Where’s Wally? Find him faster with Wolfram Language

If you ever want to get back at your sibling for some minor wrongdoing, there is no better way than to borrow all of their “Where’s Wally”** books and use a big red marker pen to give him speech bubbles shouting, “Here I am! Over here!” On every single page. But be prepared for war.

(**He might be called “Waldo” where you live. But we all know he’s a Wally at heart.)


If all of this sounds like too much work there are several tricks to track down the pesky little chap faster than random searching.

Vitaliy Kaurov on the Wolfram blog looks at how to find Wally faster using Wolfram Language and explores the travelling salesman problem, path-finding algorithms and Picasso on the way.

Waldo plot path

And if all of that maths on a Friday afternoon has encouraged you to explore Wolfram Language further then fire up your Raspberry Pi and have a play!


Marek avatar

Hi.But how to do it on 256 model A,when startup takes a few minutes ?Any hints for speedup? Mathematica it`s a great soft for my Rpi, but still quite time-demanding, even on turbo settings….

Paul Horth avatar


Yes, it’s very frustrating on anything less than an Pi 2. With a Pi 2 it is perfectly usable so, my advice, it’s worth the ~£30 to get a Pi 2.

CraigV avatar

A great demo of the power of the wolfram language. Students who get familiar with those techniques will have added a powerful tool to their employability toolbox. Adding tools is what education is all about. Note: You don’t need to do big problems to learn how to use the wolfram tools – the Pi should be just fine. Instead of 68 points, try 10.

Tobias K avatar

Clearly, it’s highest time Wally/Waldo started wearing camo.

Tom avatar

In Germany we call that books “Wo ist Walther” aka. “Where is Walther”

Yvan T. avatar

In Canada (the french version)

we call it “Ou est Charlie.”

Tobias K avatar

How can you possibly find Waldo if you are looking for Walther or Charlie? :-)

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