The MagPi – Issue 30 out now, and a Kickstarter for Volume 3 in print!

Created by the community, for the community, The MagPi magazine is the world’s first and only free, regular magazine about Raspberry Pi. It has been published online almost every month since May 2012, and every issue is packed full of hardware and software projects and tutorials for all skill levels. Now there’s a Kickstarter campaign to bring Volume 3 of the magazine into print.

MagPi Vol 3 draft binder cover

Draft of the design for the Volume 3 binder cover

Volume 3 comprises all ten issues published in 2014 (issues 20-29): that’s 468 full colour pages! They’ll come in a lovely smart binder, with a spine designed to match the Volume 1 and 2 binders so that they look neat beside one another on your shelves (we care about this kind of thing at Pi Towers, and we’re quite sure that MagPi readers feel no less strongly).

And that’s not the end of this week’s MagPi goodness: Issue 30 is out now.

The MagPi Magazine, Issue 30

It features electronic ping pong using the Pi’s GPIO and LEDs, an account of using Raspberry Pi to enhance navigation data on marine voyages, an air hockey arcade game in Scratch, an introduction to C#, Raspberry Pi 2 (of course!) and plenty more. Download your PDF copy now!


John avatar

Kickstarter backed! This is really fantastic, I am a huge fan of the MagPi! Can’t wait to rip through this months issue!

Aaron avatar

Thanks for the post, and glad you appreciate the matching shelf edge labels!

MBD avatar

Hurray! Time to read and learn.

Archisman Panigrahi avatar

Any news about the Christmas Competition? Will winners be announced or just be sent emails?

Aaron avatar

Which competition are you referring to?


Archisman Panigrahi avatar
Aaron avatar

Oh OK, that has nothing to do with The MagPi so I can’t help you there I’m afraid.

MalMan35 avatar

When I asked a few blog posts back, they said they would hopefully announce it this week ( I am referring to the Christmas Competion 2014).

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