Raspberry Pi Store 2023 pop-up tour

TL;DR – The Raspberry Pi store is popping up four times throughout 2023 in Southampton, Birmingham, Leeds and Gateshead.

Welcome to 2023. We’re sending our favourite (and only) store on tour again this year and we thought the very first week we’re all back at work was the perfect time to announce which locations it would be popping up in around the UK.

Our last pop-up of 2022 in London, UK went by so fast

We posted some polls on our social media accounts before we vacated Pi Towers for the Christmas holidays. We wanted to see which cities you were most excited about from our UK shortlist and, of course, to find out where else in the world you suggest we pop up in the comments. I too am campaigning to pop up in expensive-to-get-to but beautiful locations such as Hawaii, Toronto, and all of Australasia. This is not working for me yet, but hope springs eternal.

Vote results

Here’s what Twitter had to say:

Twitter 2023 pop-up store votes

And Mastodon voted for:

Mastodon 2023 pop-up store votes

LinkedIn like the look of:

LinkedIn 2023 pop-up store votes

And we kind of messed up Instagram by posing the poll as a question but the results in the back end show us that most Instagrammers wanted to see us in Southampton. Though we are 86% sure that’s just because Southampton was the first option and we always just click the first option when Instagram asks us multiple choice questions.

Where are you popping up in 2023?

Anyway, despite being only left with one piece of homework for the Christmas holidays, it seems like you couldn’t all reach a strong consensus on which of the four shortlisted locations we should pop up in next. So we’re visiting all four.

Queue at Gateshead Metrocentre pop-up store
Wonder if we’ll get queues again this year?

Here are the official locations and dates for the Raspberry Pi Store’s 2023 pop-up tour:

  • Southampton
    Friday 7th April (Good Friday) and Saturday 8th April
    Find us inside Westquay Shopping Centre on Harbour Parade
  • Birmingham
    Sunday 28th and Monday 29th May
    Find us at the Bullring
  • Gateshead
    Friday 28th and Saturday 29th July
    Find us in the Metrocentre

More stock

In case you missed Eben’s supply chain update at the end of 2022, we are pleased to report the stock shortage situation that has plagued so many industries for the last couple of years is subsiding. Our Approved Resellers and our permanent store in Cambridge, UK have been seeing all Raspberry Pi boards and peripherals flowing much more freely, so we expect to be able to pack out our pop-up stores with more stock than ever before.

We’ll update you closer to the time before each pop-up to let you know exactly what stock you can expect to see and whether we have chosen to impose any buying restrictions to make sure we don’t sell out to the first few customers through the door.


Phil avatar

Great news, look forward to seeing the shop in Gateshead’s Metrocentre again, at least this time, I won’t be on holiday and will be able to visit.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Can’t believe you don’t book your holidays around our pop-ups Phil. (See you there!)

Cmac avatar

howbout Austin Texas for 2024

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Putting my hand up in advance to staff that one 🙋‍♀️

Geo. Bell avatar

Howdy! I’m bringing the family for a visit to England next month. We’ll be in the West country (Cotswolds, Oxfordshire) and in London during the month of July. I’d love to take my grandson to a pop-up but can’t find a schedule. Would you be so kind as to point me in the correct direction? Many thanks!


Liz Upton avatar

There’s a schedule in the post you’re replying to! There’s one more pop-up this summer, in Gateshead on July 28 and 29, at the Metrocentre. It’s a pretty long way from where you’ll be – our Cambridge store will actually be more accessible to you if you’re in London (45 minutes on the train) or in Oxford. It’s open every day of the week.

solar3000 avatar

Not just York, come to New York!

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Would adore.

NickNY avatar

Big second on that!

JoAnn P Brereton avatar

Yes please!

Rich avatar

Yes New York City …. City of the World

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Official hand up to staff that one 🙋🏻‍♀️

Ben @MAKE Gosport avatar

Can’t wait to tell our Makers about this!
We’ll see you in Southampton

Ashley Whittaker avatar


Virginie avatar

When are you visiting other countries? A store in Paris France would be a blast!

Andrew Davies avatar

Need visit Wales, speak nicely to Sony to open the onsite shop to the public.

Mark Hart avatar

Is this just an English tour or is it a UK tour?

Liz Upton avatar

It’s an ongoing thing: we’ve been popping up for just over a year now, and yes, it’s a UK tour. Check out https://www.edinburghlive.co.uk/news/edinburgh-news/edinburgh-shoppers-queue-out-door-24620867

Bobby avatar

Wrong side of the pond…

Amin avatar

Wow. What an opportunity that I missed. R u guys also considering Germany? Ex. Stuttgart or Frankfurt.

Cheers to all u do.

neuro avatar

soooooo by “UK”, you meant …

Liz Upton avatar

We mean the UK. We were in Scotland last year, and the locations here aren’t the only places we have under consideration this year!

Ed avatar

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania?

Liam avatar

Will your pop-up stores be accepting cash? My disability makes, it difficult to use cashless payments, and it is proving to be a barrier to many things, and so many shops now effectively exclude people like myself.
I don’t want to make a trip to the Bullring specially to go to your pop-up shop if I then find that I can’t buy anything.

Liz Upton avatar

I’m afraid not: we don’t have a safe and other facilities there for cash and are only set up for card transactions, so we’d invalidate our insurance if we were to take cash.

If you’re able to use a card but don’t have one, you could buy a pre-paid Visa at WHSmiths. Otherwise you might be able to find another customer in line who you can give some cash to and ask to make a payment on your behalf with their card.

Liam avatar

Thank you for your reply and the explanation.
Unfortunately, a prepaid card presents the same difficulties for me as a regular bank card. I will see if I can get a friend or relative to go with me, but it might be something to consider as an accessibility point for the future. I am, of course, aware that you’re not the only business in this situation, and I am aware that there is no requirement to accept cash in the U.K. other than for the settlement of a debt.

I assume that your permanent shop in Cambridge is the same?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

We can do cash at the Cambridge store as it’s a permanent site with security and a till system fitted. So that might be a better option if you’re not too far away?

Liam avatar

I will be in Stevenage for a couple of months in early summer, so I’ll be sure to go to your shop in Cambridge whilst I’m there if I can use cash. It’s just an hour by train, I believe.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Waaaay less than an hour last time I did it 🤞 it’s half way between London and Cambridge which is just over an hour.

AubsUK avatar

If you have an Android mobile phone that is compatible with Google Pay (almost all modern ones), depending on your disability (i.e. if you can use a finger/toe print or other pre-entered ‘print’ to approve payment), you should be able to pay at the store (e.g. MasterCard allow unlimited amounts, but stores may have a limit). See this link for info: https://www.mastercard.co.uk/en-gb/personal/ways-to-pay/google-pay.html

Jason avatar

We would be thrilled to see you in San Francisco, sometime! Very happy to hear the shortages may subside a bit.

Brian Inglis avatar

Glasgow, Cardiff, and Belfast area and other urban region visits should also be considered: maybe based on local Jam/CoderDojo/Code Club etc. counts and/or membership numbers.
Of course, it would be better to welcome you to any/all of Halifax, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Calgary, Vancouver!
They are only an hour or two by plane from each other or the closest US cities, and have direct flights to the UK in summer (maybe not visit November thru April unless you want to ski the Rockies!)

Mark avatar

Hi, is this pop-up shop just for purchasing products or are there other things to do?
I have 12 year old who’ll be 13 when you pop-up in Leeds and he was asking me if there is any opportunity to learn more about making things with Raspberry pi.

Kind regards,


Ashley Whittaker avatar

Hello!!!!!! It is largely for purchasing bits but we bring along Pi-powered robots, magic mirrors, and other things to look at and play with. They’ll also be able to ask about what kits are good to buy if they’d like to build something in particular.

Mark avatar

Thank you Ashley, I think we’ll try pop in.
Kind regards,

Dan3008 avatar

I guess it’s time to book my next outing to leeds

Paul Taylor avatar

Why say “around the UK” when you actually mean “around England” only?
UK != England.

Paul Taylor avatar

Ah, I see Liz’s clarification, thanks. The intro to the article says that you’re popping up four times in 2023 and announces the four UK locations, then only lists four places in England, so an easy misunderstanding. I think you’d be welcomed in every corner of the UK, not just the urban areas! 🙂

Danny avatar

Oye! Would love to see you here accross the pond! Come on, Cuz… Show us some special relationship love 😗😜

Adam Hepton avatar

I cannot wait to see the juxtaposition between the shoppers of the high end / high price luxury fashion brands and the Pi when you visit the fancy schmancy Victoria Gate in Leeds.

Ashley Whittaker avatar

You intrigue me…
Oh is Victoria Gate the one with the big cinema inside and the glass bar at the top? That IS posh.

Bill Roth avatar

How about Northern California? You can stay at my place, and I can get you a spot downtown…..

Richard avatar

Fantastic news, really looking forward to seeing you in Leeds 👍

Arca C avatar

Would be great if you could have one in London. Cambridge is a little far from here

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Ahhh we’ve been to London twice, you missed us! Thought we’d try some further flung cities this time.

Lee T avatar

I’ll be visiting your Southampton store next week 😀. Any news on the stock you’ll have available? Will you have any Compute Module 4’s for sale 🤞 ?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

I have JUST had firm, firm, final confirmation from the keeper of the store, who informs me that we will have:

3B+, Zero 2W, Pi4 2GB,4GB & 8GB sold as kits.
Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kits in 2GB, 4GB & 8GB variations.
Zero W and Zero WH for sale standalone.

Sorry for the lack of Compute Modules. We won’t be bringing any this time. There is very limited stock of them at our Cambridge store.

Lee T avatar

OK thanks. Gives me a dilemma as I’m currently staying in Kettering, about an hour from Cambridge- do I make the round trip for a CM4!?

Liz Upton avatar

The A14 is an untrammelled joy these days. I’d say do it! (If you’re worried about the trip, please feel free to drop me a line at liz (at) the domain at the top of the page once you know you’re coming, and I’ll make sure we put one aside for you.)

André & Luca avatar

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Southampton next week. What time will you open and what kit will you have ? Looking for a RPi 4 8Gb and CM4. Merch too ! Any details would be good. Thank you !

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Hey, hi, how goes it? We will have…

3B+, Zero 2W, Pi4 2GB,4GB & 8GB sold as kits.
Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kits in 2GB, 4GB & 8GB variations.
Zero W and Zero WH for sale standalone.

André & Luca avatar

That’s great, thank you. We’d better make a shopping list ! 🙂

Ashley Whittaker avatar

You might, MIGHT be showered with free embroidered Raspberry Pi patches to sew/iron onto your favourite beanie/tea towel/backpack. Plz don’t make fun of the amazing raspberry-coloured tray I dispense them from while you queue.

Tannith avatar

Excited to come visit you in Southampton on Friday!
Do you know whereabouts in West Quay you’ll be setting up? And the times?

Ashley Whittaker avatar

YAY! We are inside the Sook retail space in “Unit 22” of the shopping centre. At past pop-ups we’ve tended to trade from 10am ish until 5 or 6pm ish but let me triple check for you…

Ashley Whittaker avatar

Grown up in charge of the store says 10am – 6pm opening times on both days of the pop-up.

Tim Mortlock avatar

Any stock and buying restriction updates?

Daniyal avatar

What unit will you be at in Leeds and what time will you open at and what is the stock levels at the store be like? I am very excited to get my hands on a pi if you didn’t already know :)

Ashley Whittaker avatar

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