ChatGPT paints the weather forecast, Picasso style

We came across this art/computing mashup made in heaven by Alan thanks to Alan wanted a more aesthetically pleasing way to check the weather forecast: he came up with this abstract idea in which a Picasso-style painting displays physical weather conditions, such as rain (figures holding umbrellas) and wind (swirling patterns in the sky).

picasso weather forecast painter
Images taken from Alan’s project page

Picasso may have been one of the most celebrated artists of all time, but this project is simpler than it looks.

How does it work?

Alan’s system obtains weather information with a web scraper built using Beautiful Soup, a Python library for pulling data out of web pages. Real Python has a tutorial for building a web scraper like this; Alan’s picks up words relating to the day’s forecast. Then ChatGPT creates a simple story using the scraped data, by glomming onto words like “sunny” and “cloud”. The ChatGPT prompt tells it that “You are a very creative and interesting writer,” in order to make it spin as imaginative a story as possible.

workflow showing hardware and software creating the visual weather report

The system next sends the story to AI image generator DALL-E 2, which transmits a pictorial representation of the narrative in the style of Picasso to a Raspberry Pi Pico via an Ethernet connection. The Pico then outputs DALL-E 2’s picture for display on the LCD screen, and the user gets to see a Picasso-esque image telling them what the weather is like.


picasso weather forecast painter
Pocket-sized weather warning

But is it art?

I haven’t the time to debate whether “paintings” created this way count as real art or not, so I’ll just say that, here, ChatGPT has created what looks like a Picasso if Picasso had injected some Dalí-style surrealism throughout his Blue Period. Stylistically similar to the human genius but not quite on the money. Also, I’ve just got why the AI image generator is called Dall-E. Hilarious.

picasso weather forecast painter

I’m still scarred by the Women laughing alone with salad trend in AI-generated images so am wary of this artificial interference in the art world, but if anything could change my mind, it’d be this cutesy desktop weather vane. It also reminds me of this very similar project, which used an e-ink screen displayed on a bookshelf showing poems written by ChatGPT to tell the time. There were some absolute bangers (and abominations) of two-line poems submitted in the comments section when we blogged about it, and there’s always room for more…


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That looks great! There’s a tutorial on something similar using a combination of ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion for image generation, which is scheduled to appear in The MagPi magazine shortly.

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ooooooooh next issue is out on Thursday!

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I always read the MagPi on my Kindle. Always beats reading it on a computer or an iPad.

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Good idea! I’ve now got an excuse to buy second hand Kindle from Ebay to try that out ;-)

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It’s 12:12 and into my memory I delve:
Maybe you could use ChatGPT to help write that article about repairing RPis I requested oh so many moons ago.

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