A video that made us cry

A little-known fact: Eben and I are disgustingly sentimental. So when Matt Timmons-Brown (who you may know better as The Raspberry Pi Guy from his excellent series of YouTube tutorials) sent us this video late last night, we watched it together and found that by the end we had both got salty tears on our Battenberg cake. I’m hoping this is not a totally¬†unusual reaction to seeing two years of your life compressed into under five minutes of video.

Matt produced this for the Raspberry Pi’s second anniversary, which is coming up at the end of February; it took him ten hours to edit everything together. When you’re in the eye of the storm of something like Raspberry Pi, as we are, it’s sometimes hard to see beyond the desk you sit at every day and perceive exactly how much the work you’re doing is affecting people outside your office: Matt’s video acted as a bit of a Total Perspective Vortex.

Thank you Matt: we’re really very grateful, and we think the video is rather wonderful. I don’t think anybody has better encapsulated what Raspberry Pi is all about than you have managed to here in just four and a half minutes.


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Awesome Video!

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Only thing that I wanted was a graph showing how many Pi’s have made it into peoples hands. I loved the pictures of the students, but I’m even more blown away that there are close to 3 million of them in their hands.

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Agreed. Nice Job RPG.

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Excellent encapsulation indeed.

When it got to the pix of kids and their smiling faces near the end, my actual thoughts were “this is going to make Liz & Eben cry”.. It’s great to see all the projects by those of us reliving our 8-bit micro days, but enthusing kids is of course what it’s all about.

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Yup: that was the bit that got us. I need a Doge jpg that says: “Wow! Such children!”

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Thank you Scone. What would we do without you?

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A triumph of video editing that shows how much the Pi has affected people. Best thing is seeing all the kids get stuck in with programming. Great job Matt!

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Well done! Like the video.

However, although the device is on the market for nearly 2 years now, Liz and Eben are working on it for much longer. So for them, it’s more like 4 years of “Life of Pi” (with apologies to Monty Python ;) )

I didn’t have to cry, but then, it’s not my life :P

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Matt is a truly inspirational character and a great role model for other young people. I first met him a few Cambridge Raspberry Jams ago, showing off a Raspberry Pi-controlled traintrack. He gave a fantastic opening keynote at the last Cambridge Jam which clearly resonated with the young people there (and triggered many adorable questions from the very young viewers). Plus he’s been running a series of successful workshops with the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge as well as continuing to produce more videos for his excellent Youtube channel.

It’s also awfully nice of Penguin Cafe Ltd. for allowing you to use their recording of Perpetuum Mobile, wonderful to see some Copyright sanity. A DRM-free MP3 of the recording can be purchased here http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B008ZUKMBE/

PS: it’s a good thing Matt put this 2nd anniversary video out early as on Feb 28th everyone is obviously going to be preoccupied with celebrating *my* birthday…

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He’s coming to Pi Towers to do some work experience later this month: I’ll mail you separately so you can drop by and say hi!

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Is it too late for the Oscars.?
Best short starring the little computer (and friends) that could..

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*Stands up*

“I would like to thank my family, the foundation….”


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In theory, it had to be shown in public by midnight, December 31, 2013, but I’ll talk to my high friends in low places at the Academy to see if we can sneak it onto this year’s ballots if they haven’t already been sent out :lol: Unfortunately, write-in votes were only allowed twice in the early years of the Awards.

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I remember the Quake 3 video, it’s what made me want to get a pi!

I still haven’t run Open Arean or Q3 on a pi yet, mine tend to end up running Raspbmc, it’s just darn useful. I really, really want to buy a keyboard case mod ala ben heck. Pimoroni, please make one! :P

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I remember *filming* it, late at night at a Broadcom office, on a totally inadequate camera that was meant for stills! It all seems a very long time ago…

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Ooh! Ooh! How’s this for a pitch for a science fiction movie serial – over a background of a starfield, words begin scrolling up on the screen:

“A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away….

It is a period of civil war. Rebel
hardware and software developers, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the evil Computing Empire.

During the battle, Rebel spies managed to steal secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the Death Server, an armored computer workstation that consumes enough power to darken an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister agents, Princess Liz races home aboard her starship, custodian of the secret plans that can save her people and restore freedom to the galaxy … ”

Well, well, whaddaya think? Does this have “blockbuster” written all over it, or what? :lol:

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Only if I get to wear the bagel hairdo.

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*Points up* I should probably confess: that was me on Eben’s computer, forgetting to change the login. But it made me laugh so much that I’m leaving it as it is.

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And here I was wondering if I was posting too much within this blog entry … clearly I need to post even more in the hope of tapping into additional comedy gold veins of similar caret weight! :lol:

I hereby declare the existence of the next new Internet meme: “Eben’s buns”. Please forward recursively and virally ;)

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I knew I should have given you the Gay DeathStar with that TARDIS …

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Wow! Thanks for all of your kind words! I heard that piece of music and I couldn’t think of anything more suitable. It did take me a ridiculously long time to compile and edit – but it was the least I could do ;-)

Looking forward to visiting the Foundation next week… And I am never going to let Eben and Liz forget that I made them cry!

Here is to the future of Pi!

The Raspberry Pi Guy

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Looking forward to watching the video (when I have access).

Just to pile on the tears here, but there are 100s if not 1000s of places where kids are being introduced to computing and programming just because of this little computer.

Kids just love to understand how things work, the more complex and magical it is, the more they want to see what makes it tick. In the right hands, it is such a powerful tool.

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Excellent work Matt :)

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You’re just saying that because you’re in it Alex!

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In person twice and two examples of my work. ;) But no. It’s an excellent piece of work (despite the fact that I’m in it) and I know how long it takes to cut video.

It’s great to see someone actually put in the hours required to produce a top-notch result. Most YouTube videos suck because people can’t be bothered to put in the time/effort.

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As someone who has sat and watched it just made me smile a very wide smile.
Well done and thanks.

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Very well done to Matt and the foundation! Love that music also… perfect choice.

It is crazy to think of all the awesome things that wouldn’t exist in the world without your little computer.

Looking forward to seeing the 3rd year video already :-)

P.S. it’s lucky that the video only lasted 4 and a half minutes. A minute longer and I think it might have had me too!

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Good work Raspberry Pi Guy

GREAT work Raspberry Pi Team !!

(and, remember it’s not just the little cherubs with smiling faces, it’s also the ageing baldies – like me – who have smiling faces too)

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The gizmos and tech didn’t make me cry but the kids did. It’s working. What you and Eben and everybody at Raspberry Pi wanted to do is working. Look at those kids. And they are dragging along some of us old guys as well.

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Us == Liz and Eben?

I’d love to see Eben in tears over a video :)

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I think he tends to cry at anything with Jason Stathan in it. Mainly because of their appalling quality.

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Someone will have to record a video focusing on Eben’s and/or Liz’s face as they watch this video. (a la the Family Guy episode where Brian does it to Stewie)

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Maybe Eben was just crying because he’d been reminded of Movember? ;-)

Like everyone else has already said: Great video Matt!! Very nicely edited.

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Yaay! Great video! Delighted my time-lapses made it into 1:02 and 1:06 :)

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Glad that you liked it! They were too beautiful not to add!

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Agreed! I simply loved your timelapses!

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That just brightened my day! I downloaded it to watch each morning to remind me great things are possible!

To all those involved “Great Job”!!

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Nice job, Matt! Now that your fame is spreading far and wide, we can’t wait for when you’ll be arriving in SillyCon Valley in your “private” jet, giving Liz and Eben a lift on the way, perhaps to Maker Faire San Francisco in May! :lol:

Now, get back to work! ;)

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Certainly sir!

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Excellent video.

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Fantastic video! Next time someone asks me what a Pi is, or why get a Pi when you have a PC, all I will need to do is show them this!

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Excellent Video!

For some reason the embedded video didn’t work but it is available on The Raspberry Pi Guy’s channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mdCyYDogOc

Of course now I’m contemplating the next 2 years… :-)

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Super Video!
Will look forward to what the next 2 years will present.

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I still remember the pre-release buzz about “the new microcomputer about the size of a credit card.” The PI Foundation estimating sales in the thousands while millions of nerds gathered outside the wall, ready to storm the gates… You guys give as good as you got!

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And don’t forget about all the people who said it was vaporware, absolutely impossible! /.

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Keep on rocking folks !

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Lets make a blast for the second anniversary.

Great video.

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Where can I find the original clips of:- Pi apparently built into a keyboard console at 0.08 – and – Pi apparently controlling a model train at 1.17? I didn’t see these originally.

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That console (which is meant to mimic a BBC Micro) is a project Ben Heck made in 2012: I don’t have a link, but it should be pretty easy to google. The train looks to be from a Raspberry Jam.

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I have a very strong suspicion that the train controller is from Matt himself and was at one of the Cambridge Jams.

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I’m a bit miffed because I have just this week finally finished building a Pi and hub into an old PC-AT keyboard. I didn’t realise I had been so thoroughly trumped.

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Keyboard Pi thingy is from Ben Heck… Google that one!

The train set is one of my own projects. It uses PWM and a MOSFET transistor in order for me to control the speed of the train using a GUI slider in Python

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did you document the process for this project?


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I haven’t done a write up – simply because I am not sure about how many people would be interested.


The Raspberry Pi Guy

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Well done Matt. Another excellent video!

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A lovely birthday present to the Raspberry Pi – well done, Matt! :-)

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That balancing robot is really neat! Yet another thing to put on the wish list.

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I wish I went out through the window. :) Thanks for a great overview of an amazing and revolutionary computer.

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Thanks for this Matt, it’s quite brilliant and cheered me up after a ridiculous five hour journey back from BETT :)

Thanks for reminding us quite how extraordinary the last two years have been — I’m proud to have been part of it.

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