We have the plague

Apologies to our daily visitors (we love you guys); we don’t have a proper blog post for you today because we’re all really ill. (I have food poisoning, Helen is coughing up goo and can barely speak or breathe, and Alex is being sick.)

You’ve got a day until Halloween; if you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got several years of archived spooky project posts for you to check out. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go and have a little lie down.


Dominik avatar

Get well soon, y’all!

Mr Wheeliebin avatar

Get well soon. Haste ye back.

Chuck D. avatar

Hope you feel better soon!

FiLiNuX avatar

I hate to find pleasure from others suffering but I enjoyed the “No posts due to Plague”. Wish we could invent a faster/better DIY at home AV uninstaller for humans!

Fastest recoveries to all!!

Mark avatar

Take the day off, ladies and gentlemen. Get rest and get well. We’ll wait…

ukscone avatar

Ugh the dreaded lurgy strikes again although in Alex’s case I think it’s probably an allergy to Oreo’s

Dito avatar

Get rest and get well soon!

Gene avatar

Get better soon! Thanks for all you do.

Steampunk Professor avatar

Get soon to you all!

Evan avatar

Don’t let the plague spread!

Alteredhalfling avatar

Get well soon

Mark avatar

Did you know, the word “Lurgi” was made up by Spike Milligan and Eric Sykes, and first appear in the 1954 programme of The Goon Show called “Lurgi Strikes Britain”.
Get well soon.

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What you need guys and girls is some of CECIL’S LAMB SOSATIES full of goodness. Get well soon. We do appreciate all you do, it’s really fantastic.

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