University students in Hungary learn with Raspberry Pi 400

Back in the summer of 2021, we received an unusual request to supply 200 Raspberry Pi 400 kits to one of the biggest universities in Hungary.

raspberry pi 400 hungary university

That’s a lot of exams

We weren’t sure what they were up to at University ELTE, but since the official launch of their new Exam Center in November, we can see that the base computer infrastructure is made up entirely of Raspberry Pi 400 units.

It’s a busy place too, with students taking 10,000 exams every week.

raspberry pi 400 hungary university

More impressive still, the entire exam centre refurbishment was completed in 100 days. This includes renovating the building itself and fitting out each work station with a Raspberry Pi 400.

Bringing Raspberry Pi to Hungary

Gabor Nemeth, one of our Raspberry Pi Approved Resellers, told us about this story. He emailed explaining:

“When I heard the first time about Raspberry Pi in 2011 I knew I had to do something important to promote it in Hungary. Because this small computer was made for students to learn about computers and technology.”

And now Gabor gets to see the fruit of his efforts: Raspberry Pi powers this exam centre, used by thousands of students every week, in one of the biggest universities in the country.

raspberry pi 400 hungary university

Gabor’s next mission is to persuade us to release a Raspberry Pi 400 variant for Hungarian users. You’ll see in the image below that University ELTE made their own modifications.

raspberry pi 400 hungary university

Check out Gabor’s online store rPI Bolt, or get in touch with him directly.


Sepehr avatar

What OS do they use?

GergŐ Battyányi avatar

According to an article in the site of the Hungarian Linux Mint Community, they use Raspberry Pi OS.


Nishram avatar

How I feel for the backs of those poor people. Great idea using Pi 400 in exams, awful idea to make the seats apparently non-adjustable. Kind of shows the need for people that consider people when commissioning projects and not just technology. Hopefully training staff to have an awareness of tech and people factors will result from Pi’s educational mission.

Robert Smith avatar

It appears that each Pi is on the WiFi network and that the power for each Pi is probably routed through the metal channels on the floor linking the desks, thus making individual desk adjustments difficult. Not much different than the desks in my American high school which were fixed and set for right handed people though they were not linked together. As a tall lefty, I had to make adjustments. A life lesson?

Don't Matter avatar

I don’t understand your problem. You can perfectly use these Pi 400 kits as a left handed too and also you can use the mouse at the table’s left side . Pi 400 have not a left handed variant, so I don’t know what did you expect.
Except the left hand thing, what do you want to setup on these desks? It is an exam centre. You are not allowed to change anything and physically you can’t do anything. I don’t see any problem with the powering solution and the wifi. Maybe should be better a wired connection but i’m sure it will be a next project, because it’s more stable.

baab875janet avatar

No problems here. With the location of the USB 2.0 port on the 400 to the left, right handed people were complaining about the length of the mouse cord. As a “rightie,” I find no issue. And it would appear that the seats are equally accessible from either side. Their setup is about as accessible as can be. Kudos to them.

George Parker avatar

Nonsense. Hungarians know that the added stress of some physical discomfort, helps sperate the men from the snowflakes.

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