Wearables: Google Glass, and something quite different

Last week, Adafruit published a tutorial on how to get Google Glass to communicate with hardware and the internet via the Pi. Using XMPP (which the decrepit and elderly, like me, may recognise as what used to be Jabber), you can use Google Glass to talk to a Pi, which can then send instructions external devices, or stuff on the internet.

We love this stuff. I had the chance to play with Hexxeh’s Google Glass back in May just after Google IO, and it’s great to see the thing working with external hardware.

If you’re not a lucky Google Glass owner, you can build one of these instead. Domestic Hacks has made a 3d-printed, steampunk inspired, fabulous, wearable Pi. It’s a bit spesh – stitched leather with brass fittings, gold PLA, an analogue wristwatch, a lovely clicky wrist keyboard, some handsome lenses for you to peer into as a display…and while we’re not entirely sure what we’d do with one, we want one all the same. The video below the pictures is in German, but that doesn’t detract from its magic sparkle, and should help you to put together your own if you choose to use the 3D printer files that Domestic Hacks has made available on Thingiverse. Vorsprung durch Technik! (That’s the sum total of our German, although Clive does also know some swear words.)

We understand that you are meant to strap this bit to your head.


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I (to be honest) hate google glass. Who want’s their vision automted? Bleugh. No wander. But I love the steampunky design!

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zwei Bier bitte mein Freund zahlt

The only foreign phrase he impoverished traveller needs
“two beers please my friend is paying “

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Pi Glass, Level 2: Add a raspberry pi camera to the front of the eyepiece, and then overlay a custom HUD. That way, you retain vision in your left eye.

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