Pi Matrix

A very quick post: I’m about to run out of the door to meet TechCrunch at Adafruit. Have a squizz at the video below; this is a really cute little add-on for your Pi that’s just been put out by w8bh.net. It’s an 8×8 matrix of LEDs that you can plug directly into your Pi’s GPIO and program to do neat stuff. You can buy one at mypishop.com. Discuss it among yourselves – I have to go and jump in a taxi!



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Build a 3×3 one myself, planning on building a 8×8 one. I think LED matrices a very interesting.

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I noticed the LEDs went the same direction. I wondering you could have LEDs going both left and right simultaneously? This is very neat though. I may get one just to find out for myself.

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Direct links to how to web pages.
Pi Matrix tutorial #1, construction: http://w8bh.net/pi/PiMatrix1.pdf
Pi Matrix tutorial #2, test routines: http://w8bh.net/pi/PiMatrix2.pdf
Pi Matrix tutorial #3, toolkit: http://w8bh.net/pi/PiMatrix3.pdf
Pi Matrix tutorial #4, text scrolling: http://w8bh.net/pi/PiMatrix4.pdf

Another video

Buy them at

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Whizy? Surely that should be xyzzy. Well, ok, since it’s the Pi “Matrix” rather than the Pi “cross product”, I’ll let you off…

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the video just sold me! now if I can put it together properly when it arrives smoke will not be one of the special effects!

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I excepted there to be a let matrix display that is a bit bigger than the pi itself. Then there would have been a few of the pis with the displays forming a “pi matrix”

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