Some TV coverage from today

As RS Electronics and element14/Premier Farnell are preparing over the weekend to send out the first boards, we’ve had some more TV coverage which you might enjoy. For some reason, ITN is using Vimeo (why does anyone use Vimeo?), so I’ll link to the article and video on their site rather than embedding it here – you’ll see packing going on towards the end of the video. One of those boxes might have your Raspi in it.

We also had a spot on Newsround today (Newsround is the BBC’s news program for kids). As usual with these broadcast videos, the web version doesn’t have captions, but the fella with the beard is Professor Alan Mycroft, one of our Trustees; and the younger guy in the lab is Alex Bradbury, a PhD student at the University of Cambridge and one of our most stalwart volunteer developers. I really enjoyed watching this – it’s another piece where a kid is given a Raspberry Pi to play with (in this case, Ivo is using Scratch for the first time), and his reaction is just great.

Here’s a bonus picture of Eben partway through loading our car up with half of that pallet of Raspis you saw in the pictures from last week, to take to the distributors. (The nice thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it’s so tiny, you can easily fit a thousand in an estate car at a time if you put the back seats down.) We won’t have to do this again, thankfully; from now on, element14 and RS are making them and shipping them to the distribution sites themselves.

Scep, one of our forum members, found a bain marie in a skip last week. For those wondering, the skip here is full of garden waste, not Raspberry Pis..

There should be more of this sort of thing to come in the next week, as Raspberry Pis start shipping. Watch this space!


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Liz, Its working now, Just placed my order.

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Glad to hear this (-: made my day. even tho i will not be getting one of the first 10,000 boards it’s good to see them go and gives me hope that my wait is almost over. Thank you to the Raspi foundation for sticking with this.

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Wow fantastic news. Thanks so much to you and the entire team for all your hard work on this.

Your vision is about to become a reality!

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For me this email looked like a scam. But maybe it’s just me.

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Give me your code – I’ll take it off your hands ;-)

Bill C avatar

Got my email a few mins ago!!

checked bank :( no spare cash till next Friday!!!

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Oh, that’s miserable. Rotten luck – I hope you can get one soon. :(

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Does the email say you have to respond immediately? Maybe they’ll allow a week or maybe not.

Still waiting for Felement14 to update Australian orderes (sic).

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I’d be interested to know if you have some time to order too. Is the auth code your unique reservation for one unit giving you a window of time in which to order?

Simon Beirnaert avatar

In my mail, it says nothing about a period in which you need to fulfill your order

JennyPeters avatar

we will update order dates for customers as soon as we have a clear idea of when this will be. The first, very welcome and much anticipated shipment received was very small against our current order backlog globally so we have made some available in each region on a first come first served basis. Our next shipment will arrive in May and as soon as we have exact dates of arrival in each country we will confirm to customers due to receive theirs from that batch. Manufacturing volumes are being increased as we speak and by June we expect to be receiving high volumes – we will update all deliveries to customers as soon as we have confirmed shipment dates but don’t want to give incorrect information. Thanks for your patience.

Rick avatar

Not working at all here.

Also you should know that RSI’s emails are being flagged as spam by Google.

Also, it took me 10 minutes to post this short message as the stupid broken comment system is acting up again. Please, please, please just use captcha or a Q/A like everyone else.

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Still not working for me, but at least the page has changed. The activation code box is enabled now, and there is an Enter the Store button that wasn’t there before. But submitting the form just takes me right back to the same page.


Same Here… Bad luck it seems. Problem has not fixed for all.

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Yeah – we’re getting reports of it working for some people (there are some people on Twitter who are posting screen grabs of their successful order page), and not for others. They’re definitely working on it, and if you have a code you know you’ll be able to get one, so all I can do for now is to counsel patience.

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This is the position I’m in too. Order page just refreshes on entering. SO CLOSE!!

Gene avatar

While clearly patience is warranted, I am instead taking a different approach: I look at the email, think to myself “It’s been about 10 seconds since I last tried, maybe they’ve fixed it by now,” and then I click the button again.

It isn’t working any better than patience, but I’m not sure it is working any worse, and I feel better about it…

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I’m just hoping if I enter authorisation code again and again, the page will give up and let me through :D

Domas avatar

And it worked! I’ve ordered one!

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I ordered 1st gen ipad online to avoid the rush then had to wait weeks while people just walked in off the street and bought them. I took the same approach on launch day and got my element14 order in the first 15 minutes and over six weeks later I get to watch people ordering devices that will probably arrive before mine. There is probably a lesson in that.

Gene avatar

Just worked for me. My lack of patience paid off…

SorenF avatar

shirro, remember that those people signed up with RS earlier than the 15 min past 6 you mention, so I don’t see a great lesson to be learned here… other than perhaps don’t believe things written on twitter.


Its working. Just now place the order. Very well managed by Liz and team. GREAT things comes after lots of patience! true indeed.

Rick avatar

Finally worked here too. It says they will be dispatched within 7 days, however I’m not going to get my hopes up as I’ve got a feeling that we’ll still have to wait a while. Aren’t 8,000 still at the manufacturers being fixed?

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Great news! FWIW, I have found Vimeo to be a fine service; but for some reason ITV News chose to set their video “private” so you can’t link to it from any other page but their own.

azureblue avatar

What’s so wrong with Vimeo? It generally seems to host a higher quality of content and attract a better class of commenter than another popular video host.

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No email here yet (checked spam folder), even though I’m in the first batch. Worried.

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“(The nice thing about the Raspberry Pi is that it’s so tiny, you can easily fit a thousand in an estate car at a time if you put the back seats down.) We won’t have to do this again, thankfully”

Eben will be driving a much bigger car or SUV soon enough – therefore will never have to fit in an estate car again :)

liz avatar

Not so! The way the Raspberry Pi Foundation is constituted means that none of the trustees can ever make any money out of the charity. And anyway, I like our car. It has heated front seats.

Alastair avatar

Heated front seats always make me think I’ve wet myself.

Jongoleur avatar

Best trick is to heat up the passenger seat without telling your passenger, and warm air to the ankles. Guaranteed they’ll NEVER ask you to give them a lift again….

Liz – I can see the importance of heated EVERYTHING in the wilds of the Fens! :-)

JamesH avatar

If you want Fenland, look up Manea, which is close to my abode. Now that IS Fenland.

Jongoleur avatar


Been past there – took our narrowboat one year across the Middle Levels from the Nene to the Gt Ouse and up to Cambridge.- had to wait for the tide at Salters Lode to cross to Denver Sluice.

Burngate avatar

Same for me – best hols for a long time. Beautiful place

Sérgio Valle dos Reis avatar

Do yoy known why Brazil is not in the country list at the farnell site (option other country/consumer)?

Michael avatar

Yes, Brazil is a little bit special as far as Farnell is concerned as it is a franchise with a unique name in the Farnell family – FarnellNewark – and their website uses a slightly different software instance than the other countries.

for more details.

FarnellNewark (main site):

To register interest (use the option “Other regions”):

Farnell (expression of interest):

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“@Raspberry_Pi email from @RSElectronics just now: they hope to have all the problems sorted by 12am GMT.
Retweeted by Raspberry Pi ”
(hope these reposts help someone)

Topher Brink avatar


liz avatar

That’s fantastic – congratulations! Really looking forward to seeing what you do with it.

Topher Brink avatar

Thank you Liz – neither can I! :)
Do you happen to know how the CE sticker is being included (on the board or packaging) yet?

Topher Brink avatar

(I meant “so am I”… I blame excitement.)

liz avatar

I don’t, actually – it’ll be a delicious surprise!

Magnetron avatar

It will be on the packaging label for the first batches.The boards will be as fresh as when they left the factory that way.

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This is all news about the distributors in the UK. Those of us with orders at Allied or Newark in the U.S. haven’t received any e-mail since the third week of March before the certification problem arose. Our orders are still showing estimated shipment dates in mid-August.

Were any of the original 10,000 boards proactively shipped to other countries before the certification issue? Or, do we need to factor the time to ship from the UK to distributors elsewhere, before boards are then turned around to us individually? We would like to at least be able to plan down to the week when our boards will arrive so that we can plan around other projects and allocate time to work on Pi projects.

Thanks for all the updates!

Jim Manley avatar

BTW, my original estimated ship date was 30 March (yes, 2012 ;) ).

shirro avatar

Didn’t you see Eben hitch reindeer to the the family wagon and fly across the Atlantic to drop the cartons off? I swear it was in the video.

Jim Manley avatar

I did see a flight plan filed for a slow-mover with a UK registry en route Oz, via Chicago, Illinois (Newark/Element 14) and Fort Worth, Texas (Allied), but, it looks like it was last heard from near some God-forsaken blip in the middle of the Pacific named Howland Island … ;)

Clif Blanchard avatar

I was also given a March 30 ship date, and that is the last I’ve heard also. I assume that once it gets to Fort Worth mine will be handed off to either carrier pigeon, or hitchhicking teen to get down here to Austin. ;-)

JennyPeters avatar

element14 received our first batch on Friday in the UK as you can see from the pictures. Roughly a third was shipped immediatally to Newark element14 to arrive monday for onward shipment to customers on a first come first served basis. We did the same for Asia/Australia and the remainder shipped on Friday dirctly to customers in the UK and mainland Europe. we will update ship dates as soon as we have confirmed dates of delivery for the next batch to arrive. Our next batch will ship from the factory to our global distribution centres directly so those not in UK should get them a little faster without waiting for them to be re-routed.

tkp avatar

Yeah – Raspi ordered.

Just need the shop here to open to order a t-shirt and a mug.

FrozenFirestorm avatar

Hapiness!!!! :D

Daniel avatar

How many boards are available in this batch? 2000 or 10000? On march 9 I recieved an email from RS telling me that I im one of first to register and will be given an invitation to place an order. Since then nothing (except the generic email on april 4). Will only a subset of the orignal 5000 customers per company actually recieve a voucher?

Rick avatar

Dont hold your breath for an answer to that – any questions of this sort seem to be ignored as nobody knows :(

My gut feeling is that the ‘7 days’ quoted on the RS order page is complete rubbish as they will only have, what 1000 at the moment (Assuming the 2000 are being split 50/50) and another 4000 whenever they come across the pond.

guru avatar

My feeling is the timeline went something like this:

– 2000ish boards got resoldered fairly quickly.
– Meanwhile, RS and element14 insisted on certification based on awe-inspiring back-orders.
– So after that 2000, work stopped until certification happened, just in case certification raised a hardware issue (it didn’t)
– The 2000 were shipped to the UK.
– Certification testing happened.
– Now they’re certified, the remaining 8000 are being rapidly re-soldered, the existing 2000 have gone to element14/RS.
– element14 and Farnell are also pushing the big red button on x thousand new boards.

The reality is more complex than this, but this should be a fair approximation of what happened.

As for when the 8000 might make it. I would expect a few days for resolder, then airfreighting, but that’s me *really* guessing.

The new batch of Model B’s should be a few weeks in coming, minimum.

jbeale avatar

I think everything you say sounds likely, except for the “airfreight” part. I don’t think their margins allow for anything but the least expensive shipping options.

Tin avatar

Airfreight isn’t really that expensive for things smaller than a car.

Daniel avatar

Yes, there are probably more boards from the 10k batch on the way but how many vouchers has RS sent out? 1000 or 5000?

rew avatar

> – element14 and Farnell are also pushing the big red button on x thousand new boards.

I’m guessing not THAT many “X” thousands. There is a (small) redesign required for the FCC class B certification. They don’t want to be stuck with thousands and thousands of model B1 boards when only model B2 can be sold in the US.

Mrkva avatar

> There is a (small) redesign required for the FCC class B certification.
Really? I haven’t seen it anywhere on the site. Can you post link/more info?

scep avatar

It’s a small software tweak – no hardware modifications were needed.

jbeale avatar

Liz made a reply in the comments on the “Testing Completed” post:

liz on April 10, 2012 at 10:25 pm said:
“Quite – a week in the testing chamber is *very* speedy, and we were only ever aiming for Class A; RS and Farnell were very clear that the board only has to be certified that far before the educational release.”

On the same page, Liz also made this comment:
liz on April 10, 2012 at 7:04 pm said: “Happily, we’ve found it doesn’t need a shielded enclosure to reach Class B, although it will require a (very minimal) redesign.”

JennyPeters avatar

The first batch that arrived in the UK with raspberry Pi contained 2000 Raspberry Pi’s. The foundation kept a small number to use in the continued promotion and education of this amazing little device and shared the rest between ourselves (element14) and RS. We (element14/Premier Farnell) have split that first delivery to ensure the first customers who placed in all countries are able to receive these fairly. Our next delivery of 4000 (ie 50% of the ‘missing’ 8000) is due to arrive in mid-May. After that we expect to start receiving the higher volume production quantities in June and delivery times will then start to improve. We will confirm delivery dates to customers as soon as we have confirmation of the arrival of these quantities and know that the commitment we are giving is accurate. We appreciate everyone’s patience but as manufacturing is now getting underway

cosailer avatar

Gotcha! I am so happy!!!!!
have been waiting form August last year….

DeliciousRaspberryCake avatar

Aw too bad I can’t watch iPlayer from outside of the UK

This is the one and only time so many raspberry pis will be in a stationwagon

kingcrowbar avatar

I ordered fairly early from farnell (Czech) on the launch morning and got an initial delivery estimate of 26/03/2012.

I haven’t heard a peep from them since the 29th of Feb and I’m wondering should I presume I am in the queue for the first batch?

JennyPeters avatar

kingcrowbar – have you been receiving email updates etc of delivery status? unless you opted out of all correspondence you should be getting updates. If not let me know and we will investigate

Topher Brink avatar

Well, I hope all of you manage to get one soon – and that none went to those hotukdeal-er types. ;)

Jungle-Boogie avatar

What’s wrong with Vimeo?

ronnylov avatar

I want to ask the same question. How can you have anything against vimeo?

I think Vimeo is the best online video service and use it all the time. I have no problems with embedding Vimeo videos either so I don’t understand why she wrote “why does anybody use vimeo”. Much, much better than YouTube in my opinion.

RAThomas avatar

I love Vimeo! But I may be a bit of an exception. You see, I happen to enjoy watching videos that stutter and freeze, requiring me to constantly toggle the Play/Pause controls even after the content has been fully buffered. Man, I just love that!

Neil avatar

That’s the same reason I love youtube on all of my android devices! How weird…

On a serious note, vimeo has a better chance of getting through corporate proxy solutions as lazy and cheap administrators usually only think about blocking youtube instead of paying for a provider which can categorise sites. And I am one of those non-lazy and cheap admins who don’t let my users go to Vimeo.

Mike Cook avatar

At my last place of work Vimeo was blocked but You Tube was not. We used an external filter service and they said it was blocked for gratuitous violence. I have never seen any and I persuaded them to unblock it. I find the quality is much better and it loads much better if you have a link faster than 3 meg. Also you get a better class of people on Vimeo.

Gareth Downing avatar

I also received an email from RS on March 9th stating that I was in the first batch but have not heard anything since. Should I assume that RS have broken this agreement?

scep avatar

A really nice piece from Newsround, the way the presenter just jams in all the leads into a tiny card to get going kind of sums it up. And I got a Gold on the jigsaw game!

(P.S. I am liking wheelbarrow in your skip and wondering if it will fit on the back of my motorbike…)

liz avatar

Surely you could push it along in front of your motorbike. Sounds perfectly safe and sane to me. ;)

liz avatar

Although I should point out that it does not have a wheel, and there’s a hole in the bottom.

scep avatar

So it’s a “barrow”. Not as useful I have to admit.

Matt avatar

I’d much rather host my work on Vimeo then YouTube, any day. It’s much more focused on the creative community then on hosting Lady GaGa videoclips or other copyrighted stuff, not bloated with advertisements or forced videos, a good and clean interface, much superior video quality and bug-free player, better options for sharing videos with others as you please, and so forth. I might’ve missed a joke, but I see no clue why you’d belittle Vimeo… Heck, I’d rather wonder… Why aren’t you guys on Vimeo?

Malvineous avatar

Vimeo doesn’t work with Firefox (no H.264 support.) You can get around it by installing Flash, if you’re willing to accept all its security issues (I’m not.) YouTube has better HTML5 support so it usually works without Flash, which makes it the only viable option for me. Judging by the effort Vimeo put into their error messages there are more than a few people who can’t see their videos.

Wooloomooloo avatar

Allow me to translate / answer Liz: Vimeo is simply Hipster Central – YouTube is way too mainstream.

@Matt: naaah, not enough lolcats over there mate. And I’d definately [sic – hey, why should I be the only one pissed off to keep seeing it spelled like that?!?] miss all the trollsies in the comments…

gregd99 avatar

Great news!!!

a few questions….

Is there a view on when units with a case might reasonably be available?

Will the GPIO header be left in place for series volume?


liz avatar

Cases: Real Soon Now. :)
GPIO: Yes, we’ll be leaving it on.

gregd99 avatar

Thanks for the gpio info.

cases – real soon now – ah.. I see.

steveking avatar

Aw, no RS email here, and as with other people nothing more from Farnell since my email on March 6th with a PDF and an estimated delivery date.

One of my A Level geeks (er computing students; the terms are interchangeable!) has tried to order one, maybe he’ll be luckier than me. If he gets his first he said I can play with it.

oninoshiko avatar

YAY! Shipping Pi!

Congradulations on getting them out the door!

Horst avatar

Actually, I do not want to get the raspberry pi shipped. I’Ve been waiting so long and when it finally gets shipped, it might change everything. No more waiting, no more guesses. What if I’ll be disappointed with the raspberry. What then? Then there will be no return to the time before…

wombat avatar

Can I have your slot in the queue? I have need of to PI’s so a second byte of the pi would be good!

mtrx avatar

I would like to know a few things from RS if they see this.
– Did they send out invite emails to all the first batchers or just a few yesterday?
– Was there supposed to be an update email this week? Haven’t received anything, spam folder checked regularly.

I’m just worried their email updates are broken again and not being sent out. I just find it strange not the receive the invite as I got my order in the very first minute the launch site came up. Oh well, a fitting end to a miserable week :(

mtrx avatar

Since other people are already receiving their units, is anyone else in this same situation?

Mark avatar

So, if I’m not in first batch, when will I get my RasPi? I know you don’t know, but nearly?

Peter Guhl avatar

I never got some E-Mail from Farnell where I left my business card at the boot at Embedded World. So I guess this really means they didn’t get it…

Dominik Hahn avatar

I got the order invitation from Farnell on April 2nd – I placed my order very soon after the mail arrived and since then I haven’t heard back from them. I guess I just have to wait……

Kris Chaplin avatar

Three words:

Car Boot Sale

Just let me know where and when :-)

Andy avatar

One day the TV companies will catch up and show a board that has the USB power connector – or does Eben just keep letting them hold the same board?

asb avatar

I don’t follow, both the ITN and Newsround report show production boards with microUSB power input?

Nelson avatar

Eben it could be worse… the value of the computers was actually higher that the cost of the car

Adam avatar

The video has captions here but you have to skip through the full programme. Also they called him Alan Mycoft not Mycroft.

learner avatar

Will the units have serial numbers ? – am curious to (later) find out whether I got one of the first 10.000.
Will the one with serial number 007 get to special permission ?
And finally will Liz announce it when the first customer reported actually receiving it ??
Questions over questions…the curious lerner’s mind.

Phil avatar

Thanks for the suggestion to look in my spam bin- yep, it landed in there yesterday.

Couple of really annoying things about RS though- why do I get dropped in this super restricted mini shop? It offers me one size of SDHC card, an ethernet cable that has no stated length, and a European power adaptor. I guess I can get a shaving plug thing for the latter, but still…I can’t go into their main site and add things to my order, such as the mini keyboard I’ll want to go with it. Foolish RS.

And also, they’re charging delivery. I’m used to Farnell where they offer free next day delivery on anything over £10. Except Farnell haven’t gotten back to me, so I guess I’m a bit further back in their queue. Grrr.

Abishur avatar

As I recall, the restricted mini shop was set up so people would be able to use paypal and so non-businesses could order off RS, apparently it’s not lined to the rest of their site, probably due to various technical reasons.

Jenna Fox avatar

Wow. Harshing on the Vimeo! Many adore vimeo for it’s delightful community, which provides constructive criticism with well constructed grammar. Creative types appreciate it’s less invasive and less prominent ads, and the ‘download video’ links which make remixes more convenient. I find their player more reliable and less stuttery on my computers too – though often taking longer to buffer than youtube. Vimeo also supported HTML5 video before Youtube – something I’d expect ARM-Linux guys to appreciate. Youtube buffers quickly because google has caching servers installed in ISPs around the world – a luxury Vimeo cannot afford. There are also people reluctant to support the googlopoly in to any further dominance.

So yeah, Vimeo is a great place to be, if you’re creating video as art or looking for helpful friendly feedback. I don’t know what your issues are – a vimeo video is just as easy to embed as one from youtube or any other web service. iTV blocked embedding on third party sites like yours, but they could have done exactly the same thing if they’d used Youtube.

Matthew avatar

I was invited to order from fernell over a month ago. My order has been placed. but I have not gotten any info on when to expect the board. I hope I am in this first batch. I am glad to see they are finally getting shipped. btw congats on the mile stone!!! I am excited by this. I would love to get 10 more of these. but I digress. Please keep up the good work. and here’s hoping we all get them as quickly as possible.

Homer Hazel avatar

It’s getting exciting. I see a glimmer in the tunnel. I don’t know yet if it is the light at the end of the tunnel, but something is definitely happening.

By the way, I think the Raspberry Pi would make an excellent platform on which to base future developments of the Sixth Sense gizmo discussed ty Patti Maes and Pranav Misty on TED.

Rob avatar

Vimeo was first with HD

YungBlood avatar

I’m picturing a Mobile Server Farm… 1000’s of RPi’s running in one van… :) Maybe not the most efficient processing power to space ratio… but it would be impressive to see that many computers running in one vehicle. :)

Chris avatar

I think I’m a very lucky one :)
Just got an e-mail from farnell that my raspi was shipped.
I’m very excited to hold in in my hands soon!

Iain avatar

Now we get to see if UPS tracking page can handle the load of everyone clicking refresh every three seconds to see if theirs has moved ;)

Michal Svoboda avatar

It would be nice if whoever wrote the blog post actually explained what his/her issues with Vimeo are. I, for one, am listening.

What other video hosting providers for masses are out there? Please do suggest a better alternative. I can only think of BigBroooolopoly, which deletes videos that have the potential to wake some sheeple up, blocks access, limits and deletes whole channels/accounts that host non-mainstream videos and fruitful discussions.

Truth is, we need de-centralised, uncensorable video hosting and web searching (think p2p).

Still, Vimeo is better alternative to the “ooooother one”, it’s problem is that not as much videos are hosted there.


Deane Saunders avatar

I’d just like to say that I’ve had my dispatch confirmation from Farnell (I’m in the UK and managed to order by 8am on the release date), so yay! Problem is, it’s arriving on the day of my mother’s wedding – so I may not be in to receive it! Urk!

bodgyuk avatar

Well that’s easily sorted, change the date or time of your mothers’ wedding. I don’t recall ever having my post delivered after 5pm :)

Deane Saunders avatar

Luckily the delivery date has now shown as being Monday. :)

Xabbu avatar

I got an email awhile back from RS saying I was one of the first 5000 people and to update some information. (Address, name etc.)

But I still haven’t gotten anything from them about placing an order – and paying for it.

Should I be worried??


Abishur avatar

Probably not, we know that at the moment there are only 2K boards, with probably only 1K going to each distributor, odds are you were one of the first 5K (one of those who would receive a pi from the first 10K batch) but aren’t one of the first 1K ;-)

Xabbu avatar

Thanks for the quick reply – I must have barely missed that first 1000 – I remember I “registered my interest” on RS seconds after it became available (didn’t even read that it was just for interest) and then was way bummed when it was just that and not the actual order.

But since it was a place holder I can’t really be to upset =p

mtrx avatar

Nah, I’m in the same boat mate. Got the first batch email but not the invite to order. Good to hear I’m not alone atleast.

Scott avatar

Looking at Newark’s website my order is still set for August 16th. Do you know if they’re going to update their back order dates to something more accurate now that they are shipping?

Whoop John avatar

I also got confirmation that my Raspi has shipped from Farnell. Excellent stuff.

On that fateful day I logged in at 6am but instantly hit logjam. So I went away, broke my fast and got onto the telephone sales team at 8am, getting a real person to talk to at 8.06 am. So I wonder how many early website birds got their Raspis ordered?

Mike@RS avatar

In answer to a few questions posted on this thread, here’s a summary of how RS are managing the order process:

* We have invited the first 700 people who registered to place their order on our dedicated Raspberry Pi store
* This matches the number of Raspberry Pi’s we have available following Eben’s delivery, which is why we state delivery within seven days – we have the Pi’s ready to ship for the 700 people at the top of our list
* The store has been set up specifically for Raspberry Pi, enabling us to offer payment methods not available on the main RS websites, and to provide a route to purchase for everyone who registered for a Raspberry Pi from RS, whether it’s a personal purchase, for education or for business
* Our invitation list is made up of people from around the world who registered with either RS or Allied Electronics from 6am GMT on 29th Feb. People from over 30 different countries make up this list
* There are 1,300 people who also received a congratulations email from us in March, and have not received an order invitation yet. All of you will be part of our next batch of invitations, to be sent out once we receive confirmation of expected completion dates for the next set of Raspberry Pi’s currently being manufactured
* We don’t have a confirmed date for when we will receive this batch yet (expected to have more details next week – and it we fully expect it to be a matter of weeks not months)

Many apologies if you are part of the 1,300. We’re very sorry that we currently don’t have your Raspberry Pi available, and hope to be able to invite you all to place your order from the next batch very shortly.

Xabbu avatar

Thank you so much for the details – I know a lot of people will be happy to hear this from someone at RS.

Thanks again!

mtrx avatar

Hey there Mike, and thanks for the update! That clears things up a lot. Even if I missed out on the first 700 units, I’m still very happy to be within the following 1300. Looking forward to the next week(s). :)

Rek avatar

What about those of us who ordered from Allied? I received a confirmation email including a web order number but cannot access any information about my order from the Allied web site. This was not just an expression of interest but an actual order.

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Hi Rek. The principle we’ve set out is to manage demand on a first come, first served basis, based on time of registration, or if you were able to place a pre-order from Allied, the time of pre-order. We have one queue integrating everyone who wants a Raspberry Pi from RS and Allied, from wherever they are across the globe.

All Allied orders and subsequent registrations have been time-stamped and integrated into the RS / Allied list of registrations, to ensure you don’t lose your place in the queue, and we’re working with the Allied team to make sure you start getting the same regular updates from us as everyone else who registered on RS websites.

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Thanks Mike!

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Hi, does anyone know if there is much of a waiting list, I suspect there is a huge backlog due to the manufacturing probs?


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I don’t know the exact number of people on the waiting list (though I’m very interested to hear what the final number of pre-orders was), but while I suspect the backlog was indeed large, with the distributors directly manufacturing the R-Pi, they will be able to churn through that backlog fairly quickly (well quickly on a production time table ;-))

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“with the distributors directly manufacturing the R-Pi”

That’s news to me, I clearly need to do some more catching up.

Good news I suppose, especially if the price remains the same.

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HI Liz,
I have had an e-mail from Premier Farnell 10 days ago, (it was sent to my spam box) and it has told me to order my RasPi, but there was no code.
But when I clicked on the link it gave me, it too me to the Premier Farnell site and asked for all of my details, including payment.
Does that sound right to you?

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Hi Guys

Just had notification from Farnell/Element14 that my Pi will be delivered by end of day on Monday 16th April 2012…. Nice!!!

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So um,

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Augh! It submitted early. I meant to say that i wanted to know if most of the 10,000 will go to the distributors, because I really want to get one of the 10k (mac <= 2710)

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The reason people use VIMEO over youtube is because youtube is a National Security Agency haunt which is suppressing truth and worthwhile videos. Youtube is totally unreliable and many of us no longer use it in the slightest. Just another data-mining whorehouse.

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Don’t forget your tin foil hat!

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hi liz do u no when element14 in the US are getting theirs

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On the 25th of April, 5 days before my B-day, I’ll be getting my raspberrypi shipped to me. THANKS TO EBEN and LIZ and all THE PEOPLE that WORKED HARD. YOU ALL MADE MY DREAM B-DAY HAPPEN!

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I placed my order the first time I got the email in the beginning of march, i do hope that means i’ll see one soon lol.

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For Mike@RS. Hmmmm… I thought I actually ORDERED from Allied before they stopped accepting orders and switched to just registering interest. At least that’s what I THOUGHT my letter confirmed. Or did I misunderstand the “thank you for your Raspberry Pi preorder” note I got on 3/5?

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Hi – i’ve posted a response to a similar question asked by Rek. In summary though, your pre-order with Allied has been integrated into our overall queue (encompassing all registrations / pre-orders based on our websites around the globe) and we’re working our way through them on first-come. first-served basis, starting with those who registered from 6am GMT on 29th Feb.

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I spoke with Farnell in the UK yesterday and they said that they had 62,000 RPis on back order – a lot less than I expected considering all of the talk of 1 million +.

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Great that the Boards are finally on the loose. Can’t understand the dis’ing of Vimeo. Great place for video I say, without all the pop ups and ads you have to close before watching a video. And the users are much more civil and helpful. I have been waiting for the boards to final begin circulating and am looking forward to seeing what people do with them. I have created the Raspberry Pi user group on Vimeo and hope that others will get involved. (I hope that this doesn’t annoy anyone)

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If you’re on Newsround, you’ve officially made it.

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