The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2023 – your definitive guide to everything Raspberry Pi

Hey there, folks! Rob from The MagPi here with some good news: the Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2023 is out now. It’s 204 pages of essential Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico know-how: the crème de la crème of our superb magazine.

handbook 2023 cover
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What can you expect to find inside? Well, we’ve taken as many of the very best projects, guides, tutorials, and reviews as we could, and squeezed them into the book. We’ve included our definitive getting started guides and special features on Raspberry Pi Pico W, the wireless microcontroller built on Raspberry Pi silicon.

Our Pico W electronics guide is a great way to learn about the GPIO pins on Pico, and how to use MicroPython to control them. With this knowledge, you can start making your dream project with the tiny microcontroller.

Take a peek inside…

Some of the highlights include the incredible 3/4-size Star Wars Arcade Cabinet, faithfully recreated complete with replica yoke and mouldings recreated from the original cab.

Callisto II is a retro-styled computer case based around the computers of the eighties that will house your Raspberry Pi. It’s very stylish and pretty practical.

We also show you how to build a complete arcade cabinet, from parts to decorations to finally getting the software set up, all from retro games whizz KG Orphanides.

All this and many more projects, tutorials, guides, and features.

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The Official Raspberry Pi Handbook 2023 is available now online at our store, in the Raspberry Pi Store in Cambridge’s Grand Arcade, and at all good newsagents. You can also grab the PDF for free from our website.

handbook 2023 cover

It’s an absolute pleasure to put these books together every year, and really reminds me of some of the incredible things y’all in the community build. See you next time!


JCatalan55 avatar

Awesome, thank! :)

Ed avatar

Spotted a tiny typo; what’s the best place to report it & possibly other ones? For now: page 164 “MGz” => MHz.

fanoush avatar

why 2023? just checked calendar and it is still 2022.
There is a chance it will be already outdated in january 2023.

Rob Zwetsloot avatar

Annuals like this are traditionally given the year they’re out for – this is our handbook for 2023! Just a quirk of publishing. It’s the same reason our October issue will be out in September.

fanoush avatar

Well if October issue of something comes at the end of Septermber that’s great since I can read it during October.

However while this Handbook is great material just like any MagPi issue is, now it is still more than 3 months until 2023 even starts. I went through it and it is nice but if I would start reading it in 2023 some parts could feel pretty dated and confusing. Examples:
Installation talks about Bullseye as a new thing (released 8th Nov 2021 for the Pi) and still discusses Buster. Not sure in 2023 we will still care about that too much. It also suggests 32 bit version everywhere, no word about 64bit version which is already out of beta and could be stable enough in 2023 to be the main thing. Hopefully those warning bits about camera vs Bullseye (pages 12-13) may not be relevant in 2023 too. All Pico W material reads like wireless = WiFi. No word about BLE which is there too and by the time 2023 comes it may be ready to be used.
The review of Pico wireless board (page 188) predates Pico W and may not age well into 2023. Basically the content was made during 2022 and it shows. While it is highly relevant right now and may still be good read in 2023 just like any old issue of MagPi is, there is nothing that screams “2023” to me. The last page says “Updated for 2023, this guide is packed with information on the latest models , including Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W and Raspberry Pi Pico W”, well I hoped we could still get some surprise for Christmas or during early 2023 so hopefully that sentence could be soon outdated too :-)
Anyway, it doesn’t matter much, thanks for all the stuff. Just wanted to say that slapping “2023” on this felt a bit premature to me and I really needed to double check the calendar :-) Calling it 2022 or 2022/09 edition would be more fitting.

Oggie avatar

As was stated in the response. It’s a quirk of publishing. Very similar thing in the automotive industry. Your brand new 2023 car models are gonna start releasing very soon with some models for 2023 already released spring of 2022. I agree there could be relevant info that comes out in a month or 2 that could have been good to be in the book.

EffiesLoveChild avatar

Also FIFA 23 (out next week), Magix Music Maker 23 (out now)!

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