Really awesome Raspberry Pi 4 X-ray radiographs

“I got my Pi in the post yesterday morning and I was desperately waiting until the end of the workday to get home and play with it! Took a few quick radiographs before I left because I had to.”

And we’re really happy that Reddit user xCP23x did. How cool are these?

“I work for a company that makes microfocus X-ray/CT systems!” xCP23x explained in their Reddit post. “Most of the images are from a 225kV system (good down to 3 microns).”

They used a Nikon XT H 225 ST: 225kV 225W X-ray source for the majority of the images. You can learn more about how the images were produced via the comments on their Reddit user page.

You can see the full Reddit post here, and more radiographs of the Raspberry Pi 4 here.


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So how many layers is RPi 4 B made from?

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… no hidden feature
… no easter egg
… no ram ?!

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The easter egg is behind the USB C port, and unfortunately, those X-ray views doesn’t allow to discover the mysterious signature :p

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Do x-ray photos make the Pi 4 reboot? ;-)

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Amazing images with such crisp detail, wow! Interesting how the RAM package, being just plastic and silicon is pretty much invisible to the x-rays except for the solder bumps.

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If you go to the original Reddit post there are some other closer shots, including the PMIC chip near the USB-C port where you see it’s a power device with 3 or 4 bondwires each on many of the pads. Windings on the inductors are clear. I’ll say that is some tasty hardware he took those photos with.

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I knew it!

There’s an actual raspberry hidden in every Raspberry Pi!

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We’re finally getting around to that future we were promised- flying cars are just about real, and now images like this.

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but why are the images mirrored?

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You might also wonder why the microSD card holder appears to be on the top of the board. Remember the x-rays are going right through everything, so the backside, frontside and interior are all combined together. I think the x-ray detector must be on the opposite side of the board from what your brain naturally assumes looking at the image.

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Hmmm – must add a microfocus X-Ray system to my wish list for Santa (and perhaps also on Azamon?)

Congratulations to xCP23x; as a veteran of X-raying Raspberry Pis I take my hat off to you for the fantastic quality of your work.

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A raspberry to you, Eric.

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Is that one of those triangle cavity wifi antenas by the wifi chip?

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Yup, search for “proant” on for more info.

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Nice and interesting photos, thanks

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Has his Pi now some superhero-capabilities?
Self-healing, invisibility, getting green when stressed?

Indeed really cool pictures.


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Fascinating! BTW, Transistors can loose some gain if x-rayed, but the original gain returns if they’re powered-up and allowed to get hot for a while. Never x-ray CMOS with its power on ;O)

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Hello, I am an Raspi learning bebinner. Bought Raspi 4 and installed it. But: how to install another browser (firefox/iceweasel or opera) ? If you have a solution, please tell me. Frank ([email protected])

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Open a terminal.

For Firefox, type:

sudo apt-get install firefox-esr

For Iceweasel:

sudo apt-get install Iceweasel
sudo apt-get install Iceweasel – -no-install-recommends

Don’t think there is version that runs on Linux for ARM cpu that Raspberry Pi uses. You would need to check with the Opera company on that.

(FYI these browsers are not as optimized for the Pi hardware as Chromium was done by the engineers at Raspberry so may be slower on flashy sites)

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para comprar un Raspberry como consigo soy de Paraguay ?

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