T-shirts – get them while they’re hot!

Update: a lot of you have asked for size XXL to be made available, so we’ve pushed the button and made that an option. We’ve also added a size guide, just in case you’re not sure how big you are.

Update 2: and lots of you are asking what brand these shirts are. They’re Gildan Softstyle, which we liked because it’s thick, very soft, feels good and washes well. 

Let us consider this a t-shirt beta. We have 400 Raspberry Pi branded t-shirts available to buy in the store: 100 each of four designs. We’ll be ordering more if the demand is there, but we would like to hear from you in the comments if you buy one. We want to know what you think of the price, design, quality, selection – all that good stuff.

Arthur and TinTin demonstrate the correct wearing of a t-shirt

A single shirt costs £15, including UK tax, but not including postage and package, which will vary depending on where in the world you live.

Many thanks to George and the guys at Invent Clothing, to Arthur (Pete Lomas’s son and a future engineer, wearing t-shirt) and TinTin (dog, naked) for modelling, and to Paul for making us such a great logo.


Colin Shorts avatar

No XXL? Guess I’ll need to wait :(

Rob Bishop avatar

You won’t have to wait any longer :-)

psergiu avatar

How about 3XL (54+ inch chest sizes) ?
We, the big people, are aware that it takes more fabric to make clothes for us than for the little people – and we are prepared to pay a bit more for shirts this size.

liz avatar

3XL folks, please leave a comment here – if we’re going to offer this size, we need to have a rough idea of what sort of number of you might be ordering!

Dub avatar

What about us 4XLs? Any chances? (Seriously!) – Oh,and Big Colour Logo on Black (doesn’t seem to be an option, but like Arthur’s in the picture)!

([Psergiu] asked me to repeat-reply here)

liz avatar

You are actually the first person to have asked for 4XL – but we’ll look into it! And yes, big colour logo on black/grey is coming.

DM avatar

Dub (below) is not alone, just generallly end up supporting via other branded items- oodles of mugs and lanyards, family and friends dont understand why all my ‘china’ doesn’t match.

Colin avatar

I guess I will have to give it a miss until XXL is available :-(


DJ Adams avatar

Tshirts – great idea. I really like the design that Arthur is modelling, i.e. grey tshirt with full colour large logo. But I can’t find that in the store.


jfnif avatar

The description doesn’t state whether the back is printed or not. Hence I guess it isn’t. Perhaps in a future batch?

Bruce C avatar

Is it just me? The four designs in the store do not include the one in the picture (full colour on black) ?

liz avatar

That’s correct – we’re just trialling four at the moment, but we’ll be adding the one Arthur is wearing later because so many people seem to like it!

Roger avatar

I’d order the one in the picture.

stoopid avatar

I was let down when I didn’t see the T-Shirt in the picture posted as well. I’m going to hold off until that one. The other’s are nice, just like the grey w/ colored RPi logo better!

Georg without the ending e avatar

Yes – I would love the black full colored one too. Hope the option soom comes available. Thanks for the shirts anyway! It’s great, I usually do not wear shirts with something written on them, but this shows a message I can fully subscribe to.

Hagen avatar

+1 …ahem… yup, the ‘Arthur’ design suits me best, too.
(Size 2XL or 3XL, depending on the actual shirt dimensions.)

Rob avatar

Ordered the full colour on white for regular day wear…must say would have prefered a full colour on black as per the one Arthur is wearing for ideal raspi formal evening wear though…

Wayne avatar

Forget about the shirts, make more pis!

Semtex avatar

The t-shirt being modelled isn’t available?! Plus no colour raspberry on black? Plus only white or black? Wouldn’t a raspberry red t-shirt with white logo have been another obvious choice? Personally I would pay extra for a polo shirt with embroidered logo.

Bob avatar

Have you considered making doggy T-shirts?

Montekuri avatar

How about this design? The Raspberry Pi logo near the heart and the phrase: RPi Inside
Saying that we have the RPi in our hearts :)

Nuutti Kotivuori avatar

1. I will not buy a white T-shirt.
2. The black-and-white logo looks boring.

Please expand your options a bit, for example with the kind of a t-shirt shown in the picture.


Steve avatar

Its just a trial, 100 of each design. Its not meant to be the season line up from Primani or some such!!

TeamWild avatar

The T shirts are a great idea but I’d like to see some cuff links with the Raspberry design. They’d be great as Christmas presents for my friends (and maybe an extra pair for myself ;o).

Rob avatar

+1 on that, very cool idea, could alternate with my zx speccy cufflinks!

Vld avatar

cuff links! great! t-shirt logos fine, just expand on colour options. Also, price t-shirt vs pi – I’d rather top up and get another pi.

Guruphil avatar

+1 :)

Jon avatar


Aardvark avatar

Very good way of supporting Raspberry Pi foundation if that’s what you like. Personally I won’t pay £15 (£17.40) for a T-Shirt regardless of what is printed on it. I will, however, be buying another Raspberry Pis today.

Sam avatar

Great T-shirts! Where is the full colour on black option? :-)

liz avatar

I think we’ll be investigating that soon, given the feedback here!

Andrew avatar

Are you charging VAT for non UK sales?

eben avatar

We’re charging VAT on sales to the UK and elsewhere in the EU.

peter green avatar

As I understand it when buying as an individual from a small UK vendor like the raspberry Pi foundation (I belive large vendors have different rules) from within the EU you pay UK VAT.

Outside the EU you won’t pay VAT at the time of order but depending on your country’s rules you may have to make a payment for duty/tax/brokerage at the time of delivery.

Concatenated Nonsense avatar

Actually I’m after the t-shirt in the picture, either in grey or black. White shirts are no good for grubby work :D

Simeon avatar


Just ordered mine, full colour in white large logo!
Would like the full colour logo in grey or black as an option.

How about some Rpi logo pencil cases for school – great way to get the advert out there with our younger ones. Just an idea…..

Keep you the good work.

Mark avatar

Can I buy one of those dogs from the store please?

liz avatar

TinTin is not for sale. He is very much his own dog.

Bob avatar

What happened to the stair carpet? Did it shrink when you tried to wash it? I hate it when that happens…

Ryan Walmsley avatar

Dang, No XXL :(

cnxsoft avatar

I can buy a new T-Shirt for as low as $1 where I live (but usually $3 to $5), so I’ll give it a pass.

Tony avatar

Great idea but how about choosing ethically sourced T-shirts, fair trade, organic etc like these

Beep avatar

Next t-shirt design in the style of the Obama Hope poster, with Obama replaced with Mooncake the cat. :P

psergiu avatar

+1 :-D

Sputum avatar

Fully functional linux computer Raspberry Pi costs less than 2 T-Shirts.

Gavin Greig avatar

Full colour on black (or some other strong colour) please.

Alick avatar

On payday as well! clever people ;)

Ordered the white one and the black one with the bigger logo on each. Black with full-colour logo woul dbe nice, but I’ll save that as a christmas suggestion!!

Alick avatar

On payday as well! clever people ;)

Ordered the white one and the black one with the bigger logo on each. Black with full-colour logo woul dbe nice, but I’ll save that as a christmas suggestion!!

Colin Cameron avatar

I couldn’t decide which to get, so I went for the black large logo. I think white with the monochrome logo would be a good addition to the lineup.

RobPurcell avatar

Great idea – t-shirts are always popular (my wife tends to get me one with something silly on the front most birthdays and Christmas).

So, as a logo’d t-shirt connoisseur :-), I’d agree with wanting the colour-on-grey option, as well as the ethical/fairtrade suggestion.

The other thing I can never find is t-shirts with the designs embroidered on instead of transfer printed. The transfers eventually come off in the wash while the t-shirt is still fine. I’d happily pay a little extra for the embroidered option – maybe just in the small logo version, or a polo shirt as already suggested.

Steve avatar

Would have gone for full colour on black too….

Felipe avatar

The black shirt with color logo is cool, but i don see this in the store.

And for those who live in any other part of the world, like me, i want to know if thereś a way to pay it with paypal, because i don see this in store too.

rikardo1979 avatar

great but a bit overpriced don’t you think so ??
I would not pay almost 18 quid for t-shirt..
the price is ridiculously high what is a shame as I would love to have one, but for this money I would rather add few more quid and buy another RPi

Michael Hepworth avatar

Will buy one once a colour on black/grey option is available :D

Michael Rollins avatar

Ordered! YAY! Looks really good and price is not too bad for this day and age. Although I would have liked to have seen the grey one with large logo. But still the white one looks great:-D

Rob Bishop avatar

I’ve just added a sizing guide to the product listings for those who asked.

Rob Bishop avatar

I’ve just added XXL to the size selection.

Drew avatar

About how much of my donation goes to the foundation and how much to recouping the cost of the T-shirt?

tzj avatar

From my own research £18-20 is reasonable for a embroidered polo shirt, could be down to £15 if done cheap enough.

For the T-shirt a standard transfer one as well as silkscreen shouldn’t cost more than a fiver if you can source the plain ones cheaply (in cotton of course). There is another kind of transfer however, which after the first wash actually dyes the ink into the T-shirt… I strongly advise using that type as it would last MUCH longer than the usual type (I would expect to pay £8-10 for that tho)

I agree the cuff links and pencil cases are great ideas, as well as posters.

However, as you are a charity those prices are a minimum… you could make it a pay what you like with those prices being the minimum?

Brian Williams avatar

I only get T-shirts by Fruit of the Loom (heavy) or Haynes (Beefy). Do these t shirts fall into either category?

Suggestion – how about selling high quality iron-on transfers also? That would address the people who think that the price is too high.

poglad avatar

Ordered! :-D

Leo Leibovici avatar

You need to change the website navigation link back from “Codec Licenses” to “Store” or something like that.


Leo Leibovici avatar

Ah – You’ve done it.

DFresh avatar

Ugh… Paypal? Any other payment methods?

Tom West avatar

Happy smile: model’s own.

Tom avatar

Please consider CafePress as a provider for orders from USA.
Also – big logo on back, small logo+”raspberry Pi” on breast.

liz avatar

Ah – now I *can* confirm that we definitely won’t be using CafePress. Sorry!

Jim Manley avatar

Because they wanted too big a cut, the quality was too low, or … ? Too bad, whatever the reason, because they offer a wide variety of products with a few clicks of the mouse – I would have loved to have seen their thong with that Pi logo front and center! Hey, you Europeans keep wandering around on Mallorcan and Turkish beaches wearing nothing but Speedos, if that and we’re lucky! :D

Richard Mullens avatar

I preferred the Element 14 design (I received a free T shirt with my order). It was more understated. I’d buy some of those for sure.

liz avatar

Did you click through? There are some very understated shirts with just a small logo and text on the breast available.

Lawrence avatar

I liked the red on black but thats not available.

liz avatar

That’s exactly the sort of feedback we’re after – thank you!

Rogerramjet avatar

Suggestion only – Solid white mug with R_Pi design on.
Will wait for black t-shirt with colour logo as in posted pic. :-)

Best regards

Vaughn avatar

Any chance of hoodies?

RedDakota avatar

Yes I would love a black hoodie with the small white print.

Sam avatar

issue 7 of The Mag Pi out now. http://www.themagpi.com/

mjl avatar

I’d buy a black or dark grey polo with a small embroidered logo. Mugs would be nice too!

Brian Williams avatar

Can anyone tell me whether these approximate in weight/texture to either Haynes (Beefy) or Fruit of the Loom (Heavy)?

matty avatar

Mugs and cufflinks would be good.
However if they are priced anything like the T-shirts forget it.

I am afraid that it is overpriced for a T-shirt, foundation or not.
£10 maybe not £15+

Me avatar

I will definitely purchase a polo shirt if one was to become available. My office does not allow shirts that do not have a collar you can flip up.

Richard Laniel avatar

A lot of people are complaining about the T-Shirt price. Last time I went to a music concert, the T-Shirt were 40$ CAD which is about £25. So £15, is not that bad!

Jim Manley avatar

Ignoring the sound on the Pi rivaled that of a typical colisseum rock show, I might agree, but for what the Pi puts out, no fringing’ way! Now, if the Foundation promised to earmark some of the T-shirt funding to give us colosseum rock show quality sound … :D

Besides, we Yanks “harbor” (as in Boston) a natural aversion to anything taxed in British Pounds Sterling! ;)

peter green avatar

While the prices are listed upfront with UK VAT in the store once you select a non-eu shipping destination the VAT is removed.

Dub avatar

What about us 4XLs? Any chances? (Seriously!) – Oh,and Big Colour Logo on Black (doesn’t seem to be an option, but like Arthur’s in th picture)!

psergiu avatar

Reply to the 1st comment thread.

Robert avatar

I’d definitely buy a full-color logo on a dark T-shirt. Not a fan of white T’s. Also; I’d ask that you consider making the the Registered Trademark icon even smaller so it doesn’t detract from the main logo.

Double-plus-good on R-Pi T’s – I’ve been hoping for this development since February!

Eric P. Scott avatar

What I’d like to see:

Heavyweight 100% preshrunk cotton, short sleeve.

A soft hand and breathability are important to me. (I don’t like plastisol.)

Something that will survive repeated washings; some fading is acceptable, but peeling, cracking, and flaking are not.

I’d rather have a high-quality product than an inexpensive one.

I wouldn’t pay more than £12 for a white shirt; I might go a little higher for black, but it would have to be top quality (and full color).

I prefer a large logo design on T-shirts. (Subtlety works better on polos.)

brad avatar

Long sleeve shirt. I also agree with the full color on black or grey

Geordie Birch avatar

What about children’s sizes? My son is around Arthur’s size or perhaps a bit larger.

liz avatar

Arthur’s wearing an adult size M in that picture.

Geordie Birch avatar


Grant McEwan avatar

Is that dog winking?

ripping silk avatar

I ordered one, but would really like more options of colours e.g. like many have said, the one in the picture, or full colour on black etc.
Your shipping rates of 4.50 (to me) are reasonable, lets see what delivery time is like.

Andrew avatar

Pffft These are not libre T-shirts, these are garments of corporate oppression.

Without the sewing patterns they are completely unwearable. Apparently they have at least four large holes in them, again without the original patterns we have no way of knowing where they are or how to fix them! Many users will want to modify them to have, for example, two necks and three sleeves. I’d want to change mine into a sexy crop-top. Without the complete patterns none of this can happen.

I’m going to stick with my Stallman saves shirt thank you.

liz avatar

Give that man a round of applause. Made my lunchtime. Thank you!

Richard Laniel avatar

LOL! ;-)

Richard Stollar avatar

Well, let us all hope that you didn’t leave it up to RS Components to handle production …

Vikki Meadows avatar

Do you know when the colour Arthur is wearing will be released? My hubbie would love you one of these and xmas is fast approaching!

liz avatar

We’ll have it available in time for Christmas. :)

Vikki Meadows avatar

excellent! I shall keep checking then :) Good wifey points this year for me!!!

Liam Reford avatar

I think the coloured logo on black looks great. Would like one myself, plus polo shirt and hoodie if they became available.

Martyn Jones avatar

Boy do we live in a weird world. When the Raspberry Pi’s main selling point was its cost, how come people are willing to pay more than half that price just for a T-shirt? Two T-shirts or a RPi – it’s a no brainer and if the Pi had been £15 dearer with all those features people want it have (like on-board wifi, more memory, faster processor etc, people would have still bought it) – Some people just have far too much money nowadays and the world has gone ‘consumer mad’ – if someone makes it, people will buy it. Now if the T-shirts were only a fiver, I’d have less to rant about.

liz avatar

We use the profits from the shirts as donations to the Foundation, so we can pay developers to do the jobs the open source community doesn’t fancy, most importantly so we can do more educational outreach, and so we can do more research and development. If they were a fiver, we would lose money. But I do admit that it’d almost be worth it to avoid having to read posts complaining that £15 is consumerism gone mad.

Martyn Jones avatar

Well you did ask for comments about the price – I’m afraid you live in a very different world to me Liz.

scep avatar

Five quid for a T-shirt?! You could get two lattes for that!

notgareth avatar

Just ordered an L. Thanks for making the shirts – great price!

Kiwi Helpgeek avatar


I have another issue though. I need a tall fit as well I just hope when they become available that it is the right length.

The OTHER Peter Green avatar

You’ve got the name of TinTin’s dog wrong – it’s Snowy, not Arthur.

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