Steer a car. With cheese.

Building your own remote-controlled robot or car is a favourite activity for kids who are using a Pi to learn about programming and electronics.

But this is the first one we’ve encountered that interfaces with a remote control made of cheese.

We absolutely love MaKey MaKey here at Pi Towers: it’s a kit that enables you to use any conductive objects in place of keypresses or switches, and there is little more engaging when you’re a kid than being able to build inputs out of things you’re more used to eating for dinner. I think this setup is a considerable imaginative leap forward from the standard bananapiano. I am not knocking bananapianos. Bananapianos are great. But it’s the canonical MaKey MaKey project, and so many people stop there, when there’s a whole world of conductive objects out there; and a whole world of things to make them control.

Like cheese. And tiny cars.

This is the work of Conor O’Neill, who wanted to do some family electronics his kids would enjoy. You can read a great writeup of his project on his website, with all the code you’ll need, and thoughts on where he wants to take the project next.

We salute your greasy forefingers, Conor and kids.


Michael Horne avatar

And if it fails? +++OUT OF CHEESE ERROR… RE-DO FROM START+++ Sorry, Terry Pratchett humour. :-)

Great use for the Pi and the Makey Makey.

Oliver avatar

Maybe, this is the best thing which can happen to a Cheddar – but in general, I prefer to eat food and use toys for playing…

Liz Upton avatar

Weren’t you ever a kid? Show me a child who would prefer a non-cheese remote control, and I’ll show you a future tax lawyer. A very unimaginative one. (No offence, tax lawyers. Some of my best friends are tax lawyers. The unimaginative ones, who don’t enjoy playing with their food.)

Anon avatar

Well, I feel sorry for you.. Doing things like this shows kids that not everything in this world is what it looks like or only serves one purpose. With a little imagination and creativity, it can be anything you like.

clive avatar

I’m sorry to hear that, you have my sympathy. I prescribe this book and plenty of bed rest:

Andrew Hardy avatar

Cheese wants to have fun too. It’s “Fondue”, not “Fondon’t”!

Conor O'Neill avatar

Thanks for the mention Liz! Unfortunately we had less success with the grapes. Squishhhhhhh.

Liz Upton avatar

I can see that youthful enthusiasm and grape switches could perhaps end in a sticky situation. Brilliant job, though – hope you enjoyed some crackers afterwards!

The Other Peter Green avatar

Cracking good job, Gromit! I do like a bit of Gorgonzola.

Haggishunter avatar

This looks very cool – about time we had a return to milk-derived buttons. :o)

Martyn451 avatar

You’re doing this all wrong, of course. Raspberries are the only way to go :)

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