Deliveries have started!

It’s been a hell of a 24 hours. We’ve been driving up and down the country meeting the people packaging and sending out the Raspberry Pis, doing masterclasses with kids, meeting and eating with our very excellent graphic designer Paul Beech (more meetings should involve bread and dripping, we think) and doing yet more filming with the BBC. We’re not sure when/if it’s being broadcast – we think we may have been bumped by a very photogenic story about a rapidly deflating hot-air balloon and some overhead power cables – but we did get some great pictures from the session with the children. I sincerely don’t know how you teachers do it. I found myself wanting to go and hide behind the whiteboard to do some heavy breathing halfway through the lesson just to get a respite from all the (very smart) questions we were being asked.

Eben shows the kids how to modify a game of Snake. We ended up with the guy sitting to Eben's right (our left) producing a lovely replica of The Matrix's falling green letters (he subsequently made his Dad late for an appointment - sorry, Dad). Some others introduced score counters, the boy Eben's with in the picture learned how to give the game a finish line - and a good time was had by all.

A few people have got their Raspberry Pis today, and more should be arriving on doorsteps on Monday. Serial production has begun, so the backlog should be cleared sooner than some of you were hoping, and we hope that this means that some time over the next week or so element14 and RS will be able to give you firmer delivery estimates than we’ve been able to generate so far.

And finally: how’s your Japanese? Mine’s non-existent, but I still think this is my favourite piece of TV coverage yet.




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This is so exciting! You guys have done a tremendous job, and you deserve thunderous round of applause!

Long Live the Raspberry Pi! :D

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There’s a new bit on the bbc website, sadly no new video :(

Congrats to everyone on the team for reaching this milestone!
I look forward to getting a delivery date for my Pi :D

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Great job! Three cheers for the Raspberry Pi! Three point one four cheers to you guys! Pi and Pie to all!

A couple of questions- is this just UK or what?
Also, how fast will the Pi’s take in shipping once they all ship?
E.G. I’m in Texas, USA- before the end of the month or not?
How do I know if i got in the first batch before i look at the Mac address?

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I was wondering something similar and was going to check this post but I decided to do some digging first. Check this FAQ here:

In short it says some of the first batch is being sent (From Element14, anyway) to the US this weekend (as in now). So if you’re in the first batch I would guess you’d get it sometime next week. It goes on to say the second batch will probably be in May. While I did preorder I didn’t do so until the 8th so I’m betting I’ll be in the second batch. Time will tell tho!

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It is the best news article I have seen on it, loads of closeups and some html programming I think (watching on mobile) and I dont even speak japanese.

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And bowing! And an animated egg with legs!

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Is that what it was, I thought it was an icon doing the pee dance

TGM avatar

That was Dizzy wasn’t it?

Michael avatar

Haha, I can confirm it was indeed an egg. That is TV Tokyo’s “torendo tamago” segment. Literally “Trend Egg.” You can’t make this stuff up.

cowfodder avatar

I thought I heard “tomago” in there somewhere.

Now I want some sushi dammit.

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I know its not ESD sensitive but I work in a place where you have to wear Anti Static Lab Coats, Foot straps and Wrist straps, you will be put up against a wall and shot if you touch a bare board without all the above. Makes me start looking around for the ESD police everytime I see someone rubbing one up a cat etc :)

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Well, as a fluent Japanese speaker I must say it was some nice TV coverage.. They transcribe it to “rasuberi- pai” with katakana, which is why it sounds so strange.
Anyway, a little shame they didn’t mention full HD playback, and the only programming they mentioned was making web pages. So for 95% of the Japanese, that don’t know what linux is, they might just as well have thought it’s a web browsing machine with web-programming capabilities. They did state that it’s a fully fledged computer, but to a general Japanese person I guess that’s what they think a computer does :O
Also, the guy at a workplace in the middle is talking about how it’s important to foster new developers, not only in Japan, but worldwide. He also failed to mention any other example than web-developing if I’m correct..

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Great work… I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these….

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I caught, “yes” “Number 1” (maybe, I think they said ichi ban, but it’s might have just be something that sounded like that) “SD card” “Internet” “Keyboard” and “ahhh” Oddly enough I don’t remember hearing the words “Raspberry Pi” I wonder if they translated it into Japanese? It will be fun to see a translated transcript!

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At 1:08, they say something that sounds like “Rasuberry Pie”.

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CC button, Transcribe audio, Translate captions

Alien/ST-CNX avatar

Wow, Google’s translation is surreal… The Raspberry Pi has been developed in a Sun ?

oninoshiko avatar

Google’s translation is useually serreal…

it’s always fun to take something in your language, translate it, and translate it back. It’s like a modern telephone game.

Dave avatar

I liked:
“There is a light and shadow of a 20-year-old rookie center technology now”
: )

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I am surprised that 35 USD is “Equivalent to 73% ownership of U.S. Democratic Senator vote count” or that seems to be what the translation says.

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Great news and congrats. Any estimate when RS will receive the remaining 1300 units? And will those have the CE marking already on the PCB, or are they still from the original “sticker only” batch?

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“I sincerely don’t know how you teachers do it.”
That’s one of the reasons we need our holidays*, but it’s great to hear non-teachers realising it’s not an easy job!

However, I can’t wait to get my hold of a Pi, well done for everything!

*I’ve spent about half of my Easter “holiday” marking, writing reports and other work-related things.

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Excellent – Worldwide coverage!

Slightly disappointed it wasn’t a stream of unintelligible (to me) Japanese, liberally sprinkled with the phrase ‘Raspberry Pi’ – would have been like Channel 9 on the Fast Show.

Boutros, Boutros Ghali.

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These kids in Leeds, did they have to get up at 5:45am to order theirs, did they? :/

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Woo Hoo!

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According to my son, the young lady gives a pretty basic explanation of what it is. She does mention the name “Raspberry Pi” once. Mostly they just call it a miniature / “palm-sized” computer and she does say that it originates in England, weighs just 45g, costs only about ¥3,000 and is hopefully going to help expansion in developing countries. There is nothing specifically about helping kids code but there is some talk of the need to raise more people to support creativity, development and innovation in the future.

Sciman avatar

correction: She does mention it was created with “budding developers” in mind.

Arwyn avatar

That is a pretty accurate summary of what went on. Not once did she mention that it was designed to inspire children.

She did “make a website” though… *sigh*

On the plus side, It would be nice to get a Pi for 3,000 yen. RS had it priced at 3,400yen last I checked.

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Let’s Get This Party Started!!!!

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Woop! Mine is in the post, and should be with me on Monday! Can’t wait!

Thanks for all of the hard work and dedication that you have given to this project, and for your support and communication thus far. =]

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Hi there, first post.
Love the Raspberry Pi, can’t wait to get one.
I’m from the UK but I live in Japan so when I saw this post I was thrilled.

As a small contribution to your great efforts, here is an amateur translation my wife and I did of the Japanese TV coverage. Apologies for any inaccuracies.

For those interested Raspberry Pi is translated as ラスベリー パイ (ra-zoo-beh-rii pa-i)

“Good Evening. Well next up, “egg trend” with Miss Kanou.”

Miss Kanou “Ok, its small but fully functional.”

0:24 sec[she holds it up in her hand].

“This is just a hand-size circuit board, but this is the actual product. So guess what we will use it for.”

0:40 [Miss Kanou plugs the Raspberry Pi into the TV/monitor]

“In fact this is a PC, it is now connected to a monitor and keyboard. It is also connected to the internet so I can go ahead and type in wbs tv tokyo. It all works from this business card-sized PC.”

“USB, LAN, SD Card, etc, it has got all the basic interfaces of a PC. This is the Raspberry Pi. It was developed in England and will be out this weekend”

1:17 [holds the Raspberry Pi next to a standard desktop PC]
“Comparing it to a regular desktop PC, you can see how very different it is in size. It only weighs 45 grams. “

1:28 [close up to the Raspberry Pi held in her hand]
“This exposed circuit board PC is priced at a surprising 3,000 Yen. It runs Linux OS. It is aimed at those who want to learn programming but they (the foundation) expect it will catch on in developing countries.”

1:40 [Miss Kanou sits with lady interviewee for a demo]
Miss Kanou “I want to make myself a straightforward homepage. Can even I do it? (implying that she is not a programmer)”
Interviewee “If you can write the code, you can do it”
Miss Kanou “So, can you please teach me.”

Miss Kanou [narrating] “Straight off, I made a homepage using this computer. I was shown how to get to grips with it in 10 minutes. While it is not the best homepage, [camera zooms to her home page], it has given me an opportunity to programme.”

Male interviewee “Innovation, creativity and technology development, we need to encourage many people, it is a challenge not just in Japan, but all round the world.” 

2:27 [Back to the studio].

Miss Kanou “We could say this is hand-sized computer”
Another lady “Wow, it is small! Looks easy to break.”
Miss Kanou “There are apparently only 10 (developer boards?) in the world now. After announcing the device they (the foundation) received 250,000 pre-orders. This is already a hot topic.“
Man says “Does it have fast enough processing speed for web multi-tasking?”
Miss Kanou “It is slightly slow at the moment but it will have been improved by the time it is released.”
Another Lady “Miss Kano, it looked easy for you!”
Miss Kanou “Huh?! [laughs]”

Jayzed avatar

Sorry… edit:

For those interested Raspberry Pi is translated as ラズベリー パイ (ra-zoo-beh-rii pa-i)

liz avatar

All of a sudden I *kind of* understand what the dancing egg was there for. Kind of.

jbeale avatar

thanks for the translation!

Abishur avatar

Thanks for translating this! (kinda sad I was wrong about hearing number 1 :-P )

Eclipse avatar

Just to add: The “male interviewee” at 2:10 is Katsukuni Hyoudou, head of RS Components in Japan.

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I know a few words Japanese, for I’m doing a course in it. The first word “Kombawa” means good evening. She says “… kudasai…”, which means “I would like to have” Furthermore I hear a lot of things I can’t translate, but I know are positive reactions. Next, when she demonstrates, no opinions as far as I can tell. After that, I can’t really tell.
But still, this is far easier to understand and translate than Japanese Anime.

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This looks seriously awesome. There are a ton of geeks who could load a linux distro onto an SD card, who have the needed peripherals lying about, who could find a use for another computer. I hope the team at Raspberry Pi make sure to post when the backlog is clear, and orders have a reasonable expectation of being received withing a week of being placed. I mean, who doesn’t have $40 to blow on something with this many possibilities?

jbeale avatar

Great news… and once you get your RPi, don’t forget to let the rest of us impatient folks know what you’re doing with it!

Eli Y. avatar

You do lessons with children? Could you tell me if you are going to do any in the US (Michigan, specifically)?

Thanks a lot.

liz avatar

No plans for that at the moment, I’m afraid.

PhilW avatar

Brilliant stuff. But why does the nice Japanese lady turn blue after the first five seconds? (She does on my screen, anyway). Was the Raspberry Pi computer very cold?

liz avatar

Everybody knows that the canonical colour of raspberry-flavoured things (Slush Puppy, chewing gum, Jolly Ranchers) is blue. I think it’s meant to differentiate them from strawberries. Or possibly cherries.

duphenix avatar
PhilW avatar

I suppose it *might* be a software thing, but personally I think it’s much more likely that a Japanese TV station would respectfully paint their entire crew of studio presenters in a colour deferential to the product referred to.

Betcha when then they review Apple products they’re all sprayed green. As Liz implied (Liz herself replied to my post!!! ) for – say- Blackberry products they would be blue again – but considerably darker, and so on.

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I have to show this to my bosses! We use the very Dell base units that the reporter showed. I wonder if they can be convinced to swap them all out……..

And huge congrats!

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First person to get a Quake III Arena Pi LAN video up wins… ;)

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This is Kick ASS!!

Wow you guys really did good!!!

Well done :D

gerryk avatar

Got a dispatch notice & invoice from Farnell.
It’s on its way!

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Congrats Eben, Liz, Everyone!!!! :)

Are the RPi’s shipping with CE certified cats? Or Non-CE certified cats? Or do we have to provide our own cats, and hope that they are compatible?

Jim Manley avatar

If your Pi arrives in a box with holes poked in it, be extremely careful, there may be a CE certified, but, certainly disgruntled cat inside the box! It should be obvious if the courier is holding the box at arms length while holding his nose, and the box is dodging about like the one Aunt Bethany wrapped up in “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” ;)

And, yes, you must connect to the Ethernet port on the Pi using at least Cat 5 cable … :D

Iain avatar

good luck connecting your cable ;)

guru avatar

There’s an XKCD for that :-)

Jeff Greer avatar

Awesome! Truly world famous.

ulix avatar


As always, I’m very lucky because I registered very short after the register for interest RS page was up. Now, I’m missed out… No Raspberry for me :-(!

I’m wondering a long time, why is the colour of the Raspberry different on this page then the colour in the R-Pi_Hub? I don’t like the colour here, the Hub colour is the better one!!!!


Abishur avatar

Basically they’re not different colors :-P The person who made the logo felt that the color was too dark so while keeping the color the same, he changed the brightness. He accidentally went a little too bright and I believe he plans on eventually making it a little darker again. So the R-Pi_Hub is probably using the old brightness level, and the site is using the new brightness level ;-)

ulix avatar

Hopefully! :-)

Jim Manley avatar

Congratulations to the team for shipments of pretty solid-looking “vapo(u)rware”, as some Doubting Thomases had been calling the Pi :D

Having lived about 20 miles outside of Tokyo and on Okinawa for over five years, the Japanese news story brought back a lot of memories of getting my first Apple ][ clone from Hong Kong when visiting there and bringing it home in Japan. The one mention of the “Ra-soo-beh-dee Pa-ee” was especially entertaining, but, not half as much fun as the comparison to the Dell lumptop and how much more capable and reliable the Pi was, in comparison (well, OK, something may have gotten lost in translation there ;)

Comparing the Pi in size to a business card, rather than a credit card, is also _very_ Japanese. Like their elaborate, multi-hundred-step tea ceremonies, their presentation of a business card when meeting someone is a study in art, culture, manners, and marketing all rolled into one. I foresee geeks there presenting Pi boards to each other in exactly the same manner (although with touchscreens integrated in, showing their business card :) ). It’s also brilliant that they have a panel of bubbly women presenting such a geeky story (guaranteed to please the male demographic), although it would have been much more effective for a mainstream audience if the woman editing the HTML had instead been editing Python code … which would then emit HTML … :D Apparently, the dumbing-down of ICT is not a phenomenon unique to the UK :(

Once again, ya done good, folks!

Jan avatar

Editing HTML in Notepad, I think that’s how a lot of people started doing their web pages :)

Montala avatar

It was indeed… Happy days! :)

Salamander avatar

Congratulations to the team for shipments of pretty solid-looking “vapo(u)rware”, as some Doubting Thomases had been calling the Pi :D

Yeah! Right! Now we all can blow a RASPBERRY at them ;))

baiki avatar

You are my heroes. No kidding. I will introduce your masterpiece to West Africa. Respect! Thank you.

Patrick M avatar

Excellent news! Though my order is still showing as “Back Order” :(

Wondering if mine is going to be one of Pis that will have to wait until a new batch is made. Does anyone know when orders from the Australian E14 will start going out?

JennyPeters avatar

From the initial batch of Raspberry Pi’s we received on Friday, we shipped the UK and European ones to customer immediatally and shipped a portion to our Distribution Centres in the USA and Australia, and Asia. They will then ship them directly to customers so expect them to start arriving mid next week (i’m from element14!)

Patrick M avatar

Fantastic! Thank you very much Jenny!

mocular avatar

When will the guys of us in China Mainland get the first boards? I do not know whether the RS and element14 have a surely answer about it.

JennyPeters avatar

element14 Distribution Centres in Asia will receive them by Tuesday and will then start shipping to customers across the region including China.

Connor avatar


bazza14 avatar

I wonder if you guys know what you have started. I have this feeling that we are teetering on the brink of something stupendous, this little pcb is something that I suspect many thousands of us have been waiting for and I can’t wait to get hold of mine to see what I can make it do with it’s paltry (.7×5)W consumption.

linagee avatar

For those of us that thought maybe the Pi was just vaporware, does this mean its time to order? Any US distributors yet? (Mouser? Digikey?)

JennyPeters avatar

There are 2 US distributors – Newark element14 are taking orders now though delivery times are currently out to the summer we expect this to improve as we ramp up production now. The other distributor is allied but can’t comment on their deliveries you’d need to check with them.

Tenzin avatar

Any idea when E14 Australia will start delivery?
I dreams of my RPi :)

JennyPeters avatar

They will receive stock early next week and will start shipping to customers immediatally

privatebill avatar

Use the youtube transcribe captions and then the translate captions options for an oddly amusing video.

“Has been Developed in a Sun”!

Jeroenb avatar

Any idea when a new batch will be manufactured?
And if so: what will be the amount?

JennyPeters avatar

Next 4000 expected in may – exact date still to be agreed

Mrkva avatar

Only 4000? That will clear the backlog in…. A few years only! :)

JennyPeters avatar

Many more thousand due in June :)

Mrkva avatar

By the way, do you know if/when will Farnell/e14 send some ETA updates?
Mine was end of May but that was before that EMC thing and I don’t even hope it will be met.

Thomas Vanhoutte avatar

Finally, you guys had some bad luck but I’m glad the Raspberry Pi is finally shipping. Waiting for mine to arrive! :-)

Chris avatar

Rough translation: I admit my Japansese is a bit rough but I know it well enough to understand.

Paid for by Epson Associates, Printing, Solutions

Good morning
Today we have something truly amazing to show you
Yes It is a very tiny very inexpensive computer (they did not use the word cheap out of sheer respect and honor)
What I have here in my hand unbelievably is a complete computer! I am going to hook this up and show you!
I have hooked up USB Power, network, Monitor, keyboard and mouse. Here is the Internet. Let us load WBD TV Tokyo home page.
While we wait for this to load I would like to show you that it is the size of a standard business card.
USB Lan SD Card slot Serial interface HDMI 2.1 All this in a very tiny business card size.
We are comparing this to one of the smallest PCs available today, It is just 45 grams!
It is an entire computer for 3000yen running Linux software. It is very easy to hook up and get running and anyone can do it!
Now what can we expect from this unbelievable piece of hardware?
A complete computer.
Ah yes.
We loaded our home page and tested this little device and really put it through it’s paces. We used it to create a webpage and it loaded everything very quickly! A lot faster than we expected!
Fileservers, workstations, printer server, the possibilities we have thought of the possibilities we have not thought of. But from a business perspective, this challanges the status quo of what computers are.
Wow it is really small, what a great little device!
Yes I know.
The business man from Epson really said that it challanged the status quo and I would say I have to agree. Please share your thoughts.
It doesn’t seem very powerful and I have a few doubts.
You have to take into account it’s size and price it really is a great device!
Does it really run that good?
Better than we expected.
Have a great day
Sponsered also by
NTTDATA Microsystems
TV Tokyo

ElectroPulse avatar

Hmm… so has RS started sending out emails with information for people to purchase them? I was told that I was in the first batch, but no email yet.

Trevor Simmons avatar

Still no Australian people being sent theirs? I’m quite unhappy about the whole thing to be honest. I’m a passionate computer science teacher who seems to be ignored by the Raspberry Pi team. I was under the notion that this whole project was to enable the learning of IT skills to students? What I am seeing is that the first few batches are being sent to non-education people. I have been told that I will not even get a look in UNTIL late May if not June.

Abishur avatar

Well a couple things. First the initial launch has always been aimed less at educators and more at the general public. Second, it’s a bit of an unfair assessment to say you’re not seeing education people receiving theirs when we’ve only heard from like 5 people thus far. It’s also false since some of the first people on this forum discussing using it are those who received it as a gift from an education gathering. Finally, and indeed lamentably, Australians initially were among those unable to order from Farnell/RS due to legal reasons, and while this was not the fault of the RPF, they did work hard to get this situation resolved. Due to this initial limitation, Australians obviously are not going to be a part of the initial ~2K or even 10K of people getting their boards.

bwoodbury avatar

Actually Jenny from Element 14 made this comment above
Tenzin on April 15, 2012 at 8:03 am said:
Any idea when E14 Australia will start delivery?
I dreams of my RPi :)
Reply ↓

JennyPeters on April 15, 2012 at 1:56 pm said:
They will receive stock early next week and will start shipping to customers immediatally

Abishur avatar

How very curious

Trevor Simmons avatar

It was Austria not Australia that had legal issues BTW

Tenzin Dendup avatar

I wrote to E14 Australia seeking information on delivery dates and got this reply today (16th April, 2012) from a customer care specialist:

Hi Tenzin,

Due to additional testing and compliance checks the lead time for the Raspberry PI has been extended.

The first batch however arrived in the UK last week and customers who will receive their Raspberry PI from this first batch will be contacted early next week with their delivery date. The second batch is expected to arrive in May.

As we receive further information with exact dates it will be posted on the below link-

Thank you for your patience

JamesH avatar

All I’d add to the others posts, is that you, personally, have not been ‘ignored’. Neither has anyone else.

Rochfort avatar

First off, I think the Pi is great and I have one on order.

Secondly, I’m not trolling, but to what extent do people think the Raspberry Pi will actually help CS education in the UK?

The syllabus is frankly embarrassing, so assuming that’s corrected, why does having a bare board PC running an ARM processor and Linux get kids any more interested/educated in CS than a PC running Linux?

JamesH avatar

A lot.

It’s down to cost. Anyone (almost anyone) can afford one. Unlike a full Linux PC. Search the educational forum for more information.

Rochfort avatar

I understand the cost, however, it’s been a long time since there weren’t enough PCs in schools for a class of 30 to have an ICT / CS class.

Frankly I think a lot of the educational fanfare is greatly overblown.

It’s a cool, cheap bit of kit, but I doubt that it will make much difference to CS education.

capt jack harkness avatar

>it’s been a long time since there weren’t enough PCs >in schools for a class of 30 to have an ICT / CS class.

So ‘you’ are the world?
How about countries with lower standards of living?
How about forsaken hellholes that are inner cities like
Detroit whch isnt that far from Zimbabwe when you realize that more than half the people there are illiterate and all the people on food stamps that cant afford to buy their kids computers.
I live in a modern city and yet 1/4 of school kids DO NOT have at least one textbook for a particular class so they have to share with classmates. yet they can buy Macs TO SURF the net. That is mismanagement of funds sure but there are many, many places and people that cant afford to eat well, never mind buying computers.

its not always just about us but about other people in other circumstances than our own. too often people who buy 600$ phones have a problem realizing that poverty exists and it is GROWING as the middle class dwindles. (that middle class doesnt disappear up but actually down).

I agree that the educational component is JUST as important as the low price one.
But from what I have seen or heard about computer classes in schools, learning how to format in Word or how to make a .pps and learning of software hardly qualifis as computer classes in many cases.


scep avatar

Rochfort said:
“it’s been a long time since there weren’t enough PCs in schools for a class of 30 to have an ICT / CS class.”

Who told you that? It’s utterly and completely wrong, even in developed countries like the UK.

And where did you get the quaint idea that 30 was the maximum class size? Again this is simply not true, even in UK schools rated as ‘oustanding’ by Ofsted, never mind inner cities and developing countries. avatar

Ah, but it’s all about publicity. The Pi has received a LOT of hype, and their central message of changing the computing curriculum and teaching implies that it needs to be changed. I am optimistic for now, especially as the government has very good financial incentives to do so

Iain avatar

Pi has been delivered :)

Ye Olde Anonymous Coward avatar

Shouldn’t that be, “Pi is being served,” since there’s lots of people waiting to receive their slice of Pi.

Jason avatar

If you turn on transcribe audio and then turn on translate captions (under CC) you will be able to get a very general (and often hilarious) sense of what they are saying!

Is there a microcontroller board which acts like an Arduino but has a faster processor with more memory?…

capt jack harkness avatar

Its like a geek Christmas morning ;-)

The above picture of that handsome fellow with the kids made me think of the educational aspect of the project: getting kids interested.
I presume there will be some materials for teachers and support staff to help teach kids but how about for the kids themselves? Did you folks think of an easier more streamlined learning kit for kids whose parents might not know anthing about this?

Can Bob and Margaret buy this for their little ones and have material available for them to learn with even though they know as little as their kids? Some of the videos online Ive seen are very nice but they demand that the person viewing it has the necessary knowledge.

Hmmm, Pi… (I just had to say it once!)

Sam Heather avatar

Has anybody actually seen the YouTube translation of this video? Look at the captions here:

Scott Parker avatar

I just received my email from Newark with my UPS tracking number for my first of 2 Pi’s ordered. :)

Mark Dunsford avatar

Don’t know if it’s just me but I get a message saying the video has been removed when I try to watch it.

Tom Slominski avatar

I did a little Python programming session with the Nokia N95 at Lancaster University once. It was only two hours long but it was good.

Gorse avatar

Here is a copy of the video (I guess)

Ray avatar

@Liz – you get used to it. Eventually, you start feeding off the kids’ energy. That’s one thing that keeps teachers teaching.

Randy avatar

So, when can we place orders on your vendors’ sites? Currently, they just offer pre-orders or notification of updates. When will normal orders begin?

Burn0u7 avatar

yeah? well My co-worker and I ordered ours on march 5, 2012 got an email that the estimated ship date is 6-12-2012 and got another email later stating it will be delayed to an unspecified date due to compliance testing? W..T..F. Weak….

Abishur avatar

Yeah, everyone here was also fairly bummed by the distributors forcing up the CE testing on the RPF, but I also understand that the distributors would be the one held legally liable so I can’t fault them too much. Fortunately, the distributors are in mass production of the pi, so hopefully your delivery date won’t be quite that late ;-)

khaan avatar

hy possibel to reserve/buy ??

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