The Raspberry Pi User Guide is here! Win a signed copy.

It’s here a month earlier than the expected publishing date because the typesetting elves have been working their tiny hats off. You can now buy the Raspberry Pi User Guide, written by Eben Upton and Gareth Halfacree, in good old-fashioned book form, with pages made out of paper and everything, which will please those of you who were holding out because you don’t like e-books.

Raspberry Pi User Guide

The User Guide serves as an in-depth manual for the Raspberry Pi. It’ll teach you the basics like where to plug the cables in and how to turn it on and use the terminal, and then lead you through learning how to configure it, how to program, how to set it up as a web server, how to use it as a media centre, how to use the GPIO to read buttons and flash lights, and more. I’ve got a copy (already coffee-stained) on my desk, and it’s fantastic; Eben, Gareth and the editorial and production teams at Wiley have done a beautiful job.

If you’d like to win a copy signed by Eben (I may be able to get Gareth to sign it too if I see him in time), just leave a comment below saying exactly what you’d like him to write in his dedication to you. The best/funniest/most tear-jerking will win a signed copy of the book – and some highly sought-after stickers if Rob has any left after his tour of the US. I’ll announce the winner next week.


Edward O'Regan avatar

“What do you mean Pontypandy isn’t a real place!? I guess we’ll have to stick to Pencoed.”

Birgir Gudmundsson avatar

I would like a copy because Im trying to make raspberry pi space ship and I need user manual to make it.

Martin avatar

Maybe not the “The best/funniest/most tear-jerking”, but:
“As easy as PIe” with or without capital PI :)

Tassilo Rau avatar

“For Noah, to make his first game on a Raspberry Pi”
My son Noah (6) is dreaming of becoming a game designer; his Raspi is bringing him somewhat closer to that dream. He’s is pixeling and animating in KolourPaint and Scratch almost every day since he’s got his Pi.

Michael avatar

Can not write much, have to go to Pi. It’s urgent!

Steven Morley avatar

Just remember it’s a Raspberry Pi not an “American Pie” please don’t make love to it!!!

Stephen Scott avatar

Special edition with a hole in the middle… for hanging up… on something…

I’ll get my coat…

The Laddie avatar


– Preheat oven to 450 degrees F (230 degrees C).
– Line a 9 inch pie plate with pastry, and brush with egg white. Arrange berries in crust. Combine sugar and cornstarch; sprinkle mixture over the berries. Dot with butter. Cover with upper crust, and seal the edges.
– Bake for 10 minutes. Reduce oven temperature to 400 degrees F (205 degrees C), and continue baking for 30 minutes.

Oh crap this is for the other book


Matt avatar

Here’s a Pi book

Ben Nuttall avatar

Dear Ben

Thanks for giving me the idea for the Raspberry Pi. It’s really working out well. I owe you one.



Sam avatar

Is this going to be availlable in EPUB for other ebook readers like Kobo?

Sam avatar

Found an epub version on the Wiley & Sons website. Unfortunately its DRM’d. When will the rest of the world follow the example of Tor and O’Reilly?

Daryll Doyle avatar


Marek Strzałka avatar

Why am I even writing here? I already have a RPI and know how to use it? Right… I want the collectors edition!

PaulB avatar

Because honestly, I need it and I am quite new to all this !

And I love you guys.

Marc Williams avatar

Raspberry Pi – Mostly Armless

Steve avatar


Andius avatar

While I do like Douglas adams twist to that considering the processor it may be better to put.

Raspberry Pi – Fully Armed

Ron Hughes avatar

Bet you can’t say 3.14159265359 while blowing a raspberry :~)

Dave Higgins avatar

Sorry, I’m afraid we can’t provide free samples. It’s foundation policy.

Roman Servais avatar

You win.

Sander avatar


Nick B avatar

You win an internet sir

John Cann avatar

If you do not send me a Raspberry Pi I will assume you hate Jews.

lars avatar

just what I need !

Michael Hepworth avatar

I’ve never met you, you might be crazy.
Here’s the book, Read it maybe?

jdmlouis avatar

You may have already won the contest. At least if I were judging entries. ;)

Alex Power avatar

“You are amazing. Lots of love, from Eben. xoxo”

Crenn avatar

Steps for Software Development
Step 1. Let hair recover from last attempt of software development
Step 2. Roughly plan out your code and think of potential problems and uses in the future
Step 3. Start with making the basic structure of your code
Step 4. Fill in the large gaps which are meant to contain your code
Step 5. Try to attempt to compile the code and surf the web while it does
Step 6. Remove layers of hair as bugs which you haven’t designed appear
Step 7. See if someone else has done it
Step 8. Weep if you discover someone has already done it exactly how you designed it, or consume alcohol to improve coding ability
Step 9. Finally finish with the code and clean piles of hair, go to step 1.

To Crenn, here’s a anti-hair loss manual for the RPi.

Stefan avatar

Recipe for a raspberry pie:
One Raspberry Pi.

Nick palmer avatar

Dear raspberry pi users, thanks for all of the support for our magnificent project! And thanks for making that project a reality!

Alex avatar

“This is perfect for you. It’s constantly irrational.”

JF.Song avatar

Say something about how to used by students.

Alan Dunne avatar

To Alan,

You’re an inspiration to us all. Thanks for being so awesome.


B. Taylor avatar

“C64 > ZX” would be my choice ;)

cyberhiker avatar

ZX81 :-)

Steve avatar

To Steve, B.A Applied Math Student an New York journalist.



Steve avatar

LOL, you’re not Jewish by any chance are you?

ElectroPulse avatar

LOL… you win :D

Jan avatar

Here, the missing PIece to your ‘Meet the Raspberry Pi’,

Stefan Pauly avatar

If you can’t hack it, you don’t own it!

jdmlouis avatar

So, you’re saying essentially: “pwn to own”?

Brian Smith avatar

Why not put a signed one on Ebay as well? Good potential source of foundation income surely.

Sudipta avatar

“Unlimited possibilities”

ScottBouch avatar

This Recipe book is for Scott.

Enjoy your Pi!

Rob avatar

I know you thought an unsigned copy would be cool, but a Signed copy is so much more special, would you like: Sign and magnitude; Ones’ complement;Two’s complement: Excess-7 (biased) or a Base −2 variant Rob?

David Corne avatar

I would love the comment:
“Rubus idaeus 3.14159265359…”
The taxonomic name for raspberry then pi.

Jay avatar

What would I expect on a dedicated paper copy of this user’s guide ? Sure it would be:

jdmlouis avatar

Don’t fear failure – just get on with it.

Oliver avatar

“Proudly signed in the UK”


Jason Railton avatar

“I’ll sign this for $35”

P.S. Surely you have to sign it too, Liz?

Fang avatar

Could you make the table of content available please? I think that will encourage more people to buy the book.

Marc avatar

To marc
in Vancouver, WA, (the other one)
near Portland, (the other one):
Here is your RasPi book.
for cooking with Python.
Good luck with the Python Marathon of Portland.

Simon avatar

What a great idea !

ideas : “To the Pi and beyond !” or a fork “To infiniPi and beyond !”

Alex avatar

Never stop making
– Eben

Colin Cameron avatar

“Enjoy your signed copy. Pages 132 through 262 have been replaced with -132 through -1.”

Thomas avatar

chaturadhikam śatamaśṭaguṇam dvāśaśṭistathā sahasrāṇām
Ayutadvayaviśkambhasyāsanno vrîttapariṇahaḥ.

AC avatar

“Sorry for the dirty pages, it’s just Raspberry PIe.”

Jason Railton avatar

Signed copy: start reading from page 132.

Jason Railton avatar

Argh, someone beat me to it!

Steve avatar

I dont get it could you please explain it?

Jason Railton avatar

It’s a signed/unsigned joke. Sorry, the explanation is far worse than the joke. One byte holds a number from 0 to 255 if unsigned. If you declare it as ‘signed’ the same byte represents -128 through 0 up to +127. But 0-127 are the same in both systems of counting. In the signed case, the values from 128-255 are re-appropriated to represent the negative numbers.

Grant Thornton avatar

“I see!” said the blind man as he pissed into the wind. “It’s all coming back to me now!”

psergiu avatar

Can i get Mooncake’s paw print too ?

liz avatar

You certainly can.

Alick avatar

“I give you free manual you get me 2000 orders and article in newspaper every company does it yes?”

Flavius avatar

“It’s as easy as pie they say, for those who play in bash all day.
Have a look at this book, and see what you’re missing today”

Fabiano Furtado avatar

“Kiss my Piiiiiiiiiii!!!”

Keith Brown avatar

Raspberry Pi not the kind you find i a second hand store

Michael Hawksworth avatar

“Never too old to build!”

Just may take longer longer and with more squinting…

Diego Luca Candido avatar

/* no comment */


Skizz avatar

Signed. The maximum absolute value of this book now is only half that of the unsigned version.

GH avatar

Connect GPIO pins to mains. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Scott Walker avatar

“You asked me to say something witty, or memorable, so I did. Now go do something witty, or memorable, with the Raspberry Pi.”

Armando Guerrero avatar


I didn’t want to sign this in the first place, so please don’t sell it on e-bay.


Skizz avatar

I have discovered a truly marvelous proof of the P=NP problem, which this page is too small to contain.

Glenn Ray avatar

A signed copy… no way… that would be awesome… an RPI on the way… A signed manual from the creators …. life is great … I’ll sit by the mail box and wait….:>)

Chris Bailey avatar

I’d just like Pi written to as many decimal places as will fit in the available space with “Lots of love, Eben” on the bottom :)

Allen Duley avatar

Thanks for giving an old man the chance to feel like a child again, full of wonder and amazement.

Devan Rehunathan avatar

“If you wish to make an Raspberry Pi from scratch, you must first invent the universe. “

Spütnik avatar

Lovely. I wonder how many others got the reference..

Legailutin avatar

Carl E. Sagan

Paul Harrap avatar

Dear Person Buying This Book From Ebay,
While we are delighted that you have got a signed copy of this book, and hope you enjoy it, we are mildly disappointed with the man we sent it to in good faith and who subsequently sold it on Ebay.
Signed, Eben and Gareth.

Benjamin avatar

But will it blend?

Matias avatar

Ay Brr Pep Sir Id See Guru, now with more anagrams!

manuti avatar

You are changing the world, touching the future.
Yes you not me.

Hanne Bjørnson avatar

I want you to write “20% more cooler!”. Or “a pi a day keeps the doctor away” :D

Mark Gaved avatar

There are only two Raspberry Pi’s in Katmandu (Nepal). Make sure one of them has a user manual.

Internet isn’t so great once you get away from the cities in Nepal so there will be no downloading of the online PDFs….

Help this fine project that’s wondering whether Raspberry Pi’s might be the way forward:

Koushik avatar

“”May the Force be with you, my young piDawan”

sounds so lame :P

Matt avatar

I need the free guide because I am, at present, being attacked by a bear, and I need to build an open-source anti-bear-mauling device ASAP. I need help with the GPIO pins, which activate a robotic voice that tells the bear to “sit” and calls it a “bad bear.” (Everyone knows, bears are innately obedient to robots) And he just ate my wallet, so I can’t pay for a copy myself. Oh oh, I guess my inscription should begin, “In memoriam….”

Piglet avatar

“The best/funniest/most tear-jerking wins.”

Please sign mine:

To Liz; the most wonderful, amazing, and supportive wife in the world. With all my love, Eben.

If giving that to me and not Liz doesn’t bring a tear to his eye, I don’t want the book. :)

Eric Gero avatar

Here Eric, this book should help explain why your Raspberry Pi stopped working after you put ice cream on it.

Cody avatar

(√-1), 2^3, ∑, π ….(and it was fantastic!)

Elspuddy avatar

10 print”eben rules”;
20 go to 10

Madhu avatar

I am sure you will be successful in taking RasPi to Mars in the next NASA trip.
Thanks, keep it up and here is a signed copy of the User Guide.


Wayne Childs avatar

A quote from my fav author Terry Prattchett…

Η Β Π (

Arne avatar

“May the Pi be with you”

Peter Eriksson avatar

Would be nice to have a signed copy <3

Michael H. avatar

Not funny or amusing, but thanks for writing the book. My 8 year old son is really interested in Robotics, and I plan on using a couple Raspberry Pi purchased for Christmas to get him started in programming and robotics. As a Linux newbie this will really allow me to help him start…until he can build Skynet.

Michael H. avatar

Wonder if I should mention that I’m with a World-Wide practice, which will order 1000s of units, and provide a lot of free advertising if he provides me with a free book, and include a Raspberry Pi with it ;-)

I am just kidding of course, but I couldn’t help but make some reference to the funniest post I’ve seen about the Raspberry Pi. ;-)

CJ avatar


You are a technology mogul. without you, nor fruit, Would I ever have had the success with your product Raspberry Pi.



Russell Pollock avatar

Here’s to you Russ, now that you finely have your Raspberry Pi. I hope that this manual will help you and I know soon you’ll be able to scrape together enough coin for a power supply keyboard and mouse.

Pete avatar

‘I understand’ … To date my mother said ‘why don’t you buy a real computer?’ .. My wife said ‘It’s good but why do you want to make lights flash on and off anyway?’ .. My sister in law said ‘I love the smell of solder’ Please give me this book to read …. It will also help as a visual aid.

Homer pelayo avatar

jam out to the raspberry & spread the pi love!
your friends from across the pond,
Eben & Gareth

cDave avatar

When I was a kid a neighbour had a BBC Micro with a copy of ELIZA the compute psychotherapist in Basic on it. We spent a good week deconstructing that programme and figuring out how to make it ask progressively sillier, yet still relevant, questions.

So for my dedication pitch, I’ll ask Eben to “Tell me about your dreams?”

Bill Boogaart avatar

From OS-9 on the Tandy Colour Computer and the Dragon 64 to a freshly baked Linux on the Raspberry Pi! The old days are back again!

Lance Hetlet avatar

To Natasha:

If you ever want to see your husband again, hide this book . . . and his Raspberry Pi.

A true friend, Eben.

Ramzi Jedir avatar

hi there, here is the obligatory geek speak:

– Eben”

Pardon me for ruining your arm ;-)

Steve avatar


Adrien avatar

“Pi up!!!”

Edwhard Whyte avatar

“I’m not very good at cooking, so this manual will make my Raspberry Pi’s taste great!”

Edwhard Whyte avatar

Congratulations, can you smell that… You’ve got a new freshly baked Raspberry Pi Manual! Dont eat it, lots of love, Eben.

Lars avatar

“With this new book about pi, your learning circle will be completed.”

Martin Garthwaite avatar

See! How hard was that? You do give review copies away and I did not promise to place an order for 3000 units.

ps. The book comes with a Raspberry Pi right?

Ryan avatar

“Best of luck figuring out your Raspberry Pi Ryan, though if you don’t, you honestly don’t deserve to be using this.

Eben Upton’s vindictive 12yr old self.”

Jamie Shipman avatar

To Evan who waited so long to get his hands on a Raspberry Pi, here’s to you for your patience and faithful belief in us.

William Harrison avatar

here is your raspberry pi recipe book!!!!

Juan avatar


Ken Nickerson avatar

To: Ken

Enjoy the “pi”!


Bryan Baker avatar

To replace the copy your wombat destroyed.

Bill Robinson avatar


Harry Hirsch avatar

3. 1 4 1 5 9 [Liz edit: several thousand decimal places snipped for brevity.]

Gary avatar

‘Rip by parser.’

Steve Jones avatar


Cotard avatar


Steffen Sieg avatar

Hi! I want to get a signed copy, because I love Raspberry Pi and I enjoy working with it.
Regards! Steffen

Thomas avatar

Hi. id love to win the book as im a linux noob.


Here I am… to teach you like a hurricane!
Stay strong, have a sphadoinkle day and thanks for all the fish.

Mortenrb avatar

Let’s sit down, eat some pi and watch Javatar someday!

JamesJ avatar

“Hello World”

Jon avatar

I would like a signed copy to be able to share the experience of learning Linux and code with my two boys.

Last year I decided that both of my boys (14 and 15) spend way to much time playing video games. (we are 3000 miles apart) So I built a dedicated “shop” in a closet and set up a couple of web cams and we have “hacker sessions” on the weekends. We have been working on Arduino projects so far.

I received my RPi a couple months ago and have been learning the basics. I want to expand our learning on the RPi as soon as the boys get theirs. (they have birthdays coming up next month)

RPi Foundation is awesome! Thanks for all your efforts :)

Jason Railton avatar

I’m reminded of the time I inadvertently annoyed the entire frumpy English department of Bishop Stopford School by spending my ‘English Prize’ book token on “The Complete Spectrum ROM Disassembly”. So in their honour I present the quote:

“Ha – It isn’t even a proper book.”

Or for how my friend Pete approaches literature:

“To Joefish – just so you know, the mucky bit starts on page 187.”

denis leskovar avatar

Say hello to your mom for me

Tim avatar

“lik dis if u pi evertim”

thx, i’ll be expecting book soon :)

Jim avatar


Manuel F Martinez avatar

“I’m sorry you had to wait a couple of months to get your PI, to compensate I’m sending one month early the book” -Eben

Gail Ollis avatar

Because you’re bitter about some of your experiences in programming, here is something to remind you how sweet it can be.

Sahil Cryptospy avatar

eben, you are totally Irrational!
See i won the raspberry just in 3.14159265359 pi seconds!

Brad Manske avatar

“Rasberry Pi – Restoring the computing magic lost over 30 years ago to over 10 times the people at less than a tenth of the price.”

I would love to have it signed by everyone evangelizing… Eben, Gareth, Rob, Liam… and Liz, really, you MUST sign it too.

Mohit Gupta avatar

All the user guides and manuals remind me of a scene in “Die Another Day”.

Q: “Here’s the manual, should be able to shoot through that in a couple of hours.”
Bond: “Just took a few seconds, Q.”

Mark avatar


Greg avatar

“The future’s not set. There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves”
-Because we all know that the Pi is too nice to become Skynet.

Isabel avatar

“The cake is a lie. So is the Raspberry Pi.” :D

El_Presidente avatar

I am Dr. Bakare Tunde, the cousin of Nigerian Astronaut, Air Force
Major Abacha Tunde. He was the first African in space when he made a
secret flight to the Salyut 6 space station in 1979. He was on a later
Soviet spaceflight, Soyuz T-16Z to the secret Soviet military space
station Salyut 8T in 1989. He was stranded there in 1990 when the
Soviet Union was dissolved. His other Soviet crew members returned to
earth on the Soyuz T-16Z, but his place was taken up by return cargo.
There have been occasional Progrez supply flights to keep him going
since that time. He is in good humor, but wants to come home.

In the 14-years since he has been on the station, he has accumulated
flight pay and interest amounting to almost $ 15,000,000 American
Dollars. This is held in a trust at the Lagos National Savings and
Trust Association. If we can obtain access to this money, we can place
a down payment with the Russian Space Authorities for a Soyuz return
flight to bring him back to Earth. I am told this will cost $
3,000,000 American Dollars. In order to access the his trust fund we
need your assistance.

Marson Montekuri avatar

For you, who lives in a PIcturesque country like Brazil,
Let’s eat this book like a RaspBerry Banana Pie.
And let’s create something crazy like the receipt above.

Scott Hitsman avatar

… Are you gonna eat that?

Kriahuz avatar

“Hi noob, i’ve noticed that you’re the worst user ever, so ok, here’s your manual.
Btw, let me remember you some things about the board, before you get killed by some geek:

1. It’s not a Raspberry Pie, don’t try to cook it.
1. Don’t put it near Windows, you may get a blue surprise like BSOD (Bad Surprise Of Death).
2. As Goku say, put your ARMs up and share your energy with the penguin, need to defeat a bad mountain lion.

That’s all, cheer”

Gary avatar

Steve Wozniak said “Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.”
You can trust your Pi … or let it fly.

Julian Zeidler avatar

I would like it to say:

Allways remember! One can not live on Pi alone.

One also needs a knife to cut it.

And a 1Amp rated micro-usb power supply to run it.

Dave avatar

$Send Dave signed Pi book
-bash: Send command not found
$sudo Send Dave signed Pi book
okay…Sending to Dave

Shamelessly borrowed and twisted :)

nordles avatar


Andy avatar

Hmm “The best/funniest/most tear-jerking”
Can’t do best or funniest …
Tear-jerking: “Onions, from Eben”
But does rasbery & onions work?

James Mcmenemy avatar

Recipy book for making the best raspbery pie in the would ,

Todd Cowley avatar

This book was stolen from Hogwarts library.

Please return to the 3rd floor.

“Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross station.”

Łukasz avatar

“For my man Lukasz so he can setup SSH, FTPD, SAMBA, CUPS, APATCHE, PHP, MYSQL, SVN, Transmission and hes very favorite MPD. “

Bernhard avatar

One Raspberry Pi
Book for me. :-)

Made in the UK send to Germany
with greetings
Eben Upton and Gareth Halfacree

Daniel Radcliffe avatar

This Pi, Its magical ;)

W. H. Heydt avatar

Since I acquired the nickname “Hal” many years ago, the best I can come up with is:

“To Hal, from 9000 to Pi”

Yoda007 avatar

My quote suggestion:

“You’re Mister Thick Thick Thickity Thick Face from Thicktown, Thickania. And so’s your dad.”

Thought of this quote from The Doctor :D. It fits I think.

Ashley Basil avatar

Put Bean on.

Jo Basil avatar

For goodness sake don’t encourage him

Lênio Ferretto avatar

mv eben_upton/raspberry_pi_guide lenio_ferretto

Leathco avatar

I went to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, and all I got was this book.

Spütnik avatar

PLease injoy my Rapsbry Pi manuel

regards Eben
(accually is Dolan)

René Løwe Jacobsen avatar

– Eben Upton

Because that’s what Eben says the most in every speech he makes!

Edy avatar

“Use this manual wisely, be sure to read it from cover to cover. Memorize every detail! It contains critical knowledge handed down by The Pi Gods. I grant you this testament to the power of Pi, which you shall keep close to your heart, and pass on to multiple generations of your family. Cherish it, heed it’s warnings, praise it’s wisdom. Do not sell it on Ebay! This book is sacred and one-of-a-kind, especially now that I have written this within it! Go forth and multiply, by Pi, or another transcendental number, and thus let the Pi transcend you with the greatness found within these pages!”
– Eben and Gareth, The Lords of Pi

gyeben avatar

Here’s my idea:

“A cooking book gave me the idea to call the little thing Raspberry PIE. Luckily, Mooncake tried to catch the computer mouse and hence Liz made this little typo when registering the domain… Did I already say that my next plan is something about world domination? Just figured out that people like things that have a fruity or sweety name.

— Eben

PS: Bah, forget it. Just can’t compete with Apple neither with Android…
PPS: I loved that joke about Mooncake and Curiousity on the forum.
PPPS: Just figured out that Mooncake used Liz’s credit card for paying.
PPPPS: Luckily, I don’t have to sign EVERY COPY of the User Guide this way.”

leroyse avatar

Errata: Pi (π) is the answer to life the universe and everything NOT 42 !

Paul D avatar

“Visualize Perfection, Visualize Raspberry Pi”

Ryan avatar

Dear Ryan,

This whole educational foundation thing is just a front, I really only wanted a super cool, super tiny media center too!!


Sander avatar

“Raspberry Pi not included”

Ryan Collins avatar

Raspberry Pi…just make sure not to eat it.

Chris Kane avatar

Dim intResponse As Integer

intResponse = MsgBox(“Chris, Congrats on Winning the PI User Guide, Eben”, _
vbThanksMeh + vbQuestion, _

If intResponse = vbThanks Then
End |Happy Face
If intResponse = vbMeh Then
Delete Internet |Watch the World Burn
End If

Sciman avatar

Preferred dedication:
Dear Chris
Thanks for my signed copy of your book.

Ryan avatar

“I totally agree, the MagPi issue 7 article: “Hacking your toilet to become the super hi-tech Japanese variety, with the Raspberry Pi” is by far the best project I’ve seen so far.


Sander avatar

“This book is strictly for reading purposes only”

Gustavo Velasco avatar

“Strawberries are red,
Blueberries are blue,
Raspberry Pi is green,
and this User Guide is for you”

Tristan Martin avatar

The user guide, it’s the icing on the Raspberry Pi

Dave Gallop avatar

This book did not need to be certified or require a CE mark But does need to be read!

Billy Beacroft avatar

Love what you have done and want to make my Pi go further than my Pie

Piotr avatar

import this

Fabryz avatar


Tom avatar

“To Tom, without whom Raspberry Pi would be just another Pi in the Ski”

Tim avatar

If I can’t eat the original PI, some eye candy for dessert wouldn’t be bad. Tim

Adam Watkin avatar

To Adam
because awesome is as awesome does. Enjoy.
Eben the awesome.

Paul Beech avatar

I’ve had a few,
but in the end,
I did it Pi way.

– Eben ‘Blue Eyes’ Upton

Patrick Jagielski avatar

I thought this was…. pie.

Keith avatar

Because glorious one day in the future, all computers will come without a case. Oh, sorry was that not what you were aiming for?

Michael Rollins avatar

For Michael,

sqrt(-1) <3 Pi! (especially the Raspberry variety)

Jake avatar

May the Pi be with you, always!

Jonathan Hill avatar

Have fun between the sheets

Zs avatar

“Raspberry. There’s only one man… who would dare give me the raspberry!”

I would like to start a university project, this guide could help a lot!

Jonas avatar

The chances of a program doing what it’s supposed to do is inversely proportional to the number of lines of code used to write it.

iblunder avatar

The Prize Winning Dedication

Congratulations to Steve, whose witty recursive entry was easily the best of those we recieved. His choice of what he would like as a dedication in a signed copy of this book was headed ‘The Prize Winning Dedication’ and read as follows: ‘Congratulations to Steve, whose witty recursive entry was easily the best of those we recieved. His choice of what he would like as a dedication in a signed copy of this book was headed “The Prize Winning Dedication,” but lack of space prevents us from repeating more of it here.’ We hope you enjoy the book. Best wishes …

P.S. This is inspired by (aka almost completely stolen from) an exerpt of Patrick Hughes and George Brecht’s book “Vicious Circles and Infinity”.
P.P.S. No, not that Steve.

Ernest avatar

“The power of knowledge”

Austin Silberman avatar

The best $35 piece of Raspberry Pi I have ever had.

William Stephenson avatar

In my case, this would probably be appropriate:

Dear Bill,

After considering all those who certainly deserved it more, this particular copy of our book is dedicated to you. We felt we needed to acknowledge your well honed ability to not show up until after all the real work was done, and your sublime audacity to hope we’d send you a free book just for the asking was beyond even our least expectations of your legendary reputation for frugality.

Without your help we certainly would have got it done just the same.


Dan ringer avatar

To one of the best nephews, Jeremy, 12:
Raspberry Pi is just the beginning of your adventures in programming and hardware development. Remember, you can do anything you put mind to!

Aaron avatar

You wanted a Raspberry Pi, well Heres a Pi to the Face, Now Get back to work.

Jim Welch avatar

I need the book to prove that Oklahoma is a high-tech state, not a dust bowl State, or a Cowboy State, or a red-neck state, etc. (Hint: we built the Space Shuttle Cargo Bay Doors)

Etienne avatar

I would like him to sign my book by dropping a bucket of raspberry juice on it ! In addition of being readable, it will be delicious.

Ps: It’s easy to make raspberry juice by freezing raspberries. I really like that.

Gino avatar

I want a copy of your guide with this message
“May the Raspberry Pi be with you!”
Italy Thanks for your work

tuxedoar avatar

“Read this book and hack on the Raspberry Pi or a kitten is going to be killed!!”

[insert a picture of a lovely kitten here]


Andrew avatar

“One small step for Andrew, one giant leap for mankind.”

May you make something that will change the planet. Good luck —

Leo Rest avatar

“Easy as cake yes?”
“…PI easy as PI”
– Eben

Fabio GRANDE avatar

“All I ever wanted, all I ever needed is here, in my ARM(s) !” (cit.)

Ciao !!!!!!

Lob0426 avatar

Raspberry Pi, “A New Way To Compute”

Elliot Brown avatar

“spam, spam, spam, raspberry Pi, spam, spam, spam, and spam”

sorry couldn’t think of anything else, considering I keep my Rpi in a spam storage tin & being a large Moty python fan….

Zwieback avatar

Eben, a young lad from Cambridge
put raspberries on his sandwich.
They fell on the floor
rolled out of the door.
Next time he’ll drown’em in porridge.

Mr. H. avatar

Dear Reader,

Thank-you for buying this book. Most manuals get thrown away as soon as the hardware is unpacked, so the fact that you’ve bought this book AFTER buying the hardware must mean that you either really like the Raspberry Pi, or that you actually intend to read it, or – hopefully – both.

I never expected the Raspberry Pi to be an enormous international success story.
I hoped it might capture the interest of young people – and less-young people too – in the UK & perhaps the USA… maybe elsewhere in the World… but would it succeed? Would it actually change anything? Would it really inspire the young? Those of us working on the Pi hoped so – but it was a gamble… I’m so glad it’s paying off.

I never could have dreamed half of the uses which people have found for the Pi. I continue to be amazed by these, but it’s the young people who’ve embraced the Pi and taken to coding that it’s really all about.

“Inspire a generation” – that has a certain ring to it….

So here it is: the book, of the hardware, of the idea, conceived with love, toil and inspiration, typeset by elves, printed on biodegradeable off-line storage – and read by people ALL AROUND THE WORLD….

What are you waiting for – amaze me!

Marc avatar

My grandma always said: “Try My Pi!”

MisterK avatar

“A Raspberry Pi can be very smart and useful. As smart as it’s owner. As useful as its owner invent with it.”

Dean avatar

Happy 1st Birthday Nathan.
Sorry daddy has missed six months of your life playing with tiny computer boards it’s my fault

Tim Park avatar

Ten to the Power of Pi

Jude Morrissey avatar

Hey, Jude – Don’t make it bad…Make it better.

Jude Morrissey avatar

We’re using our Pi with our two (homeschooled) kids – this would be for our “school” library.

Jim Manley avatar

“To Jim,

Our fine, fuzzy friend who managed to get into the spirit of the Foundation so thoroughly that, not only did he freely give of his miniscule knowledge of computing to everyone (whether they wanted it or not), but inadvertently freely gave his only Pi in the world to some schmuck (probably named Steve) who thought that waiting months to pay for one was just too inconvenient.

All Our Best,
Eben, Liz, Mooncake, Gareth, and the rest of the Foundation (even JamesH ;) )
[signed with actual finger/paw-prints]

P.S.: Now, get back to work finishing Pi-Finity! you slacker hacker!”

[ End of dedication ]

Being of unsound mind and body, upon my passing from this mortal coil, I hereby bequeath this signed copy for eternal display at the Computer History Museum in SillyCon Valley – Jim

stefano_p avatar

So long, and thanks for all the PIsh,



Juuso Voimala avatar

I dare him to sign it to me with the first 100 decimal digits of Pi !!!

Vlada avatar

Read everything , learn something and than pass it further. Share a bite!

Dillon Alderson avatar

Thanks for coming to the bake sale! I hope you enjoy your fresh Raspberry Pi.



Todd Taylor avatar

Raspberry Pi fun for KIDS. Facts and fun for cooks old and young.

Rory Bolton avatar

“Instructions weren’t clear enough… got my pi stuck in the SD Card”

Michael Anderson avatar

This is my official Will and Last Testament:
I leave everything to Michael Anderson

Chris avatar

Best of luck with your RPi!
Think I might have spelt your name wrong.

naypalm avatar

Reach for the sky, when you use your Pi.

Anthony D. avatar

“I put the Pi in your oven; all you need to do is take it out and eat it.”

Pip Wherrett avatar

how about;

type ‘startx’ to launch a graphical session

pi@raspberrypi ~ $

what the?! this keyboard doesnt work? hey, who unplugged it! hang on, where’s the PORT?

(whoops, wrong useful thing – its the book)

Mark Johns avatar

I’ve always loved pie, I’ve had so many different flavours, it’s hard not to try!
However my favourite pie is Raspberry Pi, but it’s pretty hard to come by!
I’m so glad it’s now made in the UK, because now I can have a taste of my new Raspberry Pi…

Mark, I hope you find your new Raspberry Pi as tasty as I did!

From Eben and the RasPi team.

Tinctu avatar

I support Tassilo Rau and His son Noah… :o)

Paolo avatar

What the hell is a Raspberry Pi ?

Mike B avatar

To Mike, my mirror image on the left side of the pond, who works technology by day, Raspberry Pi after that but always comes home to his beautiful wife and loving pet. Cheers, Eben

Eduardo Tenório avatar

“To Eduardo,

Bon Appetit!

Eben Upton”

Miguel Ângelo Santos Pereira / MrGeneral avatar

Semper Fidelis :-)

Pip Wherrett avatar


When you die, there’ll be (raspberry) Pi in the sky.

(with or without brackets)

Milos Radosevic avatar

“For Sofija, to make her first program on Raspberry Pi.” Thanks

Afshin James shirazian avatar

Eben just one word amazing , I graduated from SHU (EEE) and i am working on RPi to develop a home control system which can be controled by iOS native app via WiFi , I would say this little magical device can be as big as macintosh …. :)

Romeo C. avatar

The only reason I bought this recipe book was to be eligible for the Amazon free shipping on orders over $25. So I bundled that book with my REAL purchase which was “Raspberry Ketones- 100% Natural Weight Loss Supplement”. I just followed Amazon “Frequently Bought Together” suggestion….

Amanda Zwicker avatar

May the Raspi be with you, always.


Ryan avatar

“Read this guide and you too can be well on your way to a high paying tech job, livin’ large like Kim Dotcom.

Eben “Razzmatazz” Upton”

Raymondillo avatar

Dear Raspberry Pi lunatic fringe. Here is my effort at scrounging a free book.

Dedicated to the Pi I love

Here is your gratis User Guide,
may your Pi’s be baked not fried.
It may help you comprehend,
how little Pi’s can be your friends.
So all your programs fly and run
please enjoy these pages of fun.

Thanking you in anticipation.
Ray :)

John Hedley avatar

I bought one for my son- left computers and IT behind 5 years ago to pursue boatbuilding. The simplicity of the RazPi and its distros led me to buy a second so I wouldn’t usurp my sons- though I’m sure he wonders if I didn’t get his as an excuse to have one my self. As we sail in our family an apropos dedication would be “Fair skies and following winds be with you in your voyages with the RazP, ..but don’t wiegh anchor until your son is aboard.”

Kegan Hall avatar

So I actually have incentive to read a manual, more seriously though, so I have something to reminisce about years later. I can picture it on display in my future office as homage to the great ideas of my era and that an idea can spread to change the world. I am still up in the air as to my career or college path but I have narrowed it down to using my skills and undying fascination with technology to, as I have learned with my experience with the Boy Scouts of America (I earned my Eagle) that you should always leave things better than you have found them, or there is always room to improve. I want to leave the world of technology in the same fashion before I would retire, it needs to be usable to all and the intimidation factor that keeps new users avoiding it or being dependent on others for assistance needs to be addressed. It is a new culture, with its own languages, customs, jokes, and stereotypes, it needs to be able to allow others to assimilate (name the reference) without fear of the unknown.

Robert Alderton avatar

I’d like them to dedicate it to my wonderfull three kids 6,6, and 9 respectively.
They fell in love with tech early, with “Prototype this” and most lately want to recreate “Real Steel” at home :-)

To Robbie, Ryan and Amy,
May your robots be ARM’d and mostly harmless…but definately good as PI
Raspberry that IS !!!!!!!

Bill Schwiegeraht avatar

E-books are a pain!

tudza avatar


Sorry the board doesn’t support what you wanted to do with it. Hope one of the huge number of other tasks you can use it for catches your fancy.

Gary Robinson avatar

A book a day……is worth two in the bush…, wait… pound-foolish…….no, hmmmmm……Ahhhhh…..A Pi in time saves nine……ah, nuts ! Just one of the best books ever……even the e-book is great this time !

gainestr avatar

RasPi – Ready, Willing, and Ohhh, Sooo able.

Christopher avatar

“As easy as Pi”

cyberhiker avatar

Who reads manuals? This is for when you’re stuck!

etienne avatar

I have also an other one
“Now that you’ve got a manual, you better RTFM before flooding my email address.”

Mark Hamersma avatar

We’re just getting started with this, and the kids are already surprising me with their insights!

:Start Dedication

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

To Ebony, Alyssa and Jy,

I hope this helps you on your way to creating some magic.


PS. Your Dad doesn’t know the answers to your Pi questions.
PPS. Seriously ! He doesn’t.
PPPS. I’ve hidden the answers in this book ;-)

MattR avatar

I’d love:
To Matt
“I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.”

One of my favs from a guy I miss.

Nick avatar

By accepting this guide, you hereby agree to make food preparation far more logistically and technologically complicated than it should be.

cowfodder avatar

I would love for both Eban and Gareth to be able to sign and dedicate the manual to my 3 week old son, also named Gareth.

Patricio Reinoso avatar

I guess if the book’s title would be Raspberry 3.141592654……. LOL

John Hunt avatar

Step 1. Go to engineering school
Step 2. Mention your Raspberry PI in class
Step 3. ??????
Step 4. Profit!!!!

Locutus avatar

To win the signed copy of the book here is my entry. I would love for it to be sine’d and cosine’d.
“Keep this with you 22/7”

Ante Ivakic avatar

Raspberry pi? Yes please ! And I’ll have cream
with that.

Ruben avatar

I want mine signed by Liz with the following:

“Eben was too busy playing with his RPi to sign this book” – Liz

Tommy avatar

Young padawon, where did you get this.. “Pi” you speak of?

I found it in a pie, master

Did you bring me some?

(hands the PI over) (gets electrocuted in the process) #fail.

Sad day. I must now wear darth vadors suit for healing

Your stupidity amazes me, child

Jan avatar

cat /home/pi/UserGuide | grep basics >> RPi
use RPi;

Legailutin avatar

Raspberry Pi !!!
ARMé jusqu’aux Pins.

Cutesy Pi avatar

Cutesy Pi,

Thanks for your input, it was memorable!

All my love,


P forster avatar

Dear jim, can you fix it for me to have a pi manual. my shelf is full and clearly needs another book stuffed in it. i promise to read it.

Chan avatar

“This book remains the property of Eben Upton”

Bostjan avatar

…and now for something completetly different…

Ed van den Berg avatar

Well Ed… i’m really sorry you blew up your new big screen tv, and that all lights go out in your street when you attempt to connect your Pi… Therefore i send you this book wich might help you to understand wat goes where exactly.


max avatar

Javascript must be on to leave a comment!

rosen avatar


Co Lao avatar

Wanna bring more RasPi to Asia!!

max avatar

Your Raspberry Pi will arrive in approximately 5-9 weeks. Meanwhile have fun with the manual.

max avatar


max avatar

This book of the law shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night, that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.

Robert avatar

Everyone says that fruits are good for your health.
You eat fresh you live longer.
I have discovered that people are right.
You feed yourself with technology and you become wiser.
Raspberry’s + PI = a tech fruit that is changing our lives!

g2mk avatar

I will not pull you leg but give you helping ARM in Raspberry PI flavor.

WitchHatMark avatar

Just add a cup of really hot tea.. and turn it on

max avatar

– Hand wash only
– Do Not Wring
– Do Not Bleach
– Do Not Iron

Steve Brown avatar

“Raspberry Pi, the only Pi(e) you should regularly indulge in”

Simon Gustavsson avatar

for(int i = 0; i < pages.Length; i++)

Paul avatar

You need a read() statement in there as well!

Michael Meraz avatar

“Raspberry pie’s are circle and Raspberry pi R square” in a world that this make total sense who need logic, just enjoy the Raspberry pi.

Dexter N Muir avatar

Looking forward to exciting applications…

Kris Chaplin avatar

To Thomas Chaplin, born August 29th 2012.

“Hello World!”

This book could be key to the start of an excellent hobby and career – your possibilities are endless. Keep this book forever. Read it. Treasure it, and learn all you can from it.

When you’re older, Experiment. Tinker. Break things, and fix them again. Build new things, then make them better. Teach what you learned to others, and learn from them too. Keep the torch burning, and pass this flame on to your children. Tell them to do the same.

Learn something new every day, but most importantly – enjoy everything you do.


James Drew avatar

Dear sweety Pi,

Enjoy your Raspberry Pi.

Love Eben

Ed Hoyland avatar

Wot no box!


Radhika Ghosal avatar

“Perfection. Inspired by e^i*pi.” Or what about, “Happy cooking !” ?

Ian avatar

“To Emily & Molly… Do good stuff, Eben”

But when we celebrate RasPi’s 30th birthday I’m going to send it back so you can re-sign it with Sir or OBE!!

David Blackburn avatar

Custard with that, David?

MobeyDuck avatar

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed et urna sed risus ultricies malesuada ut at lectus. In hac habitasse platea dictumst. Praesent lacinia euismod ligula eget cursus. Vivamus ultrices, velit eu porta fermentum, sapien dolor interdum augue, ut scelerisque sem magna quis ligula. Mauris eros ligula, tincidunt quis volutpat sed, lacinia sit amet purus. Suspendisse potenti. Mauris non nibh leo, ut sagittis lacus. Sed congue nunc eget orci sodales quis gravida elit hendrerit. Sed luctus dignissim euismod. Nam scelerisque ipsum vitae diam aliquet fringilla. Vivamus pharetra justo nec orci congue rhoncus. Aliquam erat volutpat. Duis magna felis, imperdiet lobortis posuere non, cursus sed est. Sed viverra dignissim sollicitudin.
This page is required to post a comment. But it’s just more and more laughter, but at that time. In this post. We need more investment market indicators. Back to basketball, will tour the yeast underscores pain catch, as always your great lips. Our job here, who work here but, more is more. Contact. Below you’ll nibh lion, the lake that their arrows. But the hotel now needs clinical fellowship anyone pregnant pumping activities. But mourning asset values. For your very life’s economic platform. Question not just clinical Row Beauty. Contact. This large cat, not the school’s image, but it is running. But new investment business.

[Signers names]

“Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit…”
“There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain…”

Melissa avatar

With love, Raspberry Pi!

Bo Wetzel avatar

Pour Francois Iniesta

Thomas avatar

No-cook Pi

Ray Couzens avatar

Hi Ray,

It might just be possible to control a power station with the Pi.


Marcus avatar

“From this Pi(e) recipe book, you shall receive ancient knowledge about the art of creating some amazing dishes which will kick start your own coding for success.

Be creative, be fearless.

Remember though, not all Pi(es) should be baked in an oven!”

Jonek avatar

With this book it’s a piece of cake.

Papa of Andreas avatar

Anything in this book is purely meant for educational purposes.
We don’t really want you to rule with world with Pi-driven robots.
It’s bad enough you send that picture of your fembot covered in raspberry sauce to us.

bcatalin avatar

“The future is here”

Alessandro Ancillotti avatar

Here’s my competition entry: “When life gives you lemons and puts you Pi/2 (90 degrees, also known as doggystyle) …don’t make lemonade…get a Pi and make lemon grenades!”

Claudio P avatar

“If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late”

Huw avatar

Now I, even I, would celebrate
In rhymes unapt the great
Immortal EbenUpton, rivaled nevermore
Who in his wondrous lore
Set down before
Left men his guidance
How to RaspPis germinate.

Nicholas avatar

lol did my last comment get deleted? The only inappropriate word I stated was ‘masturbate’

Jeremy Davies avatar

“When the PI was opened the Net began to sing, wasn’t that a dainty dish to set before the kids”

Well done

Wombat avatar

Just look at what offering a prize does to the number of comments posted!

Hlias avatar

Raspberry PI for Smarties

Nicholas avatar

Heres my entry “I got a raspberry pi 2 days ago, I told my friends about it and what it could do with games, movies etc. The next day when I meet up with them they each had a raspberry pie and asked me how to play games on them…”

sam avatar

sudo apt-get Raspberry Pi User Guide
LOL its still loading …

David Cooper avatar

You are never too old.
Signed David 68 and 3/4

Ben avatar

Mmmmmm… Freshly baked C/d

gamerb avatar

“You can haz this book,
now go get cheezburger.

– Your friendz
Eben, Liz, and others

John Boia avatar

Dear John:
Thank you for volunteering to take this book with you to Tahiti. I can’t think of a better place to save both the Human race and Ras-Pi technology from the coming Zombie Apocalypse. Your airline tickets are enclosed.

Rich avatar

Here’s your new recipe book for the Pi, once we have found instructions on how to use the cooker an ammendment will be issued.
Signed, Eben and Gareth

Luigi avatar

To Luigi who can now be able to use a real pc in a real tiny place!

TheTap avatar

I also hate people who deface books


Irgendwer avatar

Hack after reading!

Mike23 avatar

Here’s your Raspberry Pi User Guide, now you can become a great engineer
remember: “Raspberry Pi, where irrational happens”!

Stewart Watkiss avatar

Raspberry Pi – now even hotter (85C)!

NickMon68 avatar

The only good Pi is an Apple Pie !


Zachary DePace avatar

Marry me

pankaj avatar

I love this device !!

Javier Campos avatar

Thanks for give me the idea for the Raspberry Pi. It’s really working out well. I love the raspberry pi and open source

Denis McFadden avatar

Somewhere, over the rainbow, weigh a PI.

I want to go home
I want to go home
I want to go home


Ry2k avatar

“We’re no strangers to love /
you know the rules, and so do I /
a full commitment’s what I’m thinking of /
so please stop wanking and do fun stuff with your RPi”

Carlos Rico avatar

There are only two ways: to PI or not to PI

Donald Warren avatar

You did what to who’s Pi for how many raspberries?
Signed: Eben

Nick Hill avatar

I want mine to say “Nick, keep your fingers all over out Pi (Just don’t eat it)” or maybe “It takes at least one ARM to make a good pi”

Thomas Williams avatar

Mabe He could write `As easy as Pi` for fun

Thomas Williams avatar

To the best

GilDev avatar

“You really thought it was a pie ?!”
Thanks! =)
(I hope I wrote this correctly, I’m a french 14 years boy who learn english only on the computer. =D)

takhadnotor avatar

Q: What’s the difference between a raspberry and an apple?
A: Have you ever tried Raspberry Pi?

Lester Smythers avatar

Please write…..

” My dearest Lester, it is with my deepest condolences that you have been left out on your own…in cold, damp space.. with a diet low in Raspberry nutrition. I can’t even imagine how “alone” you must have felt.
Well….Lester….it’s time lift your little chin up…uncle Eben has heard your cries. I’m sending you a copy of the Raspberry Pi User’s Guide. It provides you with 100% of your daily recommended values. I also want you to know that…since you are so special, this copy has been enriched with 2X the recommended daily dose of “Eben and Gareth”.

Lester, I’m positive that you’ll soon be blowing Raspberries to everyone….or whatever it is they call that sound when you stick out your tongue at someone and go sblbslshsl!

Your friend.. Eben.”

Ryan avatar

“To you spoiled brats of the Macintosh generation with your fancy LCIII’s and SE/30’s: Now you want to learn command line programming?”


Backstory: My first computer was a Macintosh LC at age 5 back in 1990. We didn’t own an IBM compatible until Windows 98. I have a scarred childhood of being bewildered by friends computers running DOS, and upset, yet at the same time helpless when my friends couldn’t remember the command lines to play a certain game.

Allan Sheldon avatar

…even pensioners can enjoy a bit of Raspberry Pi.

Allan Sheldon avatar

“…..even pensioners can enjoy a bit of Raspberry Pi”

Tobi avatar

“To Tobi,
Raspberry – the fruit of creativity;
Pi – the root of creativity;
Raspberry Pi – the way to finally get some creative content in your TV


James Andrews avatar

“To make a Raspberry Pi from scratch, first you must create the it from universe”

This is the best Carl Sagan, Raspberry Pi, Ubuntu related comment I could come up with! Loaded with geeky goodness :-)

John avatar

My my, I bought a Raspberry Pi
Drove my knowledge to the limit
But the limit’s not high
Then them good old boys wrote a guide to the Pi
SIngin’ this won’t be a day to cry
This won’t be a day to cry.

Fabio avatar

“Here is the official Raspberry Pi user guide…now you can use this for cooling your Raspberry PI!”

Matt Drechsler avatar

Matt, sorry for designing such a small form factor that you LOST your first one. [sad, but true story… Pretty sure it fell into a trash can, which got emptied in a whirlwind of “nesting” for our new baby, which was born at 4:16 this morning, woot!]

SvOlli avatar

This is how the revolution started.

Aaron avatar

My name is Aaron, and I am 12 years old. I know Python and Ruby, and I am learning C and C++, as well as working with Django. I am really looking forward to learning to use the GPIO with my dad. Getting this book would be amazing.

Jonathan Hill avatar

Apply jump leads and enjoy!

Felix Läderach avatar

“Raspberry Pi – The next big thing is already here…”


Paul avatar


Eben and Liz are really busy so they don’t have time to sign this thing, so they got me to do it. My human slaves don’t even have the time to play with me the way they should. Another thing- do they have any idea how difficult it is too hold a pen when you only have paws?

Enjoy the book


Eamonn avatar

Dear Caoimhe & Aoibhe, Santa Claus asked me to sign this for you. Happy programming and happy Christmas.

Sam Hummerstone avatar

I am trying to learn the python language from scratch because my school denied the course, if you could send me a copy just wishing me luck, it would mean the world to me :)
– Sam

nathaniel brassington avatar

I saw a dog once

Bjoern Jakobson avatar

I really like my Raspberry. Its different to Mac OS X 10.8.2 but a cool thingie to make friends confused. That small layout with some cables can play DVD’s with a better quality than my old Hyundai DVD Player can???
And having the Raspberry in my back pocket of my jeans is great. Small than an iPod but much more powerful. Just pull it out and say, lets play games on your TV with HDMI. F***ing beautiful.

And a new fruit logo in my collection…

Cannot await more extension boards to play and assemble things with!

Would like to have a deeper look and really need more documentation. I don’t want to electricute my Pi doing something wrong.

If I win, leave both(!) signatures and the text, for one of the craziest Tech-nerds on earth.

Nathanael avatar

“I promise to buy the barer on demand 1 pint of beer.”

Hardeep Bains avatar

I need this book because I need to take one small step for pi’s but one Giant leap for pi-kind

Jason Lehman avatar

Dear Jason,
Eben Upton Raspberry Pi, helped design a device we called the Pi. When the Pi was ready to play, Eben Upton led the way.

shicky256 avatar

I’d like to win one. Just say something like…
Dear Nathan,
Whatever you do, DON’T EAT THE PI!

Mark Symmes avatar

I built my first computer. It was an Apple II+ clone. Too bad I didn’t know that the ROM was ‘borrowed’. Then again, if I had the facts, my Mother would have shut down the project. In any event, 4 days and 600 solder joints later, I had a brick that a tech with a scope could debug and turn into real living being.

Then came the quest to write programs in Basic and save them on 5.25 inch floppies under Apple DOS. Next, I had to get a co-processor and run CPM just so I could type and print my essays with WordStar on a slick centronics connected parallel dot matrix printer. It had overstrike, italics and bold!

Now I have a 25 dollar Raspberry Pi. What would be the first thing to do with such a fantastic new organism not seen since 1980? 30 years and at a price confirming Moore’s Law.

Obvious! Download ‘Joe’. A WordStar look-alike editor for Linux. Thirty-two years later I am productive again, cranking out code with the only editor I know.

Meanwhile, my 15-year-old is trying to get a java engine running on his Pi.

And so I look forward to The Foundation pushing out new Pi’s for about 3 dollars in 2018. Or, 25 dollar Pi’s that run 8, 16, 256 times faster?


Philipp avatar

sudo raspi-confffffffffffffff “esc” undervoltage – grrrrr

Karsten Koch avatar


Craig Walker avatar

RaspberryPi – not to be confused with Raspberry pie – you need to code in your own vitamin C#ish.

Ed Hoyland avatar

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat!


Grant Bentley avatar

A book to help me not blow a Raspberry!

bradley avatar

“Instructions for the instructions:

Males: Read when all else fails (but only if you really must)
Females: Read before opening the box
Aliens: Never mind the instructions come say ‘hi and thanks for the Pi.’ BTW, HHGTTG is out of date!”

bradley avatar

(You should restart the store with the sticky badges, and other whatnots, and then start selling the book with peoples own dedications in. Then even if I don’t win I still get mine personalised)

Debra Lloyd avatar

How is it I never heard of this before??? I am about to move from the UK back to my home in the USA…How embarrassed am I going to be that I don’t know anything about Raspberry or own any of the gadgets??? I am known far and wide for my love of and collection of gadgets of all types and for my computer geekiness…You simply must help me to maintain my title of Queen of all Gadgets, Master of Few, Top Geek!!! The motto of my “Kingdom” is “Who ever dies with the most, up to date computing gadgets wins.” The inscription I would like is: “To the reigning Queen of Gadgets and now Queen Geek of all things Raspberry.” I simply could not face my legion of followers without your help! In exchange, you will, with immediate affect, be welcomed into the Gadget Kingdom!

Gary avatar

…No, that’s the Jamie Oliver book, this one is about a teeny tiny computer.
Enjoy! But don’t pour cream on it.

Norman avatar

“One man, one pi, one future, i’m a begginer.. i need a guide!”

Dave MacKAy avatar

The new answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. 3.14159…

Felix avatar

Dear Felix,
may this book enlighten the dark hole between your ears.
I’m glad you share our spirit of motivating the small ones.

Thanks for your money,

Stephen Bramell avatar

“Oh! It’s called Raspberry Pi?” “This whole time I thought you were saying “Rats getting high”.” “That sures does make a lot of things a lot clearer now!”

“Stephen, thanks for being a part of the baking process. Here’s a Pi in the face for gratitude!”

Julian Chasusis avatar

Please I would like to win the user guide signed by Eben, the Rspberry pi is fantastic and I have mine in Argenita Greetings.

poglad avatar

“Say ‘aye’ to a Pi!”

Lisa avatar

I shared Pi with you. Now, go share your Pi with friends.

MattR avatar

How about:

No, really, THIS is the good book I wanted you to read…


cloud_strife84 avatar

I’d like to have a copy because i will have my final exam at university on the usage of Raspi!

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Here is a slice of Pi for you!

Scott Stevens avatar

Sorry, I’m afraid we can’t provide free samples. It’s foundation policy.
However, here is a free sample of our new book. It’s foundation policy.

JamesH avatar

With the slight difference in that you have to win this one, not grovel for it!

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“This page intentionally left blank.”

– Eben.

max avatar a Pi they said, it’ll be fun they said..

max avatar

As you don’t even ordered a Pi yet (because you wanted to wait for version 2 in stock), I send you one for free with the book. Have fun!


m0ntala avatar

I have only just found this item, but I was very pleased to receive an email from Amazon this morning to advise me that my copy has just been despatched, and that it should be delivered tomorrow… Royal Mail permitting!

Unfortunately it won’t be a signed one though! :-

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This raspberry pi model B is great, even my little girl is running it on my TV know to all those who made and designed it many thanks.

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(St)Eve might have taken a bite from the Apple but you’ve seen nothing til you try the Raspberry Pi. I wish you well on your voyage to the Cloud, and I hope you find the Vanishing White Matter you’re looking for in the twisted helices spinning in your head. Stay hungry//foolish ~ Eben

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We are excited about the future of our product and hope it makes a difference in the global frontier of electronic development and control. This guide will help you in realizing our units maximum potential. Congrats on your upcoming Graduation this December.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.

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The Pi-man cometh.

Max Curcio avatar

Could I have:
To Max,
Mmm Donuts,
Mmm Pi

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I am a primary school teacher and have sent out notes to parents saying that I will run a Raspberry Pi club from January, and would the parents like to get one for their kids in preparation for the club.
I have no idea about how to program a Raspberry Pi or indeed program anything, although I can set my analogue watch to the correct time! I thought that if I sent out the letter, it would force me to to learn fast. I guess that a book might assist with my learning and the clock is ticking.
“They will learn despite your hopeless preparation – just give them the chance!”

Asimakopoulos Evangelos avatar

Dedicated to the bravest conscript on Earth who couldn’t open his laptop for 8 months, let alone programming. Out in the fields of nowhere his only consolation was that every Wednesday they served raspberry pies for lunch. The thought of his new raspberry Pi waiting for him wrapped at his house kept him alive. And when his military service ended, he was the happiest man on earth, ready to unveil all the secrets of this tiny computer and make many useful things with it.

Joshua B avatar

“To Josh,

The value of this book has been greatly increased from the signature below.

*sign here*”

Karl avatar

my suggestion for a dedication: “Raspberry Pi – we’re needed”
(in rememberance of the world famous classic British TV-series “The Avengers” because just as John Steed and Mrs. Emma Peel where needed to chase the bad guys in the 60’s, the Raspberry Pi and this book are needed today to arouse not only young people from the all so easy consume-only-trip, but to roll up their sleeves, use their brains and help to use technolgy for a better and especially PEACEFUL world for all.

Attila Töreki avatar

Please sign the book for my children, Dorina (3) and Dániel (2). They are playing my Lego NXT robot, with BT android phone, and repair all things around the house with me. It’s a Dániel’s picture one year before:

Please read it them: “If you have faith the size of a mustard grain, you will say to this mountain, ‘Transfer from here to there,’ and it will transfer, and nothing will be impossible for you.” Mt 17:20


Attila Töreki avatar

Ups, write them :) It’s wery morning with children.

Robert Mckillop avatar

Ha ! Connect it, set it up and configure it ?? How about some instructions to get it out of the box !!!?? From a complete Newbie… !!

Chris Jennings avatar

To: The next Steve Jobs – Oliver

gordon avatar

“Don’t Panic!”

Filip Moerman avatar

What’s Cooking? Here are some of my recipes, hope you like them.

Chase Cobb avatar

See, it’s not a bug, it’s a dynamic feature!

Bryan avatar

As with the Pi, I hope you have a nice case in which to put this book.

John avatar

I would like Eben to sign the book with all the above comments, followed by a *phew*.

Martin Lipinski avatar

My preferred dedication would be:

“To Martin and his imminently arriving first-born daughter.
Happy learning, playing and discovering…and remember, anything is possible.
ARMed with this book, the Pi is the limit.

Pauli Kanto avatar

Dear Eino-Pekka. You know… there are also girls out there… Just wanted to remind you.
Best regards from behalf of your loving father,


Jonas Lindstedt avatar

3.14159265358979323864… Mix it with raspberry and you’re all set.

To Jonas with love


Alain Quackelbeen avatar

You can write following :
Element41 is more suitable for your age.

Andrew purnell avatar

‘Andrew….Thanks for sharing a piece of my Pie!`

Monra Bitllenc avatar

“You should go to bed earlier!”
with the following disclaimer:
“Remember, the fact that you go to bed so late is not under my responsibility”

It would be such good advice every time I open the book!

Eckhard Kleine avatar

It’s not a trick…..

aldraia avatar

“If you go hitchhiking around the galaxy don’t forget your towel and your Raspberry Pi!”

Rudresh Prabhu avatar

A E(Electronic)-Raspberry Pie to power the E(electronic)-bots for caring the N (natural)-Raspberries…

Richard Siddall avatar

Hi, my year 9’s geography students are building an environmental monitoring RPi box that gives a real-time data feed for temperature, humidity, air pressure, as well as taking photos. We are then launching it to near space and tracking it. Other sensors for later missions include, C02, CH4, Ozone, radiation. The idea is to make this device such that it can be used in any location as a node as part of a wider grid one day delivering environmental data across large areas at low cost. If all the schools made a couple each then we’d have pretty good coverage!

So, what do I want you to say to my students?

We are custodians of this pale blue dot; we don’t own it, we share it. Education and responsible behaviour is the key to the survival of humankind. Use your brains wisely, plan for change, do well by doing good. Be in the moment because now is all we ever have. You can do it! Reach for the stars! Good luck with the voyage.


Gerard avatar

Gerard, you’re never too old to learn

mark avatar

“Practice, practice, practice and have fun!”

Ricardo Almeida avatar

“Raspberry Pie User Guide? What’s that? Some pie cooking guide?”

Julian T avatar

I’d love:

For the future, rasberry pi goes very well with python


Sue Paulsen avatar

Thanks for teaching the computer unteachables for the last 17 years. I hope my book will help you and your Pi to work together well in your (nearly there) retirement years!

Matthew Christey-Reid avatar

To Matt,

Thanks for stealing the Raspberry Pi design from North Korea, the west is years behind their glorious nation. This is just a little step towards their level.

We owe you,

kevin simmons avatar

I would like a copy so I can make my Raspberry Pi talk to my other Raspberry tart

Chris avatar

Here is your PI crust Chris!


(cannot publish real name) avatar

You see, I’m a child and I am inspired by the revolution of computers. I’ve already made my own game in Scratch and I’ve used a bit of another game maker. I’m also hoping to use Python. For a long time I’ve done video editing. Furthermore, I’m on the forum of Raspberry Pi asking lots of questions (I’m called ComputerXplorer). I’ve bought Iclone5 before where I can make 3D animations – I’ve already made quite a lot. I am also creating software from Visual studio 2010 express edition . I buy magazines each month so I download the softarwe from the free disks, other than that I’ve already installed lots of software on my laptop ranging from Daz Studio 4.5, to Wondershare Video Editor. When I was at my Primary Schools, on Thursdays, I’d go to my IT Technician and ask him lots of questions. Each time I have a break I’d race of to the computer – Computers are my life. This is why I am posting this comment right now that could affect the whole of my future ahead.

(cannot publish real name) avatar

I’d love: The magical world of computers

(cannot publish real name) avatar

Or even better: Di why make you hungry? Happy raspberry pi mum!

Steve avatar

I need a book to know how can i read a user guide ebook on pi!

Seb Hunt avatar

Dear Seb,

Thanks for the photos of your Pi-controlled floating soap dish project. Sorry to hear it was only a partial success. Maybe you could try again using batteries instead of the mains adaptor.

Best wishes, Eben

PS I actually think your hair looks quite nice like that.

Todd Fiebranz avatar

To Todd, May you read this book in all it glory and be able to actually use all of what you have learned in your lifetime. That is if you ever receive your Raspberry PI in your lifetime!

cutterjohn avatar

Well, to my surprise my pre-ordered printed edition of the Raspberry Pi User Guide showed up in today’s mail, unexpectedly…

(Amazon originally had a mid-late October est. shipping date IIRC…)

Looks to be a very nice guide for new users and linux novices although so far I’ve only given it a quick glance through.

Sinisa Dumanic avatar

I already have”Meet the Raspberry Pi”, now I need “Raspberry Pi User Guide”.

Dani avatar

Mi Pi

Lawrence Crumb avatar

Good to see this publication. Available on Amazon in paperback and fro the Kindle,

Lewis Bowman avatar

I like Pi…mmmmm Pi…..

Pete Stevens avatar

Dear Oggie,

Here’s a copy of my book. It contains no pictures of cats, no interesting graphs and even uses the word ‘cloud’ seriously. I expect you’ll hate it but at least it’ll provoke you into an entertaining rant about the sheer awfulness of it.


Robert avatar

You know what really is tear-jerking….. I still haven’t received my PI, I’m waiting for a few months now. When I finally receive my PI a user manual would come in handy, because I want to get it up and running as soon as possible as you’ll understand. Keep up the good work! Regards, Robert (Holland)

Ben Euden avatar

Please enjoy your 3.14159265359 and keep your fingers in all the pi’s!

Bill avatar

I was a bit surprised there was not many photos showing the progress of the pi and stages of its evolution .Also to be honest I felt that their could have been more extensive sections regarding Scratch and Python included.Overall a good quick manual ,not as thick as I thought it was going to be regarding its contents.
Why only a forward by Eben what about the other gentleman having an input at the beginning. I was left with a feeling that the book should have had more in it .

You get 3 grades of manual – Beginner,Intermediate and Advanced .

I would class this book as definetly just a Beginner level book.

will there be a more advanced version with schematics and listings of Hardware and peripherals that are compatable and also with section detailing extensive uses of the Raspberry Pi ?

Gerad Munsch avatar

“In loving memory of Gregory Munsch, an extremely intelligent and wonderful man, who fought for many years the horrible battle of drug addiction, passed away at the young age of 29, leaving behind 2 sons and a loving wife, and many family members.”

Freddy avatar

Dead tree edition – let it grow.

Jaxomnia avatar

please write “eat me!” as the dedication to me! I would love to have a copy with all of your signature on it! :)

eightbit avatar

“Dear eightbit,

I hope this book will guide you the way from the outdated 8-bit microcontrollers into the bright, colourful 32-bit world with your Raspberry Pi. As you have already plans for a robot controller board in the making, I can’t wait to see your project being published on the web.

Call me any time if you need help.


Lars-erik Andersson avatar

My son said I should register here for the chance to win a book of Pi recepies. I’m a sucker for sweet things so I’ll give it a shot. I want that sweet thing ;-)

Tim Harlow avatar

Dearest tim,

Read this before you break another one!!!!!


arief riza avatar

can i get one? because i’m interested to develop Pi… thanks

Gustavo Velasco avatar

So… who was the winner?

Nordot avatar

Hi All !! being not quite that thick ! , well i did open the box my PI came in !!! but now i am totally lost !!! Help !!! Your book would be a God’s end to me.,, Any chance of a book ??? Please !!!!!!!!!!!

Craig Henderson avatar

I would like a copy please

Jianming Liu avatar

This is for the guy who promised to translate this book into Chinese…

Suzanne Griffiths avatar

To improve your understanding and release your well hidden inner practicality.

Pierre avatar

I’d like to have the following sentence:
“I never thaught I’d put all Pi’s decimals into a book”

Thanks! :-)

David Sanchez avatar

I would like a copy of the book
“When you mix my favourite desert, the raspberry with my favourite subject math. I have the raspberry PI :P”



Midnightwinter avatar

Already ordered on now, however it’s still a great quote IMO,

“How about 748 divided by 238. I got it! What’s the answer?”

Daniel Hrynczenko avatar

To Daniel:
“What do you call a cluster of raspberries? -A πle!”

Martyn avatar

Can’t make a decent pi without a recipe book. I’m also very poor with 3 kids under 10 whom I’m trying to encourage to learn programming..beg beg, spare a few coppers sir?

Ashwin vinoo avatar

My fat dog snowy would surely need this book,it will help her become 250 pages less hungry…..Ooops! I mean 250 pages wiser…..(Damn the rising prices of dog food). Poor dog she even drool’s when I read her the book’s name….

Ashwin vinoo avatar

I need this book,How else will I reach that damn top Shelf…..

Ashwin vinoo avatar

I lost my taste for raspberry pies and there are bits of chip in my teeth ,I knew I should have brought this cookbook first………….

Ashwin vinoo avatar

This is certainly the first pi to give me a headache rather than a stomachache. where’s my antacid….I mean user’s book…I mean putty…zzzzzzzzzzz(lost somewhere between pc a pi and some wires)

Ashwin vinoo avatar

Without that user’s guide I might as well, use my raspberry pi as a paperweight….

Ashwin vinoo avatar

if apple created a similar product ,I highly doubt whether they would name it ipi

Ashwin vinoo avatar

son,stop poking your pi with a stick and wait for that user’s guide to arrive…..

Ashwin vinoo avatar

If the raspberry pi was invented before the wheel,I’m sure they would have a hard time shipping me a user’s guide……

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