The Raspithon’s finished!

Ben, Luke, Ryan and Edward coded for 48 hours solid. And they created a very neat-looking game called Rasperroids; demonstrated to everyone (except that one guy) who dropped into their channel just how much fun coding can be; learned a lot; and raised more than £500 for the Raspberry Pi Foundation, for which we’re enormously grateful.

Ben play-tests the finished Rasperroids

You can download the code they wrote over the 48 hour marathon at Github.

I was pointed on Twitter at some thoughts from Richard West about the project, and what it means in context with concepts like paired programming and Agile (stuff that I suspect the Raspithon guys hadn’t ever encountered; they just sat down and worked out a collaborative programming model on their own). Richard’s post is well worth a read.

We are impressed, inspired and really touched by Ryan, Edward, Ben and Luke’s application, skill and thoughtfulness. Well done, guys – let’s do it again next year!


Jerry Harper avatar

Said it before…I’ll say it once more… Very well done guys…That’s what Pi is all about…

If you add up your ages your NEARLY as old as me…time for us to get out of your way!

Shane avatar

Fantastic job guys. Well done.

brzyy avatar

Great event, good job guys. It was fun watching you code! Go Pi, go! :P

Onuralp SEZER avatar

Great job guys, good luck for next projects, you’re amazing.

Neil Ford avatar

Would be great to see some of these guys at Young Rewired State as they would be fantastic inspiration for so many young coders.

– Neil.

Ben avatar

Would love to be there but I’m on holiday. I’ll prod Ryan.

John Lyder avatar

Well done guys….That was a great effort…Thanks…John

Chewy avatar

Very well done.

Alexander Elsas avatar

Great idea, well done! Motivation is everything – you can learn Python in 48 hours ;-)

reiuyi avatar

If you’re already familiar with the programmer’s way of thinking, that is :D

There’s a very big difference between learning how to think like a programmer and learning how to write a programming language. A seasoned programmer can learn a new prog language in just a couple of days, and perfect it over weeks, but learning how to think in terms of “computer” logic can take years to perfect.

Alexander Elsas avatar

Yes, of course – you are absolutely right. But the main point was the motivation, you need a deadline. Self imposed or externally given ;-)

reiuyi avatar

That might as well be the essential thing lacking from most self-studies.

OlivierW avatar

Congrats !
“let’s do it again next year!” : why wait for next year ? :)

Benedict White avatar

Well done to Ben, Luke, Ryan and Edward for good work.

I would love to look at the code alas I can’t extract the zip file as both unzip and p7zip report that it’s not recognised as a zip file.

Robin Newman avatar

Ben I found this too. However, if you download the zip of the whole repository then that works and you can extract it from there.

bazza14 avatar

Top job lads. This should inspire other youngsters to have a go.

Colin avatar

If any “proof of concept” were needed, you guys have proven that the Pi encourages our next generation of coders. Congratulations, both on your coding and on circumventing the obstacles thrown at you by the sociopathic saddo. When you are ready to earn a living, I suspect there will be a queue at your respective doors.

Adding to what Jerry said in the first comment, add up your ages and you are just over half my age!!!! I can now retire in the sure knowledge that the next generation of super programmers has arrived.

Jamie avatar

Sweet, I’ll try this at some point soon.

Andrew avatar

Works well under Windows XP too!

drew avatar

Did they do all the work on Windows boxes?
When I looked at the stream it was being coded & tested on a Windows machine. Were they running a connection to a Pi? The file paths suggested it was just running from the C: drive.

I know Python is platform agnostic, but it is not possible to do this on an actual RasPi. Is it just quicker to do on a ‘real’ PC?

Sorry if this is too negative, I thought the goal was to use a RasPi to make a RasPi game.

Great work on the game.

reiuyi avatar

In essence they just wanted a weekend of promoting. Raspberry Pi creators are fine with any sort of tech-education even when it doesn’t directly involve raspi. That’s the entire idea after all.

I guess you could say the software isn’t fully ready yet for pi. Sure they could have done all of this on raspi. But a bit of GPU-accelerated UI would make the experience a lot better!

reiuyi avatar

Oh what am I typing.

I meant:
In essence they just wanted a weekend of programming

mahjongg avatar

Anyone who wants to see how the game looks like, can see it here:

Funnily for the very first raspithon game the inspiration seems to have come from actually one the very first electronics “video” games, “Spacewar!”, written by MIT students on a DEC PDP-1 computer in 1961 a mainframe with a novel cathode ray output device. That is what I call synergy! well done boys!

Slavik avatar

Has anybody managed to run it on Raspberry Pi? On my raspbian the command python doesn’t bring it up. It freezes for some seconds and then exits without any error messages.

Terry Simons avatar

@Slavik: You need to run – not

I’ve managed to get this running on my Pi, but it’s slow. Extremely slow. 4.5 frames per second.

Is this expected? If not, any ideas? I don’t see any screenshots or videos of it actually running on the Pi. All of the screenshots show it running 60FPS on Windows.

I got it running @ 60FPS on OS X, but I’m curious if anyone knows if 4.5FPS on the Pi is expected. This project leads one to believe that it should run at full speed, but on my Pi (512MB edition) it’s unplayably slow.

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