Four Years of Pi

We are going to be doing some celebrating here at Pi Towers on Monday: February 29 is the 4th anniversary (or 1st, if you’re prissy¬†about leap years) of the first sales of the Raspberry Pi 1.

We’ll have more reminiscing to do on the day, but to whet your appetite, here’s an absolutely wonderful video (for which read: “a video that made Liz cry again”) from Matt Timmons-Brown, aka The Raspberry Pi Guy, celebrating what the Raspberry Pi community has achieved over the last four years.

I liked this so much I thought it deserved to stay up over the weekend rather than getting swallowed up in Monday’s blog post of reminiscences: enjoy! (Thanks Matt!)


mahjongg avatar

Congratulations RPF!

David avatar

This reminds me of Apple’s very first computer, and people said, “yeah, but what does it DO?”
LOL. Great job, guys!

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Whoop whoop! Party time!

karan avatar

Happy birthday Raspberry pi(in advance)!

Richard avatar

Well done, good luck for the next 40 years! :)

Mac Rutan avatar

Congratulations! Thanks to all!

Frederick avatar

Happy birthday!

Alan Mc avatar

Bon anniversaire en avance !

Roll on the #PiBirthday. Can’t wait to see everyone in Cambridge to celebrate 4 years (and 1 Leap Cycle) together.

[PS Bravo Matt for a great video once again]

Liz Upton avatar

Really looking forward to the party – wish the 29th itself had fallen on a weekend this year!

Steve Foster avatar

Just looked it up and it is another 16 years until 29th Feb falls on a weekend. Ho hum! On the plus side, that means there are 3 days to celebrate. The actual day and the weekend too :-)

Winkleink avatar

Great video.
Really looking forward to the Party also. A chance to meet a lot of people I know from Twitter.
Wonder if we need to have Twitter badges made.

fos avatar

The Raspberry team continues to do incredible things, far beyond just the RPi system. I enjoy watching it happen!

solar3000 avatar

Happy birthday to you!
4 years? It seems like 3 years and 12 months.

exartemarte avatar

Congratulations Matt on a really interesting video. The range of projects shown in the video – many of them probably by young people – was hugely impressive: I think Eben, Liz et al are entitled to a quiet glow of satisfaction at what they have brought about.

Jamie Whitehorn avatar

Awesome – Both the video and the birthday :D

Gregory Fenton avatar

What happened to the rest of the blue Pis?
I only know of the existence of a handful including mine.

Dennis R avatar

Locked away in a secret chest buried deep in a foreboding forest. Only to be found again by accident many years later after RPi v31415+ has been released at which point each of those blue treasures are worth quadrillions.

Matt Hawkins avatar

I know where two of them are!

Shea Silverman avatar

Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday To You!
Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi!
Happy Birthday To You!


Toby avatar

HELP! I need to download raspbian wheezy for my project!

Where can I get it?

me avatar

^ look up ^

AndrewS avatar
Toby avatar

Does it work?

Toby avatar

Is it possible to get NOOBS with old raspbian in?

AndrewS avatar

Again, it’s unsupported so use at your own risk.

AndrewS avatar

Again, it’s unsupported so use at your own risk.

But to answer your other question: yes, they were tested as working when they were released, but as they’re using older firmware files they may not work on the Raspberry Pi Zero.

Toby avatar

Happy birthday raspberry pi!!!

tkraspi avatar

Congratulations , Happy Birthday and Rock n Roll ;-)

Preston Yost avatar

what is the history or timeline of the raspberry pi and all the models.

AndrewS avatar

It’s missing quite a few details (and some of it is outdated/incorrect), but you could have a look at and

Yasmin Bey avatar

Woop, everyone’s favourite computer finally turns 1!

Lee Wilkin avatar

Awesome video from Matt as usual! :-) Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi, have a great time at the party! :-)

Peter J avatar

Another antiquity festival!!

Can’t wait to see the next four years treasures!!

Looking foward to Monday…

Pete avatar

Onwards, upwards … keep going guys!! You’ve brought a lot of fun and happiness into a lot of peoples lives!!

Dougie avatar

Thanks for giving me nearly four years of fun (I was late to the party in 2012) and taking us all back to the days of the ZX80 and the start of home computing. avatar


Eric stephab avatar

If you could provide a url for all the different things referenced in that video … That would be great and super super super super educational. The bot inside the Lego house ? So many questions.

MalMan35 avatar

you can find most of the stuff that was in that video in the blog archives.

The Raspberry Pi Guy avatar

Read the description! I’ve included a link to a complete list of all of the media used in my video, find it here:


The Raspberry Pi Guy

MalMan35 avatar

Happy Birthday RPI! Have a great celebration everyone. Great job on the video Matt! ( I especially liked the clip at the very end ;D )

AndrewS avatar

Ditto :)

Jobe avatar

I’m waiting anxiously Raspberry Pi 2 A+

Jeppe Kollerup avatar

Great video, congratulations in advance!

Looking forward to see the reminiscences Monday :-)

Matt Hawkins avatar

Great video. I can still remember before the Pi launch “thinking this is going to be awesome”. It was. Just think how many people got sucked into the world of technology who might have spent the time watching more TV or playing more Xbox? Looking forward to those pioneers who will be able to look back to the Pi as their inspiration.

Matt Harrold avatar

Same here … I’m a 40-something geek who has two sons mad keen on tech (12yo and 14yo). I thought the RP concept was brilliant. They are now 16 and 18, cannot fathom the expense of a $6k Pentium 100 rig (circa ’94), and the eldest just spent two years employed by his old high school, running IT, and helping to implement Raspberry Pi fever. The RP influence on our family confounds my non-geek wife, but it is very real and very awesome. The eldest lad is active on the RP forums, probably under a BushRat related user name. Not sure exactly. He made a Mini Pi Arcade running MAME and controlled with buttons and joysticks in Grade 10 (three years ago), it got him the job/trainee-ship.

Steve Foster avatar

All these memories in just 4 years. It raised quite a few smiles. The Pi has brought together some really special people and has beeen a game-changer. Congratulations to you all.

G S avatar

Loved the video. Great job Raspberry Pi Guy!

Happy 4th birthday Raspberry Pi! Also, you had to launch on leap year, didn’t you? :)

Waldir avatar

Happy Birthday my dear Raspi. You changed my life

John L avatar

Happy B’Day RPiF! ….and many more!

Jim Manley avatar

Happy Birthday to yooooooou (without needing to pay any royaltieeeees!!! :)

Wait … it’s been nearly four solar years since the launch of the Original Flavor Pi Model B with 256 MB????? The next thing you’ll be telling me is that a casino developer or an 1,800+ time serial violator of classified information protection laws might be able to become President of the United States …

Yikes!!! I really do need to get out more!!! :D

exartemarte avatar

The Pi moved me on from AVRs and PICs to a whole different order of affordable, small SBCs. And replace the Z80/PIO/RAM board that I designed a dozen times and never got around to prototyping.

Joy Varghese avatar

Happy Birthday Raspberry Pi :) :) ::))
From KERALA-India

Fester Bestertester avatar

Happy Birthday – on the day! – from NZ (first to see the sun each day) :)

Michael Horne avatar

Happy Birthday, Raspberry Pi. You’re doing a great job and have changed so many lives. :-)

Steampunk Professor avatar

Happy 4th Birthday to our little bundles of joy.

Nilanj avatar

Party time
Congratulation pi lovers :)

Spencer Organ avatar

Happy Birthday!

This is my journey with the Pi over the last 4 years.

Steve Dyer avatar

Happy 1st Birthday.
I opened an email this morning (G -5) to read about the newest arrival Pi3. Ordered one immediatly.
The Foundation and all of you have pushed the envelope and broken through so many barriers in 4 years I think you deserve “a brief period of rejoicing.”
The excitement continues and I look forward to what is to come and many more Happy Birthdays.
Steve in Toronto.

geoff manser avatar

its great but you forgot one thing why didn’t you upgrade the Ethernet port to gigabit hurry up and do so please.

James Hughes avatar

Unlikely to happen in the near future, for reasons that have been outlined multiple time in the posts below.

geoff manser avatar

I dream of raspy with a gigabit lan I dream I dream the day it gets a gigabit lannnnnnnnnnn

Manoj N Revankar avatar

Happy Birthday pi:)

Didier furet (France) avatar

Happy Birthday to you, Raspberry.
Happy Birthday.

Edu (Spain) avatar

Hey Raspberry Pi people, happy birthday you are awesome!!!!!
I think that it’s not difficult copy other people like (banana pi,orange pi.etc)
the really difficult thing is do the things that you done and you are going to done,because Raspberry Pi is a new era of computing.


Shayan (Iran) avatar

Happy Birthday Raspberry pi.

Michael Kelly avatar

Congrats Raspberry pi!
You guys have been doing nothing but awesomesauce for 4 years!

UltimateSonicZone avatar

Happy birthday Raspberry Pi! :D

oruam avatar

Hap-PI Birthday!

Kai avatar

Happy birthday RPF

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