We’re testing our new shop – come and buy a sticker!

Update: I can’t believe this, but you guys bought all our stickers in under 24 hours. Thank you for your generosity! I’ve ordered another (larger) batch, which should be with us on Wednesday Nov 16. I’ll post here when they’re available again.

Update 2: We’ve set up pre-orders for the second batch of stickers, so you can order them now, although we won’t be able to post then until next week. Get clicking!

We’re testing the back-end behind our new online shop, and raising a bit of money for the day-to-day running of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. The only product in the store at the moment is a teeny-tiny sticker, which we’re selling at an exorbitant cost to raise funds for the charity – really, we’re asking you to make a donation of £1 (plus shipping, and VAT where appropriate), in return for which we’ll send you a fancy Raspberry Pi vinyl sticker, cut to the shape of the logo. It’s just the right size to stick over your Windows key (it’s got a special coating for high-abrasion environments, so should put up with your pressing the Windows key a reasonable amount). It’s a nice fit on a Raspberry Pi case, over the SD card slot if you decide not to use a case, in the corner of your monitor, on your microwave – go wild! I have 1,000 in stock at the moment. If they look like they’re selling well, I’ll order some more. T-shirts are also in the works for when we’ve got fulfilment completely set up.

Raspberry Pi stickers

Raspberry Pi stickers – get them while they’re hot!

Given we like to do things as transparently as possible, I should explain why we’re starting the shop off like this, selling something small, before we start selling the Raspberry Pi itself. We’re using the stickers to test a number of things. We’re checking the practicality of PayPal as a payment method and as a way of processing credit cards; we’re testing our shipping calculations for parcels; we’re ensuring that the shop software’s output of labels is acceptable; and we’re looking at inventory tracking. We figured the best way to do this was by selling something very low-value and very small. Hence stickers.

Initially, we’re using the Royal Mail to fulfil orders. We will eventually be changing over to a carrier with who will do warehousing for us too, and using them instead of the Post Office to send you your items, but while we’re only selling stickers as a test run, it doesn’t make sense for us to spend money on warehouse space we won’t be using.

We can only set the store software up to handle parcels, so it’s charging the parcel fee although that’s not what we’re paying. The postage fee we’re actually paying in the UK, for example, is the 46p it costs for a 1st class stamp. Sorry about that – there isn’t anything we can do about it. I’m actually stuffing the envelopes, sticking labels on and posting them myself, so any money above the cost of postage and cost of the sticker and envelope is going straight to the charity.


Yannick avatar

Oh, I find them nice anyway! ;)
What are the shipping costs to Germany? I cant see them on the store-website…

liz avatar

When you go to check out, it’ll tell you what the shipping costs are (there’s an “estimate shipping” dialogue). It should be about £2 to Germany.

hansp avatar

The estimate shipping link on the shopping cart page asked me for my country etc. but did not show any shipping charges. Those were added to the total three (or so) pages later. This could be because its a pre-order. I definitely like to see shipping charges as early as possible in the order processing.

Yannick avatar

Okay, got em myself -.-
Just didn’t get that you can let them calculate in the shopping-cart…
(If anyone’s interested – £2.48)

Yo avatar

How much did you pay in €.

Grüße aus Deutschland

Brian Smith avatar

Nice. Problem though, when registering on the site I got an email with my password in plain text – a big no-no security-wise really and a bit iffy-looking – might want to fix that.

Thanks for the sticker in advance though!

liz avatar

Afraid that’s not something we can change – it’s embedded in the shop software.

Edit: I lie, it turns out we can fix it. It’s fixed. Thanks very much for spotting it.

Malcolm Scott avatar

Then perhaps you chose the wrong software? This does look *very* bad for a tech company.

yuriks avatar

Yeah. A shop sending me my password in plain text raises a high suspicion that it may be storing it in plain text also, and that raises all sorts of security flags for me.

liz avatar

Noted. This is the sort of complaint we want to address before we start shipping the device itself. (Although I do hope you’re not using the same passwords for everything.)

liz avatar

Aha – I take it all back. I’ve done some fiddling, and it is something we can change. All fixed now, anyway.

Brian Smith avatar

Ta Liz, appreciated. (I used to do computer security stuff, so I’m a bit sensitive about this kind of thing).

sge avatar

Make sure you use cryptographic salts and please DON’T use MD5 as your hashing algorithm.

Simon avatar

It doesn’t really matter what your hashing algorithm is, as long as it’s one-way and your keys are salted; you have to assume that if your password table is compromised, so are the details of what algorithm you use to create your hashes. Even salting only saves you from doing a reverse hash lookup of the entire table rather than recreating a reverse lookup table for every entry (this is onerous, but not too onerous, especially if we know the “rules” for password creation – hint – never “require” any particular set of characters, never limit password size to a minimum or maximum, etc)

Mike Griffiths avatar

The hashing algorithm matters a lot – make sure it is SHA2 or equivalent

willjcroz avatar

Agreed, in fact don’t use any ‘raw’ cryptographic hash, they are designed for speed and modern CPU’s can brute force them surprisingly well.

Considering the cheap hardware and commodity clustering available to crackers these days, for decent secure password hashing you need three things: a good crypto hash, salting (against rainbow table attacks) *and* work factoring (slows down brute force and dictionary attacks) [1].

I’d recommend Bcrypt [2], the current de facto standard password hashing algorithm.

[1] http://codahale.com/how-to-safely-store-a-password/
[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bcrypt

caminati avatar

I confirm it is fixed.

Tony Tibbenham avatar

My password arrived as eight of the same symbol!?
Also there was no way to change required quantity on the original screen but when I went back there was a ‘number required’ option.
For a shop you need a really quick, consistent and easy design …
Sticker Picture NumberOff PricePer – LineTotal
I didn’t mind wandering through Paypal to pay but it felt like the whole thing was not quite as slick as it could be.

Ricky avatar


Simon avatar

Aaaargh, please, not PayPal. That’s setting yourselves up for a whole heap of pain.

liz avatar

We’ll be using a proper merchant-based credit card account when we launch the device rather than PayPal’s credit card cludge. Part of what we’re doing here is checking that PayPal works smoothly. We’re using PayPal because a lot of people without credit cards (especially kids) do have PayPal accounts – my goddaughter, for example, has one which her parents top up when she wants to buy something online.

alex avatar

I’d like a real credit card processor too, I seriously don’t trust paypal. They’ve screwed too many people.

Yeah, when it works great, it’s convenient for people without credit cards. But when they decide they close your account for X reason, you’ll see that the price of convenience is not totally worth it.

Simon avatar

Don’t do it. Really, just don’t. I understand [i]why[/i] you’re doing it, but don’t. Or, if you do, make it the very last, hidden, choice after “send us a postal order via donkey mail”.

PayPal can, and will, feck you over royally. They look a bit like a bank, but they are completely unregulated, and, as far as their service is concerned, their word is law. As soon as a few people start moaning to them that their Pi hasn’t arrived (and realistically, that’s gonna happen, what with “launching pains”, launching around Christmas, and the Royal Mail), you may find yourself with your account locked down – no payments in, no payments out, and you’re faced with the impenetrable wall of PayPal’s “dispute resolution” process, which is, as far as I can tell, manned entirely by stuffed chimpanzees.

I’ve had this happen to my personal paypal account, twice before I told them to get fscked, and I’m far from being alone in this. The more worrying issue is that merchant accounts get treated exactly the same – a friend of mine found his merchant account blocked, just before Christmas, and didn’t get it back online until after the New Year. He lost 1/3 of his annual turnover. PayPal eventually apologised as it was a “mistake”.

Go to see your bank. They’re professionals.

Ulrich avatar

Yes, that is definitely a very valid concern.
There are many paypal horror stories out there but here is one that I think is esp. relevant (it’s from an indie Mac Developer that had a sale during which paypal royaly fscked him over):

jamesh avatar

There are many Paypal horror stories, that cannot be denied. There are also many bank horror stories and credit card company horror stories.

I have never had a problem with Paypal, but I have had a problem with a bank.

It’s horses for courses. For the vast majority of people Paypal works fine.

Simon avatar

Can’t reply to jamesh, it seems.

Yes, banks can, and do, royally fsck people over from time to time. However, and it’s a *big* however :

1 – The banks are overseen by an ombudsman, and have to follow a very strict set of rules. PayPal are a private company, totally unregulated, and operating offshore.

2 – if the banks decide you’re being a naughty boy, they will stop you being able to take money out of your account. You can usually get around this by visiting your local branch and beating the manager’s head on his desk until he decides to stop being a twunt.
If, however, Paypal’s automated system decides you’re being a naughty boy, PayPal will stop you being able to take money out of your account, stop you being able to receive money into your account, and, if they’re feeling vindictive, pull money out of your actual /bank/ account to boot. There is no branch to walk into, their reply time on disputes is on the order of 48 hours per mail if you’re lucky and there’s no public holiday or weekend, and they will quite frequently simply refuse to accept that you are who you say you are, leaving you out in the cold.

PayPal is fine, as long as it works. When it stops working, you risk going out of business.

nevez avatar

Have you considered stripe.com? I’ve never used it (I’m using PayPal on my website), but it looks simple and neat. I’m considering to integrate it as an alternative to paypal, for credit card payments.

Has anybody here some experience with it?

Tony Tibbenham avatar

Starting now is a good thing .. it gives you some payment history with Paypal. Their processes are tortuous though … as your revenues through Paypal increase they suddenly ask for more validation that you really exist and prevent you drawing funds until that ‘proof’ is provided.
It rarely stops Paypal taking money from your customers though .. they just don’t pass the money on to you promptly.
( in one of my other roles I run a Paypal account that takes in around 1,000 GBP per month so hope their tape measure is warm when they come to check my inside leg measurement! )
Offering a range of payment options should allow you to stay in business even if a couple of options get blocked.

nick avatar

Sorry to ressurect a dead thread but as I found it something that I wanted to comment on. I understand the other posters problems he’s had with Paypal, however, I am certain that you should offer it as an option. I have used paypal or as long as I can remember on the internet (maybe 10 years?) never had a problem and never use my CC unless forced to (amazon, easyjet…) I am much happier as a customer buying with Paypal and hope that this is still an option when the raspberries go on sale. I think that you should remove the option when it becomes a problem, not before.

Abishur avatar

Me too!

rti avatar

Nice work.
The overlay “Ok, 1 item was added to your chart…” does not fit well on the screen on MobileSafari on iOS though.

Keep up the good work guys :)

Liam Fraser avatar

Hi Guys, Just wondering if there would be the posibility of paying via VISA / Debit card? Paypal would be great, except it won’t let me make an account because I’m not 18 yet. However other online stores like Amazon are okay with it :/. If not then I’ll just have to get my parents to buy it for me but I’d prefer to do it myself if at all possible :).



liz avatar

Yes, you can. Just select Visa.

John avatar

Options for something like Google Checkout might be good too.

Next idea for a low-value store item; A2 sized poster of a production board, with various components pointed out with arrows/bubbles etc. explaining (in language suitable for 10 year olds) what each piece does.

Looking forward to my stickers – Irish postage seems right, at £2.50

liz avatar

That’s a lovely idea – duly noted!

Eduardo Mercer avatar

+1 on John’ idea, I’d buy myself a few posters ;)

Dave avatar

Maybe ideal is an idea it’s used in the netherlands a lot, but I don’t really know if it is used in other countries. Please tell me!

Thomas avatar

iDeal is only for The Netherlands. It’s a great payment service, but it’s too expensive to use for Raspberry Pi.

You can use creditcard or link your bank account to paypal.

mike avatar

I feel kinda bad asking this, but what Royal Mail delivery method you are using that it costs £1.90 to deliver a tiny sticker within the UK? I’ll happily give you £1 for a sticker but giving Royal Mail £1.90 to deliver it just feels wrong. I’m giving Royal Mail £1.90 so that I can give you £1. (Or I would be if I could get PayPal to play…) A first class stamp costs 46p. Add an envelope and that’s what, 50p? Are Royal Mail actually putting the stickers in the envelopes for you too?

liz avatar

We can only set the store software up to handle parcels, so it’s charging the parcel fee although that’s not what we’re paying. The postage fee we’re actually paying is the 46p it costs for a 1st class stamp. Sorry about that – there isn’t anything we can do about it. I’m actually stuffing the envelopes, sticking labels on and posting them myself, so any money above the cost of postage and cost of the sticker and envelope is going straight to the charity.

Edited to add: actually, this is probably something I should have mentioned in the main post. I’ll go and copy it there too.

mike avatar

Well if the charity is getting £1.44 of that £1.90 then that’s different :)
I hope for your tongue’s sake you’re not going to have to lick all those envelopes!
Now if I can just figure out how to get in to my PayPal account…

liz avatar

I’m just horrified to discover how much a 1st class stamp costs these days! (Cue “When I was a girl…” maundering.)

ukscone avatar

i remember when you could get 12 sticks of liquorice for a penny.

i blame those darn europeans with their newfangled decimalization

Montekuri avatar

I remember when I used stamps, long time ago…
Now, just emails…

Tony avatar

You have decided to use store software that you can’t adjust shipping charges on!? Speechless!

liz avatar

We can adjust shipping charges, but the interface with the Post Office is very clunky. We’re not going to be using them as our long-term carrier, so you don’t have anything to worry about.

jamesh avatar

Ironic then, given youe speechlessness, that you had to comment, which is a form of speech!

zerth avatar

Awesome, after fees and shipping, 2 stickers are $6.66

Niklas avatar

i love u guys 4 accepting paypal. a lot of big companies dont do that!

daniel avatar

Love what you guys are doing!
1 little suggestion would be to have a quantity option when you are in checkout, as well as the carts quantity change.

liz avatar

I think it’s too late once you’re in checkout, but I’ll go and check it…out and see.

Maciej avatar

I’m sorry but it’s a little too expensive. With shipping it costs 3,68GBP which makes about 18PLN. In Poland you can buy for 18 złoty a large pizza in pizzeria or about six bars of chocolate, and it is just a little sticker. So, sorry again but it’s not worth it.

liz avatar

Like I said in the post – they’re exorbitantly priced because those people who buy them are assisting us by testing our system as well as giving us a donation. But PLEASE don’t buy one if it’s beyond your pocket – we’d prefer you to save your money for more important things.

Maciej avatar

OK, don’t get me wrong, I would love to support you and your job, but giving twice a donation value to Royal Mail isn’t right. And you are right, this is beyond my pocket at the moment, I have only my pocket money(100PLN a month, about 20GBP) and I have to pay my phone bill, buy magazines I buy every month and save something. Sorry if I made any mistakes, English is not my native language.

liz avatar

Really – no problem at all. We really DON’T want people who can’t afford it to be spending money on these. (I would also prefer a pizza or several bars of chocolate!)

MH avatar

If only it was a real, decent sized sticker, I’d totally buy some. Sorry Pi lads, I’ll sit out of this one for now.

Anon avatar

Wow inflation works fast,..

Price already up to £1.20 :P

liz avatar

That’s VAT you’re seeing, sadly.

Martin avatar

Can you not get gift aid as you’re a charity to save on VAT?

liz avatar

We will be doing when we come donations later on with the proper merchant account, but we haven’t for this test run with PayPal.

Chris Tyler avatar

The price discrepancy between screens is bewildering… it says “Price: £1.20” on the main product screen, but when you add it to the cart it says “Keyboard sticker £1.00”.

Tim Gilchrist avatar

I noticed this too, and I think it’s removing the 20% VAT* from the price for people outside the UK (I’m in Oz). I guess the shopping cart doesn’t know you’re not liable for it until you tell it where you are :)

* Ouch. I’m sure it was 17% or so last time I looked!

Jongoleur avatar

Liz: “I’m actually stuffing the envelopes, sticking labels on and posting them myself”


It’s been touched by liz…….

mano avatar

Nice idea. I bought two, greetings from Venice and keep up with the good job!

Montekuri avatar

Is there some way to put the price in American Dolars?

liz avatar

We don’t support that at the moment, but we should be supporting different currencies by the time we come to ship the device itself. Hang on, and I’ll have a go at getting it working now.

liz avatar

Tah-da! Dollars up and running. Please keep this sort of comment coming, folks – it’s very helpful for fine-tuning the shop.

Montekuri avatar

I reset the site Store many times, but still only see pounds currency.

liz avatar

If you go to the product page, you’ll see a currency converter at the top right.

(Why does nobody ever notice things at the top right?)

Montekuri avatar

Ah! I was just reloading the frontpage to see any change.
Or clicking on “Add to chart” to see any change.
It worked in the product page.

Thank you.

Andrei avatar

I suggest analyzing visit statistics of raspberrypi.org or/and raspberrypi.com to see from which countries visitors come, and support currencies of, say, top 10 visitors’ countries.

Jongoleur avatar

Of course, by registering for the shop and making a first minimal transaction, we’ll be streets ahead when the day comes to click’n’buy in earnest – no fumbling the capatcha while the stock levels of A’s and B’s drop like the FTSE on a EuroCrisis day.

clive avatar

The State/Province dropdown list full of weirdness and anachronisms like ‘Yorkshire North Ridings’ and ‘West Suffolk’. (at least on the “estimate shipping” bit)

liz avatar

Yes – they’re a little quaint in their understanding of the way the UK works. I was surprised not to see The Shire and Mordor on the list.

jamesh avatar

Well, without Mordor on the list, I doubt it will reach me.

Andrei avatar

Also, on the registration page, when one changes his country (e.g. to Russian Federation), State/Province field is no longer marked as required, but on submit it turns out it actually is required. Screenshot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1401886/img/err/raspberrypi.com-registration.png

Arwyn avatar

Quaint is being too kind.
I had to pretend Bristol is in Gloucestershire.

sh4d0w0lf avatar

Ordered one :) I’ve no problem spending around £3.10 especially if it helps out the charity..

Alex Buell avatar

Can we have stickers to put on our cars? :)

liz avatar

Later on, yes – we’ve got lots of merchandise ideas coming, but we need to get the device itself out too!

Florian Heer avatar

There seems to be a small problem in the interface to PayPal. My address in Germany contains the Umlauts ß and ö which get mangled on transfer to PayPal and turn to ß and ö. It seems the characters are stored in your shop system correctly.
As soon as you have a way to pay without PayPal I’ll be happy to buy a sticker ;-)

Montekuri avatar

Will we have stickers with the phrase “R-Pi Inside”? :D

UberEEE avatar

Hmm – have just ordered a couple of stickers.

According to my account I am currently awaiting fulfillment by Liz.

All good :-) (but I fear it just means I will get the stickers in the post :-D )

liz avatar

Oh, I can hear the thighs being slapped miles away. 8)

Tiziano Rossetti avatar

Just ordere 2, now let’s see how much time does Royal Airmale take to ship to Italy :P
Greetings from Rome!

davr avatar

$4.89 shipped is a little much for a sticker, that’s nearly 20% the cost of a linux box!

Mace Moneta avatar

The site doesn’t use SSL by default, and manually using ‘https://’ yields a warning that the site doesn’t match the URL (bigcommerce.com). Clear text transmission of private info is bad, and the browser security warning will scare folks that don’t understand that you’re using a 3rd party to handle the transaction. You need to setup the SSL certificate from bigcommerce per their user guide and use https:// on your links in the store.

bananasdoom avatar

so what are the sales numbers??

jamesh avatar

42. It’s always 42.

RoDuS avatar

Sorry if this has ben posted, i didnt read all 5X Re’s.

American $ button needed,

RoDuS avatar

DOH! I just hit “merchandise” and it’s american $

cnxsoft avatar

Just a small issue: The address bar will show https://store-a9ba5.mybigcommerce.com instead of https://www.raspberrypi.com when you sign in.

Henrik avatar

Mentioning the same thing. Even the link name isn’t correct in the registration e-mail.

liz avatar

Eben’s meant to have done that – he’ll get onto it this evening. *BAD* Eben.

Rob avatar

It might also be nice (and a little less confusing) to replace the shopping trolley favicon with the Raspberry Pi one.

liz avatar

That’s on the list of things to do for this evening.

Thunder__X avatar

I’d rather spend the $5 and donate it directly to the foundation and not get a sticker than only giving $1.59 to the foundation and $3.30 to the Royal Mail.

jamesh avatar

It’s only about $0.70 to the Mail, the software forces parcel prices but we only charge letter prices, the excess goes to the charity.

I believe.

Thunder__X avatar

Then maybe I will order a sticker!

Caspid avatar

Can we see the runners-up for the logo contest yet, pretty please?

pi-curious avatar


NegentropicMan avatar

OK, tried an order from germany, nearly everything is OK until now. One small thing: The billing information is not handed over to PayPal correctly: I live in Nürnberg (you should visit the town, is is really nice), and the Umlaut showed up in PayPal wrongly encoded. For other shops this is working, so I assume that the problem is on your side.

+1 for the poster with the board on it

wietze avatar

Nice little sticker being sent to Holland!

Powerpuff avatar

Great job you guys! This is the American in me speaking now and I wanted to suggest that you also make available for sale a “limited edition” 5×5 matrix of stickers autographed by all the founders of RasPi with a higher [sticker] price donation. Heck, if we’re giving all this money away to her majesty’s mail system, we might as well get something more substantial in return.
One day all of you will be rich and famous (or the charities will be rich and you will only be famous, or none of you will be rich but the sticker will be famous) and we’ll have this matrix to reminisce on the days we could send you a message and actually get a reply ;-).

Keep on the good work and greetings from Romania!

joukio avatar

just ordered on, just to have it :) . Do hope I can order the rpi’s for my collegues and myself. Please keep up the good work Liz and all the other people at the foundation.

Eggn1n3 avatar

Ok, I just ordered 3 stickers with paypall. Seems it all works great so far.

chris avatar

Yeah I dont really want the sticker, suppose I should have mentioned that
I should be able to order an intangible sticker which obviously has free shipping

TISP avatar

You mention it’s a nice fit on the Raspberry PI case. Am I to assume that you’ll be selling model Bs with cases soon? Hadn’t heard anything about it.

Ned avatar

Liz, It might be worth having a “gander” at http://www.viart.com/ as an alternative e commerce platform?

Ruslan Yalyshev avatar

Hi! Nice idea for shop, but have some issues:
1. Registration – State / Province is required but does not have * sign in registration form.
2. Please make the web address consistent and hide this ugly https://store-a9ba5.mybigcommerce.com from user. Just raspberrypi.com and no other URL.
3. No feedback button or link on the shop’s site.

Christian Schlotter avatar

Just ordered a sticker to Germany!
Will order some Raspberrys for me and my colleagues when they are available!


meltwater avatar

I’ve just had a play with the shop just to try out.

1. As mentioned, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a simple paypal donate button, removes p+p costs but gives an easy way to give support.
I expect an option to donate a Pi will also be available on checkout too when the units are available. Please could it be an option to donate a % of a r-pi for those who can’t justify 1:1 purchase (it would then be nice to keep track of your donations via your account).

2. The currency converter needs to be in the checkout/cart page, I wouldn’t have found it without reading here (probably doesn’t even need to be on the product page as you can add items without going that far – checkout or similar is where I would/did look).

3. Please can you have a info page on there where you can see details about shipping costs and tax. So many shops don’t let you find this information upfront without adding items to a cart (or worse without registering an account), it just allows people to be prepared for the final cost. This can also be linked to the cart page “Shipping (Royal Mail (First Class))” <<< add link here to explain costs (in particular for the stickers you can then mention that in this case only 45p UK stamp + the VAT is cost and the rest will be additionally donated). Nice to know that the parcel rate isn't too bad for the r-pi if that is the price.

4. Use of Paypal – for me I find it easy but by the sound of it a backup/alternative would be also be recommended (google checkout is probably similar enough to be good idea). Again you need more info up-front about how you can pay (i.e. paypal logo) or you'll have lots of annoyed people at the checkout.

5. Links to the http://www.raspberrypi.org and information about the company etc, in particular physical address/contact/support information is needed – gives confidence about the site being genuine. Plus the page/fav icon of the page needs to be updated with the r-pi icon.

6. Good plan to test the shop, as mentioned by others the closer christmas the launch is the more pressure it'll have. Can't wait to get a R-PI as soon as I can, would love to have one before christmas (then will order more afterwards when 2nd/3rd build is ready so others get a chance to enjoy them first).

DannyB avatar

Before you fully decide against the Royal mail could you ensure that you can deliver to a different address than the card holders?

As there is nobody at my home during the day, I keep on running into the problem where until you are several orders in, you have to use the card holder address. In the case of the Royal mail means picking it up from the sorting office, in the case of a courier means, half a day off work as they cannot give a fixed time to redeliver.

Andrew Minor avatar

3 stickers ordered. Maybe a “Donate” button a la SourceForge or an intangible item would be good so that I can just give you cash (small denominations obviously, I wish I was King Midas, but I’m not).

liz avatar

We’ll have one of those later on – the main point of what we’re doing is to get the store software up and running properly and to check that the inventory stuff works OK.

Davespice avatar

Works well! I have ordered one for myself. There might be a slight bug with having a different shipping address to the billing address. My pay pal receipt shows the shipping address as the billing address but the receipt from your store has it correctly. My order number was 502 if you want to double check it. I wanted it to be delivered to my work address. Thanks guys, good work! =)

Pete avatar

Brilliant idea to do some testing first!, just ordered one to go on the keyboard I haven’t ordered yet (considering options) – everything worked fine, apart from Chrome autofil (v 15 on mac) which didn’t work with the form pages – although that’s a very minor thing and shop pages are probably better without it.

Good luck with the fulfillment!

Tozzi avatar

Hi there! Just ordered two stickers from you and also got an email which says “Awaiting Fulfillment”. An “quantity” counter to the product may maybe be an idea? :) Don’t know if this q was asked before, in a kind of hurry! ^^

Best Regards // Tozzi

Tozzi avatar

Oh, also one more thing!

Change the character set/table to UTF-8 please, it’s getting crazy when my shipping details includes chars like “å”, “Å”, “ä”, “Ä”, “ö” and “Ö”.

Can’t wait to order a Raspberry Pi now! :)

BR // Tozzi

P.S. The password check seems to fail sometimes. D.S.

TheLaw avatar

Shouldn’t there be a confirmation email? Does the shop use https?

Sandy avatar

Sending a sticker to Costa Rica would cost a fortune… why not give the option to just make a donation? Less money for Royal Mail and more for Pi!

Timur Kristóf avatar

Hi Guys,
It seems that your shop is unable to handle some Central European (öüóőúéáűí) characters correctly. Since you intend to ship worldwide, please make the shop accept all Unicode characters!
Thank you!

liz avatar

Hi Timur

This is *exactly* the sort of reason we wanted to do a test run with stickers before dealing with the Raspberry Pi itself. We’ll get that sorted this evening.

liz avatar

Thanks Dave. I can’t look into it until this evening, but I’ll have a dig around and see what comes up. Have you had any trouble using disposable addresses with a + symbol at other stores?

Davespice avatar

Not really no, I use them with Amazon, Play.com, Pay Pal pretty much every site I deal with. The only trouble I have had is where web form field validation says that its an invalid email address. In which case it forces you to use the normal version of the address.

Graham Hanson avatar

Not sure why Phone number is a mandatory field on the account. Although I’m sure you have *much* better things to do that to telephone me, I have an aversion to adding phone numbers to online accounts.

Stephen Hammond avatar

If Raspberry pi is a charity is there any chance you could buy stuff via sms shortcode. Apparently the charity get’s all the money if it’s a charity :)

Waynix avatar

Hi Guys,
Would it be possible to pay via IBAN Transaction.
I know many people here in Germany that have a bank account without a credit card.
And many haven’t got an Paypal Account anymore because of paypals corporate policies.

Is this a possible payment Method?

liz avatar

It will be when we go to full launch. Right now we’re testing PayPal. We’re currently setting up our merchant account for IBAN etc (the bank is being slooooow).

piglet avatar

Prices only seem to be in Dollars for me….is that intended?

“All prices are in USD”
Grand Total: $4.94

liz avatar

You should be able to change currencies in your basket – look at the top right of the product page.

piglet avatar


Aha! you can see that currency converter in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox (I’m using FF 8).

I’ll see if it’s being blocked by ad-block-pro or something else.

The more geeky you are the more likely you are to use anything other than IE, and the target here are the geeks to start with….

piglet avatar

Restarted Firefox without any blocking enabled, and still doesn’t show. Screenshot on link below.


Montekuri avatar

Click on the image or on the name of the product. Next page you will see the currency converter.

piglet avatar

Got it! Thanks. Wasn’t intuitive and wasn’t able to be changed from cart or during the ordering process which is bound to catch people out.

Montekuri avatar

I made the same question above, about American Dolars

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

I’d like to say that I appreciate the availability of PayPal. It’s a fact kids are not allowed to own a creditcard without involving one of their parents, while many banks allows kids to have a private bank account from age 14 and higher without involving their parents. Especially in mainland Europe, creditcards are very rare and not very popular due to their negative associations with debt and spending more than you can pay. As Paypal allows you to purchase stuff without actually having money in your paypal account (sort of an indirect bank-transfer upon purchasing something; I’ve used this for years), it’s way better and less complicating than IBAN. Paypal even gives you a couple of cents during confirmation of your bank account XD. I have personally never had problems with paypal and the addition of IBAN bank transfers will make your online purchasing rock solid!

Please refrain from spread too much rumours on creditcards, because I am certain a lot of people (and children) will stop being interested in the RaspberryPi if they believe you need a creditcard to purchase one. The children most interested in your product, those without home-access to computers and with old-fashioned parents, are VERY likely to not have a creditcard.

Duy Truong avatar

I know this is off-topic but… oh my god, is that a picture of Okuu on your avatar?

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

Yes, Utsuho~

danbooru 886347 if you wish

Tulio Adriano Muniz avatar

Brazilian Portuguese news posted on my website: http://www.tulixlinux.org/?p=55

Montekuri avatar

I think you could post more information about processor, memory, ports (HDMI, RCA, USB…) and, maybe, post in the topic about articles and blog posts:

Tulio Adriano Muniz avatar

In fact already posted more information in Brazilian Portuguese in another post on my website, follow the link: http://www.tulixlinux.org/?p=39

Montekuri avatar

Really! Plenty of information.
I think the R-Pi team would enjoy your post of October 28 in this topic:

Montekuri avatar

Your post has more reliable information than this:
In that site is written that someone that buy one R-Pi will win another as gift.
And no matter I warn them they don’t change that.

Daniel avatar

raspberry Pi LSD?

I can see Codeing everywhere !

ausserirdischesindgesund avatar

Just one request: Please more, better photos. That’s my pet peeve when buying something online. I *really* want to see what I am buying. From all sides. Up close, all the details. Even if it is just a curcuit board. Or a sticker.

You might also include something of known size for scale

Steven avatar

Sold them all? Can’t wait to buy r-pi but hope there is enough stock so I have a chance before they sell out.

Danny Backx avatar

> We ran out of stickers! But we ordered some more!

Hmm, no sticker for me. Can I be first in line for a RasPi device then ?

zapper avatar

What about shipping to Lithuania? Is it available? What price?

[…] Read more at Raspberry Pi […]

psergiu avatar

Pre-ordered some stickers from the next batch and added two reviews:
– a large one – to see the formatting;
– a unicode one – with “Zalgo” text.

Should a single person be able to post 2 reviews for the same product ?
Should a person be alowed to post a review without buying that item ?

AJ avatar

A slight glitch for me, when I placed an order – didn’t link to pay pal’s site properly: so had to restart. Not sure what happened there (you might want to check that).

liz avatar

PayPal had an outage this evening – nothing to do with us!

WASD avatar

1000 stickers sold in less than 24 hours. Imagine how fast the R-Pi itself will sell out :)

a guy named loren avatar

I love the idea of Raspberry Pi and will be ordering at least one to tinker with once they’re released… but please don’t tell me you’ll be selling them through this ecommerce setup! For such an elegant product, I expected an equally elegant distribution channel. I’d be glad to contribute on this front – shoot me an email =]

ps – keep up the awesome work =]

eben avatar

Hi Loren
Any specific feedback on the ecom site? I’m not enormously impressed with BigCommerce, but the current plan is to beat it with a stick until it’s good enough….

Tariq avatar

With your objective of kids learning try to use Open Source only reason being any one interested can take a peek on code like hardware.

You are now pressed for time so go for hosted solution will save you time but send correct signals.

With hosted solutions you would be confronted with payment beyond the routine cost of hosting a Open Source solution.

Being Charity as well as some shared out look I hope you will get a special deal [ read FREE :) ] but I am no one to promise that you will have to ask. You will need to ask Roy Rubin.

Now what software ? Well it has been suggested by more then one person here so nothing new, please check www_magentocommerce_com

IMHO you should not be wasting your time on trying to beat some thing which is not going to work for you or going to inspire some kid / allow to take a peek on code and see what makes it tick.

If you need some volunteer basis help for delegating tasks just ask.

Had you asked few months before then suggestion + volunteer help would have been for a different project which would have automated sale + manufacturing + inventory + accounting in one go all open source.

HerrFrosty avatar

I hope there will be other payment option in the future that don’t involve creditcards. I don’t have a credit card, so I can’t pay you for anything as it is now.

And believe me, I want a Raspberry Pi once it is released :P
Any ideas about implementing iDeal as a payment option?

liz avatar

I wish you guys would read the comments before posting! Have a look upstream. 8)

HerrFrosty avatar

My bad, ctrl+f sometimes fails on me.
I read something about IBAN, that’s a nice alternative.

Fram avatar

For me, a non-credit card owner, it would be very nice when an iDeal – option would be available.


And it would be handy if the payment-options are visible at the entrance of the shop.

Having said so I must add the shop looks good!
I want two or three if possible.

DaisyDave avatar

I’ve Pre-Ordered my sticker, my only constructive comment is the zip/postal code field on the account registration screen is too small to show the entire postcode. Later on in the process, the postal and tax estimate, has an adequately sized field. It might be Chrome that’s the problem.

It was nice surprise to see proper counties in the state/province field, I’m so used to clicking on that option to find that only the US of A is large enough to have states :-)

Josh avatar

Damn. I cannot believe I missed this!
I so need an RSS Newsreader…

Jean-Francois Fillion avatar

Hi guys, on your online shop the province/state drop box dont work for canada.

Sander avatar

Liz’ post says ” we’re testing our shipping calculations for parcels”.
With my Netherlands address, I get for shipping: “Royal Mail (International Airmail Packets) €2.90”, which is not bad for a parcel containing the RasPi.

So, Liz, is this the parcel shipping cost we can expect for the RasPi itself (to the Netherlands)?

Matthias avatar

There is a little different between my bill from Raspberry and Paypal.
On “My Account” -> “View Order Status” -> “View Order Details” there is a “Grand Total” of 5.71€
You give 4.88 GBP to Paypal and they took €5.92 (Wechselkurs: 1 Euro = 0,824324 Britische Pfund)
probably something you want to know

Burak avatar

Hey !
I just ordered some stickers !
Following :
1- You should STOP taking orders after being sold out, just so that you do not annoy anyone.
2- It seems like that the “Ö” in my surname got turned into a “Ö”. You should fix your UNICODE compatibility, or check that you do not accept any other characters than Ascıı in the order form.

Lukas avatar

I hope that befall raspberrypi order to get it before Christmas:)

Keverne Thurling avatar

Asks to fill in the State/Province: ,but is no field to fill in.

Chris avatar

Great to see some progress here… good job!!!! Can#t wait to buy some…

Ahm, one suggestion from my site…
i can’t find any international preparing in the shop…
so i see GBP there, no Dollar, no Euro, no lan language switching related of article/product descriptions and so on…

I am sure RaspberryPi is a really really great thing, so if it is ready for selling,
there will be some people out of GB which want to buy it too ….

Maybe invest some work into internationalism.
RaspberryPi is a BIG Thing…

If you need some german Languagesupport, you may contact me…
my German is much better than my english ;)

Greetings und best regards

Chris avatar

Wow, you are fast!!! Great!!!! Thank you!!!!

Trish McDonough avatar

Shipping to the Isle of Man is coming up as International. A first class stamp will do just as well. Hope your courier isn’t going to charge extra for highlands and islands :(

Also I tried to post this comment the other day on my phone (android 2.2 with Dolphin HD browser) and nothing would make it accept I’d entered the password correctly.

Trish avatar

I just tried again and the Isle of Man is still coming up as International Airmail – ordered one anyway :) (the price difference is actually only 17p) but it’s still a bit off-putting.

liz avatar

Just done some digging – next time you order, the postage will be correct. Thanks for the heads up!

john smith avatar

Heys Guys, When i was ordering (Win 7 64 bit. Chrome 15.0.874.106 m) and redirected to paypal. My address was truncated. The main address was cut to ~ 6 chars and my city to 4 and my post code blank and the county drop down reset. Just wondering if it’s a bug. Hope it helps.

Paul avatar

tried to get stickers but it demanded state/province.
1-there was no box for state/province
2-I am in the UK and therefore have no state/province

great idea to test the online shop with the sale of stickers, give that person a raise.
I really would like some stickers, hope this issue is sorted.

covex avatar

When I choose a Country Czech Republic, then Stat/Province is left intentionaly blank, but when I hit Create My account, it complains the State/Provice is required even though it is not marked with star…

Baptiste avatar

Covex +1

When I choose a Country France, then Stat/Province is left intentionaly blank, but when I hit Create My account, it complains the State/Provice is required even though it is not marked with star… :D

Libby Miller avatar


I don’t think your list of Counties (‘states’) is complete – it needs to have ‘Avon’ – (maybe others?) or not be a requires field (Avon is still the postal county for Bristol, even though it doesn’t really exist as a place any more).


liz avatar

Thanks Libby! (And apologies for chasing you over here from Twitter.)

Matt avatar

Postal counties no longer exist: they became “former postal counties” in the address file about ten years ago, and are deprecated. They are apparently being removed from the address file entirely soon. Even before they were deprecated, postal counties weren’t required for larger towns and cities (including Bristol). See for yourself by using the address finder on the Royal Mail website. No county will show up.
I came here to say the same thing though: I’m in Bristol and it won’t let me order. If the software insists on having a county, it should be “Bristol”, but really it should just be removed for UK addresses.

liz avatar

We’re on it – we’ve got another evening of shop troubleshooting to do today, and removing the Bristol apartheid is right at the top of the list!

It has really surprised us how *rubbish* all of the e-commerce software we have looked at is at localisation. This was by no means the worst option, but as you’ll see from the comments here, it’s still really pretty poor. Eben’s hitting the thing with a big brick made of Python, and we hope to have all the issues in this thread dealt with by the time we ship the device itself.

Matt avatar

In the end I just chose Gloucestershire. If it’s on the label, I’m sure the postie will be able to work the correct address out from the postcode.

JohnoFon avatar

You’re being swamped with advice, etc; when the fuss dies down and you get a chance to breathe ;-) you might like to consider Gift Aid.

I’m not sure exactly how it works, but I think that if a customer adds a donation on top of the price then you can claim Gift Aid tax back on the whole amount (?). The National Trust make use of it. Obviously the customer has got to be paying UK Income Tax to qualify.

liz avatar

We know all about Gift Aid, and we’ll be implementing it. Thanks!

Jacob avatar

Will this still be avaliable at launch? Because if it is I will buy 1 at launch, if not I will buy one now.

tanuk avatar

I ordered some stickers. I don’t have a PayPal account, so I chose to give my credit card information etc. Here’s a list of stuff that I noticed was not quite right:

– After giving my information on the checkout page, the postal code was wrong on the PayPal form. I had entered “33580”, but it showed up as “335800”. The postal code was still editable on the PayPal form, so I fixed it, but on the confirmation page it was again “335800”. The receipt that I got by email also has the extra zero at the end.

– After giving my information first in the checkout page, the phone number was wrong on the PayPal form. I gave my number in the international form, with some spaces added for readability (“+358 XX XXX XXXX”), and the +358 part was duplicated. The number was shown as “+358 +358XXXXXXXXX”. Since the number was still editable on the PayPal form, I removed the duplicated part, but didn’t add back the removed spaces. When I submitted the PayPal form, it didn’t accept the phone number. I removed the plus sign, after which it was accepted. The receipt that I got by email seems to have the number in the correct form, with the plus and everything. (As an additional note, I don’t really like giving my phone number. I wonder if it’s really necessary to make it a required field.)

– (Reported already a few times:) My address contains a couple of ä characters, which showed up wrongly on the PayPal form (apparently result from interpreting a utf-8 string as latin-1). The address was editable still on the PayPal form, but even after fixing it there, at the confirmation page the ä characters were still messed up. The receipt that I got by email seems to have the address right, though.

dclaar avatar

If you consider the sale of these stickers as a proxy for initial sales of the pi, then the almost immediate sell out–and that with only limited payment methods, problems with the site and what not–suggests that the first 10K units are probably going to vanish in the blink of an eye. I’m hoping I’m one of the lucky ones!

One thing that the sticker test probably didn’t tell you is how well your site is going to hold up under the deluge of initial orders in the first minutes. I’m suspecting that it won’t be pretty! Hoping otherwise, but…

toadstool avatar

Thanks Liz, Eben, other RP peeps, I received my stickers this morning. The funny thing is, they seem to have multiplied in transit. I can only hope that whatever magic you are using has the same effect on the Raspberry Pi boards when I order them ;-) I think I am going to be inundated with questions by my sticker obsessed three year old when she gets home :-)

jamesh avatar

Unfortunately, the sticker breeding cycle is different from the boards themselves, so you are unlikely to find a happy multiple of Raspi’s in the same way you have with stickers.

liz avatar

Hmm. Funny, that. Anybody would think that the person stuffing the envelopes was putting double the orders in there because she felt guilty about the P&P prices…

ivvvictor avatar

Now you offer delivery to Russia Royal Mail (International Airmail Packets) – this is a bit unreliable. Will the Airmail International Signed For ™ – Royal Mail?

Best regards, Victor

ivvvictor avatar

And more. You plan to pre-order?

UberEEE avatar

A big thankyou to the sticker fairy!

Especially for the doubling very much appreciated

liz avatar

Nobody’s every called me a fairy before… 8)

Mike Pearce avatar

I thought such a great project needs all the cash it can get so I logged onto the store and bought two stickers (Big Deal!), The Process worked fine but there is something wrong with the calculations as I was charged £4.30 for two items at £1.20.
This is not a complaint, you are welcome to the cash, I just wanted to let you know that there seems to be a bug.

liz avatar

If you have a look upstream in this comments thread, you’ll see why it charged you so much – thanks very much for still going through with the transaction!

Mike Pearce avatar

Sorry I did not read the earlier comments, I now have and it is good to know that most of the money gets to you and not the royal mail.
Why not put a couple of lines of text in the store explaining that. It will save you having to respond to silly people like me.

Tristan avatar


Thank you for the great effort you all are putting into this!
Ordered a few stickers on the 15th, curious to know when they might be shipped. :-)

liz avatar

Probably tomorrow or Saturday – our stickers order was delayed at the printers. Sorry!

Tristan avatar

No worries, thank you again! (Thank you for the prompt reply as well!)

Michael avatar

That was one fast delivery!
Thank you, and good luck with the Rpi!

I hope I can get my hands on a few before they’re sold out :)
Like to use it to learn scouts to programm instead of tying knots all the time :D

Brain avatar

I bought 2 stickers and get 5… Didn’t know what happend but thanks! ;)
I think i have to buy 2 Pi’s to comensate your loss of money :P

liz avatar

We overstuffed the envelopes because we felt a bit guilty about the P&P charges – although we only doubled up on orders, so I suspect yours just bred in the envelope!

Geoff avatar

I just registered at your store. There is a problem with the postal code entry box. Canada has a 6 character postal code but your site only allowed me to enter 5 characters.

Niclas avatar

I got my stickers yesterday, thank you very much.
I ordered four of them, but they seem to have spontaneously multiplied in the envelope, because they where eight when I opened it. :-)

Now I have enough to put stickers on all the things!

James avatar

These look like acid tabs.

Party on Cambridge.

jamesh avatar

You are not the first person to notice the resemblance….

liz avatar

The really disappointing thing is that I have never had the opportunity to observe a real one. Which makes me suspect my youth was *genuinely* mis-spent.

[…] We’re testing our new shop – come and buy a sticker! Update: I can’t believe this, but you guys bought all our stickers in under 24 hours. Thank you for your generosity! I’ve ordered another (larger) batch, which should be with us on Wednesday Nov 16. I’ll post here when they’re available again. Source: http://www.raspberrypi.org […]

[…] To help the Raspberry Pi project with ironing out any issues with their ordering process, I ordered a sticker from their web-shop. […]

look avatar

This new PCB is a big improuvment, but not perfect.
in next release of pcb, you should move to micro SD to save space. Actual SD memory card on partially outside the PCB, it means that a working board is NOT “Credit card size” but bigger.
Second, if power supply is via mini-USB, why don’t use the same form factor for all USB plugs? it will be more space saving, up to customers (us) to use usb adaptor from usb to mini-usb.

… [Trackback]…

[…] There you will find more Infos: raspberrypi.org/archives/320 […]…

Peter avatar

Any idea how much the shipping will be to NZ for the raspberry pi?

Adam Williams avatar

Hi all, I live and work in norwich for an academy which is working to get programming and the idea behind how a computer works into our students minds. If you need an envelope stuffed I’m happy to drive down there,pick up a load of stickers and stuff away. Love what you’re doing. Can’t wait for the release!

Shane Black Lord avatar

Hi My name iis Shane
Are you planning to make Raspberry pi Boards with more memory available Later on?

Mylord avatar

Where can I order RPI stickers? I can not find in the webshop! :O

David Price avatar

Sorry if this the wrong place to do this but I didn’t see any way of pre ordering some stickers via the store.

For a payment of £10 + p&p can I reserve 10 please?


liz avatar

Sorry – not at the moment. See more recent posts for reasons why!

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