Thursday grab bag

I’m in a bit of a rush today; we’re driving down to Wales with Pete in an hour or so to visit the UK factory, which is celebrating a special anniversary tomorrow. So here’s a grab bag of stuff from around the internet that people have been doing with their Pis. You guys have been having a busy week.

Beer Church, a group attached to the hackspace at Pumping Station:One in Chicago, have been brewing the good stuff using Raspberry Pis to control cooling.

This isn’t the only brewing project we’re aware of, but it’s the first we’ve seen pictures from. If you’re using your Raspberry Pi to control fermentation (bread, beer or kimchee), please drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you.

Rob’s hackspace tour of the US continues, and the photos that are emerging make the rest of us wish we were there with him – it looks brilliant. Our friends from Adafruit dropped by last night’s event at NYCResistor. A couple of photos below: you can see more on Adafruit. Rob has added an extra stop today: if you’re in the CS Lounge at Colombia University at 5.30pm, he’ll be there to talk about Pi.

Lady Ada demonstrates Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi PoV wand

Rob, capturing hearts and minds.

Back in the UK, Chris Roffey got in touch to tell us about a series of Coding Club books he’s writing for kids. You can read more about the series by clicking on the image, and there’s a PDF you can preview of the introduction to the Python Basics book, due next month.

One of my favourite projects this week has been this face recognition security camera from Kean Walmsley. He says: “Here’s the elevator pitch: Facecam is a security camera that recognises a resident’s Facebook friends when they come to their front door and allows for tailored communication both to the resident and the visitor.” Read more about it here and here.

Not all projects have to have productive value, though: here’s a Raspberry Pi missile launcher for your office from itr8r.

Raspberry Pi Retaliation. Click to visit site and download source code.

Heather heard someone call their Raspberry Pi a “Raspberry Pee Eye”, and was inspired to make this crocheted raspberry complete with Tom Selleck moustache.

Click to visit Heather’s blog.

And here’s a bit of video: aaa801 has got open webOS, HP’s mobile/tablet operating system, running on the Raspberry Pi. He says:

“This video shows the first public build of open webOS running on the Raspberry Pi. There is no GUI at this point in time for ARM builds, there should be one within a month or so. When the GUI is up and running I will release a ROM to the community.” Thanks aaa801 – we’re looking forward to it!

Right. I’m off to Wales. Wish me luck with the caravans.


alex avatar

“Raspberry Pee Eye” was Linus Torvalds I think. But I’m sure others have said it too.

liz avatar

We hear it in person now and again too; it’s more common in people whose first language isn’t English, ‘cos they don’t necessarily get the pun. I want my own Magnum raspberry.

Paul Beech avatar

If that was at EMFCamp that might have been my fault. The puns, I love them :-)

Kudos to Heather, Tom Selleck never looked better :D

AndrewS avatar

Looks like that’s a flavour they don’t offer yet, unfortunately


Alex Chamberlain avatar

Linus commented about the Raspberry Pi in the latest Linux Format magazine.

SM avatar

Great to see all the activity connected to Raspberry Pi.

BTW, I assume Rob visited Columbia University (not Colombia) in the US. :)

Chris Mc avatar

Don’t use the canteen at Sony, its all I’m saying :o

Gutted I don’t work in the premises anymore. Otherwise I’d accidently made sure I bumped into you guys to sign my (turbo) Pi :)

Jamie Abbott avatar

My Raspberry Pi, although not controlling my home brewery, is intended to be used as an intermediary between the Arduino and Android. I just need to learn Python and how to code an Andriod app!

Matthew Jones avatar

Do the learning of android and python BEFORE starting on the homebrew

mmmMM Beer

Jamie Abbott avatar

Good tip, cheers!

McMac avatar

Looks like there will be a WebOS available before we see any Android. :(
Really wonder why Android was announced if there aren’t any updates. That is why I had bought the Pi in the first place…

JamesH avatar

It wasn’t really announced – we did show a preview. But there has never been any schedule for an Android release.

McMac avatar

My bad. This sounded much like an announcement to me:

aaa801 avatar

if you want to give it a go then try one of our non accelerated builds at

Matt avatar

The Facebook recognition camera and missile launcher seem like a match made in heaven…

Nathan Byrd avatar

Good point – I was thinking about trying the Storm OIC launch next that has the built-in webcam for tuning aiming and grabbing reaction videos for later blackmail :) Not sure if its going to work with V4L or not but worth a shot (no pun intended.)

Nathan (itr8r)

Drew Fustini avatar

Nice to see my hackerspace on the blog here :) Here’s more info about the Pi-controlled brewing system at Pumping Station: One:

Wombat avatar

Is the Thursday grab bag like Friday Chunchie day……

if so goody as feel good days in a row!

Pete avatar

Hands up, who clicked the missile launcher first before reading/following any thing else!!! ;)


Sean Williams avatar

Whilst not fully operational, i have been able to read temperatures using a Pi+Arduino+DS18B20 probe – then re-purposing code from the 1 wire library & from Elco Jacob’s uberfridge project –

I believe he’s very close to doing something similar ~ you should all check it out!

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