The MagPi issue 27: out now!

Is that the date already? The new issue of The MagPi, the free magazine written and produced by members of the Raspberry Pi community, is available today.

The MagPi issue 27

Editor Ash Stone says:

Welcome to Issue 27 of The MagPi magazine. This month’s issue is packed cover to cover with something for just about everyone!

Are you tired of controlling your Raspberry Pi with the same old mouse and keyboard? Have you ever wished you could have the ergonomic feel of a console controller in your hands when playing some of those retro games we have written about in past issues? If you answered yes to either of these questions, why not take a look at Mark Routledge’s fantastic article describing how to do just that.

Alec Clews talks us through the use of Git, a free version control software package that we also use here at The MagPi to ensure that all of the team work on the most up to date copy of each issue. This is a great read, especially if you work with any type of document or file as part of a team.

As you can see from our front cover, we return to the popular world of Minecraft in Dougie Lawson’s clever article on building QR code structures inside the game. We also have more physical computing from ModMyPi, and a great father and son story on building and funding a Raspberry Pi project through Kickstarter.

Of course we have not forgotten about programming. William Bell continues his popular C++ series and we also have part three of our game programming series using FUZE BASIC. Start thinking of some game ideas now because in the next issue we will have a game programming competition.

If you want even more from The MagPi this month then why not join us on the 11th October at the SWAMP Fest event (see this month’s Events page) where we will have our own stand. We look forward to seeing you there.

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue and don’t forget to like our Facebook page and leave a comment at


Jim Mike avatar

I don’t “do” Stalkernet…er, Facebook, Ash, so I’ll leave my comments here.

Great magazine, Ash. You and the entire team are to be highly commended. Your hard work and dedication is rewarded with an outstanding product.
All the best…

ukscone avatar

can’t seem to find a working download pdf link anywhere. no pdf this month or just taking a long time to propogate?

Liz Upton avatar

The MagPi guys just said on Twitter that the PDF link is on the way – their web folks are working on it.

Matthias avatar

I just managed to download it from the ISSUU web site, but it’s a bit complex and you need to log in.

Open the issue in full-screen mode > click on “Share” > click one “Download” > ISSUU login > again click on share & Download

William H. Bell avatar

The PDF link is up now. One of the mirrors is broken. Therefore, if it does not work please try to download after a few minutes delay. The broken mirror appears to be hard coded somewhere, but I cannot find where yet.

stevepdp avatar

Looking forward to the console controllers article. Thanks :-)

winkleink avatar

Yeah – GIT tutorial. Been wanting learn GIT for ages.
But most of the tutorials start with boiling the ocean before they explain how to use it.

Global Learning avatar

I can’t wait to read about the console controller as a retro game fan. This is such exciting news and great to hear the magazine is free.

Donald avatar

Awesome issue! FINALLY someone wrote up a cohesive article for setting up controllers! Thanks Mark! I was just wondering how would I go about setting up a separate script/instance for PCSX Re_ARMed and Cave Story that are available in the Pi Store? I don’t know if it would run in Cave Story since it reboots and would likely stop the sudo xboxdrv –config ~XBOX basic-config file/command from running.

To stop the blinking LED on the controller blacklist xpad:

sudo nano /etc/modprobe.d/raspi-blacklist.conf

Add: blacklist xpad

Ian McAlpine avatar

Thanks for the suggestion Donald. I’ll update the article with that info so it will be included when we create the version for printing.

Kind Regards

Jeff Haddow avatar

I tried to view this issue from my RPi with the new browser and couldn’t because the software to display it wont work on the browser. So I hope that the PDF link will fix this!!

All the best

Liz Upton avatar

Yeah – it’s Flash (it’s even a bit clunky on my laptop). The PDF link should be available soon, according to Team MagPi.

dendad avatar

That’s good. I’m waiting for the PDF link too :)

uybhuybhg avatar

Stop turning retrogaming into a new fad, it’s been in existence of decades. Stop tryuing to reivne the whel

Tzumu Sassafras avatar

I agree! Your lucky even to have the fad of retrogaming, decades ago we had to just call it “gaming”, it was rubbish! Why revein a whelk? Lossers!

Liz Upton avatar

Sometimes I think we ought to introduce the ability to upvote comments here. Thank you; you made me make snorting noises.

aremvee avatar

the guy who invented the wheel was a fool. The guys who ere-invented the other three was the genius. ;)

Gert avatar

Wheel barrow???

Jeff (fos) avatar

Great issue as usual. I sure would like a download version.


don isenstadt avatar

great issue as always .. since no pdf available it forced me to use issuu .. I found than on my ipad it is very nice .. easier to read than a pdf .. and you can use offline..

PDF avatar


Niall Saunders avatar

Call me old-fashioned (most call me worse) – but, I like to be able to archive the PDF, and read the magazine from a paper printout of the PDF original.

Loss of the PDF feed, for me, would be the end of the Mag Pi road.

With the PDF originals, I can cut-and-paste articles that sometimes span many months into a single document that I can read from beginning to end.

In fact – this article-splitting process was my most hated feature of all the early programming magazines that I subscribed to.

Every time I encounter it nowadays, it makes me want to build a scale model of the “Ark Royal” over 6,784 monthly issues :-)

Please, just remember us Luddites, who will never, ever, end up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc., etc. (such accounts as may appear on these virulent outpost of the nethernet were created for me by my nephew – who thought he was doing me a favour. Fortunately my early-onset senility has conveniently allowed me to forget how to even log on, so all is well!)


3xBackups avatar

Is moving DNS domains at the moment ?

William H. Bell avatar

Yes, it looks like our hosts are changing the DNS configuration…

TheMainMan avatar

PDF is now available!

TheWorldsSmartestOctupus avatar

No, it’s a DDOS caused by everyone hitting f5 waiting for the pdf to appear.

William H. Bell avatar

It looks like the host has gone down. It is too early to see if it is too many downloads. The system administrator of the host is working on the problem at the moment.

William H. Bell avatar

The DDOS is on the DNS and not the host:

ColinD avatar

F5: reminds me of the day we all tried to order our first Raspberry Pi…

Dougie avatar is working right now.

So you can all read the incredibly clever article on generating QR codes in Minecraft.

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