Super-duper special Pimoroni competition

We first met Paul Beech in 2011, when he won a competition we were running to find a logo design. (That’s it, up at the top of the page.) Paul, Eben and I hit it off immediately over a shared love of toast and dripping. Since then, Paul’s become a familiar face here at the Raspberry Pi farm, especially since he set up a small business called Pimoroni with his friend Jon Williamson, and started making the Pibow, which we still think is the best-looking case that’s available for the Raspberry Pi.

This is a bit of a special time for us. It’s the first anniversary of the Raspberry Pi’s launch on Friday (or Thursday, depending how you count; we launched on a leap day last year). You’ll be able to read more about that on Friday, but to celebrate, Pimoroni have launched a competition with one of the most drool-worthy prizes I’ve seen. Paul says:

A lot of you have asked for custom Pibows. Alas, we’re not set up for it, but you can always grab the design and get your own cut. For everyone else, there’s this competition.

The aim is simple, show us your tasteful/useful/insane* vision for your own custom Pibow.

The person who comes up with the best design wins a customised Pibow – and everything that’s in this box. (And the box.) Click the image for the entry page.

 What’s in there? You’ll get a special Pibow, made to your custom design, AND:

  • The awesome Sortimo compartment case that contains all this fine loot!
  • Raspberry Pi Model B (512MB from the Sony plant)
  • Raspberry Pi Model A with Pibow Model A
  • Pibow VESA mount
  • 25W Antex soldering iron (like the one Jon has been using since he was 12)
  • Brass soldering sponge essential tip cleaner
  • Desoldering wick
  • Multi-colour Sugru pack (this stuff is amazing)
  • Breadboard jumper leads
  • Six coloured mini breadboards
  • Luminous cable ties
  • Adafruit ADC breakout board
  • Adafruit T-Cobbler (essential GPIO hacking fodder)
  • Adafruit Pi-Plate
  • Digital calipers (useful more often than you’d think)
  • A selection of components
  • Crocodile clip leads
  • Sparkfun cerberus USB cable
  • Sparkfun hydra USB cable
  • HDMI noodle
  • Pink and blue USB noodles

Jon adds:

This is a totally spiffy and positively super collection of useful stuff to pimp, mod, and extend your Raspberry Pi with. Even better you can tote it around with you as your own awesome mobile hacker space! This is all stuff we use ourselves at Pimoroni Towers so we know you’ll love it. :)

Paul interrupts:

Gotta mention the mini-servos and the 7-seg displays, and the range of resistors and caps. anna anna pony anna anna hekiloptor!

(Have to admit, I have absolutely no idea what Paul is on about – I’m not sure if you get mini-servos, and I’m almost certain you don’t get ponies or helicopters as part of the prize.)

So get to it, and submit your designs for the competition. We’ll be featuring the winner here so everyone else can sulk jealously at your good fortune.



ukscone avatar

This just makes me like Paul & Jon & Pimoroni even more. The only way I could like them more was if they Brewed Beer for export and owned a Twiglet factory.

They are one of the reasons why the raspberry pi is so successful and looks so pretty when dressed

ukscone avatar

oh and incase anyone wants an idea to enter how about a pibow with a hinged on the top layer that can be raised to get access to the csi, dsi & gpio headers made in the most obnoxious coloured recycled perspex, something marbled although the top layer should be transparant.

or if you are really going to go the whole hog a pibow to hold 4 raspi’s with the hinged lib & of course in really vomit inducing colours

Andrew Scheller avatar

I spy the 7-segment LEDs in one of the red compartments, and it looks like the mini-servos are the blue things in the next compartment across, and then the next compartment is a collection of LEDs. Can’t spot any ponies though… maybe they’re on the other side of that attractive breeze-block wall? ;-)

Boring observation: I bought that identical soldering tip cleaner myself just last week!

ukscone avatar

another idea for someone to work with.

wheels, cake stand & cup holder

Mac Rutan avatar

What a great way to celebrate the RP launch anniversary! I can’t wait to see what gets submitted. Happy Anniversary!
Pibow is still my favorite case and I think one of the sturdiest designs to date. That stacked configuration is so solid!
I have a concept for the next generation pibow as well. How about a Raspberry Pi plus Gertboard combo case called the double pibow? Just so we can say “Whoa, double pibow!”

Jim Manley avatar

W … O … W !!! :D

meltwater avatar

That is some super kit there!

You can tell a lot of thought and care has gone into selecting a great mix of goodies. Most are on my “got” or “want” list (except perhaps the Pony…).

I hope they pick some really deserving kid/person, as they is a whole lot of fun packed into that box. Hopefully the raspberry pi community can help them (if they need help) to use every part of it and create some excellent stuff.

Just one thing…no wheels and a sandwich? SHOCKED!

meltwater avatar

Oh and “Happy RPi millisecond” for midnight tonight!

Needless to say, the little “Raspberry Pi Ripples” you started with, a year on, are making some massive waves.

Thank you to the foundation and all the hard work that has gone into getting the RPi out there and doing so much good for our future generation of engineers.

On behalf of myself, the MagPi, Meltwater’s PiHw and as a parent.

Thank You for an amazing year!

johndough avatar

The Pi is a year old on the 28th February if it was launched in the 29th February.

If you are born on the 1st of January, you are a year old on the 31st December. You can do the French thing and Celebrate the Anniversary of your birthday on the 1st of January when you are a year and a day old.

The 29th Feb launch is a tad tricky to choose “L’Anniversaire (The Birthday Party)” actual day.

guru avatar

I’d have to disagree and say a full year will not have passed until around 5am UK time on Mar 1st by my count. The Feb 29th means (like the Pirates of Penzance) the Pi only gets a birthday every 4 years. This is why anniversary (Lat: year turned) is a good name :-)

johndough avatar


If only that were true.

My car insurance runs from

Start of cover 00.01 on 5 May 2012
End of cover 23.59 on 4 May 2013

A full year. You don’t add on a day.

The anniversary date will be matched every 4 for years, except every century or so.

tzj avatar

So… there’s mentions of ponies and wheels…. pibow dash it is then! :)
(Or a pibow case in the shape of rainbow dash to make it 20% cooler *cough*)

Excellent kit you’ve made up I must say!

Jez avatar

I just hope the winner donates it to their local school.

Richard Collins avatar

I think the ” anna anna pony anna anna hekiloptor!” part is a reference to the bonkers prize give aways the gadget show does. :)

Cool prize.

Chris avatar

When is the closing date? and what is it that i actually need to submit?

ukscone avatar

it was about 2 hours ago and it was a design for an ultimate Pibow

Chris avatar


Chris avatar

maybe it will be reopened again??

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