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Martin, our financial director, dropped by for a budget meeting yesterday. “How’s it going, Liz?”

“I’m trying to think up a title for a blog post. There’s this juggler who was on America’s got Talent, who’s using programmable juggling clubs that light up and synchronise. They’re powered by a Pi. And the person who built them is a totally amazing sixteen-year-old girl who interns at NASA.”

“Don’t ask me for ideas,” said Martin. “I’m an accountant.”

Juggling with magical Pi clubs, on a long exposure setting

Juggling with magical Pi clubs, on a long exposure setting

Let’s start with that sixteen-year-old girl. Lauren Egts is pretty exceptional. She’s a busy and incredibly articulate advocate for open source software, she’s a seasoned Pi hacker (check out the summer vacation project she worked on at NASA, which was also Pi-powered). And we absolutely love the fact that there’s a Raspberry Pi in her LinkedIn profile photo.

Lauren got an email from the company she did work experience with last summer, saying they’d been approached by a juggler (Charles Peachock, whose juggling got him into the quarterfinals of America’s Got Talent) who, in the way of modern jugglers (we think), needed some technical support. He wanted clubs to use in his act that could have lights embedded which could be synchronised to a routine, and Lauren’s former colleagues thought she’d be able to help. Lauren, being Lauren, rose to the challenge, and the results are pretty spectacular.


You can read Lauren’s explanation of how she hacked together the juggling pin setup over at RasPi Today also interviewed her about the project. You can see the Pi-powered clubs in action in Charles Peachock’s demo reel: he starts using them at 3m 39s in – it’s a very short segment of the video, and the quality’s not the best, but the whole video’s worth watching. Who knew that gravity worked quite like that?

Even now, our very own Ben Nuttall is trying to work out how to make his elbows do that thing.


Aaron avatar

First they remove the u from colour and now they add an h to Peacock ;-)

Amazing juggling!!

Liz Upton avatar

I thought it was a misspelling too when I first saw his name – but no, it’s really Peachock. Mind you, every name out there seems to get mangled with regularity, and I’m starting to wonder why we bother fixing spellings at all: last week I had a letter addressed to Mrs Optin.

AndrewS avatar

Mrs Optin must have been ticking the right boxes ;-)

Jon Colt avatar

One Peanuts (Charles Shultz) character to another:

“Do you spell the word ‘goggles’ with one ‘g’ or two?”
“Great! Thanks. [Then, writing it down…], ‘G’-‘G’-‘O’-‘G’-‘L’…

Ken MacIver avatar

“Don’t ask me for ideas,” said Martin. “I’m an accountant.”
Definitely a GSOH…

If Martin finds his chosen profession too exciting there’s always Actuary…

Haggishunter avatar

Actually I think the title’s a great idea. A set of Pi-powered juggling puns in Mr Peachock’s hands would be the ultimate in light entertainment.

Ravenous avatar

How do you kill a circus?
Go for the Juggler!

(Not strictly a pun but there you go.)

Andrew Schroeder avatar

Lights! Martin eh, add pun!

Lion XL avatar

Just curious…but the picture on the link does not look like a Raspberry Pi. is it a new version yet to be announced? (or does need better fact checkers?)

Andy avatar

It’s the Alpha board, circa August 2011

Lion XL avatar

Ohhhhhh…never saw one before.

Seidler avatar

It it tough to come up with a pun for juggling and even tougher to juggle in real life. This looks amazing!

Gee (The Rabid Inventor) Bartlett avatar

This is going to be shameless but.

Pibrella Spot yet another cool usage :)

Have to say very very talented. oh, and the juggler was ok

aremvee avatar

a noo zillunder wouldn’t understand the funny side of the pun

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CWRU THINKBOX, Glenn NASA .. >> Cleveland, Ohio .. I would hope when you plan another tour of the USA you would stop by .. we really are starting to come back to our roots (we used to make quite a lot of stuff here manufacturing was king .. now we seem to have another .. but the maker community is growing so please make us a destination! :-)

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