avatar

Pretty excited to pick up the 4gb model, can’t wait to see what it can do :)

David avatar

I want stickers!


Ryan Haas avatar

Donne moi les autocollants !!

Artem avatar

ok let’s try

Jon avatar

Gimme summa dat

Matthew Huntley avatar

I love my Raspberry PIs.
In fact, I have forgotten how many I have, although I know I have 10 running right now.

Joshua Daniels-Kemp avatar

My new thinkpad is looking a little bare, these’d look lovely on it :)

Hugo Ojendiz avatar

Definitely I want the stickers… Hello from Mexico

richard corke avatar

I do like stickers

Kara avatar

I need these for my folder!!

Martin avatar

Our FabLab need some new decoration, these stickers would be perfect!:-D

RR avatar

Awesome stickers! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Fabio avatar


Doug avatar

Just got my Pi 4 yesterday! Would love a sticker to put on my MacBook Pro. :)

Vinicius Santos avatar

Amazon single board of Galaxy.
Raspberry Pi


Kyle avatar

The stickers look so cool!

Todd avatar

Gotta get me some FANtastic Pi !!!

Roy King avatar

My pi4 just shipped. Need me some sticker love.

bernardo Martins avatar

Fingers crossed I get lucky! Will be nice to have for decorating my laptop for my Computer Science degree course! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Andre avatar

Pick me, please! Please!

| Rasp. |
| Yeah! |

Those green stickers will look cool on my Commodore64.

Paolo avatar

Thanks for doing this

Sam Peterson avatar

love me some stickers

Bill Knaffl avatar

VERY nice stickers – I can do some free advertising for you! I would love to get some of these. Currently, I have 4 pi’s running in the house and ordered 3 pi4’s. I am growing my PI dependency. :-)

Caleb Thompson avatar

Nice stickers, high res too

Caleb Thompson avatar

Nice stickers, high res too.

Alvaro Carroz avatar

Cool stickers!

Julio avatar

I’ve already ordered my rPi4, waiting anxiously yo received it!

Christopher Townsend avatar

Gotta love the stickers

Fernando Gonzalez Sidders avatar

I want the stickers! Greetings from Argentina!

Sarah avatar

Woohoo! I would love a pack to decorate my most recent proyect… :3

Kyle Kasmiersky avatar

heck yeah, love me some free merch.

Angelo Danio avatar

Yes, I want them! I bought the first raspberry and the last pi4, still on the way!!!

Dinesh V avatar

This will be my first sticker!!!

Amin Serajfard avatar

There is no day without thinking about projects which would be perfect by raspberry pi.
Raspberry pi is one of my Heroes!!!

Vinothkumar avatar

I like to have it ?

sanimorphic avatar

wish me luck….:(


Richard Norris avatar

Give me some stickers! Please!

Edward Kenny avatar

Stickers nice but Pi4 even better.

Edward Kenny avatar

Stickers good but RPi4 even better.

Edward Kenny avatar

Stickers good but RPi4 even better!

Marcel avatar

Here’s hoping some of these lovely Raspberry Pie stickers will make it my way. Thank you.

JP avatar

Yes please

Jayshiv Patel avatar


Stephan Kain avatar

This are cool Stickers.
I will put thies stickers on my PI-Top

Dougie Lawson avatar

Are you going to publish the code used to pick your winner(s) for auditing?

Alastair avatar

Would love to stick them on my pi hole.

Ian Binnie avatar

I got my Pi4 yesterday and am busy setting it up.

It will probably spend all its time without a lid – the only way to access the GPIO pins.

In the process I rearranged a Pi3 – proudly bearing the GNU/Linux inside sticker I got at a Richard Stallman presentation years ago.

Silent Berserker avatar

Greetings from Midland !

Charlie avatar

Hey guys, I would be super happy if you could
#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers :D

Mike A. avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers and i will buy a rpi4. LOL

Martin Bryant avatar

Stickers please.

Tom avatar

Those sticker would look awesome on my notebook. I would love to win them!

James Atkinson avatar

Nice stickers. Just got my Pi4. Bit disappointed that USB booting and Retropie not supported. Fix coming?

Tom avatar

Those stickers would look awesome on my notebook. Hope to win a set!

Frederik avatar

Yes please!

Raheel avatar

Raspberry Stickers hmm ??

Jon Ashton avatar

Give us a sticker, I’m a window licker!

Adam avatar

Still waiting for my Pi4 to ship, got a tentative date of 9 July…

Untawi avatar

Stickers galore! Looks good all of them!

tonieee avatar

Can I have some cool stickers please?

Alexander Marx avatar

A Raspberry Pi sticker will look good at my self-made internet-radio with a Raspberry Pi zero powered.

Alvin Joe Edison avatar

Need those stickers for my pi media server setup!

Rivale avatar

Yes please

tk avatar

Love to have stickers!

Alex avatar

Love me some Pi!

Nick avatar

Love Raspberry Pi. Love geek stickers.

Issa Qandil avatar

Yes please!

Vlad Petrea avatar

Wicked sick!

Sajid Ibrahim avatar


John Bolton avatar

I love stickers… Always brighten up the the housing for the RPi !

Daniel Durling avatar

Please give me stickers!

Dion Jones avatar

Gimmie a sticker!

Thomas avatar

Nice stickers!

Richard Chen avatar

Cool stickers!

Craig Marston avatar

I if win a set, please don’t tell my kids..!

Rui Cruz avatar

I love the stickers

Rodney E avatar

Great stickers. I could use a few of those. But don’t tell my kids

Jose avatar

My laptop loves stickers!

techdcs avatar

My Machines need these RPi Stickers

Stephen Hawkins avatar

Great idea. I will put it on the back of my truck. Love my 3B, can’t wait to get a Raspberry PI 4

Debjoy Howlader avatar

Lovely sticker
#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please

Michael Dornauf avatar

Greetings from Germany. I love these Stickers! avatar

I love raspberry pi #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Aswad Sun avatar

If only I could win those stickers… #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

kevin avatar

so all i need to do is comment to b in????????????????????????????????????????????????

Le Roy Wilson avatar

Great looking stickers!

Miles Seppola avatar

I love Rasberrys, Raspberry Pis, and Raspberry Pi stickers.

Chris Watt avatar

Great stickers, just in time to decorate my new laptop.

Jerry Wasinger avatar

I need enough to cover all the scratches on my car!

Walter avatar

Raspberry Pi 4 Is Cool

Andy adams avatar


Lee Ament avatar

These would look great on my file cabinet at work.

Janman avatar

Cool beans!

Any chance you’ll be restocking the mugs?


Greg avatar

Pi forever!!

Benjamin Obereigner avatar

Want those awesome Stickers <33333

Jayjay avatar

Great stickers. Fingers crossed now.

B-Reich avatar

I hope i will win the stickers. There is some space on my notebook left.

Ramana Bhamidipati avatar

thats the way to put Pi4 on top with these stickers!

John Charles Herzberg avatar

I love the $35 compute sticker. Great work.

Gery avatar

Never had any luck. Until now maybe?

Robert Lowrey avatar

Might just be the one

Cris Thompson avatar

I’m really close to abandoning my laptop and getting a pi#4.

Convince me. Stickers?

That’ll do nicely.

Carl avatar

Would love some stickers, in case there are still a few people left who don’t know I’m a Raspberry Pi fanboi.

[How can you know if someone has a Raspberry Pi? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.]

James Young avatar


pipipi avatar


Chris Prince avatar

My daughter would love these stickers!

Gareth avatar

So EXCITED to get the Raspberry Pi 4

Tamir krispis avatar

Crave for that stickers!

Divyansh Acharya avatar

Great job with the pi4. Love what y’all are doing with the pi’s making computing affordable for everyone. I already own 3 pi’s and will be getting the pi4 as soon as it is back in stock.


LJPi avatar

Stickers! Needed more for my PiTop! Good Luck!

Lukasz Zacharski avatar

I’m incomplete without those. Make me whole again.

Hobbes avatar

My kids laptop could use some of these cool stickers!

Jen Taylor avatar

Great Stickers!!

Bojan Premelc avatar

i realy nead some stickers

Ruth avatar

Love these stickers.

Bernardo avatar

Send those stickers my way! They’re lit!!!!! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Hong Yi avatar


Tony avatar

Stickers for me please

Wheedie A. avatar

Have been a RPi supporter since 2013 <3

Jorge Eduardo Rocha Mendoza avatar

Super cool stickers, i want some ? #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Christian avatar

I like the ones just with a raspberry most :)

Mark J DeRoche avatar

At 80 years old I need all the stickers I can get and in a hurry…LOL

Turan Yüksel avatar

I don’t have any stickers on my new laptop yet and I don’t have working twitter. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Mark Luker avatar

Very cool stickers.


Helen Luker avatar

Please #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Turan avatar

I don’t have any stickers on my new laptop yet and I don’t have working twitter. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers Sorry for multiple posts, if such posting happens.

Matt Brockley avatar

Stickers always come in handy!!

PuceLev avatar

Love to get me some stickers!

John Park avatar

My daughter would love these as she is a computing teacher and kids love stickers

impuce avatar

Please #GimmeSomeStickers

Justin avatar

Commenting for some stickers!

Simon Shakespeare avatar

I’d love some stickers for the new raspberry-pi cat robot project my son & I are creating.


Crayg avatar

Yes please cool stickers.

Måns Sandberg avatar

Alright. New Raspberry Pi upgrade => new purchase. Fortunately it costs only $35. :P

Michael Beris avatar

My daughter would love a sticker to put on her laptop.

Magnitopic avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers please!!

Donna avatar

I’d LOVE a new Raspberry Pi sticker….I’d even be happy with one. If I don’t win, is there any other way to get the rainbow Raspberry Pi?

Magnitopic avatar


Sicard avatar

You’re awesome guys !
Need some stickers !
Please #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Wholook avatar


Ron Newby avatar

Very nice collections of stickers

Clyde Campbell avatar

Can’t wait to get my Pi 4

David Berry avatar

Beware! Pi in action.

William Soulsby avatar

“My other computer cost $35.00”. I Need those sticker BAD…

K Kitchin avatar

The stickersss. We musst has them, my preciousss.

Joe avatar

?? Time for Pi??

Alex avatar


Andrew Bally avatar

Yes please!

f.o.a.d. avatar

Sticky fingers 4.0

Lorenz avatar

it’s possible give me the files of stickers?


Hello!!! I am very happy and looking forward to the release of Pi 4! I can not wait to start projects with him here in Brazil !!!!

Aidy avatar


Hrishikesh Bhandari avatar

New Pi 4 is so good that I will try it using as my main PC for a week. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Thomas avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers I’ll put some on my car… and my laptop… and my forehead… and my wifes forehead… :-)

Marc Williams avatar

These would look great on mine

Erick Truter avatar

Please #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers , Please!!!

Erin avatar

Stickers… Yass

fnord avatar

Those are some cool stickers!

Peter Hanzel avatar

I love to browse raspberrypi forums.

Win avatar

I hope you sell these for those that lose. Cool stickers.

Luis Aguilar avatar

Yes please! These would look great on my luggage.

Evy avatar


Jens avatar

I like

Herb Garcia avatar

Can’t wait to buy the new Pi 4


Marco avatar

I love stickers!!

Alessandro avatar

I need those stickers

Johan Kanters avatar

Nice to pimp my hp work laptop with these stickers!

Sourav Gupta avatar

Cool Stickers!!

Carlos J Aguirre avatar

very cool stickers!!

Katherine Prawl avatar

Would love to promote RPi with stickers on my “other” computer, or even on my Pi case if one will fit there. There’s even room for one on our MakerSpace 3D printer’s power supply case. Hope we win!

Christian D Ritchie avatar

Yes please!

Fosten avatar

Raspberry Pi changed my life! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Dru avatar

My new chrome book is empty!

Dave Moore avatar

These would be a brilliant gift for some of the kids at the Code Club I’m starting in September!

Dave avatar


I’d Love these stickers to pimp my new Pi4!

Beth M. avatar

Love these stickers!

Thom K. avatar

Pi me up!!

Oliver Hamilton avatar

Would love these stickers to flex my coding skills… #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Peter Ramsay avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers pretty please

Runliang Liu avatar


Andy Chung avatar

Cool stickers! I’m going into high school and these would be cool for my new Mac and the raspberry pi case I’m getting.

Sawyer Martini avatar

Would be cool to decorate the new college laptop! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Gorki avatar

Time for Raspberry Pi stickers!!!!!

Jos Kaats avatar

Nice stickers to put on these boring apples.

Mike rubart avatar

Oooooo gimmie some stickers!!

Devesh raj avatar

Respberry pi I’m interested in your product and want to know how to use them in effective ways. If there any best Tutorial for that then please let me know.

Ian avatar


Frederic Mauroy avatar

I love stickers, and the Pi :-)

Armaan Kapoor avatar

I wld love these stickers

Jack Shorenstein avatar

Giive Me those stickers!

Gaston avatar

Some sticker for southamerica? #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Donald Kimmel avatar

same Bat-Time, send me sum stickers!

Andrew avatar


Adam S avatar

I would love some stickers! #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Piotr Pindel avatar

Super idea z tymi naklejkami !!! Cool !!!
Fantastic to keep some equipment RPi oriented
(greetings from Poland)

Magdiel Campelo avatar


Jason Thomas avatar

Pi would like some stickers, if you please.

Richard P avatar

Yes please!!

David avatar

God damn I want them

Luis Acuña-Santaella avatar

I wish one sticker to each one of my six Pi!



I need some stickers for my home brew sous-vide machine!!

Marco Lai avatar

Nice stickers

Rick Vaughn avatar

Cool stickers I’d plaster all over my laptop.

No500 avatar


Mark Davis avatar

Cool stickers. The odds are not in my favor, but hey – cool stickers

Harshil Sumaria avatar

Amazing stickers!

Phillip Chee avatar

Yay! Stickers! Just powered up my new Raspberry Pi 4 this morning. Great job RPi Foundation. This new board is a fine upgrade.

pakt avatar

My original Pi looked so sad when it saw my new Pi4 that I had to promise it a shiny, new Raspberry Pi sticker!! (Didn’t tell it WHERE I’d stick it, tho’) 8D

George W avatar

Please, pretty please, I would love some stickers.

Matthieu Duc-Dodon avatar

Hope ! ??

Jeff Patterson avatar

How about you just let me buy some of the stickers?

Cheezebeard, the Lunchroom Pirate avatar

I put an old rainbow apple logo sticker on my Nintendo DS.
would love to have either the Raspberry or the Rainbow Raspberry logo stickers for similar reasons.

Fabien avatar

Hey, cool stickers. Would love to get ones ?

Lukas avatar

need. definetely.

Eric Johnston avatar

#GimmeRaspberryPiStickers so I can PiUp for my birthday!

anthony straw avatar

finally 4gb here… I would like say thanks to eben upton for many years well 10 years… been great improvment to deaf user.. like myself.. learn confident with python programming and i create almost everything that not ever on the markets or on web… i just create my hobbies and idea for my personal use… e,g cctv, fire alarm, doorbell, door sensor, vpn, media centre, kids minecraft server, own website, light switching, heatcontrol control, so many more well done raspberry pi teams. keep up the good work ?????

lizard43 avatar


John Amato avatar

I want them as bad as i want my Pi 4!!

Larry Hays avatar

Cool Stickers. I would love to had them! Can’t wait to get the Pi 4 also!

holly avatar

i need some new stickers for me new laptop

Steve Dewhurst avatar

?? ??

Colin Kinzel avatar

Very Fannncccy Stickers lol.

Matthew Swaringen avatar

Would Love Them

Rasmus avatar

Ooh yes, gracias

Tom Beutel avatar

I’m on my 3rd RPi so far – a 3B+ for an OSMC media center with PVR, a Pi Zero for “serious” programming projects like indoor temp/humidity monitoring and another Pi Zero just for fun (Pi O’Lantern at Halloween, Bluetooth speaker train whistle with motion sensor, PiOled games). Now I guess I’ll need to get a new Pi 4, too!

Norb avatar

What did one raspberry say to the other raspberry? If you weren’t so sweet, we wouldn’t be in this jam!

Scott avatar

I’d like to win some stickers, please! :)

Millard Johnson avatar

I would love to put one on the back of my Mac

Millard Johnson avatar

The least you can do after announcing the Raspberry 4 the week after delivering my Raspberry 3 would be to give me a lousy sticker. ?

Dinith Meegahapola avatar


Eduardo Alvim Guedes Alcoforado avatar

Yes, I’d love to get some stickers to promete the Raspberry Pi hera in Brazil! Thank you guys!


I like stickers and i like raspberry pi. Wish: i wish win the stickers.

Brendon Sturgeon avatar

Cool Stickers! ;)

Richard Roth avatar

I would love some stickers!

mark olin avatar

love my raspberry pi these woukd show evertone my.

Albert Wang avatar

Would love to have these stickers! I would stick them on my desk and on my laptop. #GimmeRaspberryPiStickers

Robert Byrne avatar

Can always do with more stickers :)

James Smith avatar

bought my first pi, hope its as good as i think.

Douglas D avatar

Stickers and a Pi4…

What a combo!