Next week…

Eben and I are taking a week off from this evening. (“But you went skiing in January!”, I hear you howl through my monitor. Yes, we did; but I only did two days actually enjoying myself before twisting a knee and then spent the rest of the time working, so a period of time with the laptop lid closed is something I’m feeling quiveringly excited about. It’s also probably necessary in the long term for my continued sanity.)

My time online will be very limited this week; you may see a couple of blog posts, but don’t hold your breath. And unless it’s incredibly urgent, I will not be responding to email; by “urgent”, I am talking about things in the class of haemorrhages and plagues of frogs.

Things round here won’t stop entirely, though. The forums are really lively at the moment, while so many of you are receiving your Raspberry Pis. There are now tens of thousands out there in the hands of users, with more are arriving every day. Please head over and join in the conversation, whether you’re a veteran programmer or a newbie owner; there’s stuff there for everyone, and the community is very friendly and helpful. The mods will be keeping an eye on things here in the comments section and on the forums while we’re away. Thank you guys; I really appreciate it!


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have a nice trip an don’t try to kill yourself this time! My Ras Pi is meant to arrive next week and i alread have some big ideas for it but anyway have a real good holiday!

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A well-earned break. Have a great time.

We’ll be thinking of you – but you don’t need to think about us :)

Best to you both,


p.s. Eben’s talk at HNL on Thursday was great.

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And a well-earned vacation it is. Enjoy; hope things go better than last time!

With a bit of luck I’ll also be receiving a slice of Pi next week, am so giddy with excitement I can hardly contain myself. Thanks to y’all for the hard work!

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Go! Have fun! Enjoy! Youv’e earned it.

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Have a great holiday, chill and try not to think too much about the Foundation! My Pi arrived on Friday and I’ll be living in the Forum fo the next few weeks :-)

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have a great holiday, you have really earned it
got my pi a while back, but when I etch my prototypeing plate tomorrow I will he creating lots of little computer controlled thingys ;)

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Have fun!

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January? It was more recent than that wasn’t it? I thought it was March or April at least (but maybe I’ve gone nuts). ;)

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Clearly she must have forgotten the “irony” mark when she wrote January. On 21st March she posted “Huge apologies for going quiet on you. Eben and I have been on a skiing holiday, but I managed to fall and twist my knee”

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And no accident-prone sports this time, please …

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Enjoy yourselves on your holiday to say it is well deserved is like saying it’s a “a bit warm today”.

You’ve done some amazing work and will change the lives of many people and disrupt the status quo of the IT industry.

Have fun & try not to break anything (including yourselves)!

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How dare you take a break! I know people who are still waiting… I joke, I joke! Enjoy your well deserved holiday, hope you come back feeling properly refreshed!

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And i thought you were on holiday last week playing Princess with R2D2.

Have a good break whilst the weather holds… its the long bank holiday next weekend so it will probably snow, then again if it does you could get your skis back out.

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May I recommend a more relaxing and safer sport than skiing?

Skydiving has many plus points…

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… or perhaps Liz had better stick to something a bit ‘safer’ still… such as bungee jumping, for example! ;)

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Bungee jumping? Have you seen what that does to your eyeballs!

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Bungee jumping is reasonable safe, provided you know the difference between metric and imperial measurements.

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Eak it must be very unsafe as most woman think inches are centimeters and most men centimeters are inches?

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Not the least of which is the “free” brand-new parachute they’ll give you if your previous chute fails to open! 8^O

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I hope you’re better at taking holidays than I am. I usually end up behind my laptop halfway through the first day.

If it’s any help: I will ignore any blog post you make during the next week. ;-)

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WHAT?!?!?!? You’re taking a break before I’ve gotten my Raspberry Pi? You shouldn’t be allowed to do that. I, as a disgruntled whiner, have lost faith in this whole organization, because I ordered at 6:00:01am GMT on February 29, and still haven’t gotten it, and it won’t ship until the year 2040. And I won’t vote for your innovation award until I get it. And it’s just vaporware. Or something.

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Many people still don’t have one. I ordered at the same time, and mine only came two days ago. You need to be patient, remember, the Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity.

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My bad. The implicit tags weren’t blatant enough. I was making fun of all the whiners who can’t believe this 5 person organization doesn’t operate *exactly* like a multi-million dollar (pound?) corporation. The fact that you confused my post for one of theirs shows just how ridiculous they are. :-)

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Don’t get too excited… Mine arrived this morning, but it doesn’t work. I’m wondering if this project is doomed to failure from the start.

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I wonder, does Eben ever get time to do work for Broadcom?

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We at Broadcom wonder the same :-)

Just joking, he is just making ridiculous hours each day but he is not the only one. I know Eben is very much in the spotlight but there are many others which make this miracle happen. Dom as another of our work-a-holics.

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But i must say desipte the overdemand problems and us geeks wanting it now now now, the RaspberryPi and its team are doing Broadcom a lot of good.

I for one would like to thank Broadcom for supporting, backing and indulging the “wasted” staff time on this project.

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While you’re away – what’s the best way to contact Dom and the other Broadcom -folks responsible for to report a couple of issues?

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Hey guys,

Enjoy ! You deserve it :) But for the rest of us, I give you this. ( I have no idea when exactly this article was written. I just couldn’t believe what I was reading as I was going through it.


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The page says it was last edited at March 6th. Reading the article makes it appear as if it was written before the launch. Quote: “I’ll be placing my order for 20 units as soon as they go on sale”.

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Written December 15th 2011 based on footnote 3.

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I think you mean December 15th 2011. Got my first pi yesterday…..late night :)

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Thanks for the spot [now edited :)]. Enjoy the Pi!

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You guys really need to expand your core team. With the hundreds of thousands units that will be shipping you are gonna burn yourselves out.

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Feel guilty for taking time off much?

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Don’t get me wrong, but I think the “Eben and I” stuff is more Facebook than what I’d like to see here. I don’t mean to be rude in no way, just my observation for you lovebirds.

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Have a nice break you guys deserve it.

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I order my pi yesterday but i cancelled the order because i orderd the wrong part but will rs let me use my same activication code to order the pi again help me please

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O yeahh I do think the same!!

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