Trick or (the ultimate) treat!

I’ll keep today’s blog post short and sweet, because Liz, Helen, and I are all still under the weather.

Raspberry Pi 4!

Don’t tell Eben, Liz, or the rest of the team I showed you this, but here’s your Halloween ‘trick or treat’ gift: an exclusive sneak peek at the Raspberry Pi 4.

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming from tomorrow.


Rob Zwetsloot avatar

Wow! Amazing!

Jonathan Corwin avatar

Looks great, but I’m never gonna give up my Raspberry Pi 3 :)
Hope you all feel better soon.

Hans Otten avatar

Aprils fool early this year?

Grey Arrows Drone Club UK avatar

I only just bought a Pi 3!!

The specs of the 4 look great, pre-ordering now!

Timothy R. Heistand avatar

Bravo! Nothing else can be said.

Grey Arrows Drone Club UK avatar

I only just bought a Pi 3…

daniel Radcliffe avatar

Well played

Craig Marston avatar

Made me cry…

JB avatar

Rude. Got my hopes up. :'(

Carballo avatar

This is what I want!

Aleem avatar

Naughty one!

Chris avatar

You want bananas in your tailpipe, because that’s how you get bananas in your tailpipe.

Martyn Cole avatar

I think you have mixed up 1st April and 31st October. I think you lot have been hitting the night nurse too hard.

Norman Dunbar avatar

Programmers always get Halloween and Christmas mixed up. It’s because Dec 25 is the same as Oct 31! ;o)


Alex Bate avatar

If this is what we do as a Halloween trick, imagine what we have planned for April Fools.

GG Crew avatar

I suspected as much.

Jonb avatar

got me

John Boy avatar


Gareth avatar


Lion XL avatar

OK… I feel foolish… I can’t believe I just got ‘Rick Rolled’… from a sick person!

Owlman avatar

That is one good looking Pi, though a little young :-)

tzj avatar

All future boot screens should have this playing every halloween/april fools.

Keith Ellis avatar

Ive been Rick Rolled!

Rusty Haddock avatar

And I had a treat all lined up but I got tricked.
No treat for you folks!! :P

Fred bloggs avatar

It’s true, 4.0 is on its way

Eduardo avatar

i hate you so much,
don’t play with my feelings.

Andrew Waite avatar

Several other single board computers such as the Rock64 and ODROID-XU4 already ship with USB-3 and PCIe.

Raspberry Pi better not fall too far behind!

Andy avatar


DAVE avatar

Not cool

Paolo S. avatar

you guys rock!!!

John Doe avatar

It seems that it is a new SoC protoype based on Cortex-A76 that the Apple A12X is dwarfed by it. Coreboot is not completely working but definitely promising. USB-C! Yes USB-C connectors! And there are more than one! If you get the Voltage right, theoretically you can use only one power supply to power up a USB-C daisy-chain of up to three Pi 4’s. The physical layout seems to support stacking in mind. That is to say, if Hank Pym wants to upgrade his mobile lab, a stack of Pi 4 could be good choice.

Dirk Broer avatar

Still have to buy my first Pi 3+…

Kelly Quocksister avatar

That was… ghastly! Well executed.

ricky avatar

I hate you

Niall Saunders avatar

That’s three minutes of my life that I’ll never get back . . .

Jason avatar

Dam you, I been waiting for the Pi 4 for a while, and you got my hopes up for nothing.

Nurul Alam avatar

I wish raspberry pi had more processing power.

Juan Garcia de Jesus avatar

I just wanna tell you how I’m feeling(just two month whit mine and in love), I never (until a new one comes out) give my raspberry π.
Good one.

Derek Smith avatar

This response just goes to show how hungry folks are for P4 (with a lot more RAM).

Silviu avatar

The ultimate Single Board Computer SBC – the Raspberry Pi 4:
– M.2 Slot with NVMe support
– DDR4 laptop memory socket
– Eight core RISC V CPU with intergrated AMD Vega Graphics
– 10 Gigabit Eternet
Arriving 2021.

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