Trending Vending: Pi-powered custom Oreos

So you’re at SXSW. And you want an up-to-the-minute cookie. What could be nicer than a customised Oreo, filled, flavoured and printed with the aid of a Raspberry Pi (in such a way that you can watch what’s happening yourself) all depending on what’s trending on Twitter at the moment? Our good friend Matt Richardson from Make (check out his book, Getting Started with Raspberry Pi – it’s great) is here to tell you what it’s all about.

There are lots of Pis in evidence at SXSW this year. I’d like to draw your especial attention to Slashathon, a music hacking event headed up by this man:

Picture thieved from Wikipedia.

We’ve donated some Raspberry Pis for the event, and we’re looking forward to seeing what happens to them. If you’re at SXSW, let us know if you see any more Pis at work in the comments.



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Fixed Now

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I think YouTube are having some problems tonight, and that’s where the video is hosted. My money’s on it being absolutely fine when you try again tomorrow.

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That’s an awful lot of effort for a biscuit – I think I’ll just pop to Tesco instead ;-)

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Agreed. The speed I get through oreos, this would take up a LOT of time and power.

One of the most impressive pi applications I have seen though.

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This is essentially a feeble way to try to at least slow down the acceleration of morbid obesity and related diseases that have become a pandemic across the developed world. Making it faster would defeat that marginally-positive side-effect, and who wants to eat an artistic delight in a gulp that only took a blink of an eye to create? As the Pi itself has proven so well, sometimes bigger, faster, more expensive isn’t really progress.

So, where do I sign up to get the creme-filling injector so I can make my own cookie confabulator? :lol:

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Developer for the project here—we were using the Raspberry Pi to run the fantastic OctoPrint server and handle communication with the deltabot. Since the main application is an OpenFrameworks app, we have plans to run that on the Pi as well, but with the six week build time for SXSW, we didn’t get that working.

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Just a heads-up: The proper way to attribute the photographer of the picture of Slash can be found on
this page on



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LOVE it, so tired of GUI, like the CLI, what day is this, oh no it’s April 1st, I’m so afraid that tomorrow it will be GUI again.

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