What can you buy at our May and June Raspberry Pi pop-up stores?

The Raspberry Pi pop-up tour continues, with Birmingham as our next stop on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May, followed by Leeds on Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June. Thank you to everyone who travelled to see us last month in Southampton, as well as all of you who came out for our first ever pop-up tour in 2022. We are super excited to be popping up again and we have some good news for those of you who will be making your way to Birmingham or Leeds to get your hands on Raspberry Pi computers.

Even though the stock situation is improving at last, the after-effects of global chip shortages are still having an effect on stock flow to our Approved Resellers. So, we wanted to make it super clear what you’ll be able to buy if you travel to Birmingham or Leeds to get your hands on a Raspberry Pi.

What we’ll have in stock

We will have stock of all Raspberry Pi boards at both the Birmingham and Leeds pop-up stores. This includes incredibly limited numbers of Compute Module 4, which will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis and limited to one per customer. So if you really want a CM4, we advise getting into the queue early on the first day of the pop-up you’re visiting.

The queue at our Southampton pop-up store last month

As usual, we will have healthy stock of our computers available as part of our fabulous Essentials Kits and our more comprehensive Desktop Kits, but if you want to buy a standalone board, these are the variants that will be for sale on their own:

Raspberry Pi 4 8GB will only be available to buy as part of an Essentials Kit or a full Desktop Kit.

One-per-customer buying restrictions

While we’re still recovering to pre-pandemic levels of Raspberry Pi stock, we’ve decided to keep the one-per-customer rule in place to ensure that everyone who queues up can get their hands on a computer.

This means that visitors to our pop-up stores in Birmingham and Leeds can only buy ONE of the boards listed above, not one of each. This includes computers sold in kits, so you can’t buy a Raspberry Pi 4 8GB kit and a Raspberry Pi Zero.

There are no buying restrictions on any variant of Raspberry Pi Pico or other merchandise, so feel free to fill your boots with microcontrollers, Babbage Bears, stickers, and notebooks.

By the time we pop up in Gateshead in July, we are hoping the picture will be different and there will be fewer buying restrictions and a lot more stock coming with us.

Bajillions of Picos

Special stuff just for pop-up visitors

Our fabulous illustrator Sam has created a brand new fridge magnet design which is only available to pop-up store shoppers. It’s our version of a tour T-shirt, just smaller and more attracted to metal.

2023 fridge magent for pop-up store

We’ll also be bringing our big magnetic post-it notes and asking pop-up visitors to tell us what they’re hoping to make with the swag they’ve snagged in store. Take a look at the video below to see what Southampton shoppers have planned.

2023 pop-up store dates and locations recap

  • Birmingham
    Sunday 28 and Monday 29 May
    Find us at the Bullring
  • Leeds
    Friday 2 and Saturday 3 June
    Find us at Victoria Gate
  • Gateshead
    Friday 28 and Saturday 29 July
    Find us in Metrocentre
sook store southampton pop-up 2023
Look for us inside the Sook pop-up store spaces at each of the venues listed above


Bob avatar

I do not need another Raspberry Pi. I do not need another Raspberry Pi. I do not need another Raspberry Pi. But the Raspberry Pi store is coming near me! Maybe I’ll come and just buy some merch. And one of the smaller boards.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We have some new stickers?.. And fridge magnet which you can ONLY buy at the pop-up. It needn’t be an expensive accident Bob.

Conor avatar

Optimum number of Raspberry Pis?


I’m currently having a dalliance with a Pico WH just to hold off my yearning for a Zero2 W…

John Askew avatar

Yes!!!! Feed the obsession. I won’t spend more for 8 gb. I won’t spend more for 8gb. When it comes to the raspberry pi, when I say “NO”, it really means “Damn straight!”.

David Roberts avatar

I just bought and received a Pi 8gb essentials kit after being on backorder for a bare board from a reseller for a year and a half already (currently promised for mid-2024). I love it and am using it for a home server, replacing my Pi 400 in that role, which I can now take with me using the USB-C charger and micro HDMI cable that came with the 8gb.

Trevor avatar

Wellllll, I do keep on saying I need another VPN server, with 3 different connections… Using Zerotier, using Wireguard, using OpenVPN and, just because, backup connectivity, in case the outside IP address changes, through a TOR hidden service to WG and OpenVPN…… Why, well, why not 8-)

marfag lovely avatar

You should do a pop up in bristol

Gianluca avatar

U should open one in Milan, Italy!

Christoff S avatar

I do need a Raspberry Pi. I do need a Raspberry Pi. I do need a Raspberry Pi. But you never come to Wales.
You are allowed over the border you know… (applies to Raspberry Pi Jams too)

Liam avatar

The one that I want the most is the Japanese keyboard version of the Pi 400. Can’t find that one anywhere in the U.K., even when stock of all Pis was easier to come by!

Oliver Nichol avatar

Oh thank goodness, I’ll finally be able to buy a raspberry pi for a non-stupid price! I’m aware you’ve given confirmations of being on-track supply wise, but is there any other updates you can give us? Developing business ideas involving SBCs when you can’t find a single Pi above £100 is a nightmare..

Meow avatar

Open one in philadelphia

Daniel avatar

Really, someone needs to host a Raspberry Jam in New Zealand. I don’t think Wellington has had a Jam for many years. Back in the UK, I was a regular attendee of the Jams but was disappointed to not find any locally. Maybe someone local with a few Pis could set one up?

Amaz avatar

When you will come to Kuwait and Egypt.

JohnTheOne avatar

Please come to the USA.
Nerds are world wide!

Jeff avatar

By chance will any of this “goodness” come to Japan?!?!?

Zoë avatar

Aw, I didn’t hear about the pop-up store in Southampton! Maybe I’ll be able to catch the next one to happen in the south east, if there ever is

Samuel D Springle Jr avatar

Any chance of an appearance in NYC? I’m asking for a friend 😋

Gilbert Brown avatar

Please come to Maryland !

Micky avatar

Did I miss the one in London? If yes, when will it be here again?

Steve avatar

Have I missed Wales? What about a pop-up shop in Wales?

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